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Thank You, Dwyane Wade: From HEATnation

Dear Dwyane Wade, While we really never wanted this moment to come, it’s time to officially say goodbye to the person HEATnation watched grow up before our eyes, the player we called our captain, and the hero this town nicknamed their county after. There are very few legends in this community. Maybe that’s because South […]


What did Dwyane Wade mean to you? Everything

The day started with a simple question. What has Dwyane Wade meant to you? Starting this early…. This is the thread where you can answer this question: "What has @DwyaneWade meant to me?" What follows here is mine….. — Ethan — THREE Reasons Sports Network (@5ReasonsSports) April 9, 2019 Here were some of the best […]


Those aren’t tears! That’s beer! (Budweiser & D-Wade)

Today’s a difficult day for Heat fans. Dwyane Wade is playing his last game at AmericanAirlines Arena. And the emotions are running high. But my goodness both Wade and Budweiser just turned the emotion up to 11. It’s going to be an emotional day. Incredible stuff from Wade and Budweiser here — Five Reasons […]


Marlins on the road? Check out prospects in Jupiter

Since the ownership of the Miami Marlins exchanged hands, another rebuilding project was quickly sprung into action. Through the draft and controversial trades, the farm system has been restocked and now there’s depth. According to MLB Pipeline, about a third of the Marlins top 30 prospects are only a 90 minute drive north on 1-95. […]


¿Se acabó la Cultura del Miami Heat?

El Miami Heat anunció el despido de Rodney McGruder tras la derrota ante los Toronto Raptors. ¿Sorprendidos? Muchos de los que seguimos al equipo sí.. ¿Porqué en este preciso momento? El famoso tope salarial era la principal razón de esta extraña movida, y algunos analistas de Five Reasons asomaron la posibilidad de que este fuera un […]


Panthers Introduce Joel Quenneville As Head Coach

The Florida Panthers pulled off something of a coup over the weekend, bringing in 3 time Stanley Cup Champion Joel Quenneville to be their next head coach. Quenneville was with the Chicago Blackhawks for 10 seasons before being fired 15 games into his 11th last November. Quenneville is also second on the all time list […]


The Heat sacrifice the Scavenger

Quite a bloody Sunday it’s been. First the Miami Heat blew another second half lead, faltering down the stretch, botching a last-possession with a chance to win (thanks in part to the officials) and then petering out in overtime to lose to Toronto. Now, with the season just about over, someone who actually played 23 […]


Panthers fire coach, folks scramble for name

Is this news? We’re not sure if this is news. The Florida Panthers just finished another disappointing season, one that began with some of us — um, me — thinking they were the best-positioned of all the pro teams in our sadsack sports town to make a real run. They had young stars, a veteran […]


Con La Liga en mano, comienza el verdadero reto del FC Barcelona

Nuevamente Lionel Messi. Nuevamente Luis Suárez. Nuevamente el Barcelona. Por segunda ocasión en cuestión de días, un par de destellos individuales de ambos astros, elevan a un Barcelona que, en cuestión de días, se alcen con un nuevo título de La Liga. 11 puntos de diferencia, con respecto al segundo lugar Atlético de Madrid, víctima […]


Good morning. Paul Pierce is fake news.

Paul Pierce and the rest of the late 2000s, early 2010s Boston Celtics have always had an inflated sense of self. They won one championship together, but you’d think it was 12. They felt they owned Ray Allen, like, literally. They believed they were in LeBron James’ head, right until he dropped 45 on them […]