About Us

Five Reasons Sports Network (Five Reasons Sports Podcasts, Inc.) is a podcast and social media network based in South Florida, initially established in spring 2018 with a single podcast featuring Ethan Skolnick and Chris Wittyngham and growing quickly into a dozen podcasts.

Over time, it has expanded into several other platforms, including social media (@5ReasonsSports on Twitter where we have 75,000 followers, plus  Instagram and Threads, as well as a Facebook page); Five Reasons Sports on YouTube, with more than 25,000 subscribers; Playback in-game and off-day streaming; Discord subscriber servers; and this website, where our written content and more can be found.

The roster of talent includes a blend of long-time sports media pros and knowledgeable, passionate “fanalysts,” providing on-demand, anytime content across the new media spectrum.

Unlike many other “blog” sites, we are fully credentialed with all of the local teams, including the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, Miami Marlins, Florida Panthers, Miami Hurricanes and InterMiamiCF. We are also credentialed to cover national events such as the NBA Finals and Super Bowl.

While we have been South Florida-centric, we intend to expand the model to other markets in years to come.

Who We Are

Ethan Skolnick

Ethan Skolnick


A fixture in the South Florida sports media market since 1996, Ethan has been a prominent writer at The Palm Beach Post, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, The Miami Herald, Bleacher Report and several other publications — best known professionally for his coverage of the Big 3 Miami Heat, for which he won national awards. He‘s covered virtually every major sporting event, including more than 30 combined Super Bowls, NBA Finals, World Series, Stanley Cup Finals and NBA and MLB All-Star Games. He’s also been an afternoon drive radio show host and co-authored 2 books, Raising Your Game and Innovative State. He can also be found at @EthanJSkolnick.