Frequently Asked Questions

What are the slogans and mission statements of Five Reasons Sports?

By Miami, for Miami. Sports on Your Schedule. Miami Sports On Demand. We are the people’s network. Every podcast affiliate has its own Twitter account. Every contributor does too. Unlike other local sports media outlets, we make it a point to interact with fans. We want to hear from you. And we hope you’ll continue to want to hear from us.

So, is it just podcasts?

No. Not anymore. We started with podcasts, because audio is the easiest to consume while a person is doing something else, whether driving or working out or watching the kids. But we won’t stop there, and that’s the purpose of this website. We want to make it easier for our listeners to find the episodes, and also to find related content. We will provide breaking news, aggregated accounts of our podcasts, original video and thought-provoking columns. For now, the only thing that won’t be free is the merchandise.

Who are the network contributors?

You can find all the bios on the site. It’s a combination of “fan-alysts” and professional journalists, some who are trying to make a name in the sports media business and some did long ago. The contributor list is the largest, by far, of any sports media outlet in the South Florida market — and intentionally the most diverse, though all are connected by a love for South Florida and its teams. Some just had to unmute or unblock each other on Twitter to get this going.

Why the name Five Reasons?

This was Chris Wittyngham’s idea to structure episodes so that he and Ethan wouldn’t meander as they sometimes did on their radio show. But yes, during their three episodes per week, the “flagship,” as it is known, sometimes breaks from format. Five Reasons also applies because there are five major teams in South Florida (Heat, Dolphins, Marlins, Panthers, Hurricanes) and the network is now credentialed to cover each.

What is the Five Reasons Sports Network?

Ethan Skolnick and Chris Wittyngham, who hosted a top-rated afternoon drive radio show in South Florida for nearly two years, decided to give a podcast a shot in late January 2018. That led to conversations with followers/listeners on Twitter, some of whom had thought about starting their own podcast. That led to the creation of Three Yards Per Carry, the reformation of Ballcast and the annexation of Miami Heat Beat. Within 10 months, the network expanded to 15 podcasts, all at least loosely based in South Florida.