Five Reasons Sponsorship

The Five Reasons Sports Network, established in 2018, already offers more free content than any other South Florida sports media entity with a menu that continues to grow, as other outlets shrink. We rely upon a partnership/sponsorship model to do so. We prefer not to use the term “advertisers,” because we prefer to develop a unique relationship that benefits all parties, very different from what is customarily found in traditional sports media.

We have a variety of options for those looking to get involved. These include 30–40 second sponsorship spots on the podcasts in our network that best target the sponsor’s clientele; these podcasts post more than a dozen times per week in total, allowing for considerable inventory and choice. Sponsors compose the advertising copy directly with the hosts, even if they initially are connected with an intermediary such as a salesperson. Here’s the key: unlike terrestrial radio we will never air a competing company’s spot on the same episode, let alone the same break. Our breaks are much shorter, our listeners stay through the advertisements at a much higher rate, and they are much more likely to remember your spot without another similar one coming right behind it.

We also offer extensive social media promotion, which included when you sign up for a podcast spot package; our collective Twitter presence is second to none in South Florida media. That’s more than 60 accounts with more than 300,000 total followers, all available to promote your business. One account alone, @5ReasonsSports, generates more than six million tweet impressions per month, a number certain to rise as we grow this site as another major promotional platform.

And now, we will have space for advertising on this website, whether banner ads or feature sponsorships, as we turn this into the go-to sports content property in the South Florida market — and soon enough, in other markets. Look for information about the website advertising here in the coming days.

For more information, including pricing and length of term, contact our sales manager, Carlos Jorge, at 305-804-8986 or our CEO, Ethan J. Skolnick, at 954-546-2905.

You can also reach us at or

Finally, if you want to join our sales team, for a healthy commission, we are always looking for energetic associates who understand our mission and place in the market. Can work on a part-time basis. South Florida residency preferred but not required. You can contact us as at the above phone numbers and email address as well.