Dolphins Cardinals

Miami’s hopes all rest on Tagovailoa in 2021 and beyond

The Miami Dolphins recorded a solid season in the 2020 campaign, taking a significant stride forward in Brian Flores’ second year at the franchise.

In his first term, Flores overcame a difficult start to end the 2019 season with a 5-11 record. The Dolphins snapped up Tua Tagovailoa in the 2020 Draft, with an eye to the future at the quarterback position, despite the presence of Ryan Fitzpatrick. After starting the 2020 season 0-2, Miami won 10 out of their remaining 14 games and narrowly missed out on a place in the playoffs. The franchise now has the opportunity to build behind Tua at quarterback.

And although the former Alabama Crimson Tide man endured struggles in his rookie term after overcoming a hip injury, Flores and company have staked their futures in the left hand of the quarterback to allow the franchise to become a competitive force in the AFC.

However, it will be far from straightforward, given the talent of the Buffalo Bills in the AFC East and the potential return to prominence of the New England Patriots after a down year in 2020. The Dolphins are backed at +330 to win the AFC East in the Space Casino betting on football odds, with the Bills considered the leading contenders to retain the crown.

Miami has acquired further capital in the 2021 Draft that will allow them to bolster their roster after trading back from the third spot overall with the Houston Texans. The franchise has notched further first-round picks over the next two years, which will only stand them in good stead to add quality to a team that was stripped back to the screws in Flores’ first season.

The Dolphins are developing strength across their roster. The draft will demand an influx of talent at running back and wide receiver if the right player sits on the board. Will Fuller was signed during free agency to present Tagovailoa with a burner to stretch the field as he enjoyed during his college days. Allen Hurns and Albert Wilson should also return to the fold after missing the 2020 campaign. DeVante Parker is one of the best wideouts in the NFL when healthy, and an off-season of recovery may allow him to return to his peak form in the 2021 campaign.

The tight end room has promising talent led by Mike Gesicki, although a dream scenario could play out for the franchise to snag Florida Gators’ Kyle Pitts with the sixth-overall selection in the 2021 Draft. Pitts is widely regarded as the best player available in the selection process, and Miami could land a steal with a move for the tight end.

Surrounding Tagovailoa with talent has to be the key for the franchise. Miami were solid enough on their offensive line, while their defense under Flores has been stout. The NFL is trending towards powerhouses on the offensive side of the ball, with the Kansas City Chiefs and Bills highlighting the requirement to put 30 points on the board on a regular basis.

There will be a lot of pressure on Tagovailoa to live up to the billing at quarterback. The Dolphins have made sound moves around him and could bolster their roster still with exciting prospects, not only this season but in the years to come, too.

However, it all hinges on the play at the quarterback position. Flores and general manager Chris Grier made the bold move to trade away the third selection, which would have landed them one of the best quarterbacks in the 2021 Draft. They have put their faith in Tagovailoa, and he will need to deliver in the new campaign to drive the franchise into prominence in a tough AFC Conference.

Prop Bets: Odds and Betting Guides

There are many sports betting games that are available to bettors such as prop betting. The prop bet’s function is more on the aspects of games rather than on the statistical data that we usually have in betting strategies.  A prop bet will allow you to wager beyond the standard game odds, and you can bet on different games. 

Different Types of Prop Bets

Prop bets have come in different types that are found at more sportsbooks.

Game Prop Bet

This type of prop bet is set by spread, moneylines, over and under totals, or yes or no format. Game props can be deliberated on the entire game and be divided into derivative winnings, halves, or quarters. 


Some examples of the game crops are the first team to 15 points,  the total number of yards, and the team with the highest strikeouts. 

Team Prop Bet

It focuses on the performance of each time. This type of bet is often over or under totals, yes or no formats, and moneylines. They can also be separated into derivatives too. 


Some examples of the team props are over and under a total of the three-pointers that have been made, the team winning in all four quarters, the team also score in a defensive touchdown, and the first-half team total points. 

Player  Prop Bet

They are decided according to the player’s performance during the game. These bets can bet on through spreads, moneylines, over or under the total, or yes or no props. It also focuses on the individual players or even two or more players against each other in the head-to-dead prop bet. 

Some examples are the first player that will score, over or under total rebounds, the particular player or team that will finish with the best first-round score, and the number of the sets to win. 


Exotic Prop Bet

These betting props are marketed beyond the boxscore for the contest and the game’s odds offering like the non-sporting events and pop cultures. It depends on where you bet. An exotic prop bet may or may not be available all the time due to regulatory restrictions.

Come up With Your Own Prop Betting Strategy

 It is better to make the whole system on your own than depending on other betting processes. Bettors have a difference in figuring out the specific prop betting options, betting system, stake amounts, and bankroll management. Knowing all the said things on your own is the best approach. It may be time-consuming, but it will be paid off in the long run.  

How to Win a Prop Bet

Prop bets are the best way of winning money when the game is on. It is less limited than the standard point spread and moneyline. To help you win a prop bet, you have to study the forms of the game, including the updated current forms, top scorers, and head-to-head results.


You have to try focusing on one sport. This will allow you to concentrate on your favorite team and track their performance well. It is also good to do more research online as betting sites will regularly offer odds on prop bets. 


The most exciting part of prop betting is to make more money during the game. Good research can be a great help if you have the feeling on which teams will get the score points. Additionally, you can also make a  prop bet to increase your overall odds.

Track the Prop Bet Odds

When we talk about game lines, it is simple to track the odds from the beginning until the game time. After you have seen the opening lines, you will see that there are changes based on things like market reactions and news that will break after the odds are unveiled.


In prop bets, pieces of information are not easy to rack since there is no centralized location for the prop betting odds. Generally, you have to observe each game to explore the opportunities. For instance, you can read the individual performance of a particular player or team. This will be a great spot for prop bets that will be related to that certain player or team. 


Betting sites and bookmakers offer odds for prop bets. There is a characteristic feature of the bet odds differential on bet pricing. Relatively to the size of the props market compared to the totals, moneyline, point spread. Thus, this will create a big opportunity as it will make the props potentially profitable.

To Conclude

Prop bet can be a great addition to an entertainment betting strategy. It is essential to come down to your ability to find value and choose winners. If you have knowledge about sports teams and players, then using them on betting is a great opportunity. Gambling is fun, and predicting is a match with risk. So, be prepared and follow the guides on prop bets that can be a way to potential profit for you, and always remember to do it responsibly.


Getting the Perfect Gear for Golf


The fresh air, the vast courses, the fierce yet elegant competition… There are only a handful of sports that are as intriguing and refreshing as golf. It’s certainly not for everyone, but it’s enough to captivate a few individuals under an unbreakable love spell. Unfortunately, golf can be quite complicated for the uninitiated. With a plethora of rules and a myriad of equipment (most with a hefty price tag), a beginner may not get their chances to explore the beauty of golf as they deserve. 


Luckily for you, we’re here to simplify things for you. You won’t have to break your bank or walk away; here’s a simple and straightforward guide to help you choose the perfect starting golf gear. 

Size Matters

It doesn’t always come back to personal tastes. When it comes to technicalities, especially if you’re a beginner, it’s better to go for a bigger size. This applies to your drivers, irons, and every other club you’re using. As it turns out, larger clubs can cover a greater surface area, and that’s something you can take advantage of to expand the sweet spot effectively. In other words, you won’t get a penalty for hitting the ball off-center. 

You Don’t Need all 14 Clubs

You can carry as many as 14 clubs with you on the golf course but just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should. In fact, the fewer clubs you have, the better. However, that’s only true if you keep in mind what Will Shaw at has to say: it all comes down to the quality of the driver you’re using. Since all modern drivers are limited in size and ability to transfer energy to the ball, you’ll need to experiment with a few drivers until you find one that speaks to you. 

Try Before You Buy

To choose the right club, you can’t just go blind. You can’t rely on expert recommendations and online reviews either; as these can only direct you in your choice and not make the decision for you. You need to try it out before you buy it, and that holds true for all the clubs, balls, and golf equipment you want to buy. If you’re an absolute beginner, you may want to find a large golf shop and ask for two 6-irons, one with a regular-flex and another with a stiff-flex shaft. Once you try them both, you’ll get a feeling for which one is easier to swing and control, and that’s the shaft flex you’ll want to choose for the rest of your clubs. 

Be Smart in Your Choices

Once you try out a few clubs, you may very well conclude that you need more than one. That is completely normal. However, make sure that each driver carries out a specific role that can’t be done by any other club. For instance, there’s no need to get a 4-iron and a 5-iron if practically, they both go around the same distance. In that case, you’ll do better with choosing the 5-iron as it’s the more forgiving of the two. You should look for a club that can fill the yardage gaps you have with your current clubs. 

Try Other Putters

If you’re going to visit a big-box retailer to pick up your new clubs anyway, you might as well try a few other putters. There’s a high chance that your current putter isn’t perfectly tuned for your stroke, so you might as well go through a putter fitting. Make sure to try a large number of putters, even the ones you’d normally never think of trying. That’s the best way to find the putter that best fits your stroke. 

Choose the Right Ball

The number of balls you’ll need to buy is directly proportional to the number you lose in each round. If you’re just getting started, or in case you’re used to losing around two sleeves per round, you’ll want to buy balls that don’t exceed $20 for a dozen. As you get better in the game, you’ll be able to buy balls that cost around $30 or $40 a dozen. To choose the brand that’s right for you, you can try putting a few different brands to get a real feel of how each one comes off the putter face. 


Getting started with playing golf can be overwhelming. One look at the price tag of the average golf equipment is enough to destroy any shred of interest a beginner can have. However, preparing your golf equipment, as a beginner, doesn’t have to be all that daunting. You just need to know the essentials you’ll use until you level up your game. 


Will A New Set Of Golf Clubs Improve Your Game?

If you are interested in starting off with golf and wondering if an old golf club set-probably your dad’s-is going to be just fine or not, then you have landed on the right post. Maybe you’re thinking about getting a new set instead of utilizing the old beaten-up one. Will the condition of the golf club set make a difference? Let’s find out.

A New Set Of Golf Clubs Can Be Good For Old And New Players

With a new set of golf clubs, you can definitely improve your gameplay, but it can also depend upon your current level of skills and other factors.

For Experienced Players

If you’ve started playing golf and have learned some skills with an old set, you will witness a positive improvement in your abilities. As you would have already practiced playing golf using a used set of clubs, you will have more control over your swing speed with new ones. Old clubs could have lost their balance, which might train a golfer to use more force for a swing or some other technique. A new golf club will have every feature in mint condition to ensure more productivity with a little bit of effort.

For Complete Beginners

If you start your golfing journey or career with a completely new set of clubs, you are given the resources to do reasonably well right from the start. You will be well-suited to swing properly and with style without worrying about correcting your balance due to a damaged or old club. However, the improvement might not be as significant as that of an experienced player.

So, we can say:

A good and experienced golfer who practices with bad clubs, in the beginning, can do wonders with a new set of clubs.

On the other hand, a beginner who uses new clubs from the start of their golfing career can show improvements in a gradual manner.

Factors To Consider To Help You Improve

Several factors can help you improve your game with a new set of golf clubs. These could include the shape, size, and materials used for the grip, shaft, and head of the clubs. You may want to read more about how to select the right golf club to improve your game from the beginning of your golfing career. You will still need to practice your style, swing, and other skills to improve significantly.

Some might consider price a factor, but buying an expensive set of clubs is not going to improve your game overnight. Likewise, you cannot improve your skills if your golf clubs are not properly designed to withstand the swings and hardness of a golf ball.

Now, let’s look at the factors that will govern your ability to improve with a new golf set.

Swing Speed

How fast and efficiently you swing a golf club will give you an idea of how far the ball goes. Swing speed will help you reach an adequate amount of distance to cover the ground and reach the hole with as few swings as possible. However, swing speed does not convert to straight shots because it can be hard to hit the shot straight when you swing the club too quickly.


Golf Shaft

You can improve your swing speed when you have a good-quality shaft to support your move. The best golf club shafts come in steel and graphite, which have varying flex options, like regular, senior, and flex. Graphite, being lighter than steel, might be a recommended shaft type for beginners. For players who have a slower swing speed, the graphite club would be better as its lightweight and flexible material lets golfers swing the club faster.

For players who have a faster swing speed, a hybrid shaft, usually steel-based, would be a good option. A regular flex option would be ideal for such players. The most experienced players usually prefer senior flex options, which offer them the speed and bulkiness to obtain the maximum swing speeds.

Golf Club Heads

A golf club for a beginner will usually include an oversized head consisting of a large surface area for the sweet spot. With an oversized head, it’s easier to hit the ball because there is more surface to bring in contact with the ball without ruining the turn. You may also decide between muscle back and cavity back irons for your set of clubs. Muscle backs are capable of allowing a decent power to swing a clean and easy strike, whereas cavity backs are more suitable for players with controlled strikes.

An old set of golf clubs may still be needed in your golfing journey but keep in mind that the set you will use has to be in proper condition to withstand the swings, heavy-hitting, and other wear and tear while playing. If you plan on purchasing a new set of clubs, make sure to do thorough research beforehand. Using information from reliable sources can be a great help in determining the right set to improve your game. Moreover, a new golf club set will stick with you for a longer time, letting you heighten your game even further.

Neymar’s Poker Passion Helps Him Score Lucrative Partnership Deal

Brazilian soccer star Neymar is no stranger to lucrative sponsorship deals, having racked up sponsorships with Beats, Nike, Volkswagen, Santander, and Unilever worth tens of millions of dollars. The former FC Barcelona legend was also the third-highest paid footy player in the world in 2019, earning a staggering $110 million.

If you were ever wondering how the star forward has been spending some of his hard-earned cash, we now have the answer. In December 2020, it was announced that Neymar would officially be partnering up with Poker Star, the world’s largest online poker cardroom that controls two-thirds of the global online poker market.

Although this might seem like an odd choice of partnership for a 29-year-old footballing legend, it turns out that Neymar is the perfect fit. In numerous statements released by the player since the partnership deal was announced, he has been feeding fans details about his lifelong love of the game of poker.

He has said on his Instagram page that “whenever I am not playing football, I am playing poker” and that he loves poker because of “the sense of community, the fun, and the unpredictable moments that can occur in any game”.

While skeptics might assume that this love of poker is a newfound obsession that coincides with his presumably lucrative contract with Poker Star, they would be wrong. It turns out Neymar has been a dedicated member of the global poker circuit for many years now, playing at both public tournaments and anonymously in online poker rooms.

People first started paying attention to Neymar’s passion for poker back in 2015, when he was snapped by paparazzi while attempting to maintain a low profile at the EPT Poker Championships in Barcelona. He has also been snapped playing at various low and high-roller poker tournaments across Europe, including a number of matches in Girona.

Although he clearly loves the excitement of an in-person poker session, his passion for poker clearly extends beyond high-profile tournaments. He also spends a lot of his spare time playing online poker on a variety of websites and streaming his gaming adventures on Twitch, where he currently has 1.3 million followers (his username in Neymarjr, for anyone who might be wondering).

There, he can often be seen playing up to three or four online poker games at a time, all while engaging with his massive online fanbase and taking poker advice from some of the best players in the business. He is also known to go head-to-head with his fans around the world, usually taking requests on IG Live or via his Twitch channel.

If you fancy facing off against one of soccer’s greatest players at a virtual poker table, you might want to work on your game. Poker is certainly more than just a hobby for Neymar, which is demonstrated by the fact that he has actually won several small-scale poker tournaments over the course of the past few years. Should you be feeling particularly lucky, you should brush up on your poker variants.

Although classic Texas hold ’em is Neymar’s primary game of choice, he is also known to be partial to a few rounds of 7 card stud and Omaha. The different versions of the game are becoming increasingly popular with amateur players. As this guide to online poker explains, anyone can play online variants such as Texas Hold ‘Em, 5 card stud, and Omaha, online for free, by opting to play with fake money against real players. This allows players to build up their poker-playing prowess.

Neymar’s love of poker is, of course, not a unique thing among soccer stars. A number of famous soccer players have gone on to forge high-profile partnerships with both online and physical poker providers. Gerard Pique, Ronaldo, and Tomas Brolin are all well-known in the world of international poker and frequently visit various online poker lounges in their spare time.

However, none of these seem to have the same lifelong passion for the game that Neymar has, which is probably what makes him such as perfect fit for the sponsorship deal he has landed. While he is almost certainly being paid handsomely for the sponsorship, one cannot help but wonder whether he would have agreed to do the whole thing for free, given that he is such an obvious poker mega fan.

Five Possibilities for Marlins spring training

The Marlins are one of the MLB’s most interesting franchises. Founded in 1993, they’re a young team. They’ve never won a division title and seen the league’s fewest playoff appearances with three total. Even so, they’ve got two World Series titles to their name, and one accounts for the MLB’s only championship-winning Wild Card berth.

Needless to say, it’s been an interesting run for baseball fans in Miami. In the past few years, the Marlins have sought to rebuild their roster from the ground up. Rather than sign on trusty senior players, Don Mattingly and franchise execs are looking to revitalize the squad with up-and-coming players. 

Though it’s been slow going, the team’s roster heading towards 2021’s Opening Day has depth, talent, and more than a few possible stars. As the Marlins cruise through Spring Training in Jupiter with the Cards, fans and pundits alike have their eyes on the Fish.

Each year, Spring Training gives fans the opportunity to size up their own team along with divisional competition. League experts who provide analysis on MLB betting odds rely on a team’s performance in Spring Training to gauge how rosters will be constructed heading into the regular season.

Meanwhile, on the diamond, rookies battle against each other to make it onto a team’s final 26-man roster. Though not official games, Spring Training can be some of the most high-pressure games for certain players looking to graduate from a team’s farming system, like the Marlins’ Sixto Sánchez and Trevor Rogers.


Elieser Hernandez pitching against the Saint Louis Cardinals in the 2021 Spring Training. Picture by Alejandro Villegas


Chisolm or Díaz Take Second

With solid moves in the off-season that have left the Marlins with a nearly-set roster, this year’s battle for second base is the franchise’s most hotly-contested position. Both prospects, Jazz Chisolm and Isan Díaz, the latter of which is coming off a groin injury from 2020. 

With both players plenty comfortable in the field, it’s their batting records that will likely decide who ends up on second. Though there’s also been some movement from Jon Berti, pundits and fans seem to lean on Díaz as a final candidate on the roster. 

Though only 24, Díaz has more experience than Chisolm has a (slightly) better record at-bat, and is a strong, reliable player. Given the Marlins’ need for a stronger offense, the verdict is likely to land with Díaz on second, Chisolm back in Triple-A for another season, and Berti floating around as a utility player. 


Isan Diaz at Clover Park in the 2021 Spring Training. Picture by Alejandro Villegas



Rogers or Neidert Take the Mound

With 39 pitchers on their list, the Marlins don’t have an empty mound by any stretch of the imagination. But with senior talent José Ureña gone, Sandy Alcantara will be the starting pitcher, with relievers Pablo López, Sixto Sánchez, and Eleiser Hernandez jockeying behind him.

That leaves a fifth position open for a newcomer.

At the moment, pundits have their eye on Trevor Rogers and Nick Neidert to inch into the starting rotation. Though Rogers’ ERA isn’t anything to write home about at 6.11, his strikeout stats show a promising future on the mound.

However, Neidert has experience on the mound after a few appearances in 2020. Given he was already in a bullpen role last season, Neidert is the stronger candidate—though Rogers is likely to graduate from Triple-A soon.


Aguilar Takes First Base

Between Jesús Aguilar and Garrett Cooper, the obvious candidate for the first base starter is Aguilar. He’s consistent and hasn’t struggled with injuries since entering the major leagues like Cooper.

With Adam Duvall, recently signed to the Marlins, heading for the outfield, it’s likely Cooper will serve as Aguilar’s backup—though some would prefer to see him as an all-around utility player and boost at the plate. The only issue is Cooper’s ongoing health concerns. 

Should he manage to go through the 2021 season without any barring injuries, he could find a more permanent place with the Marlins. However, at age 30, Cooper is running out of time to find his rhythm—especially as the Marlins look to revitalize their roster for a long-haul run in the east division.



James Harden’s Net Gain for Brooklyn. A Title Next?

If James Harden keeps staying on top of his game, the Nets may have a shot at an NBA Finals victory in 2021

It wouldn’t be dramatic to say that January 14th, 2021 marked a historic day in professional basketball. On this day superstar shooting guard James Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets, ending his almost 10-year prolific career with the Houston Rockets.

Fans of the Texas-based Rockets were stunned with the unexpected move, but the Nets knew they had gained one of the league’s brightest players in a momentous deal that would highly benefit the organization. Since then, Harden has proved his place as a valuable member in Brooklyn with a show-stopping debut performance that made history. He became the first ever player to have a 30-point triple-double in a first game. You could say he was welcomed nicely in Brooklyn.

The Nets are profiting from the enthusiasm and athleticism Harden brings to the court, as the team is currently enjoying a top spot in the Eastern Conference rankings right behind the Philadelphia 76’ers. In fact, the 6 foot 5 powerhouse has allowed Brooklyn to appear as the number one favorite in NBA betting odds for an Eastern Conference Futures Win later this season.

But just what makes the veteran basketball player so good at his game? Well, he’s skilled in practically every area that Brooklyn needs. He’s dynamite on the court, impossible to catch up with and hard to throw off. Harden makes scoring three pointers look like a walk in the park as his opponents watch on with misery. It’s clear that he also has elite basketball knowledge and isn’t afraid to get creative with his gameplay. Even with big competitors like Miami, the Nets have been able to rise above the heat with the help of Harden’s offensive game.

Unlike other players who perform within their comfort zone, the shooting guard enjoys a good challenge and can adapt easily in the face of change. He’s also extremely inspiring and leads the team effortlessly. In a recent nail biter game against the Phoenix Suns, Harden encouraged the Nets to take back the lead, ending the competition victorious and recording one of the most historic comebacks the organization has ever seen.

The talented athlete has a load of accolades to his name and is arguably one of NBA’s most productive players of the moment. Now that Brooklyn has retained the superstar under a whopping $40 million contract, fans can look forward to more instances of domination in the season’s future. In such a short amount of time, he’s already done more than we could’ve imagined.


Can the Miami Heat Make Paul Pierce Eat His Words?

Paul Pierce is well known for his dislike of the Miami Heat, but can Erik Spoelstra’s team prove the former Celtics forward wrong this season?

The Heat impressed last season, taking down Pierce’s beloved Celtics in the Conference Finals before that exciting final with the Lakers, but whilst chatting to Rachel Nichols in January, Pierce commented that they were no longer the exhilarating team that thrilled NBA fans last time out.

“As great as the Miami Heat were in the playoffs last year, they will not make the playoffs this year,” said Pierce while on ESPN’s show The Jump. “It’s not the Miami Heat team we saw last year – full of grit, full of grind like the Memphis Grizzlies. That team was built on hard work and toughness, and I have not seen that this year, and that’s why I don’t think they’ll make the playoffs.”

Jimmy Butler, Heat’s five-time NBA All-Star disagrees. He was bullish about the Heat’s chances of reaching the playoffs, telling Nichols to ‘book it’ after defeating the Lakers at the American Airlines Arena last month. Butler, who was nursing an injury in the early stages of the season, according to, looks to be back on form and ready to push the Heat as far as they can go.

But will it be enough to silence the simmering criticism of Pierce? They certainly went some way to trying to quieten him down last season, not least after Pierce said, “if Heat are close to a title, every team in NBA is too”. By the time the championship game came around, he had been proven wrong. Indeed, writer Ramon Lo described beating perennial Heat hater Pierce as being the cherry on top of reaching the finals, but it has not stopped him rolling out the same tired and boring rhetoric this year.

43-year-old Pierce, a 10-time NBA All-Star, retired in 2017 and has since made a living as both a pundit and a poker player. In addition to slapping down Miami whenever he gets the chance, he has appeared on shows such as Poker After Dark, according to, and even came close to finishing in a money place in the World Series of Poker. Some Heat fans might think the former Celtics man is best suited to life around the poker tables, rather than his current role as their chief naysayer. So are his continued attacks on Miami justified this season, or is his poker face beginning to wear a little thin?

After a slow start to the season, impressive wins over the Jazz, Lakers and Raptors have fueled the belief that a late run to the playoffs could be a reality. Sadly, whilst the Nets, Bucks and 76ers have all improved since last season, the Heat has seemingly stood still. If you are not moving forward, then in real terms you can be considered as going backwards and that showed in the early part of the season.

With the return of an in-form Butler and confidence from those big wins, everything is possible, but the Heat’s route to appearing in the final stages is an awful lot tougher than it should be at this stage. What they do have – which other teams do not – is the motivation of Pierce, whether he likes it or not. With every write off, every expected slur and dig at the team, he inadvertently gives them a little push towards making their dreams a reality, once again.

Step-by-Step Guide for Online Sports Betting

Online betting, before the SARS-CoV-19 pandemic, was already incredibly popular. A year later, online betting is the only way many people are even able to bet, which has seen a massive surge in the industry. Experts predict that online betting will continue its run long after the lockdown has ceased and casinos and betting shops reopen again, the reason being that people are now comfortable with online betting, find it more manageable, and do not have to spend hours bent over a slot machine. Online sports betting is convenient, simple, easy, and without a doubt, fun.

In this article, we are going to present to you a step-by-step guide for online sports betting. Navigating the online world can be incredibly difficult, we know, especially when it comes to subjects as expansive and vast as online betting. However, mastering the world of online sports betting can be done, and with this article, it’ll be more comfortable than ever.

It is important to add in; please gamble responsibly. With so much time at home, you may be spending money out of boredom; if you cannot afford it, then do not bet it!

Here is a step-by-step guide for online sports betting.

What’s Your Game?

Online betting is a vast industry. Are you into sports betting? Slots? Roulette? What’s your game? Figuring out your game will help you move forward with online betting and find your home there. Most platforms will offer you the ability to play games as well as perform sports betting, so you needn’t worry too much, but it is worth knowing which way you are inclined. Some platforms excel in sports betting, while others’ games. Give some serious thought to what your game is so that you can find the right platform for you.

Find a Platform

When you have established which game it is that you want to play or what you want to bet on, you can go ahead and find a platform. There is an almost infinite number of betting platforms on the internet – like we said, it is a huge industry – but you must find the platform right for you personally. This may mean that you have to try a few out before you find the right platform. When you do find the right platform, you will immediately know that you are in the right place.

Register On Your Platform

Once you have a chosen and favoured platform, go ahead and register. Registration is quite simple and very straightforward; simply fill in your personal details, attach a bank card, and upload a form of identification for verification. Registration on one of these platforms is usually instant, though it may take some time for your verification to return, so you may not be able to bet or go live until you have done so. Registration is not particularly difficult, so we will not spend too much time on it. Go ahead and get registered as soon as you are ready.

Multiple Platforms?

By this stage, you may have several platforms you want to use. Here, our advice is that you should just use one until you are comfortable and experienced with online sports betting. You can definitely use multiple platforms quite effectively, providing you are experienced, but if you know very little about online sports betting, using various platforms will just be a thorn on your side and overcomplicate things. For the time being, while you find your bearing, use one good platform rather than several at one time. Trust us – you will thanks us later.

Image Source: Pixabay

Tips, Tips, and More Tips!

If you are considering sports betting, then you will want to find as many tips and insider suggestions as you can. Finding sure win soccer tips is not as hard as some may think; the internet is absolutely filled with them! Using tips to make more informed and better bets is definitely something we encourage that you do. Tips and tricks to help you win can prove to be a very effective way to ensure that every single bet is a winning bet. Read journals, magazines, and websites dedicated to helping you come out on top with every bet you make.

Spread Out

When you are betting, the best way to win is to spread your money out. If you concentrate all of your money in a single place, you are more likely to lose everything than to win a fortune. Spreading your money out into multiple different places can be an excellent way for you to make a fortune on bets. Do not spend everything in a single location, but instead, bet on multiple different things at once, and use multiple different games and methods of betting, from roulette to soccer; soccer to rugby!

Start Betting

By this point, we have covered virtually everything that stands between you and making a bet. Now you have registered, found some tips, spread your money out, and do some research, and you can start betting and making some money. Betting is very fun – very addictive, too, so bet in moderation. Many international sporting events are still going underway, notwithstanding pandemic, so you should have no problem finding things to bet on. Start betting today – stop wasting time. There could be a fortune waiting for you right now! Whether it’s football, rugby, cricket, or tennis, get going!

Bet Responsibly

A final word. When you bet, please bet responsibly. So many people throughout this pandemic have bankrupted themselves through irresponsibly betting. Betting is not something that is to be taken lightly. Yes, it is fun – yes, you can win a lot of money, but it can also be very NOT fun, and you can lose A LOT of money! Betting responsibly is something most platforms encourage. Set a stop loss on your bets, meaning that you cannot exceed a spending cap. Putting a cap up will help you to not spiral out of control and haemorrhage money.

Betting is fun – a lot of fun – but bet carefully. We hope that, armed with this article, that you will be able to conquer the world of online betting. Thank you for reading; please come back and visit us again soon.

Which team (Heat, Lightning, Rays) in Florida will win state’s next title?

It probably doesn’t need saying, but it’s been quite a seven months or so for sports teams in Florida. From September through March, we saw Florida teams in the Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals, World Series and the Super Bowl. If you count the MLS Is Back Tournament Final, which saw Orlando City SC lose out to Portland, that’s five major sports finals for Florida teams. Not bad. Not bad at all. 

But Florida sports fans already knew all of the above. The more pertinent question is what comes next? Can Florida teams capitalize on the best period of success since the Bucs, Marlins and Lightning won championships between 2002-2004? We just don’t know. But we are going to guess by power ranking every NBA, MLS, NHL and MLB teams by the probability of winning a championship in 2021, starting with the least likely. 

  1. Orlando Magic 

It’s a testament to Florida sports teams’ strength right now that the team at the bottom of these rankings isn’t awful. Orlando has been blighted by injuries this season, and that looks like it might cost the team a third consecutive tilt at the Playoffs. There have been positives, notably Nikola Vucevic emergence as a truly elite NBA player. 

  1. Miami Marlins

Clinching a first postseason berth since 2003 might have convinced Marlins fans that better days lay ahead, but the rebuilding might have to continue in 2021. A problem beyond the team’s own limitations is the strength of the NL East, with both the Mets and Braves tipped to have big seasons.  

  1. Inter Miami CF

Florida’s newest sports club is finding its feet in the MLS. The team has big ambitions, and the acquisition of Phil Neville as head coach looks to be a clever move. Gonzalo Higuain, too, could provide the X-factor and goals. But this is a long term project, and we would be shocked to see Inter Miami in the latter stages of the MLS Cup. 

  1. Miami Heat

It’s not impossible that Miami wins the NBA Championship this year. In fact, the basketball odds at MansionBet put the Heat at 28/1 – about ninth-favorite overall. So, you shouldn’t rule it out. But the team really needs to start winning consistently. We are approaching the half-way point of the season, and Miami sits outside the playoff spots. 

  1. Tampa Bay Rays

Sportsbooks and pundits are quite cool on the Rays’ chances this season. Both MLB and CBS have the Rays at 10th in their power rankings, behind the AL East’s Yankees and Blue Jays. It’s a tough call, but Kevin Cash and the Rays could make those journalists eat their words – again. 

  1. Florida Panthers

It might seem strange to rank the Panthers ahead of the Rays and Miami Heat, but NHL is a little less top-heavy than NBA and MLB, so we rate the Panthers’ chances just a little higher. A lot would have to go right, of course, but this is an organization on an upward trajectory. 

  1. Orlando City SC

You have to like Orlando City’s chances this season. Coach Oscar Pareja has made the team hard to beat, and the run to the final of the MLS Is Back Tournament will act as good experience for the players. Like Inter Miami, they have a potential superstar in Alexander Pato. You get the feeling the Brazilian will either shine or flop, with no in-between. If it’s the former, then Orlando could land the MLS Cup.

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning 

Tampa Bay tops the power rankings and bookmakers’ odds to retain the Stanley Cup in 2021. What more is there to say? The champions are the best team in NHL, and the most likely Floria team to bring home a championship in 2021.