Goldie’s Week 7 Best Bets: Lamar, Mahomes Step Up


All Time Record: 184-85          

Vs. Spread: 132-133-1


21-22 Season:  58-30               

Vs. Spread: 43-44-1


Week 6 Record : 9-4                 

Vs. Spread: 8-5


Guarantee All Time: 13-7       

21-22 Season: 4-2


Upset All Time: 12-7              

21-22 Season: 3-3


Crazy Uncle Jeff 

All Time: 27-4              

21-22 Season: 11-3       

Week 6: 2-1


Goldie’s Guarantee

Carolina Panthers (3-3) @ New York Giants (1-5)

Vegas Picks: CAR -3

Goldie’s Take: Panthers Win 24-16

The Giants are clearly in rebuilding mode, as they can’t seem to get anything going. In the past two weeks alone they have been outscored by a combined 51 points. On the flipside, Carolina has just had some bad breaks. They are a .500 football team who is still playoff hopeful. Even without CMC, expect the Panthers offense to get going against a shaky New York defense. Big Cats stop the losing skid, and get back on track in New York, I GUARANTEE IT!


Goldie’s UPSET of the Week

New Orleans Saints (3-2) @ Seattle Seahawks (2-4)

Vegas Picks: NO -4.5

Goldie’s Take: Seahawks Win 26-23

The Vegas betting lines are giving the Saints the edge simply because of the injury to Russell Wilson, which is fair. However, I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far from backup Geno Smith. Pete Carroll is a great offensive coach who can devise a game plan for a QB like Smith to succeed. Plus Seattle on Monday Night Football is one of the most hostile environments to play. Not to mention the Jameis Winston led Saints are one of the most unpredictable teams in the NFL. Give me ‘Hawks to beat the Saints on MNF. UPSET!


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: KC -4.5

Kansas City Chiefs (3-3) @ Tennessee Titans (4-2)

Vegas Picks: KC -4.5

Goldie’s Take: Chiefs Win 37-32

The Chiefs looked a lot more like the Chiefs we’re used to seeing last week in their rout of the Washington Football Team. Enough so that Crazy Uncle Jeffy has bought back into the KC hype and is picking them as the first of his two LOCKS this weekend. However, the Titans enter this one with some swagger as well, after defeating the almighty Buffalo Bills on Monday night. Expect a lot of points in this one, as both teams have high-powered offenses, but pick Mahomes to outlast Tannehill in a shootout. 







Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: GB -8

Washington Football Team (2-4) @ Green Bay Packers (5-1)

Vegas Picks: GB -8

Goldie’s Take: Packers Win 32-21

The Packers enter this one red hot and show zero signs of slowing down. They’ve won five straight and Rodgers is back playing at an MVP level. No Names offense should have a very hard time trying to keep pace with Green Bay’s highly potent attack. Plus Rodgers historically wins over 80% of the time in Lambeau. Cheeseheads cruise to 6-1 in this one. Never fade the Crazy Uncle


Rest of Week 7:


Cincinnati Bengals (4-2) @ Baltimore Ravens (5-1)

Vegas Picks: BAL -6

Goldie’s Take: Ravens Win 28-24

Everyone’s talking about Kyler Murray and Dak Presscott, but Lamar Jackson is quietly having an MVP type season himself. He’s top ten in both passing and rushing yards, (something unheard of for a quarterback) and his dual threat ability as a quarterback continues to leave defenses guessing. Not to mention Baltimore’s defensive unit is also very strong, making them a near impossible matchup for any team. Ravens win the AFC North battle at home. 


Atlanta Falcons (2-3) @ Miami Dolphins (1-5)

Vegas Picks: ATL -2.5

Goldie’s Take: Falcons Win 24-23

The Deshaun Watson to Miami rumors began heating up again this week (for what seems like the one millionth time), as the ‘Fins prepare to host the Falcons. I would imagine Tua’s confidence is at an all time low following a loss to Jags and hearing all these rumors flying around. Plus it doesn’t help that Atlanta is coming off a bye and has had two weeks to prepare for this game. Usually in a toss up game like this, I’d take the home team but there’s just too much uncertainty in Miami’s locker room right now. Dirty Birds get back to .500 in Miami, as Fins continue to circle the drain. 


New York Jets (1-4) @ New England Patriots (2-4)

Vegas Picks: NE -6.5

Goldie’s Take: Patriots Win 26-14

Guarantee committee took a hard look at this one before deciding to go in another direction, but by the numbers the Patriots are virtually a lock to win this game. To start, the Pats have won 11 straight games against the Jets. Also, Bill Belichick is the king of beating rookie quarterbacks. Plus these Pats have already proven that they can beat this Jets team by winning 25-6 in their first contest in New York in week 2. Another advantage for New England in this one is the fact that the game is at home. Pats coast to a divisional win in Foxboro this Sunday. 


Philadelphia Eagles (2-4) @ Las Vegas Raiders (4-2)

Vegas Picks: LV -3

Goldie’s Take: Raiders Win 27-23

In most of the Raiders wins this season, it has been their high powered offense who has shouldered most of the load. However, in their 34-24 win over the Broncos last week, the defense looked fantastic, hitting Teddy Bridgewater 17 times and producing 4 takeaways. The Eagles offense should have a tough time running the ball against this front seven. Raiders take care of business at home and improve to 5-2. 


Detroit Lions (0-6) @ Los Angeles Rams (5-1)

Vegas Picks: LAR -15

Goldie’s Take: Rams Win 34-17

Not much to analyze here. The Rams have the Lions beat in almost every facet of the game. However, one interesting storyline is Jared Goff’s return to LA. Revenge game? I don’t think so. Rams roll past Lions at home. 


Chicago Bears (3-3) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-1)

Vegas Picks: TB -12.5

Goldie’s Take: Buccaneers Win 30-20

Brady and the Bucs got a little extra time to prepare for this one following their Thursday night win against the Eagles. A much closer game than many people anticipated, and I think this one could play a similar tune. The Bears beat Tampa last season in a game where Chicago’s defense gave Brady and the Bucs fits. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chicago stays in this one as well, but still picking the GOAT to win at home. 


Houston Texans (1-5) @ Arizona Cardinals (6-0)

Vegas Picks: ARI -17.5

Goldie’s Take: Cardinals Win 35-14

The ‘72 Dolphins are going to have to wait at least another week to say cheers as the only unbeaten team ever, because this one is a mismatch across the board. Kyler Murray has the Cards playing at an elite level this season, as he’s the favorite for MVP. Meanwhile, the most attention that the Texans have received is surrounding a possible trade including star quarterback Deshaun Watson, who has sat out the first 6 games of the season with hopes to be traded. Cardinals coast to 7-0 at home. 


Indianapolis Colts (2-4) @ San Francisco 49ers (2-3)

Vegas Picks: SF -4

Goldie’s Take: 49ers Win 22-20

Both of these teams are very average in my opinion, and Jimmy G very well might be playing for his job this weekend. If San Fran fails to move the ball against the abysmal Colts pass defense, then Garoppolo’s time with the Niners could be coming to an end. The Niners have had two weeks to prepare for this one as they’re coming off a bye, plus at home on Sunday night should definitely give this team a boost. However Indy is coming off a 31-3 divisional win, so I wouldn’t be shocked if they upset this one. Safer play is to take San Fran to win at home.  


Top 5 NBA Players Who Are Actually Casino Enthusiasts

It is safe to say that gambling is attractive to many people because it offers an opportunity to quickly win money. However, it also offers stimulation and excitement, which is why it popular among those who already have millions in their bank accounts. While a lot of actors and musicians are fans of casino games, many NBA players have also dipped their toe in these waters. Basketball stars can often be seen in Las Vegas and Atlantic City where they test their off-the-court skills and their luck. Let’s take a look at the NBA legends who are known for their love of gambling. 

Michael Jordan

There isn’t a basketball fan on the planet who doesn’t know his name, yet many are not aware of his fondness of casino games. Michael Jordan is undoubtedly very competitive, a trait that has helped him earn six NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards, ten scoring titles and ten All-NBA First Team designations, to name a few. However, this basketball legend is not just competitive on the court. In fact, he also enjoys gambling at Atlantic City casinos. He is also known for having bets with his friends, and one time he even lost a million dollars over a golf-related bet. 

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is another NBA legend whose name is known across the planet. While he is retired, he has managed to set various records during his career with the Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets. In 2006 he shocked his fans when he declared that he lost more than $10 million in casinos. He even ended up in court due to his $400,000 gambling debt to a Las Vegas casino. 

JR Smith

While many people set their gambling budget while they learn how to play online casino games, basketball player JR Smith took things to a whole new level. The former player at Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks had a suitcase at home full of cash that he used only for gambling. No one would even know about it if it weren’t for thieves who broke into his mansion and took the suitcase with those $ 15,000 in cash, among other things. 

Charles Oakley

It is no secret that a lot of ordinary Joes engage in NBA sports betting, but we rarely stop to think about that those players we bet on also like to gamble themselves. However, when betting activities occur among players, their unsettled scores rarely remain a secret. Let’s take a look at what happened between Hill and Oakley, for instance. After a game of dice, Philadelphia Sixers player, Tyrone Hill, owed Charles Oakley money. This left this basketball player filled with anger, and the whole thing escalated when he attacked Hill by throwing basketballs at him. The biggest problem was that this happened during a preseason game, and naturally, Oakley was suspended. In addition, he was forced to pay $10.000 for inappropriate behavior.

Antoine Walker

Unfortunately, Antoine Walker went from being a NBA star to being a walking cautionary tale. A Celtics player developed a taste for gambling in 2009, and his kryptonite was poker. Some say that gambling and casino games are to blame for the demise of his career. He even managed to make almost a million dollars worth of gambling debts in different casinos. As his gambling addiction got worse, he tried to tender bad checks, which earned him several felony counts. 

Casinos are not just about games, they are also about the atmosphere, people and the whole show that goes on there. Even some of the most influential athletes on the planet haven’t managed to resist the tempting casino lights. Were you surprised by any of these names?

Why Online Gambling Is So Popular

Online gambling has become very popular over the past two decades. More people are coming online to play games, bet on sports or just have a friendly poker game with friends. With the rise of social media sites offering an open environment for gambling, it seems that more people are getting into this world every day. So why are so many people interested in online gambling, what are the benefits that keep people coming back?

Online Gambling Benefits

One of the main benefits is convenience. There are many online gambling sites that offer different games, poker rooms, and sports betting. Many sites have their own style to attract customers so you can find one that suits your tastes. Some even offer rewards or bonuses for signing up and making a deposit. This is a great way to make your money stretch a bit further and have fun without spending too much.

Another main reason people love online gambling sites is that you can play any time of the day or night – your schedule will never interfere with your game again! If you feel like playing poker at three in the morning, there’s nothing stopping you. You don’t even have to be at a computer to enjoy online casinos. Many sites offer special apps for people who play on their phones or other mobile devices, so it’s easy to keep your game going anywhere you are.

And that brings us to yet another benefit of online gambling – the variety of games that you can play. From blackjack to Texas Hold ‘Em poker, there are always new games to try and master. No matter how good you are, there’s always something new around the corner so your game will never get boring. So if you enjoy playing for fun or looking for that thrill of making it big with an online casino win, then there’s no better way to do it than with an online gambling site.

Online Gambling Is Fun!

Well, there are a lot of reasons why people love to gamble online. Besides the convenience and the variety, what keeps players coming back for more is that you can have fun from anywhere. With an internet connection and a device, you can access the casino anytime, anyplace. And with all the new features that sites are offering, like apps for phones and other devices, there’s no stopping you from playing even when you’re on the go as there are tons of bet365 games.

So if your friends want to play poker at 2 AM but it doesn’t fit into your schedule, no problem; just meet up on your phone and play with them from anywhere! It’s all about convenience and the flexibility that online gambling brings to players. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or just looking for some fun when you have time, there’s no better way than hitting the poker tables online.

As you can see, whether it’s the convenience, the variety of games, or the flexibility that online gambling offers, there’s a good reason why it has become so popular. With everything from great bonuses to new features and apps, sites are constantly evolving to suit their clientele. The more you compare online casinos, the more you’ll see what makes them all special and ensures that players can have fun whenever they want, wherever they are. So what are you waiting for? Come join the online gambling community!

Is Online Gambling Safe?

Online gambling is a very safe activity.  All online casinos use the most up-to-date security measures to ensure that your personal information and money are safe at all times. The majority of reputable casinos will have your information protected using 128-bit encryption technology which is virtually impossible for hackers to break into. In addition, they will have firewalls and regular virus scanning to prevent any malware from infecting your system.

Many reputable casinos also offer a verified seal or certificate of authenticity, meaning that they have undergone testing and inspection by outside companies for fairness and legality. This should give you even more reassurance that you’re dealing with a trusted casino where your money is completely safe at all times.

Remember that even if you happen to come across a rogue or under-regulated casino online, your money is still safe as all transactions occur through the casino itself and not directly with players. So no matter what type of game you enjoy playing – slots, poker, roulette, etc., there’s no reason to worry about security when you gamble online.


Online gambling is the perfect pastime for anyone who wants to make money while having fun. Whether you enjoy playing casino games or betting on sports, there are tons of great options that are easy to access thanks to an online connection. All you have to do is sign up with a reputable site that offers your favorite games and start playing!

Goldie’s Week 6 NFL Picks: Bet on the ‘Boys (and more)


All Time Record: 175-81          

Vs. Spread: 124-128-1


21-22 Season:  49-26               

Vs. Spread: 35-39-1


Week 4 Record : 12-3                 

Vs. Spread: 5-9-1


Guarantee All Time: 12-7       

21-22 Season: 3-2


Upset All Time: 12-6              

21-22 Season: 3-2


Crazy Uncle Jeff 

All Time: 25-3              

21-22 Season: 9-2       

Week 5: 2-0


Goldie’s Guarantee

Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: DAL -3.5

Dallas Cowboys (4-1) @ New England Patriots (2-3)

Vegas Picks: DAL -3.5

Goldie’s Take: Cowboys Win 33-24

Jeff and I are doubling up on the Cowboys this weekend! Not often Jeffy and I cook up this much of a lock, but we saw the minor point spread that Vegas is giving the ‘Boys and we had to jump on it. Dallas has won four straight and is starting to look like the real deal. Dak has been clicking with all of his weapons, and Dan Quinn has that defense looking legit. On the flipside, the Pats have been a mystery this season, and their inconsistency leaves you wondering which Pats team is going to show up. Don’t trust rookie Mac Jones to keep pace with Dak and the ‘Boys in a shootout. Cowboys will sail to victory in New England this Sunday, both Jeffy and I GUARANTEE IT!

Goldie’s UPSET of the Week

Los Angeles Chargers (4-1) @ Baltimore Ravens (4-1)

Vegas Picks: BAL -2.5

Goldie’s Take: Chargers Win 33-31

A lot of similarities between these two AFC powerhouses. Both 4-1, both coming off huge comeback wins at home, and both have superstar QBs under the age of 25. However, a few of Baltimore’s wins have been a little flukey. Without a 66 yard game winning field goal and a miraculous late game comeback against the Colts last week, the Ravens would be a 2-3 football team. Whereas the Chargers have been beating very good teams in very competitive games. This one’s a pick ‘em for sure, but a hunch tells me Herbert and the Chargers go in and steal this one on the road. UPSET!






Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: MIA -3

Miami Dolphins (1-4) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (0-5) (LONDON)

Vegas Picks: MIA -3

Goldie’s Take: Dolphins Win 23-16

After a tough outing in Tampa last week, Jeffy and I agree it’s time for the ‘Fins to bounce back. Since their week one win in New England, Miami has completely fallen apart. Losers of four straight (3 by double digits), the Dolphins offense has been basically nonexistent. However, the offense should look much better this weekend, as they are getting starting QB Tua Tagovailoa back from broken ribs. A loss to the frail Jaguars would certainly put Brian Flores on the hot seat, as this is a make or break game for the Fins. Never fade the Crazy Uncle, FINS UP in London. 


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: GB -6

Green Bay Packers (4-1) @ Chicago Bears (3-2)

Vegas Picks: GB -6

Goldie’s Take: Packers Win 31-20

Chicago looked pretty good last week in their win versus the Raiders, but take that win with a grain of salt as the Raiders were in the midst of all kinds of chaos. Meanwhile, Green Bay has arguably looked like the best team in the NFC during the past four weeks. Also, history is on the Pack’s side as Aaron Rodgers is 20-5 all-time against the Bears. So much going for Green Bay right now, plus I don’t trust rookie QBs in divisional games. Rodgers over Fields. Packers over Bears. Jeffy has spoken. 


Rest of Week 6:


Minnesota Vikings (2-3) @ Carolina Panthers (3-2)

Vegas Picks: MIN -2.5

Goldie’s Take: Vikings Win 32-28

After their 3-0 start, the Panthers have seemed to lose their mojo a bit. Being without star RB Christian McCaffrey for the third consecutive week certainly won’t help either. On the flipside, the Vikes are getting their star RB, Dalvin Cook, back from injury this week. Panthers D and home crowd should keep this one close, but can’t trust the Cats offense to move the ball consistently without CMC. Minny gets back to .500 with a road win this Sunday. 


Los Angeles Rams (4-1) @ New York Giants (1-4)

Vegas Picks: LAR -8

Goldie’s Take: Rams Win 31-17

This one is a mismatch across the board. The Rams have a better offense and defense than the Giants. LA also has the edge in quarterback play, and the one advantage the Giants would have isn’t even available for this one after RB Saquon Barkley suffered a significant injury early in last week’s contest. Rams cruise to victory in the Big Apple. 


Houston Texans (1-4) @ Indianapolis Colts (1-4)

Vegas Picks: IND -10

Goldie’s Take: Colts Win 24-17

Colts look to bounce back after their late game collapse last Monday against Baltimore. The Texans, on the other hand, surprised many by taking the Pats to distance last week. Other than the beatdown they suffered at the hands of the Bills, Houston has hung in there against some real teams this year. No doubt the Colts should win this one, but I like the fight of Houston to keep this divisional matchup close. 


Kansas City Chiefs (2-3) @ Washington Football Team (2-3)

Vegas Picks: KC -6.5

Goldie’s Take: Chiefs Win 38-23

No, that’s not a typo. The Chiefs are 2-3 through five games, but they’re still the Chiefs. Even after a shaky start, they’re still given the third best odds to win the Super Bowl this season by most sportsbooks. I think this is the week they breakout of the slump and get back to their high-powered winning ways. Washington’s defense hasn’t been nearly as good as advertised this season, and I don’t see Taylor Heinicke keeping up with Mahomes in a shootout. Chiefs coast to a win in the nation’s capital. 


Cincinnati Bengals (3-2) @ Detroit Lions (0-5)

Vegas Picks: CIN -3.5

Goldie’s Take: Bengals Win 30-20

I have never been so fascinated by such a bad team, but for some reason the Lions have been wildly entertaining this season. Dan Campbell getting emotional after last week’s tough loss to Minnesota makes me want to run through a wall for that man. I wonder if his players feel the same way. The Lions are going to win one eventually, but I don’t think this is the week. All emotions aside, Cincy has been great this season, and I fully expect Joe Burrow and the Bengals to take care of business in Mo-town this Sunday. 


Arizona Cardinals (5-0) @ Cleveland Browns (3-2)

Vegas Picks: CLE -3

Goldie’s Take: Browns Win 31-30

Although they got the win, Zona’s offense was clearly hindered in their 17-10 win over the Niners. This was their first game where they didn’t score 30+, and they have another tough defense in front of them as they head into the Dawg Pound. However, that defense might not be as strong as usual as the Browns have a lengthy injury report heading into week 6. Cleveland had 17 players on the injury report Wednesday. Some of the names included defensive studs like Jadeveon Clowney and Myles Garrett in addition to both star RBs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt also being listed as questionable. So this one could very well come down to who’s healthy. Picking the Browns to win this one, but bet on Cleveland with caution as some of their stars are iffy to play. 


Las Vegas Raiders (3-2) @ Denver Broncos (3-2)

Vegas Picks: DEN -4

Goldie’s Take: Raiders Win 28-22

Put all the chaos that has surrounded the Raiders recently aside for a minute, and realize that there is a football game to be played here. And when it comes to football, I think the Raiders have the advantage. Denver has still yet to beat a legitimate team, and I’m questioning their validity at 3-2. Banking on players and staff in Raiders locker room to act as professionals and focus on football. Taking Raiders to UPSET, but bet on this game with heavy caution as there are too many unknowns that go along with this one. 


Seattle Seahawks (2-3) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (2-3)

Vegas Picks: PIT -5

Goldie’s Take: Steelers Win 26-20

Pittsburgh showed me something last week in their win over the Broncos. They showed me that Big Ben might have some left in the tank after all. Plus Steelers catching a break in this one as Russell Wilson is out with an injury. Don’t trust backup QB Geno Smith to go in and shine under the lights, and Steelers should show up for home fans in Primetime. Venue call!


Buffalo Bills (4-1) @ Tennessee Titans (3-2) 

Vegas Picks: BUF -5.5

Goldie’s Take: Bills Win 38-28

Buffalo, in my opinion, is far and away the best team in the NFL right now. They’ve outscored their opponents by a combined 115 points in the past four weeks, and doing so against good teams too. This team is firing on all cylinders right now and show absolutely zero signs of slowing down. Picking Bills to win and cover every week until they give me a reason not to. 

Goldie’s Week 5 Picks: Can the Dolphins cover in Tampa? (and more)


All Time Record: 163-78          

Vs. Spread: 119-119


21-22 Season:  37-23                

Vs. Spread: 30-30


Week 4 Record : 8-7                 

Vs. Spread: 5-10


Guarantee All Time: 11-7       

21-22 Season: 2-2


Upset All Time: 11-6              

21-22 Season: 2-2


Crazy Uncle Jeff 

All Time: 23-3              

21-22 Season: 7-2       

Week 4: 2-1


Goldie’s Guarantee

Tennessee Titans (2-2) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (0-4)

Vegas Picks: TEN -4.5

Goldie’s Take: Titans WIn 31-14

After a bit of a disappointing start to the season, the Titans look to get back above .500 with a win in Jacksonville. The Jags, on the other hand, have been a mess recently. Following their loss to the Bengals on TNF, inappropriate photos of head coach Urban Meyer at an Ohio bar surfaced. The organization has been dealing with these off field issues all week. Leaves me to believe that I’m not so sure they’re too focused on football over there in Jacksonville. Even if they WERE focused on this game, I’d still take the Titans to win and cover. Henry runs wild as T’s go into Jacksonville and destroy the Jags. I GUARANTEE IT!


Goldie’s UPSET of the Week

Buffalo Bills (3-1) @ Kansas City Chiefs (2-2)

Vegas Picks: KC -3

Goldie’s Take: Bills Win 30-28

Game of the Week, also UPSET of the week. The Bills have had this rematch of last season’s AFC championship game circled on their calendar since January. The Chiefs have been shaky to start the season, and the Bills have, so far, clearly looked like the best team in the AFC. Buffalo has been running through teams and seem to have found their groove. They’ve won their last three games by an average of 32 points. Plus this is a revenge game for them. Sunday Night UPSET in Arrowhead!


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: NO -2.5

New Orleans Saints (2-2) @ Washington Football Team (2-2)

Vegas Picks: NO -2.5

Goldie’s Take: Saints Win 27-23

Uncle Jeff and I view this game as a trend breaker. The Saints have seemed to lose their mojo a bit since that Week 1 beatdown they put on Green Bay. Last week’s loss to the Giants at home was not a good look for N’awlins either. On the other hand, Washington is feeling great after a miraculous late game comeback in Atlanta last week. We don’t see Taylor Heinicke continuing to play like prime Brady, and Jameis still has something to prove on the other side. Never fade the Crazy Uncle. Saints get back on track this Sunday with a win in the nation’s capital.


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: PIT +1

Denver Broncos (3-1) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (1-3)

Vegas Picks: DEN -1

Goldie’s Take: Broncos Win 24-21

A RARE occurrence where Jeff and I don’t see eye to eye. Jeffy likes the veteran presence of the Steelers at home to prevail. Whereas, I think Big Ben and the Steelers have finally fallen off the cliff. Big Ben can’t throw like he used to, and he sure as hell can’t run/move like he used to. Denver’s pass rush is going to give Pitt troubles all day. Teddy-Two-Gloves is a great game manager, and that’s the perfect counterattack to a stingy defense like Pittsburgh. Give me the Broncos to go in and take this one on the road. 


New York Jets (1-3) @ Atlanta Falcons (1-3) (LONDON)

Vegas Picks: ATL -2.5

Goldie’s Take: Falcons Win 30-23

Dirty Birds are kicking themselves after another 4th quarter collapse last week. However, no better remedy to get on track than a game against the New York Jets. That being said, New York does come into this one with some swagger after an overtime win against Tennessee. Anything can happen in a 9:30AM game across the pond, but the safe play is to take Atlanta in this battle of 1-3’s.  


New England Patriots (1-3) @ Houston Texans (1-3)

Vegas Picks: NE -9

Goldie’s Take: Pats Win 24-13

If you live under a rock, maybe you didn’t hear that Brady returned to Foxboro last week. However to many people’s surprise, the Pats were a first down away from probably winning that game. Moral victory? Belichick and the Pats will carry that momentum right into this one and cruise past Davis Mills and the frail Texans. 


Detroit Lions (0-4) @ Minnesota Vikings (1-3)

Vegas Picks: MIN -10

Goldie’s Take: Vikings Win 27-14

Although I’ve been one of the biggest supporters of the Lions’ fighting spirit this season, their already weak roster has recently been hit with the injury bug. Detroit has three starting O-Lineman iffy to play to go along with losing one of their best pass rushers to a season ending Achilles injury. Not to mention it’s a divisional game on the road. Expect Minny to win and cover with ease at home this Sunday.  


Philadelphia Eagles (1-3) @ Carolina Panthers (3-1)

Vegas Picks: CAR -3

Goldie’s Take: Eagles Win 27-23

Lots of question marks surround this matchup, but none bigger than the status of Carolina star RB Chistian McCaffrey. He’s iffy to play, and it’s evident that the Panthers offense is not the same without him. Even if he does play, he shouldn’t be at 100%. A hobbled CMC could be enough for the Eagles to steal this one on the road. Three straight losses after a win in the opener has the desperation starting to set in for Philly. ‘Birds get back on track with a much needed win. UPSET!


Miami Dolphins (1-3) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1)

Vegas Picks: TB -9.5

Goldie’s Take: Bucs Win 24-20

Tua-less ‘Fins head to Tampa for an all-Florida battle. Brady and the Bucs barely put away the Pats last week in an emotional roller coaster, so they could be resting on their laurels a bit for this one. Honestly, that’s probably just my Miami-bias talking. However, don’t be surprised when Brian Flores and the Dolphins defense keep this one competitive. Taking Tampa to win at home, but taking the ‘Fins to cover.


Green Bay Packers (3-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

Vegas Picks: GB -3

Goldie’s Take: Packers Win 30-21

Since the week 1 anomaly against the Saints, the Packers have looked like the contenders we all thought they were. Wins against good teams in back to back weeks has resolidified the Packers status across the NFL landscape. On the flipside, the Bengals have surprised many by their 3-1 start, but struggled to put away the Jags last week. That has me questioning their validity. Bengals are a nice up and coming team but I don’t put them in the same category as Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Give me the Pack by multiple scores in Cincy. 


Chicago Bears (2-2) @ Las Vegas Raiders (3-1)

Vegas Picks: LV -5.5

Goldie’s Take: Raiders Win 28-16

Chicago has named Justin Fields the starting quarterback moving forward. Awesome move for the Bears, let the kid see NFL action and develop as the season goes on. However rookie quarterbacks with subpar weapons usually don’t result in a lot of wins. Not to mention the Raiders have been great this year. I envision Fields struggling on the road, and Vegas cruising to a victory to improve to 4-1 for the first time since 2016. Al Davis said it best, “Just Win Baby!”





Cleveland Browns (3-1) @ Los Angeles Chargers (3-1)

Vegas Picks: LAC -2

Goldie’s Take: Browns Win 27-26

In my mind this game is basically a pick ’em. I love both of these teams and view them both as legitimate contenders. Usually in a game like this I make it a venue call and go with the home team, but the Chargers historically have been the most unlucky team ever. So I’m taking the Browns. I like Cleveland’s run-heavy offense to control the pace of play in this one, as the Chargers defense should have a hard time getting off the field. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Cleveland Browns are the real deal this season. 


New York Giants (1-3) @ Dallas Cowboys (3-1)

Vegas Picks: DAL -7

Goldie’s Take: Cowboys Win 28-24

The Giants showed us something last week in their overtime win in the Superdome. That’s why I’m picking New York to cover in this one, but I do believe the ‘Boys are the better team. However in a divisional matchup, 7 points seems like way too hefty of a spread. It seems every time these teams face off it’s a competitive matchup. Dak and the Cowboys have shown no signs of slowing down, but the G-Men are better than most think. Cowboys win in a close one. 


San Francisco 49ers (2-2) @ Arizona Cardinals (4-0)

Vegas Picks: ARI -5

Goldie’s Take: Cardinals Win 31-27

The Upset of the week committee took a hard look at this one before deciding to play it safe and take the Cardinals. Just couldn’t trust rookie Trey Lance in his first NFL start in a divisional game on the road against an undefeated team. The Cardinals murdered the Rams last week, and many thought the Rams were the best team in football. Kyler Murray has also emerged as the MVP frontrunner and all is well in ‘Zona right now. Good times keep rolling with a home win this Sunday to improve to 5-0.


Indianapolis Colts (1-3) @ Baltimore Ravens (3-1)

Vegas Picks: BAL -7

Goldie’s Take: Ravens Win 30-17

Hobbled Colts finally got a win last week against the hobbled Miami Dolphins, but now they have to go on the road to face Lamar Jackson and the Ravens?? Good luck with that. Baltimore defense will be too much for Wentz and the slow-moving Colts offense to handle. Ravens cruise to 4-1, while Colts are starting to get desperate at 1-4. 

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes at the opening night event for Super Bowl 54. (Craig Davis for Five Reasons Sports Network)

Goldie’s Week 4 NFL Picks: Lions Surprise, Chiefs Recover


All Time Record: 155-71          

Vs. Spread: 114-109


21-22 Season:  29-16                

Vs. Spread: 25-20


Week 3 Record : 11-4                 

Vs. Spread: 10-5


Guarantee All Time: 10-7       

21-22 Season: 1-2


Upset All Time: 11-5              

21-22 Season: 2-1


Crazy Uncle Jeff 

All Time: 21-2              

21-22 Season: 5-1       

Week 3: 2-0


Goldie’s Guarantee:

Cleveland Browns (2-1) @ Minnesota Vikings (1-2)

Vegas Picks: CLE -2

Goldie’s Take: Browns Win 34-21

Cleveland is the real deal on both sides of the football this season, but especially on the defensive side. Their fierce pass rush landed 9 sacks last week and held the Bears to a total of 47 yards of offense. Vikings’ shaky O-Line is going to have a long day trying to contain Myles Garrett and the rest of that unit. Brownies win and cover on the road. 



Upset of the Week:

Detroit Lions (0-3) @ Chicago Bears (1-2)

Vegas Picks: CHI -2.5

Goldie’s Take: Lions Win 26-24

Although 0-3, this Lions team has almost exceeded expectations in some ways. In all three of their games played so far, they have shown admirable fight against teams that are simply much more talented than they are. On the other hand, Chicago got their head handed to them last week by Cleveland, posting a total of 47 offensive yards. It’s clear that Justin Fields is not ready to start yet, and Andy Dalton doesn’t seem to be the answer either. The Bears don’t have a Quarterback. So yes, give me the Lions to UPSET Chicago in a rare road divisional win for Detroit. 


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the week: DAL -4.5

Carolina Panthers (3-0) @ Dallas Cowboys (2-1)

Vegas Picks: DAL -4.5

Goldie’s Take: Cowboys win 33-27

At 21-2 all time against the spread, Jeffy is just getting more and more confident in his pick skills. That’s why this week he’s cooking up a 3 LOCK play! The first being the Cowboys -4.5. Jeffy loves what he’s seen from the ‘Boys this season, and he’s not buying the Panthers hype. He’s betting on the Cowboys to win and cover at home. If I’ve learned anything in the past few years doing picks with my Crazy Uncle Jeff, it’s to NEVER fade the Crazy Uncle. How ‘Bout Them Cowboys!


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: KC -7

Kansas City Chiefs (1-2) @ Philadelphia Eagles (1-2)

Vegas Picks: KC -7

Goldie’s Take: Chiefs WIn 31-17

The second of Jeffy’s THREE LOCKS this week is the Chiefs at -7. The fact that the Eagles and Chiefs are two teams with the same record, is quite the anomaly. Even with these teams at 1-2, most sportsbooks are still betting on the Chiefs with the best odds to win this year’s Super Bowl. Meanwhile, the Eagles are currently in the midst of a rebuild. Crazy Uncle Jeff and I fully expect Mahomes to shine as KC puts on a show in Philly. 


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: TB -7

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1) @ New England Patriots (1-2)

Vegas Picks: TB -7

Goldie’s Take: Bucs Win 33-20

Emotions will be at an all time high in Brady’s return to the stadium that he called home for 20 years. Surely Belichick will be doing everything he can to win this one, but he just doesn’t have the pieces.It’s a statement game for both Brady and Belichick; a battle that is destined to fuel the debate between who is really responsible in New England’s for the notorious past successful legacy. Originally I had a feeling Brady would be so overwhelmed with emotion that it might affect his game, but then I remembered who I was talking about. GOAT takes care of business on an emotional Sunday night in Foxboro. Speaking of GOATs, Uncle Jeff is picking the Bucs too in his THIRD LOCK of this week


Tennessee Titans (2-1) @ New York Jets (0-3)

Vegas Picks: TEN -7

Goldie’s Take: Titans Win 23-10

It’s already been a tough season for Jets fans, as their team has posted a total of 20 points through 3 games, and it only looks like it’s going to get tougher. Zach Wilson has not been able to get it going, but what do you expect when you throw a rookie QB onto an offense with limited weapons and an iffy O-Line? Also it’s not like they have the best defense in the world either. The Titans will take care of business in New York as the Jets continue to be knee-deep in this rebuild. 


Indianapolis Colts (0-3) @ Miami Dolphins (1-2)

Vegas Picks: MIA -2

Goldie’s Take: Dolphins Win 27-21

Both of these squads are desperate for a win after subpar starts to each of their seasons. Miami lost an overtime heartbreaker in Vegas last week, and the Colts just can’t seem to figure it out. Indy has had a laundry list of significant injuries, and it’s only week 3. Like most Dolphins wins, I expect this game to mostly be controlled by the defense. Also, Brissett looked much more comfortable last week after having a full week of first team reps. Another week of Brissett as QB1 in practice will give their offense some much needed continuity. Expect the Fins to get back on track with a win at home this Sunday. 


Washington Football Team (1-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (1-2)

Vegas Picks: WAS -1.5

Goldie’s Take: Falcons Win 24-21

Atlanta stole a road victory last week against the Giants 17-14. Rare for Atlanta to have such a low scoring win, but it seems their defense definitely improved a bit from last season to now. Also this is a favorable matchup for Atlanta, as the No Names don’t exactly have a high powered offense. Give me Matty Ice and the Dirty Birds to get another defensive win to get back to .500. Venue call!


Houston Texans (1-2) @ Buffalo Bills (2-1)

Vegas Picks: BUF -16.5

Goldie’s Take: Bills Win 35-20

Vegas is not sugarcoating this one at all. Almost everyone expects Buffalo to stay hot and run right through the Texans. This should certainly be the case, however I’d advise staying away from betting this one. 16.5 points is just too unpredictable. Josh Allen and the Bills “circle the wagons” once again at home this Sunday to improve to 3-1. 


New York Giants (0-3) @ New Orleans Saints (2-1)

Vegas Picks: NO -7.5

Goldie’s Take: Saints Win 30-20

This one was a strong contender for the Guarantee committee, as the Saints play their first game back with a full Superdome in over a year. Not only do I think the Saints are the better team, I would’ve made this pick on atmosphere alone. Daniel Jones isn’t going to be able to hear his own thoughts in the building that the city of New Orleans considers to be its heart and soul. Saints win in the dome!


Seattle Seahawks (1-2) @ San Francisco 49ers (2-1)

Vegas Picks: SAN -3

Goldie’s Take: 49ers Win 28-23

The UPSET of the week committee took a long gander at this one after the Niners loss to the Packers last week. However, after extensive research we’ve concluded that the Seahawks pass defense is going to be the death of them again. Last week Kirk Cousins had a field day with this Seattle defense, largely due to the fact that the ‘Hawks pass rush was nonexistent. They only managed to sack Cousins one time. The Niners have a better O-Line than the Vikings do, so expect Jimmy G to have plenty of time to make decisions back there. Niners win a close divisional matchup at home. 


Arizona Cardinals (3-0) @ Los Angeles Rams (3-0)

Vegas Picks: LAR -4.5

Goldie’s Take: Rams Win 35-31

You could legitimately argue that the Rams have both the best offense and the best defense in the NFL. They have playmakers on both sides of the ball, and a great coaching staff to complement them. The Rams are a machine. Kyler will keep the ‘Cards in it, but give me LA to get the divisional win at home and improve to 4-0!


Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2) @ Green Bay Packers (2-1)

Vegas Picks: GB -6.5

Goldie’s Take: Packers Win 35-13

Guarantee committee took a hard look at this one as well before ultimately settling on the Browns. The Packers seem to be back after that strange week one beatdown they received, and the Steelers don’t have a quarterback. Big Ben’s arm is shot, and they’re still asking him to throw 50+ times a game. This is not a recipe for success. Unless the Steelers get a new quarterback, I don’t see them winning more than 5 games this season. Packers win in a rout!


Baltimore Ravens (2-1) @ Denver Broncos (3-0)

Vegas Picks: DEN -1

Goldie’s Take: Ravens Win 32-28

Although undefeated, the Denver Broncos are a bit of fools gold 3-0. Their opponents thus far have a combined record of 0-9 so we can’t really consider the Broncos to be “legit” quite yet. I expect the Broncos to finally be exposed this week. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are a major step up from the competition that the Broncos have faced in the past few weeks. Denver is a solid team with a lot of promise, but they’re not quite contenders yet. Baltimore stays hot with a road win in the Mile High. 


Las Vegas Raiders (3-0) @ Los Angeles Chargers (2-1)

Vegas Picks: LAC -3.5

Goldie’s Take: Chargers Win 30-27

Nothing like a good divisional matchup on MNF. Both of these teams have to be thrilled with the way their seasons have started. Raiders are 3-0 for the first time since 2002, and Chargers are coming off a huge upset of the Chiefs. This one is basically a pick ’em’ in my mind, so I’m going with the home team. Chargers in a venue call!



Goldie’s Week 3 Picks: Betting on Josh Allen, Russell Wilson… and Jacoby Brissett


All Time Record: 144-67          Vs. Spread: 104-104

21-22 Season:  18-12                Vs. Spread: 15-15

Week 2 Record : 9-6                 Vs. Spread: 6-9

Guarantee All Time: 10-6         21-22 Season: 1-1

Upset All Time: 10-5                 21-22 Season: 1-1


Crazy Uncle Jeff 

All Time: 19-2              21-22 Season: 3-1       Week 2: 2-0


Goldie’s Guarantee

Seattle Seahawks (1-1) @ Minnesota Vikings (0-2)

Vegas Picks: SEA -1.5

Goldie’s Take: Seahawks Win 31-20

Although the Vikings are desperate for a win and at home, I’m still not comfortable betting against Russell Wilson. Especially considering Seattle is coming off a heartbreaking loss to Tennessee. Russ and the ‘Hawks bounce back and get a win in Minnesota… I GUARANTEE IT!


Upset of the Week

Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: GB +3

Green Bay Packers (1-1) @ San Francisco 49ers (2-0)

Vegas Picks: SF -3

Goldie’s Take: Packers Win 30-24

For the third consecutive week Crazy Uncle is riding with the Packers. Rodgers has never been one to fold in primetime games, plus he’s still salty about the Niners passing on him in the draft years ago. Rodgers makes the Niners pay in an offensive showdown! UPSET!


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: BUF -7

Washington Football Team (1-1) @ Buffalo Bills (1-1)

Vegas Picks: BUF -7

Goldie’s Take: Bills Win 24-13

Along with not having a team name, Washington also decides its best not to have a quarterback. Heinicke is going to have a very tough time against a defense that just last week held the Dolphins to a goose egg. Bills stay hot and “circle the wagons” at home this Sunday



Arizona Cardinals (2-0) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2)

Vegas Picks: ARI -7.5

Goldie’s Take: Cardinals Win 36-21

Sorry to say it, but it’s going to be another long season for Jags fans. Kyler and the Cards are going to have a field day on this poor Jags D. ‘Zona stays undefeated with a beatdown in Jacksonville. 


Baltimore Ravens (1-1) @ Detroit Lions (0-2)

Vegas Picks:

Goldie’s Take: Ravens Win 31-17

Although I do admire the fight of this feisty Lions team, there’s no way they beat the Ravens this week. Baltimore is riding high after a momentous win against KC last week. Expect that momentum to carry right on into this one for a ‘Birds win. 


Indianapolis Colts (0-2) @ Tennessee Titans (1-1)

Vegas Picks: TEN -5

Goldie’s Take: Titans Win 28-24

The Titans looked a lot more like the Titans last week, feeding King Henry 35 carries for 182 yards and a TD. This guy is a monster. Expect a similar game plan this weekend against a desperate Colts team. Titans win a close divisional matchup at home. 


New Orleans Saints (1-1) @ New England Patriots (1-1)

Vegas Picks: NE -2.5

Goldie’s Take: Patriots Win 23-20

Jamies and the Saints came way back down to earth last week after obliterating the Packers in week 1. Usually I would take the Saints in a game like this, but they’ve been living out of a hotel for a few weeks now due to the hurricane that struck their hometown. Plus the Pats are at home. Safe play is the pats in this one, although I do expect Saints to keep it close. Venue call.


Los Angeles Chargers (1-1) @ Kansas City Chiefs (1-1)

Vegas Picks: KC -6.5

Goldie’s Take: Chiefs Win 40-27

Can you name a more unlucky professional sports franchise other than the LA Chargers? Last week a bad call cost them a win against the ‘Boys, and now they have to go into Kansas City to play an angry Chiefs team. Good luck. Patty and the Chiefs put on a show and get a divisional win for the home fans. 


Atlanta Falcons (0-2) @ New York Giants (0-2)

Vegas Picks: NYG -2.5

Goldie’s Take: Falcons Win 28-26

Only 0-2 vs 0-2 battle going on this weekend, and once again I’m puzzled on who to pick for the Atlanta game. This one seems like a pick ’em for me, so I’m going with the more experienced QB. Give me Matty ice and the Birds to pull off a road UPSET this weekend. 


Chicago Bears (1-1) @ Cleveland Browns (1-1)

Vegas Picks: CLE -7

Goldie’s Take: Browns Win 31-20

Rookie QB making his first career start against one of the best defenses in the league, AND it’s on the road in the DAWG POUND? The kid is going to struggle. Once again I say the Browns are legit this season. Brownies cruise to a victory at home


Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1)

Vegas Picks: PIT -3

Goldie’s Take: Bengals Win 24-23

Here I go again picking the Bengals to upset for the second consecutive week. I see promise in this Cincy team, the offense has proven they can really move the ball in spurts. They just need to put it all together. Plus Big Ben and TJ Watt both iffy to play… could be just enough to put the Bengals over the hump for a road UPSET!


Miami Dolphins (1-1) @ Las Vegas Raiders (2-0)

Vegas Picks: LV -3.5

Goldie’s Take: Dolphins Win 21-19

Miami bias may be kicking in a bit on this pick, but hear me out. Yes, Tua is out, but how much of a downgrade really is Brissett from Tua. Brissett has proven he can win games in this league, plus he’ll be far more prepared for this one after taking first team reps all week in practice. I think the Raiders get knocked off their high horse this weekend as the ‘Fins D looks to steal them one on the road. UPSET!


New York Jets (0-2) @ Denver Broncos (2-0)

Vegas Picks: DEN -10

Goldie’s Take: Broncos Win 26-13

Denver has been gift wrapped the easiest first 3 games of any NFL team this season. Both New York teams and rebuilding Jacksonville. Broncos will get the win at home and improve to 3-0, but I can’t regard them as “legitimate” until they beat a good team. 


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-0) @ Los Angeles Rams (2-0)

Vegas Picks: TB -1.5

Goldie’s Take: Rams Win 30-28

Heavyweight bout on SNF includes the only 2-0 vs 2-0 matchup this week. Both of these teams have come out the gates ROLLIN. This very well could be an early season preview of the NFC championship. I think Matt Stafford is anxious to perform on the big stage after all of those years wasting away in Detroit. Plus, the home field advantage should play a factor in this one. Rams win a close one on Sunday night. 


Philadelphia Eagles (1-1) @ Dallas Cowboys (1-1)

Vegas Picks: DAL -3.5

Goldie’s Take: Cowboys Win 38-27

Interesting stat in this one: ‘Boys have lost 7 consecutive primetime games, whereas the Eagles are 4-1 in their past 5 Monday nights. I expect this game to serve as a trend breaker as I predict the Cowboys offense to score early and score often in this one. Cowboys win in a Monday night shootout. HOW ‘BOUT DEM COWBOYS!


How Great Ryder Cup Players are selected as Captains

The team captains for the Ryder Cup are well-known players.

The European team captain is Padraig Harrington and the captain of the USA team is Steve Stricker, where the great Ryder cup requires the teams to give their best for the people who mainly stood as captain.

The only truth of this match happening is that the best golfers are not always taken from the best Ryder cup teams.

The two people before, i.e., ex-captains named Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods, got down for having the greatest plays of this game ever again, and the Ryder cup matches were won by those two people. 


One statement is unclear that at peaks the Ryder cup players among them could be great captains but, they are filled with confidence. So that match-winning are taken under pressure which is not necessary. By the time been to inspire other people. A great research of Betway how players performed when they were chosen as captains shown in the infographics below:

The USA team side head Padraig had conducted online betting, which had become an odd thing over the match, and all the players were examined about their performance in Ryder cup.  Players at the situations were specially selected as captains.

The success of the Ryder cup of Europe is huge and extremely successful happens to be successful as the formal players became captains.

20 Europeans and there are also players from the Ryder Cups, 5 of them are going to become captains, namely Seve Ballesteros, Bernhard Langer, Nick Faldo, Colin Montgomerie, and Jose Maria Olazabal. 

These five people are some of the best players, and Faldo had once failed in the Ryder cup match while he was on the European side; 16 and 11 points were scored in the year 2008.

The team of Langer had got trashed into the US team with the score of 18 and 9 in 2004 years, whereas Olazabal will play as a masterpiece, and think about himself that he is mastermind regarding holding the captaincy.





Among the players from Ryder cup of Europe are not possessed with the 10 percent where 50 percent of the people and 8 of them have least 10 points in their golf career.

The team captain named Thomas Bjorn had played real exceptions across the recent years, and he is well known for his greatness in the solid Ryder supplies where the 3-4-2 appearances are still assumed as Europeans are feeling comfortable with 17 to 10 points.

During the gold play, European and USA players are not termed as best players because, generally, as a rule, someone should become the captain, and in this case, Americans had lost from the captaincy.

Among the people who had already done captaincy for the USA, a team is required, and three of them have victory since the year 1999 ad Ryder cup players are specified.

Many people from the past matches are here to watch the gold play with utmost curiosity so that Davis Love III is possessed by having a record of 9-12-5 taken from the 26 matches, but they won 17 and 11 points in the year 2016.

By considering the performance of the Crenshaw, team concern is all taken by the US team. Some groups of golfers are looking stronger and having advantages for their play because it is their home town where solid playing can be performed in the United States. 

The history will suggest that despite being exact stellar, Europeans have hope towards the history for suggesting the advantages, and the USA is trying to grab the chance.

Dolphins Loss Broncos

Making it Count: 5 Tips for New Football Gamblers

The 2021 National Football League has already begun, but there’s a long way to go between now and the Super Bowl in February. Whether Tampa Bay can retain its championship title remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure: there will be plenty of action and drama before the playoffs come to an end.


Not only do millions of Americans watch the NFL games each year. Many also like to engage in betting. If you’re a first-time gambler and you’d like to wager on this year’s NFL, here are five tips to help you on your way.


1. Understand Each Betting Option


Before you place a bet, you need to understand what your different betting options are. There are lots of different types of NFL wagers to choose from. Some of the most common bet types are:

  •   Moneyline, in which you bet on a team to win a game.
  •   Point Spread, in which you bet on points.
  •   Parlays, which allow you to combine bets to reduce your risk.
  •   Live Betting, which is ideal if you don’t like the odds that are offered before the game but see an opportunity as the game progresses.


2. Use Multiple Sportsbooks


Once you have a good understanding of the different types of bets you can make, you can improve your edge by making bets at different sportsbooks, depending on which one offers the best payout rate.


It can take time to compare different online sportsbooks, but it’s more than worth it if you can take advantage of a better payout rate for the type of bet you wish to make. Also, by signing up with multiple sportsbooks, you can take advantage of welcome bonuses. Furthermore, remember sportsbooks aren’t only online.


You’ll also find some land-based casino establishments that provide excellent NFL betting opportunities. For instance, if you’re located in Detroit, you can visit the Greektown Casino and Hotel. Check out the Greektown casino sportsbook review from for more information.


3. Understand Key Numbers for Point Spreads


Not all points in a Point Spread are created equally. Because football has a unique scoring system, such as six for a touchdown, there are some numbers in NFL Point Spreads that you need to be aware of.


The big key numbers in NFL betting are 3 and 7, due to them being the most common margins in NFL victories. Around 30% of all football games end up with a difference in score of either 3 or 7. Other key numbers to be aware of are 10, 6, 4, and 14. Those numbers, in that sequence, are the most common victory margins in the NFL from the past 15 years.


Once you have knowledge of numbers and stats, you will be much better informed to place a successful bet.


4. Don’t Place Bets Solely Based on Last Week’s Results


Speaking of statistics, to make a more informed betting decision, you should always keep an eye on each team’s full-season stats and their past histories of playing each other. It is much better to do that than just looking at last week’s results. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes first-time gamblers make is basing their betting decisions on the previous week’s results.


Using last week’s results as part of your betting strategy is a bad choice for a couple of reasons. 


Firstly, the bookmakers know the public often makes bets based on the previous week’s results and adjusts the odds accordingly, in which case you end up with unfavorable odds.


Secondly, when one team is bombarded with the press and the bookmakers saying they are going to fail, it’s often enough to spur the team on and to come out fighting. Meanwhile, the other team may not put as much effort into training because it thinks it has the upcoming game sewn up. So, look at stats from a much wider perspective and use old stats to help you determine your optimal betting option.


5. Keep Track of Your Betting Outcomes


To measure how successful your wagers are over the whole season, you need to make sure you keep track of the bets you make and what the outcomes are. Many sportsbooks have dedicated apps that allow you to easily track your past bets, though you may prefer to simply write them down.


By being able to look over all of your bets at the end of the season, you’ll be able to identify how successful you have or haven’t been in predicting wins. You can then identify your strengths and weaknesses and be ready for the 2022 NFL.

Goldie’s Week 1 NFL Picks: Charging On, A-Rod Stars, Ride with Russ

In Year 1, Goldie provided consistent winners and insight, paired with at least one Crazy Uncle Jeff LOCK of the week. Seriously, check out his record, Jeffy doesn’t miss.




You can bet all of this at using the code “five” for a promo bonus.




Goldie’s All Time Record: 126-55              Vs. Spread: 89-89

Goldie’s Guarantee: 9-5

Goldie’s Upset: 9-4

Crazy Uncle Jeff: 16-1


Goldie’s Guarantee

Los Angeles Chargers @ Washington Football Team

Vegas Picks: WAS -1

Goldie’s Take: Chargers Win 23-21

I truly believe the NFL landscape underestimates the LA Chargers. This team is loaded on both sides of the football. The Bolts virtually have no holes in their offense. Solid O line, receivers, and running backs all revolving around the second year stud QB Justin Herbert. LA’s defense also has a lot of playmakers such as guys like Derwin James and Joey Bosa. Washington will take some time to adjust to aging QB Ryan Fitzpatrick running the offense. I’m looking for the Chargers to make a lot of noise this season, and I definitely anticipate them to win this one in the nation’s capital, I GUARANTEE IT!!!


Goldie’s Upset of the Week

Baltimore Ravens @ Las Vegas Raiders

Vegas Picks: BAL -4

Goldie’s Take: Raiders Win 27-24

UPSET ALERT! The Ravens have been losing Running Backs left and right this preseason. They’ve had to scramble and sign 4 running backs in under a week’s span. This offense is going to be in disarray. In addition,it’s going to be the first full capacity Raiders game in Vegas. Raider fans have been waiting for this one since Gruden won with the Bucs, even longer maybe. Expect the Black Hole to come different Monday night.  As if this game needed another storyline, Derek Carr is out to prove why he’s one of the most underrated players in football. I like Gruden and the Raiders to end NFL Week One with a sneaky upset against the Ravens. Al Davis said it best, “JUST WIN BABY”


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: PIT +6.5

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills

Vegas Picks: BUF -6.5

Goldie’s Take: Bills Win 24-17

After months of preparation and research, Crazy Uncle Jeff is finally back in the lab this week! Jeffy concludes that this is too hefty of a Week One spread for the Bills to cover. Big Ben and the Steelers are historically better early in the season, we saw this last season when the Steelers started red hot, winning their first ten games. Expect the Bills to win the game, as they are the better team, but don’t be surprised when this is a much closer game than many people anticipate.  Both offenses will struggle, but I expect a hard fought victory for Buffalo. After all ,”nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.”


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week

Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints

Vegas Picks: GB -3.5

Goldie’s Take: Packers Win 34-21

Jeffy is cooking up a two lock special for Week1! The Saints will be missing one of their most valuable players this weekend… the Superdome. Unfortunately this game had to be moved to Jacksonville, Florida due to Hurricane Ida that recently devastated southern Louisiana. This is a huge factor for this matchup as the Saints have one of the most hostile home crowds in the NFL. Crazy Uncle and I both expect the reigning MVP to go into this one and prove why he’s still a top QB in this league. This game can easily be the Aaron Rodgers show from start to finish, although it will be interesting to see how Jameis performs at the helm of this Saints offense that’s trying to win one for the morale of Nola. Still, Pack by at least two scores.


New York Jets @ Carolina Panthers

Vegas Picks: CAR -4

Goldie’s Take: Panthers Win 28-20

Sam Darnold revenge game! The Jets traded Darnold away for a bag of chips and a loaf of bread this offseason. Expect Darnold to take this one personally, and be out for blood this Sunday. Plus I expect the rookie Zach Wilson to struggle on the road in his first NFL start. Carolina by at least a TD. 


Seattle Seahawks @ Indianapolis Colts

Vegas Picks: SEA -3

Goldie’s Take: Seahawks Win 30-23

I like both of these teams a lot. They’re both well run organizations with overall solid units on both sides of the football. In a game like this it could come down to one player who is the X factor. This matchup’s X factor is Russell Wilson. The biggest advantage in this game is the quarterback position. Wentz is coming off another injury and he’s not yet adjusted to his new offense. Expect a close game but in the end I’m not betting against Russ. LET RUSS COOK!


Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans 

Vegas Picks: JAX -3.5

Goldie’s Take: Jags Win 24-20

The toilet bowl of week 1 kicks off at 1PM in Houston this Sunday as the Jags face the Texans. Houston has been a wreck all offseason largely due to all of the chaos surrounding Deshaun Watson. At first it seemed as if he was getting traded, then for a while it seemed he was going to jail, now nobody knows what’s going on at all in Houston. The Jags, however, aren’t as much of a disaster at all, they’re just a rebuilding football team. I expect T-Law and Urban to start their NFL careers off right with a hard fought victory. 


Arizona Cardinals @ Tennessee Titans

Vegas Picks: TEN -3

Goldie’s Take: Titans Win 35-30

Both of these teams made big moves this offseason to try and elevate their roster to the next level. For Tennessee the big addition was on the offensive side of the football adding all-pro receiver Julio Jones to an already stacked offense. On the other hand, the Cards added all pro Defensive End JJ Watt to their front 7. Both veterans should do wonders to help each of their teams, but this weekend expect the Titans to come away with the win. This should be a high scoring affair between two high powered offenses, but at the end of the day I don’t think there’s a defense on the planet that has an answer for Titans RB Derrick Henry. T’s win in a shootout


Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons 

Vegas Picks: ATL -3.5

Goldie’s Take: Falcons Win 31-26

I honestly don’t have much faith in either one of these birds. Both teams are amidst a rebuild, and don’t have much expectation on them for this season.Give me the veteran Matt Ryan to get a win at home in week 1. Atlanta’s beautiful stadium will be rocking full capacity for the first time in a while. Venue call. 


Minnesota Vikings @ Cincinnati Bengals

Vegas Picks: MIN -3

Goldie’s Take: Vikings Win 31-26

Cincy’s QB Joe Burrow will be making his first start since the brutal injury he suffered that ended his Rookie year early last season. I think he’ll be a bit rusty, not to mention the struggles that rookie WR Jamarr Chase showed in preseason. I just think the Vikes are the more complete team in this one. Give me the Vikings to win and cover in Ohio this Sunday. YOU LIKE THAT?!?!


San Francisco 49ers @ Detroit Lions

Vegas Picks: SAN -8.5

Goldie’s Take: 49ers Win 24-20

The Niners situation is one of the more interesting ones across the league. Many forget that Jimmy G had this team leading in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl just 2 seasons ago. Now his job is in jeopardy. The Niners are an overall very solid team but the incontinuity of the QB position does worry me. Also expect the Lions to come out with a lot of heart in front of the home fans. Detroit has an island of misfit toys that might just surprise some people this season. Expect the Niners to win but don’t be surprised if the Lions keep this one close. 


Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs

Vegas Picks: KC -5.5

Goldie’s Take: Chiefs Win 31-30

The Chiefs are many expert’s favorites to win it all this season, and for good reason. The Kansas City roster is easily one of the most talented in the league. However, Cleveland also has one of the most talented rosters in the league. The Browns definitely are going to come out with a vengeance in this one to try and avenge the loss that the Chiefs handed them to end their season last year. I expect a back and forth down to the wire football game, but I’m making this one a venue call. Chiefs win a close one in KC. 




Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots

Vegas Picks: NE -3

Goldie’s Take: Dolphins Win 20-13

Although these teams both made moves in the offseason to improve their offenses, I still expect this game to be built solely around defense. Both teams have defensive minded head coaches, and two young starting quarterbacks. The Fins had one of the best defenses in the league last season, evident by the fact that they led the NFL in defensive takeaways. Miami’s D should pick up right where they left off and have a feast against brand new rookie QB Mac Jones. Expect the kid to struggle.This game was a very honorable mention to the Upset of the Week committee. Rookie quarterback Mac Jones is being thrown into the fire against one of the league’s best defenses? Fins are going to Foxborough and leaving with an ugly, low scoring, defensive victory. UPSET!


Denver Broncos @ New York Giants

Vegas Picks: DEN -3

Goldie’s Take: Broncos Win 21-17

The Teddy Bridgewater era begins this Sunday for the Broncos, and after a lot of thought it seems Denver made the safe call. Backup QB Drew Lock may have a higher ceiling than Teddy, but at least with Teddy you know what you’re going to get. A very consistent solid game manager. Additionally, I don’t trust Giants QB Daniel Jones at all. So far in his career he has performed like a bottom 10 starting QB in this league, and has shown little flashes of greatness. Expect Denver to win a defensive battle. 


Chicago Bears @ Los Angeles Rams 

Vegas Picks: LAR -7.5

Goldie’s Take: Rams Win 24-10

So many reasons why the Rams are going to win this game. First game with fans in the new stadium on Sunday Night Football, all momentum is with LA already. Also the Rams upgraded at the QB position by acquiring Matt Stafford this offseason. And finally the biggest reason the Rams are going to win this one is because the Bears are starting QB Andy Dalton. If Dalton couldn’t perform last season with all of the weapons on Dallas’ offense, how does Chicago expect him to thrive with lesser weapons on the Bears offense? The Rams should steamroll the Bears on Sunday Night