How to Win on the Pinup Aviator App

Enjoy a variety of smartphone gambling in India by installing the Pin Up app. The application offers not only slots, but also exciting crash games. For example, you can install Pin Up Aviator apk. Playing it, there is a real possibility of winning a cash prize. However, good chances are provided only to those who follow the recommendations for playing Aviator, using strategies to beat the game.

Pin Up Aviator Ground Rules

To have a good chance of winning, study how the gameplay goes. The round starts with the user placing a bet. After the right amount is bet, the flight of the aircraft is launched. The player can stop the round at any time by clicking on the keshout button. In this case, the winnings equal to the multiplication of the bet by the available multiplier will be issued. If you do not have time to make a keshout, the multiplier is cancelled.

The minimum multiplier is equal to x1.01. The maximum multiplier can grow to x1000000. The return rate is 97%, which guarantees a good chance of increasing the bank after launching the Pin-Up Aviator app.

Demo Version in the Pin Up Aviator App

To start playing for money as efficiently as possible, try betting in demo mode. The rounds launched in the demo version exclude financial risks, because virtual currency is bet on flights.

Playing in demo mode after installing Aviator Pin-Up apk is recommended for those who want to try out winning tactics. It is in the demo version you can check which strategies work most effectively. Demo mode is also optimal for those who want to better understand the rules of the crash game.

Recommendations for Playing The Pin Up Aviator Programme

When starting to play a crash game, do not spend the entire available bankroll on a single bet. It is better to divide the bankroll into several rounds. This will prevent serious financial losses per round. Play the crash game when you are in a good mood. When betting under stress, it is very easy to lose control and go beyond the limits of your bankroll.

Take advantage of the bonuses provided in the application to save money made when creating a deposit. For example, the programme offers a starting bonus for the first payment.

Do not forget to use the online chat provided in the crash game. Chat with experienced users to learn from them about effective winning tactics, recommendations on bankroll management, and other important tips.

Track the statistics that the game collects automatically. This will allow you to determine at which multipliers the flight is most often completed. In addition, statistics makes it possible to understand what amounts are best to bet on a round. You can track both your own and other people’s statistics.

Strategies for Beating the Aviator Crash Game

You can increase the chances of a successful gaming session by applying special tactics. One of them is the Martingale system. According to it, you should start the session with the minimum bet. Try to make a cashout on a multiplier x2. If the round was a loser, increase the amount bet by x2 times. Using this strategy allows you to compensate for all the financial losses incurred by a single payment.

The Fibonacci tactic looks interesting. It provides for the application of the corresponding mathematical sequence, where each bet corresponds to a certain member of the series. The first 2 rounds are held on the minimum amount. For each next flight a bet is made, calculated by adding the 2 previous members of the row.

Strategies differ in terms of the risks they involve. For example, the minimum risk tactic is suitable for beginners, as well as those who have a small bank. The strategy is good because it gives you the opportunity to receive payouts in almost every round. Using the system, stop the flight at a multiplier of x1.3-1.6. The strategy of moderate risk requires making a cashout at a multiplier of x8-x12. The tactic is versatile and periodically gives good wins. If you are ready to take a serious risk, use the maximum risk strategy. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Open the history of rounds.
  2. Determine how long ago the game gave a x100 multiplier prize.
  3. Count 1 hour from the appropriate time.
  4. Start the round.
  5. Cashout at x100 odds.

The tactic can bring a huge prize, is based on the fact that, according to statistics, the crash game gives a payout by multiplier x100 once every 1-2 hours. Other interesting strategies include Antimartingale. This tactic is the opposite of the Martingale system described above and requires you to increase the bet after each win.

Using Additional Tools to Win at Pin Up Aviator

You can further increase your chances of winning after Pin-Up Aviator apk download by using special tools. These include predictors, signals.


This tool is designed to predict at which multiplier the next round will end. Find predictors on messengers that are available in India. Subscribe to a dedicated bot on, for example, Telegram to receive useful predictions.

Keep in mind that no predictor guarantees a win. There is always a risk of losing. For this reason, when using special tools, it is important not to forget about proper bankroll management.


Signals are information that alert players to the best times to place a bet. By tracking such data, it is possible to launch rounds exactly when the probability of getting a big prize is maximised. Signals are available in messenger channels. Become a follower of one of the relevant publishers to receive push notifications later.

Pin Up Aviator download and start using game tips, effective tactics to get paid frequently. Remember that there is no such strategy that gives you a 100% chance of winning.

Top AFL Players of All Time

Is it possible to get enough of the Australian Football League? Absolutely not! Aside from the exhilarating showdowns, the league has a rich history and many remarkable players that add to the draw of Aussie Rules. If you’re invested in the game, then you’ve got to be invested in the players, too. 


So, let’s pay homage to some of the greatest AFL players of all time who dedicated their lives to striving for excellence and entertainment and consequently became legends in the process. Here are the top 7 legendary players in AFL history. 

What it takes to become the best AFL player

Being an AFL player is more than fitness and skills; it takes dedication and passion to make it to the big leagues. AFL players will begin their journey at a young age, and generally, the first step of committing to the art of footie is joining their local clubs, where they’ll hone their technique, skills and fitness. Here is often where scouts will go to draft new players. 


In the AFL, it’s no longer just about having fun, but players’ love for the game will be tested through hard training regimes. They will be tested to the best of their abilities, and only the best will go on to experience AFL glory. The players who continue to play the game professionally show phenomenal perseverance and strength, both physically and mentally, as the game requires players to be quick on their feet and be able to make quick decisions under pressure. 


But the best AFL athletes are just as spectacular off the field as they are on the field. The legends of AFL have captured fans’ hearts by engaging in the community, inspiring young fans and giving back to society. Why? A great sportsman realises the importance of backing loyal fans. The cheering of the crowds in the stadiums is electric and is a major contributor to how they perform on the field. If you’ve won the crowd, you may as well have won the game, as you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make them proud. They also realise that through their victories, they can inspire others to be strategic, take chances and persevere even in times of adversity. 

The Legends of the AFL

The best of the best AFL stars all encompass the skills and characteristics mentioned above. Now, let’s take a look at some of the Legends of the AFL. 

Leigh Matthews

What made Leigh Matthews an AFL star in his own right was his absolutely ruthless pursuit of the ball and opposing players, regardless of the toll it took on his body. He won the hearts of VFL fans and was known as ‘Lethal’ Leigh and “Faithful” to the Hawks and Barney to his mates. He was officially inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame in 1994 for his tenacious approach to the game.

Gary Ablett Jr.

Granted, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and he got his start playing for the Geelong Football Club thanks to the father-son rule, you know, with his dad being Gary Ablett Sr. and all, but Gary Ablett Jnr is what most refer to as a magician and a force of nature for his ability to create situations out of nowhere. He was the perfect combination of speed, strength and skill, but what really set him apart from the rest was his ability to play a plethora of positions. Place him as a wingman, full-forward, half-forward or centreman, and he was a force that every opposition feared.  

Ted Whitten

Known for his prodigious kick, unequalled ground and hand skills, and the invention of the “flight pass,” Ted Whitten was officially recognised by being inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame in 1985 but was winning hearts long before that. You don’t receive the title of being the greatest naturally talented player of an era for nothing, but this was credited to Ted for extraordinary kicking skills with both feet and ability to play any position on the field.

Jason Dunstall

If there ever was a player you could count on to push back against opponents and be an extraordinary mark, it was Jason Dunstall. A three-time winner of the Coleman Medallist and owner of the third-most goals in VFL/AFL history, he was finally recognised as the 32nd recognised legend in AFL history as of June 2024. 

Gary Ablett Sr.

When fans think of the most consistent and dependable player and the best kicker in AFL, it’s hard not to think of Gary Ablett Sr. His kicking range was incredible, whether he was using the left or the right foot – his kick against Hawthorn that travelled about 80 metres can attest to this. If that weren’t enough, he had near-perfect judgement and astonishing speed, and his 1993 season solidified his legendary status. 


Final Thoughts

These are the AFL players who paved the way for many more brilliant athletes to come through, and we’re sure there was many a bet placed on each of them during their prime. Now, we look to the future of AFL, but we should always remember the greats. Anyone wanting the latest tipping information on the AFL can visit sites like Ladbrokes.


Dolphins Loss Broncos

NFL Forges Ahead with Global Marketing Strategy

American Football is already one of the most popular sports around the world, but the National Football League (NFL) is doubling down on its international ambitions by considerably expanding its Global Markets Program (GMP).

The NFL has announced an expansion of its GMP, bringing the sport to passionate fans in five new countries. Four new teams have also been added to the GMP roster.

The GMP will extend its reach to Argentina, Colombia, Nigeria, South Korea and Japan. In those nations, international marketing rights have been awarded to the Miami Dolphins (Argentina & Colombia), Los Angeles Rams (Japan & South Korea) and Cleveland Browns (Nigeria).


Growing the NFL’s Global Presence

The GMP was initially launched in 2022 with the goal of building a global NFL fanbase.

The program awards NFL clubs international marketing rights to build brand awareness and fandom outside the United States (US) through fan engagement, events and commercial opportunities.

The GMP expansion brings the total number of international markets engaging in the program to 19, and 25 clubs will participate, which emphasises the NFL’s commitment to global growth.

In addition to the five new markets, four teams who had not previously been on the overall program have been included in the 2024 edition – the Browns, the Detroit Lions, the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Giants.


Expansion & Market Opportunities

In addition to the Browns in Nigeria, the Lions now hold marketing rights in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Canada. The Colts have secured rights in Austria and Germany, while the Giants are making their debut in Germany.

Aside from the fresh inductees in the program, six existing participants, including the Rams and Dolphins, have expanded their market reach. 

However, the Dolphins should be looking to expand their reach to Ireland, which is a unique and promising market thanks to the nation’s rich sporting culture.

Ireland’s historical affinity with sports makes it an attractive and potentially lucrative opportunity for the Dolphins to expand their fanbase and further bolster the NFL’s presence in the United Kingdom (UK).

Sports betting is a well-established and popular pastime in Ireland, and the country boasts a robust regulatory structure that ensures fair play and protects its citizens.

Collaborating with Irish sports betting companies would do wonders for the visibility of American Football. It would also drive revenue via betting-related sponsorships through the roof.

If the Dolphins venture into the Irish betting landscape, they can tap into a highly enthusiastic and profitable market.

For instance, promoting wagering on NFL games on the top Irish betting sites can attract a new audience to American football. The move will bolster the league’s viewership on the Emerald Isle and improve the engagement and excitement surrounding NFL games for Irish punters.

The Dolphins have been proactive in growing their international brand, especially in the UK. They already enjoy considerable support in Ireland, so expanding their focus to the Emerald Isle is a no-brainer.

Ireland shares a cultural affinity with the UK, and the Dolphins’ existing popularity in the region could be the perfect springboard for establishing a foothold in the Irish market.

Ireland’s proximity to the UK and its rich sports culture also add to its appeal for the Dolphins, and it could be an opportunity for the NFL club to build a dedicated fanbase in the country.

Given their enthusiastic reception of American sports, evidenced by the sheer magnitude of NFL  events held in Dublin, there’s clearly a growing appetite for American football in Ireland.

Establishing a strong presence in the country would offer the Dolphins plenty of benefits, especially from a commercial perspective.

It opens up a chance to partner with several Irish companies, including those in the sports betting sector, which could create a lucrative revenue stream for the club.


Strategic Moves & Future Prospects

The New England Patriots have also acquired international marketing rights in Brazil, the New York Jets in Ireland, the Pittsburgh Steelers in Germany, and the Seattle Seahawks in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The expansion of the GMP has already been approved by the NFL’s international committee after the 2024 annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Clubs can vie for a slice of the international market pie by applying to be included in the program annually. Once selected, the teams gain marketing rights in their assigned territory for at least five seasons, ensuring a sustained effort to build a dedicated fanbase.

Countries such as Austria, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland and the UK have emerged as hotbeds for NFL fandom, with multiple franchises vying for their attention.

This season, fans in these regions can experience the thrill of a live game, with regular-season matchups scheduled for London (UK), Munich (Germany) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Building on the program’s success in its debut season, 2023 saw GMP grow from 19 to 21 franchises, while the number of markets also increased from ten to 14.

The program continues to grow rapidly, and the NFL has announced that a regular-season game will be hosted by soccer giants Real Madrid at their iconic Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in 2025.

Tyreek Hill stands with head coach Mike McDaniel during practice

Miami Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel wants to ‘do right’ by Tyreek Hill

2024 is the year of the Wide Receiver for the NFL. All around the league, teams are rewarding their quarterback’s best friends with massive contracts that blow the numbers of years past away. The Minnesota Vikings gave their star WR Justin Jefferson a 4-year, $140 million dollar extension that makes him the highest annually paid WR in the league.

Amon-Ra St. Brown signed a 4-year, $120 million dollar deal with the Detroit Lions, A.J. Brown signed a 3-year, $96 million dollar extension to stay with the Philadelphia Eagles. And of course, right in South Florida, the Miami Dolphins rewarded their homegrown talent Jaylen Waddle with a 3-year, $84.75 million dollar extension which begins in 2025 after Waddle’s 5th-year option plays out.

But even with all these contracts, there are still more players seeking their massive paydays, and they’re all watching these negotiations play out with keen interest. Dallas Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb is going to be looking at Jefferson’s detail as the basis for his new contract, as is Cincinnati Bengals WR Ja’Marr Chase.

And now, during an interview with WSVN Sports Anchor Josh Moser, renowned sports agent Drew Rosenhaus revealed that his client Tyreek Hill is looking at all of these new contracts and using them as a means to express his desire for more money as well.

Miami Dolphins fans will recall a back in 2019, when cornerback Xavien Howard originally signed a 5-year, $76.5 million dollar contract, which at the time made him the highest paid cornerback in the league. Then, as the market usually does, prices went up as other players signed their deals based on Howard’s deal in 2020.

Then in July 2021, Howard requested a trade from the team because he felt underpaid in spite of the fact he had just signed a brand new deal that was higher than anyone else at the time of signing. Ultimately, Miami decided to give in to Howard’s demands and gave him a reworked contract that made him the highest paid cornerback in the league, again. Fast forward three seasons later, and the 30-year old Howard is a free agent looking for a new team, and the Dolphins have an additional $18.5 million in cap space.

Giving Howard a new deal instead of trading him in his prime had pros and cons for Miami. However, in the case of Tyreek Hill, the Dolphins would benefit from keeping him on the roster for as long as they can afford him. Mike McDaniel’s offense is heavily-based on utilizing Hill’s speed and agility in ways that defenses struggle to adapt to.

One can make the argument that Tyreek Hill isn’t necessarily the best overall WR in the league, but it’s hard to think of someone who’s a deadlier weapon. On the boundary, Hill beats any one-on-one coverage going deep. In the slot, Hill finds openings that wouldn’t be there for any slower receivers, making Tua Tagovailoa’s job much easier.

There are some different factors to consider this time around. Unlike Howard, Hill isn’t going public with any sort of displeasure about his current deal. During an interview with the media at the start of mini-camp, Hill expressed that in spite of wanting a reworked deal, he isn’t looking to cause a controversy over it, and being greedy won’t help the team.

“I’m gonna let my agent do his job. That’s his job … We’re gonna make sure it benefits both sides, I wanna be able to help the team as much as I can, and that’s as much as I can say about it.”

This season, Tyreek Hill counts for a little over 12% of the team’s salary cap, with a cap hit of over $30 million. In 2025, financially speaking, the Dolphins would benefit from releasing Hill in the same way they did Xavien Howard. Designating him a post-June 1st cut would save Miami nearly $23 million, while only costing $11 million in dead cap space.

Once again, there are things Tyreek Hill can do that no other receivers in the league can. Not only that, he and Tua Tagovailoa have established a rapport that is difficult to replicate even in today’s pass-centric NFL. Since coming to Miami, Tyreek Hill has had two consecutive career years, and a lot of that has to do with Mike McDaniel’s offense.

“Tyreek Hill has been unbelievably valuable to my coaching career, this franchise, we set out to do some ambitious things from the onset.” McDaniel said on Tuesday. “On top of the fact he wanted to take his game to another level but also be a leader, he’s tremendously important, we’ve always prioritized him that way. For him and I, we stay in our lane with our relationship, and the organization will always do right by players.”

There is a lot to consider with the Tyreek Hill situation. He’s entering the 2024 season having just turned 30, he has lingering off-the-field concerns due to his past mistakes, and the Miami Dolphins will be looking to find money to use in the coming seasons with Tua Tagovailoa’s impending extension, as well as those of Jaelen Phillips and Jevon Holland.

But there can be no question how heavily Miami’s offense leans on Tyreek Hill for its explosive capability. On the day he does lose a step, he’ll still be one of the faster wide receivers in the league, which speaks to how wide the gap is.

Hill has already stated that he wants to retire in Miami. Clearly, Mike McDaniel would love to see that wish granted for both their sakes.

“He’s a big part of everything that we’re doing.” McDaniel said. “I think Tyreek wants that, he’s made that explicit. I think me, as a competitor, I want to make that happen. In terms of the Miami Dolphins embracing Tyreek Hill, I think that is an understatement. We look forward to continuing to grow in our relationship for sure.”

Luis Sung has been covering the Miami Dolphins for over nine years and is the host of Pulse of Fins Nation for the Five Reasons Sports Network. Follow him on Twitter @LuisDSung

Chris Grier isn't a perfect general manager, but he does not deserve to be fired.

Who will the Miami Dolphins pick in the first round?

We asked some of our Miami Dolphins contributors at Five Reasons Sports to make their predictions for the first round of the NFL Draft, and more.

Catch our coverage on Five Reasons YouTube on Thursday starting at 7:45pm.



From @LuisDSung

With the 21st pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select Xavier Worthy, wide receiver, Texas.

This pick is made with the idea that the Miami Dolphins will, at some point, need to move on from Tyreek Hill. It may not happen within the next couple of years, but a succession plan is a good idea. In the meantime, Worthy is – pun intended – more than worthy to be the team’s 3rd wide receiver in a scheme that values speed and separation ability above all else.
With that said, Miami’s selection of a WR in round one means that it is absolutely imperative that the Dolphins select a guard in the second round, whether they make a trade in the process or not. If I had my choice, Christian Mahogany out of Boston College would be the selection for that slot.
From @OLCoachSmith63
In the first round, the Dolphins take Laiatu Latu, edge, UCLA.
Miami’s roster today needs help getting to the QB. Latu is my #2 edge player and provides help now as well as a runway to move on from Chubb when Phillips gets his big deal. Coleman is my top receiver after the big 3 and was a no-brainer at pick 55. I used future picks to come back into the 3rd round for a versatile, aggressive safety in Bishop to pair with Holland and allow Poyer to be a situational player. After a long break in picks, Bortolini and Jackson are players who line up athletically with Chris Grier’s past picks and provide depth/competition to positions where it’s needed. I wrapped up the draft with a speed receiver in Tulu Griffin who could spell Hill/Waddle while maintaining the timing of the offense. He could also challenge Berrios for the return role.
From @HussamPatel

Dolphins trade down with Arizona to get the #27 pick and receive pick #71 and #162

With the 27th pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select Duke OL Graham Barton. Barton a versatile OL has played Tackle, Guard, and Center. GM Chris Grier stared he loves versatility and Barton can do just that. Barton projects as a Guard at the next levels and fills in a need. If called upon Barton can fill in as a Tackle and Center spots if Armstead/Brewer do get injured. Protecting Tua Tagovailoa is important considering how the OL was decimated by injuries at the end of the season which directly affected the offense later in the season.

From @MikeHernandezDD

OT Tyler Guyton, Oklahoma:

I’ve seen some mock drafts listing the Miami Dolphins taking a passrusher at No. 21 overall, but I’m not buying it. 

The Fins need help on the edge with Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillips both expected to miss the start of the season with their major injuries. However, Chubb is on a big-money contract with a major dead money cap hit that doesn’t come down for a couple years, so he’s expected to remain in Miami for the foreseeable future unless a trade happens. And based on general manager Chris Grier’s comments and enthusiasm regarding Phillips recently, the Dolphins are going to exercise the 5th-year option on their 2021 1st-round selection. 

And with Shaq Barrett signed, Cameron Goode returning, and perhaps the disappointing Channing Tindall getting a look at edge duties, Miami should have enough to create a degree of pressure on teams until Chubb and Phillips return to the lineup. 

With all that being said, I’m predicting that Grier and head coach Mike McDaniel select an offensive tackle in the first round. One that still has the ability to play on the left side before the dropoff happens and only right tackles remain. 

Enter Oklahoma’s Tyler Guyton – 6’8, 322lbs, and 34 inch arms.

Guyton is young at 21 years old, but has coveted tools and athleticism that many project can get better with time and more experience. He is a good pass protector (Zero sacks allowed on 335 pass-block snaps in 2023), and can move in space as a lead blocker – two things that McDaniel would cherish in his offense. 

Current left tackle Terron Armstead is on the verge of retiring, and has never played a full season. Guard’s Robert Jones and Isaiah Wynn are penciled in as starters for now but are being paid spot-starter/backup money. Combine that with Grier’s April comments about Armstead and “having a two-year look into the future”. Is it possible the Dolphins could play Guyton at left guard (something Miami did with OT Laremy Tunsil during his rookie season in 2016), until he is ready to become Armstead’s eventual successor? Or at least have Guyton waiting in the wings in case of the likely Armstead injury? 

The Dolphins and star quarterback Tua Tagovailoa are looking to get a longterm contract done this offseason, but we all know Tua isn’t likely to keep up the statistical success if he doesn’t have adequate protection. Protecting your franchise quarterback should be the next item on the list after locking him up. Guyton could be the future solution. 

Mel Kiper links Guyton to the Cowboys in his Mock Draft, and if there is anything we know about the Cowboys, it’s that they know how to find offensive lineman. Ravens writers also have their eye on him. The Dolphins can snatch Guyton before the Cowboys or Ravens have a chance to grab him. 

If you are worried about Guyton being too raw or inexperienced, that’s a valid concern. But remember that Miami’s Austin Jackson was once drafted as a raw OT prospect in 2020, and he developed into a solid right tackle and signed a 3-year extension with the team. So there is hope in that area.

Here are some evaluations on Tyler Guyton:

Ascending tackle prospect with the traits and tape to project a bright future as a high-level pass protector in the league. Guyton has battled injuries and had limited reps coming over from TCU after the 2021 season, but his flashes have been complemented by increasing consistency. He plays with a high center of gravity and needs to get stronger, but leveraged hand strikes can help overcome those concerns. He should continue to get better as a run blocker but might never shine in that department. Guyton’s value comes with his pass protection, as he has the length, feet and body control to become a human roadblock. He should become a talented starter at either tackle position.” – Lance Zierlein, NFL Analyst.

“Overall, Guyton is a higher-level athlete with the elite physical tools you look for, showing snapshots of dominance with his technique and easy, fluid movement in the run game and pass protection. Guyton glided out of his two-point stance in pass protection with an efficient and comfortable kick slide. He has the balance, body control and range to close down the edge, yet he also has the firm base to anchor and control the speed-to-power pass rush. Guyton is a strong prospect, but you must understand his lack of experience position will likely mean that he needs coaching and development before he can become a full-time starter. Given that Guyton has only one year of starting experience and given his size, length and movement, it would not surprise me if NFL teams saw him as a LT.” – Greg Cosell, the 33rd Team



How to Start an NFL Podcast

Podcasts, even though the format is not new, podcasts remain the main source of information for many. Podcasts are especially popular in the sports niche since not all fans can follow matches and new events always and everywhere. In this case, podcasts are a salvation for those who want to keep up with the latest events.

The NFL is no exception, and various scandals, unexpected match outcomes, and more regularly occur here. As a result, many people resort to listening to podcasts. Read below about how to start making your podcast.

Analysis and Research

Knowing literally everything about the NFL world and what happens in it can be very difficult. This is why various studios and platforms work as a team to collect all the relevant information. This could be NFL Odds, results of local tournaments, updates on Instagram (perhaps someone had a son or a player got married), unexpected injuries during training, and so on.

The podcaster’s task is to select a little bit of everything from the mass of different news or devote a large period of time to describing some big event. In this case, you can initially decide what format the podcast will be in:

  • Fast and less informative news;
  • Deeper and more informative, in which you will analyze more and go into detail;
  • Somewhere between fast and informative podcasts, but this can be difficult to implement.

Which one should I choose? You can make podcasts for every format, such as a daily (and quick) news roundup. Then, once a week, something in between, discussing past events and what has happened during this time. And once a month, release a long podcast summarizing everything that happened and what awaits the NFL next.

Audio or Video Podcast

The concept of “podcast” appeared back in 2004. The term was introduced by British journalist Ben Hammersley, who proposed to designate it as a new technological phenomenon of sending audio files to an iPod. Over time, this technology has expanded beyond “audio files” and is now available in video format. Did this change anything? In general, people hardly use iPods in the modern world, but they are still interested in podcasts. What to do?

It’s simple. YouTube remains one of the most popular platforms for podcasting at the moment. However, recording a video is unnecessary (but you still can) since you just need to upload an audio file and overlay it with some kind of video. For example, replays of matches or some kind of neutral background. After all, podcasts are primarily listened to, not watched. If you don’t want to bother with videos, here are a few other platforms for audio NFL podcasts:

  • Spotify;
  • Apple Podcasts;
  • Pandora;
  • Amazon Music;
  • Sound Cloud;
  • Stitches;
  • iHeartRadio.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one platform. Choosing a couple of them is best so the audience and traffic come from different sources.

Technical Aspect

The main factor that will bring your NFL podcast to the required level is having good audio equipment. As mentioned earlier, the era of iPods has already passed, where it was important to at least have the sound of a podcast, and not its quality. Now, in most cases, listeners will skip your podcast if it has poor audio quality, even if you talk about something no one knows yet.

So pay attention to purchasing high-quality (not necessarily expensive) microphones, sound insulation, an audio card for sound recording and other important technical elements. In this case, additional knowledge of technical parameters would also be useful, but this is not so difficult for podcasts.

NFL Podcast Benefits

Content producers increasingly turn to podcasts as an inexpensive and convenient channel to disseminate information and share their thoughts, ideas, etc. Moreover, this is a good way to make money since podcasts have long had tools for monetization, advertising, crowdsourcing, etc. Based on this, podcasts have several advantages:

  • Easy content creation. You, as a podcaster, literally share information, and all you need is minimal technical tools;
  • It’s easy to expand your audience. Podcasts can be uploaded to different platforms, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify and less popular services;
  • Accessibility of the podcast to the audience. access the podcast at any time convenient for them. Many people listen to podcasts while doing other things, which reduces the need for video content.


Getting started with podcasting can seem daunting. In fact, it is, but if you really want to do this, check out the Five on the Floor and Three Yards Per Carry podcasts. Listen to how the information is presented and how the 30-minute broadcast is conducted. Highlight the important details and what you want to implement in your podcast, using the example of Ethan Skolnick and Greg Sylvander for Five on the Floor, or Alfredo Arteaga, Simon Clancy and Chris Kouffman. There are many more podcasts on this website, so if you want to learn even more right away, feel free to enjoy, listen and note.

State of the Fins: Where Miami Dolphins stand with just 3 games left.

In the wake of Monday night’s devastating collapse against the Titans during prime time, the Miami Dolphins faced a critical crossroads heading into their next matchup against the Jets: succumb to a potential repeat of last year’s December meltdown by continuing to lose, or regroup, rebound, and return to the dominating Dolphins football seen throughout the season with a bounce back win.


In an impressive display of resilience, the Dolphins chose the latter path, securing a resounding 30-0 shutout victory at home against the Jets despite a significant absence of key players, including WR Tyreek Hill, CB Xavien Howard, S Jevon Holland, S Deshon Elliot, G Robert Hunt, C Connor Williams, T Isaiah Wynn, OLB Jaelan Phillips, and LB Jerome Baker.


Describing this performance as merely resilient would be an understatement. It was a testament to the team’s fortitude amidst a blend of crucial injuries, numerous prevailing narratives circulating throughout the NFL media, and the broader context of rebounding from their most disheartening loss of the season thus far.


Amidst numerous narratives, the spotlight landed on Tua Tagovailoa, Mike McDaniel, and the offense grappling with the challenge of functioning without the league-deserving MVP, Tyreek Hill.


Fans were banking on the Jaylen Waddle show after the hope for the Cheetah’s appearance against the Jets faded abruptly as the inactive list revealed Hill’s unexpected absence – the first game he would miss in his short Dolphins tenure.


8 receptions for 142 yards and a touchdown against a solid Jets secondary is what Jaylen Waddle racked up in the absence of Hill. Putting to sleep all doubts of whether he could be a reliable WR1 for the Fins, Jaylen Waddle emerged as a standout force. Simultaneously, his performance effectively buried any uncertainties surrounding the potency of this Dolphins offense without Tyreek Hill.


However, it would take a fool not to notice the inevitable adjustment in McDaniel’s game plan sans the Cheetah. Coach McDaniel was tasked with devising a strategy considering Hill’s potential absence. The resultant offensive game plan was notably more conservative, lacking, to an extent, the usual arial prowess, explosiveness, and chunk plays—expected when the most explosive wide receiver in football is sidelined.


Coach McDaniel and his staff opted to play to their strengths, adapting to the circumstances by leveraging the available resources. Despite injuries, they still possessed a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback and a decent arsenal of weapons, albeit an ailing offensive line. They crafted a game plan that was relatively conservative yet remained effective.


How effective was it? Well, Tua Tagovailoa’s first incompletion didn’t occur until 2:50 left in the first half, a testament to the precision and efficiency of the adapted game plan.


Where do the Dolphins stand with 3 games remaining?


The bad news? The Buffalo Bills seem to have found their groove, securing a solid two-game win streak by triumphing over the Chiefs and Cowboys. Their path ahead seems relatively smooth, facing a far less challenging schedule until their pivotal clash with the Dolphins in the regular seasons finale, potentially dictating the divisional outcome.


But for the Dolphins, it’s tough. —an uphill battle against one of the toughest remaining schedules in the league. The objective remains crystal clear: winning is non-negotiable. Sweeping the table against the Cowboys, Ravens, and Bills secures Miami the coveted top seed in the AFC. Yet, a stumble or two could place the AFC East crown within Buffalo’s reach.


In the final three weeks of the regular season, much will be learned about this team. The Dolphins are still nursing injuries to key players while facing formidable opponents. To challenge the narrative and stand tall against top-tier teams, they’ll need to operate within their strengths, fortify the formidable defense, and ride Sunday’s momentum without allowing the magnitude of the moment to overwhelm them.

More Takeaways from the Dolphins’ Red Wedding on MNF

If the ‘Game of Thrones’ reference in the title flew over your head; rest assured; Monday Night’s televised meltdown delivered a strikingly akin experience.


3 plays from scrimmage, 3 injuries


It took just three plays from scrimmage for injuries to mount. While Jaylen Waddle and Xavien Howard swiftly rejoined the game after a brief stint in the medical tent, the Dolphins’ medical team found themselves working overtime on Monday night. 


Regrettably, Dolphins’ wide receiver Tyreek Hill wasn’t able to return to the game as swiftly. While attempting to walk off the field following an ankle entrapment during a screen play gone wrong, Tyreek, clearly in pain, wouldn’t return to the game until late in the second half. He voiced his initial thought of a possible broken ankle during the post-game press conference. Hill said when his injury first happened he felt his “ankle was broken.”


While Tyreek Hill’s injury caused the most concern among Dolphins fans, it wasn’t the sole significant setback for the team. Center Connor Williams was compelled to exit the game after being rolled up on. He remained sidelined for the second half, swiftly ruled out due to the injury. Later we found out he tore his ACL; he’s done for the year. 


And from there, things would go downhill, fast.


Missing: The Cheetah and the Echoing Void in the Dolphins’ Offense


In the absence of Tyreek, Miami’s offensive woes echoed the chilling spectacle of disorientation. throughout the half. The team wandered aimlessly, appearing drained and listless. While the ground game found success, the aerial prowess, the very facet that had terrorized opponents all season, struggled relentlessly. As the clock wound down to halftime, Miami trailed 10-7, their solitary touchdown an unexpected Zach Sieler pick 6 on defense. 


What happened to the Dolphins defense in the final minutes of the 4th quarter?


In a game where the Dolphins’ defense shouldered the weight of the offense, the defensive unit appeared poised for an all around dominant game until one of the most colossal collapses in recent team history unfolded. Miami had built a comfortable lead of two touchdowns with merely 5 minutes remaining. However, the defense inexplicably succumbed, yielding two touchdowns and a crucial two-point conversion in under 3 minutes of play. This collapse marked a staggering NFL record: teams that trailed by 14 points with only 3 minutes left had won 767 consecutive games until Monday night. However, Monday night’s collapse shouldn’t be solely attributed to the defense. Miami weaved a tapestry of errors, contributing to undoing their own hard-earned advantage. They indulged in a myriad of mistakes, everything they shouldn’t have done, ultimately dimming their prospects for first place in the AFC and inadvertently breathing new hope into Buffalo’s divisional aspirations, squandering a prime opportunity to seal their dominance with a victory.


What’s the deal with this Tua-led offense and primetime football? 


The Miami Dolphins haven’t exactly thrived in primetime—at least in the past decade— and Monday night’s performance only reinforced this narrative. Once again, the glare of the spotlight seemed too intense for the Tagovailoa-led offense, particularly at home where they had maintained a dominant, undefeated record throughout the season. Admittedly, the Dolphins were coping with nearly an entire offensive line comprising backups and the absence of the league’s deserving MVP, Tyreek Hill, disrupting their rhythm. Nevertheless, despite a nightmarish start, the situation failed to improve, and the offense struggled to find its footing.


What happens from here?


Reflecting on Monday night’s collapse, the pace at which fortune shifted is noteworthy:       

Comparing the team’s previous record of 9-3, anticipating a coveted 10th win and leaving Monday Night Football with aspirations for first place, the Dolphins were riding a wave of momentum.

Miami now grapples with the absence of center Connor Williams (done for the season) and Tyreek Hill’s day-to-day status due to an ankle injury, leaving his participation in the Jets game uncertain. 

The lack of assurance casts a shadow of uncertainty over Miami’s postseason aspirations. This air of uncertainty is compounded by the grueling stretch of challenging games looming on the horizon. The reverberations of everything going amiss on Monday night linger, dimming any semblance of optimism. 

Coach McDaniel faces what could potentially be the team’s most challenging phase during his two-year tenure. The coming period will serve as a litmus test for the Dolphins’ resilience and fortitude as they navigate this crucial home stretch.

Most Notable Iowa Hawkeyes in History

There’s always a huge space to discuss who’s the best, and in Iowa Hawkeye’s history, it’s rich. Dating back to 1899, Iowa’s football landscape has always been part of the fun and excitement of every football season. 

Armed with an education from the University of Iowa, Hawkeye’s finest accomplish many things in different fields, especially football. Many rose to the hall of fame, mastered their field, and showed the world what their State has got. 

Debates of who’s really the best are always a fun topic in every college community football circle. In this list, learn about some of the most notable Iowa Hawkeyes and how they left an indelible mark on football history.

Ken Ploen

Starting in 1956, Ken Ploen was the first of Hawkeye’s starting quarterback, who led his team to its first title in the Big Ten Conference after 35 years, boosting Iowa Hawkeyes odds during that season.  This victory escalated more excitement when their team won a major victory in 1957 for the Rose Bowl, and he was later named MVP for his strategic gameplay. 

When Ken approached his senior year in the football season, he was awarded an “All-American” and was named Big Ten Conference Most Valuable Player. His legacy of winning the first-ever victory in the Rose Bowl Game has sealed his name to the annals of Hawkeyes’ football greatness.  Ploen ignited inspiration in the hearts of the succeeding quarterbacks. 

Randy Duncan

The only player to be drafted to be number 1 in overall selection in Iowa’s football history, Randy Duncan has made it happen. He was chosen by the Green Bay Packers in 1959 for their NFL draft. This only came after Randy had led the Hawkeyes to its amazing journey. 

During his time with the Hawkeyes, he was the starting quarterback for two seasons. And in that period, he led the Hawkeyes in the final 10 in those seasons. The Hawkeyes received the All-Big Ten First Team for the second time after Duncan earned it. He was also named Big Ten Conference Most Valuable Player and “All-American” consensus. 

Ultimately, Randy Duncan has led his team to the second and last victory of the Hawkeye in the Rose Bowl Game, sealing his name in Iowa Hawkeyes’ finest. 

Gordon Locke

One of the football players of Iowa to ever receive “First-Team All-American” twice, Gordon Locke is one of the key players for the Hawkeyes’ amazing three-year greatness that earned the team’s first two championships in the Big Ten Conference. 

During his time, the Hawkeyes’ final record was 19-2, earning him “First-Team All-Big Ten” honors twice. Today, his name is in the College Football Hall of Fame and Iowa Sports Hall of Fame. A true feat for his hard work and perseverance during the hardships of the Hawks.

Alex Karras

Imagine the ideal physique of a defensive lineman, Alex Karras is an embodiment of Hawkeyes for that. Many considered him the best for that position to ever play for the Hawks. In two consecutive years, 1956 and 1957, he earned “First-Team All-American” twice. 

He was one of the team members during the Hawkeyes, who won their first-ever Rose Bowl game with a final record of 16-2. His display of dominating the defensive line has earned him the 1957 Heisman Trophy runner-up. He also won the Outland Trophy, awarded to the country’s best linemen. 

After contributing to the Hawkeyes’ greatness, Alex made it to the NFL. He was drafted nine times for the All-Pro and four times for the Pro Bowler and has played 161 games. His career transition made his name known to every player who aspired from hard work.

Chuck Long

The Hawkeyes’ best quarterback, Chuck Long, holds the record nine times at least. His early span of career as a starting quarterback lasted for four seasons. In this period, the Hawkeyes won at least eight games every season and transitioned to four bowl games, in which they won twice. 

Chuck was an “All-Big Ten player” thrice;  “Big Ten Player of the Year” thrice. Plus, he was awarded the Davey O’Brien Award thrice and the Maxwell Award thrice. He was also runner-up in Heisman Trophy races, 7th in 1984 and 2nd in 1985.

Nile Kinnick

A quarterback, defensive back, halfback, kicker, and punter, Nile Kinnick is someone we will never see again. Kinnick embodies “Iron Man,” for he can play at every point of the game, even if injured. 

What truly sets Nile Kinnick apart from everyone on this list was his 1939 mind-blowing season. During that season, he carried the Hawkeyes team to an outstanding 6-1-1 score, finishing 9th in the final Associated Press poll.

Kinnick finished 18 interceptions in his career. After that, he won the Big Ten Most Valuable Player Award, Maxwell Award, Walter Camp Award, and the Heisman Trophy. Lastly, he earned the AP Male Athlete of the Year

His name was in the Iowa Sports Hall of Fame and College Football Hall of Fame. They also named him the historically grandiose Kinnick Stadium. 

Final Thoughts

While it remains a debatable topic in every college football circle, the legacy of Hawkeyes’s notable legends inspires and influences those who follow them. And without a doubt, their contribution made Iowa Hawkeyes notable in the country’s football history. 

Quick Takeaways from Dolphins’ Collapse vs. Titans

We’ve seen it all in December.

We saw a 9-2 team, surging and blessed after Leon Lett’s unforgettable Thanksgiving faux pas, drop its next five, giving up 45 in one and 47 in another, and losing in overtime in the clincher.

That was 1993.

We saw a 9-5 team, finally stabilized after the return of Jay Fiedler, fall apart in Minnesota (Cris Carter doesn’t catch a touchdown) and New England (when they stopped running Ricky Williams).

That was 2002.

We’ve seen too many other collapses to count.

So will this be another, following an inexplicable 28-27 home defeat against the Tennessee Titans, a 14-point underdog that made several seemingly game-sealing mistakes prior to the Dolphins’ meltdown? Will we remember this fourth loss of an otherwise entertaining and at times exceptional season, to be the beginning of another untimely end?

Will we all jump off the nearest precipice?

Tua Tagovailoa tried to reassure scarred, scared Dolphins fans that this time, at last, will be different.

“I don’t think this is the same Dolphins team that everyone thinks about,” said Tagovailoa, who played below his season standards against Tennessee. “We’ve got really good players, we’ve got really good coaches, and it’s one loss (at) home this year. It’s not like the world ends because we lost this game. We’re human, we’ll continue to get better from this. This is the NFL. No one’s perfect. So that’s that.”

But Dolphins fans are human too.

They can remember.

And that’s why they’re all spasming in fear at the thought of another massive meltdown.

Here are 5 things that need to change, for these not to be the Same Old Dolphins:


1. Mike McDaniel needs to stop getting so cute. The former 49ers run-game coordinator, who has worked wonders on the Dolphins’ rushing attack with almost interchangeable running backs and offensive linemen, is absurdly reluctant to run inside the red zone. When he finally did it, with the Dolphins on short fields following Titans miscues, Raheem Mostert had no trouble finding the end zone. We understand tendencies play a part in the trickery, but this team can do the Old School football thing. No need to be a genius there. McDaniel said after that he understands “I deserve to be second-guessed.” But this isn’t just the second or third or even fourth time.


2. Figure out the center-quarterback exchange. This is the most fundamental act in football, yet it’s been an issue all season. It was with Connor Williams, who is adept at everything else and now may be lost for the season with a knee injury. And it’s certainly been with fill-in Liam Eichenberg. Tagovailoa took responsibility for a drive-killing fumble, yet another in the red zone. But he also said it’s because he doesn’t work with Eichenberg much. This week he will. Get it fixed.


3. Stop feeling yourselves. We love the personality of this team, after more than a quarter-century of dull Dolphins atmospheres. We love Hard Knocks. We love the collective swagger and the creative celebrations. But as our Chris Kouffman of Three Yards Per Carry pointed out, the Dolphins have played their two worst games after arguably their two best games. They appear to handle adversity better than prosperity. Well, they have some now.


4. Get whole. Well, some of this is beyond their control. But it also seems like there’s some load management at work, and it’s too late for that now. Could Jevon Holland and Terron Armstead have played through nagging injuries? Perhaps. Would it have helped? Likely, especially more offensive linemen (Connor Williams) and defensive backs (De’Shon Elliot) started falling. Now Tyreek Hill has tweaked his ankle, somewhat significantly (he said he thought his ankle was “gone” when he did, and that his wife told him to “get the hell back in the game”). If he misses the game with the Jets, it would be nice to have some reinforcements return.


5. Get healed (emotionally). They can’t let this linger. So they might want to stay off social media, which is likely to be particularly lovely this week. McDaniel said players were looking inward, without pointing fingers. If they start the latter, with four challenging opponents upcoming (even the Jets will test them), we can start pointing back to past flameouts, and start pointing to an early, ignominious exit.