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Kicking it Old School: The Legacy of Leather Footballs in Modern Game

Every modern NFL player throws and kicks balls made by one company: Wilson. This Ohio-based brand has been creating balls for the NFL since 1941.

No other sports company has had such a long partnership with a major sports league in the world. What does Wilson do great that makes its contract with the NFL so solid?

The obvious answer is that it creates quality footballs consistently. Wilson’s footballs have established a legacy in the world of American football. Continue reading to learn more.

Revolutionized Football Manufacturing

Footballs are sometimes called pigskins. The name originated from how the first generation of American footballs were made. Players would inflate pig bladders and use them to play the game.

Pig bladders were terribly unreliable. They would deflate when pricked by the tiniest of materials. Next came rubber balls. They were better than bladder-made balls. But they provided poor grips. 

Leather balls revolutionized American football. Not only were they sturdier and more durable, but they also provided better handling. Today, the best leather football balls are made of pure leather or composite leather.

Composite leather combines several materials to create affordable balls for college and high school students. Composite footballs are easy to hold and can last for a while. But they’re not as durable as pure leather balls.

Standard Material for NFL Footballs

We’ve already mentioned that the NFL has one source for all its footballs. What we didn’t mention, however, is that Wilson creates its best balls using pure leather.

The Ohio-based company uses cowhide skin to be precise. It uses hides to create the main body of footballs. It also includes a liner to help maintain the ovular shapes of balls.

From there, Wilson includes a rubber bladder to keep footballs inflated for long. In most cases, Wilson also includes the NFL logo on its balls but not before inspecting each ball thoroughly.

Although Wilson has a lion’s share of the football leather market, it’s not the only brand in this niche. Nike creates quality leather balls too. But it mostly targets college teams and not the NFL.

An Important Symbol for American Football

When you think about it, the ovular leather-made football is one of the most important symbols of American football. If you see a Wilson-branded, brown-colored leather ball with white stripes, you immediately associate it with American football.

You might associate it with your favorite Super Bowl moments. But no one can mistake an American football for a rugby ball. You could create a bigger ball and place it next to a rugby ball.

If it’s brown, ovular, has a white bladder, and the iconic Wilson logo, it belongs on an American football field. That said, leather balls would probably not be so iconic if they weren’t dominated by one company.

Imagine if the NFL contracted a different company to create its Super Bowl balls every year. Sure, the balls would all have an ovular shape. But they wouldn’t stand out the way Wilson’s balls do.

Recommended for All Football Levels

Leather footballs aren’t just ideal for NFL players. They’re appropriate for players at all levels. Leather provides excellent grip regardless of the size of your hands. It also helps create accurate, durable, and reliable balls.

Against that backdrop, companies like Nike and Wilson create balls for Pee Wee, Junior, Youth, and professional players using leather. They create small balls to suit kids. But they use standard-sized footballs for players aged 14 years and above.

That said, leather balls aren’t created equal. Manufacturers use different materials to create balls that suit different buyers. As mentioned, they use composites to lower costs. These balls are great for practice at the college and high school levels.

Some companies add bells and whistles to their balls. For example, they may add LED lighting and Internet connectivity. Of course, these balls are more expensive than standard balls. 


Leather footballs aren’t always affordable. But there’s no denying they’re reliable. If you’re looking for quality footballs, leather-made balls are a worthy investment. Sure, they won’t last forever. 

However, these balls can serve you for several years. The best part is that leather balls require little maintenance. Keep them away from water. Inflate them accordingly. And they will serve you for a long time.

Tua Tagovailoa, with Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel, had an uncharacteristically poor performance in the loss against San Francisco.

5 Takeaways from Dolphins’ Week 1 Triumph Over the Chargers

The Miami Dolphins opened their 2023 campaign with an electrifying victory, outlasting the Los Angeles Chargers 36-34 in a thrilling showdown. Here are five key takeaways from this Week 1 clash:


  1. Tua Tagovailoa Returns in Style

After an arduous nine-month wait since his last meaningful game due to a season-ending concussion in December 2022, Tua Tagovailoa made an impressive comeback. Showing no signs of rust, Tagovailoa’s performance was nothing short of spectacular. He completed 28 of 45 passes for a staggering 466 yards. Notably, a crucial 47-yard connection with Tyreek Hill on a pivotal third-and-10 in the late stages of the game set the stage for a game-deciding four-yard touchdown pass to Hill. Tagovailoa’s resilience and skill were on full display.


  1. Vic Fangio’s Timely Defensive Adjustments

The Dolphins’ defense faced a stern test throughout the game, struggling to contain the Chargers’ offensive prowess. However, it was Vic Fangio’s late-game adjustments that turned the tide. Fangio’s strategic blitzes on consecutive plays disrupted the Chargers’ offense, leading to a Justin Herbert intentional grounding and a key sack by Zach Sieler. Justin Bethel and Jaelan Phillips combined for a pivotal game-ending sack. While not without its challenges, Fangio’s timely defensive tactics ultimately delivered the stops required for victory.


  1. Overcoming Costly Turnovers

Overcoming adversity is a hallmark of a resilient team, and the Dolphins demonstrated just that. Despite turning the ball over twice within the 5-yard line, they refused to be discouraged. The first blunder occurred early in the game when Tagovailoa and Connor Williams mishandled a center-quarterback exchange. Later, an ill-advised pass by Tagovailoa resulted in an interception by J.C. Jackson. The Dolphins’ potent offense on Sunday proved capable of surmounting these setbacks.


  1. J.C. Jackson’s Unforgettable Play

In a rare sequence, a drive that commenced with a touchback and less than 10 seconds left in a half concluded with a successful field goal. This remarkable turn of events was made possible by a crucial play from J.C. Jackson, who drew a penalty by interfering with Erik Ezukanma. Jason Sanders capitalized on the extra play, nailing a 41-yard field goal. However, Jackson’s challenging day continued as Tyreek Hill burned him on a 35-yard touchdown pass later in the third quarter.


  1. Concerns in Dolphins’ Run Defense

The Dolphins’ defense faced challenges in stopping the run, with several alarming moments during the game. Notable among these was Austin Ekeler’s 55-yard dash through a gaping hole created by a Chargers’ offensive line that appeared five yards wide. Furthermore, the Chargers executed an 11-play, 75-yard touchdown drive without completing a single pass. Allowing 243 yards on 40 rushing attempts, including three touchdowns, raised concerns, especially considering that the Chargers’ rushing offense ranked 30th in yards per carry and yards per game in 2022. Improvement in run defense is imperative to ease the burden on Tagovailoa in the competitive AFC East.

Offensive Line’s Redemption

One of the most significant points of redemption in this game was the performance of the Miami Dolphins’ offensive line. Often criticized in recent times, the offensive line stepped up admirably. Despite uncertainties leading up to the season opener, the unit collectively delivered an outstanding performance. Players like Austin Jackson, Liam Eichenberg, and Kendall Lamm assumed key roles, filling in for injured teammates. Most notably, the offensive line succeeded in protecting Tua Tagovailoa, offering him the necessary time for his quick releases. Impressively, the offensive line kept formidable Chargers’ defensive ends Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack at bay, not conceding a single sack. While not without its initial challenges, such as Connor Williams’ snapping issues, the offensive line’s overall performance showcased significant improvement. These developments bode well for the Dolphins as they look to establish a more formidable presence upfront.

The Miami Dolphins’ Week 1 victory not only highlighted their offensive firepower and resilience but also illuminated areas for potential defensive improvement. With Tua Tagovailoa back in the mix and an evolving offensive line, the Dolphins are poised for a promising season as they navigate the competitive landscape ahead.

Tua Tagovailoa has thrived in coach Mike McDaniel's offense with the Miami Dolphins.

Dolphins at Chargers: Preview and Prediction

The Dolphins find themselves on the west coast for their first game of the season. They should be familiar after suffering an ugly 23-17 loss at So-Fi stadium last December.


The Chargers dialed up an effective game plan to stymie the high-powered Dolphins offense. Tua finished with just ten completions for 145 yards on twenty-eight pass attempts, while the defense surrendered 367 yards to Justin Herbert. The game really wasn’t as close as the score indicated, and one of Miami’s touchdowns came when Tyreek Hill took a fumbled ball from Jeff Wilson fifty-seven yards for a touchdown.


Now it’s week one; the start of a brand new season. The Dolphins have a new defensive coordinator, and Mike McDaniel should have a new game plan. In order for Miami to avoid repeating history, they need to focus on some key points.


Mike McDaniel needs to show range and discipline as a play-caller


Last season was a major offensive success, until it wasn’t. Like anything in the history of the NFL, teams will eventually figure you out. When the Niners and Chargers figured out how to stop the Dolphins attacking the middle of the field McDaniel had no answer.


It’s likely other teams will look to employ the same strategies this season, and it’ll be critical for the second year head coach to show he can adjust. Miami’s offense has to be multi-dimensional. McDaniel has to stay committed to his promise of running the ball more, especially in this game. The Chargers allowed the fifth most rushing yards last season, and didn’t do much to address that issue over the offseason.


Derwin James, JC Jackson, and Nick Bosa were out for last year’s game, but all three are healthy and ready to go for the Chargers’ defense. McDaniel is going to have to back-up his “genius” moniker if Miami wants to have any chance at success.


Allowing the run-game to set up the pass, particularly play-action, and utilizing the speed on offense through the screen game, could prove to be a successful approach. If it works, McDaniel has to try and refrain from getting too cute. It’s okay to go away from forcing downfield plays to Hill and Waddle if something else is working. Too often last season he abandoned the ground game when it was working. This season, and game in particular, will go a long way in showing what kind of growth McDaniel has, and if he make adjustments in-game.


The NFL in it’s simplest form is a chess match; move, counter-move. Can the yale-grad prove to be a chess master?


Time for the pass rushers to step up


New Chargers offensive coordinator Kellen Moore has promised this offense will feature a much more vertical passing game. With the size and down-field abilities of Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and rookie Quintin Johnston, and the big arm of Herbert, it’s a pretty common sense approach.


Depending on how fast the Dolphins defense have picked up Vic Fangio’s, a vertical passing game could prove to be favorable matchup for Miami. Fangio’s confusing zone scheme is built to defend against big plays in the pass game, and Jevon Holland is an excellent deep safety.


Since Fangio’s scheme makes it difficult for opposing quarterbacks to get pre-snap reads, causing them to hold the ball longer post snap while they figure out ever-changing coverage looks, it could lead to some big plays for the defensive line.

That’s if they rushers can prove they’ve graduated from pressures, to finishes. They were among the league’s best in creating pressure last season, but struggled to get sacks.


Herbert is big and mobile, so it won’t be easy, but the secondary could cause coverage sack opportunities for Jaelan Phillips and Bradley Chubb. Phillips has high expectations this year as he looks to record his first double-digit sack season, and Chubb needs to prove his $110 million-dollar contract and first round pick the Dolphins traded to land him was worth it. Sunday afternoon is a terrific place for them to start.


Quick-hit key matchups


-Terron Armstead is OUT, So Kendall Lamm has his work cutout with Joey Bosa. He had a mostly strong preseason, and needs to show he can be the go-to backup plan for Armstead who likely won’t be missing his last game this year.


-Austin Jackson has appeared confident and ready to prove himself after an injury-marred season. He’ll get his opportunity against Khalil Mack.


-David Long Jr. and Jerome Baker will need to be productive as they work to stop Austin Akeler in the run and pass games.


-Like the Dolphins won’t already have their hands full with Allen, Williams, Johnston, Josh Palmer and Ekeler, how they choose to handle the vertical threat that tight end Gerald Everett brings will likely prove to be an important factor.


-The Dolphins are known for their wide-zone rushing attack, but Bosa and Mack should be able to set the edges. The focus should be running between the tackles. A mixture of Raheem Mostert and Chris Brooks could prove fruitful in attacking Sebastian Joseph-Day, Morgan Fox, and Austin Johnson in the interior.




Week one is always a bit sloppy as most teams don’t play their starters much in the preseason. On top of that, both the Dolphins and Chargers have new coordinators and schemes that players are adjusting to.


This game could go either way, and may come down to game plans, more than the talent on both teams.


Tua should be fired up after missing the final three games last year, including the Dolphins playoff loss to the Bills, and I expect him to have a chip on his shoulder this season. His success against the Chargers will come down to the success of Miami’s gameplan, as he’s shown not to be a player who makes the same mistakes twice.


Ultimately, expecting the defense to quickly pick up a dramatically different scheme than what they’re used to, and a tough matchup for Miami’s offense, the Chargers should be able to capitalize at home.


Chargers 31, Dolphins 24


Key Insights Gleaned from Baltimore Ravens’ Preseason Finale

The preseason finale often serves as a platform for those looking to prove themselves worthy of a roster spot. While stars are resting, the real battles occur among players trying to cement their places on the team. 


As the Baltimore Ravens locked horns with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there were several noteworthy performances and notable absences. Let’s delve deep into the key insights from this intriguing matchup. 

Roster Absences


Sometimes, the players who don’t play reveal more about a team’s strategies than those who do. Two notable absences from the Ravens’ roster might offer clues about the team’s plans as they approach the regular season.  


The Seymour-Kelly Situation

Kevon Seymour, despite missing the recent practice, had been starting ahead of Kyu Blu Kelly at cornerback. With his veteran status allowing for certain roster moves without the waiver process, Seymour’s absence presents intriguing possibilities.


Mitchell’s Mysterious Absence

Rookie UDFA Keaton Mitchell showed potential as a runner and kick returner earlier in the preseason. But his absence from the finale raises questions: Is he part of the Ravens’ long-term plan? A vital position on any NFL roster is the backup quarterback. This preseason, the battle between Josh Johnson and Tyler Huntley had been closely watched, and the finale provided some valuable insights. Josh Johnson may have solidified his spot as the backup. Posting a 6-9 for 95 yards and a touchdown against the Buccaneers, his performance, coupled with his good health, speaks volumes.


Huntley’s Health and Roster Mechanics

With Huntley’s ongoing injury concerns, the Ravens might be forced to make some strategic decisions. Their approach towards him and Johnson will be crucial during the roster cutdowns, especially with the latter’s veteran status.


For those interested in wagering on the Ravens’ roster decisions or upcoming games, it might be worth checking out some online betting platforms. Make sure to use the DraftKings Maryland promo code for special offers.


Trenton Simpson’s Development


Trenton Simpson’s progression, or lack thereof, became a major point of discussion after the finale. A talented youngster, his performance in the preseason suggests there’s still much room for growth.  Despite being a third-round pick, Simpson found himself down the pecking order, playing later in the game and seemingly struggling to adapt.


His struggles in recent weeks raise questions about what role, if any, he might have in the upcoming season. Is he a long-term project or just going through early career hiccups? The starting left guard position has been one of the most keenly contested spots in the Ravens’ lineup this preseason. Two players have emerged as frontrunners.


John Simpson’s Dominance


John Simpson has emerged as a favorite for the left guard position, outperforming his peers and establishing a robust case for himself. While Aumavae-Laulu started the preseason on a strong note, recent performances suggest he’s struggling to keep pace with Simpson, especially when facing stronger opponents.


With Tyus Bowser out and new additions to the team, the edge rusher position has been a focal point of the preseason. The Ravens have some decisions to make. Jeremiah Moon has consistently started in the recent games, even ahead of fourth-round pick Tavius Robinson. His stock seems to be rising rapidly.


Wrapping It Up

As the preseason draws to a close, the Baltimore Ravens have given us a glimpse into the tough decisions they face. From roster absences to position battles, every moment of the finale offered a valuable insight. The preseason finale is more than just a game. For many players, it’s a final shot at making the roster or proving their worth.


With the roster taking shape and the regular season approaching, the Ravens and their fans have much to look forward to. The strategies and decisions made now will shape the team’s fortunes in the upcoming months.


The curtain has come down on the Baltimore Ravens’ preseason, a critical phase that offers a blend of anticipation, excitement, and anxiety. As we transition into the regular season, let’s recap and conclude on what these insights potentially mean for the team and its avid followers. The preseason is a complex tapestry of individual stories, hopes, dreams, and immense dedication. Players battle for their positions, veterans strive to maintain their standing, and rookies ardently aspire to cement a spot. The finale against the Buccaneers epitomized these very sentiments.


The Road Ahead


The insights gleaned from this finale highlight the depth and talent available to the Ravens. Each decision, from roster cuts to starting lineups, carries with it the weight of the season’s aspirations. As fans, while we may analyze and speculate based on these games, it’s essential to remember the broader picture. The real battle is just beginning, and the Ravens are shaping up to be a formidable force.


In essence, as we gear up for the regular season, one thing is clear: the Baltimore Ravens have an ensemble of talent, and how they harness it will define their journey ahead.

Preseason Primer: Dolphins at Jaguars

The Dolphins will take the field tonight in Jacksonville, in what will be their final preseason matchup. According to HC Mike McDaniel, he expects to play starters for anywhere between “more than a series, and less than a half”. It’s also expected that the Jaguars will play their top unit for most of the first half. 

While the impact of the starting units isn’t much more than a dress-rehearsal for the regular season, there are still important things to keep an eye on. NFL teams must trim their rosters to 53 by Tuesday’s deadline, so this will serve as a last-chance effort for bubble players, and camp positional battles to potentially find resolution. 

Most of the Dolphins roster looks pretty set in stone, but these are the things I’ll be keeping my eye on at the 7pm kickoff: 


Will the Dolphins keep a fourth running back? If so, then who? 

Barring a Jonathan Taylor trade, current running backs Raheem Mostert, Jeff Wilson Jr, and Devon Achane, look to be locks for the final 53. The other three backs, Salvon Ahmed, Myles Gaskin, and Chris Brooks have all contributed strong preseason performances, so if McDaniel decides to keep a fourth it won’t be an easy decision. 

Gaskin, now in his fifth season with the Dolphins, is the longest tenured runner on the roster. The former seventh-round pick is the most polished runner of the three, and his scrappy nature is a big part of why he’s lasted in Miami this long. 

Ahmed’s skill set may be a bit redundant with rookie third-round pick Devon Achane on the roster, but after Achane suffered a shoulder injury last week, Ahmed could be safe to make the initial roster. 

Undrafted rookie Chris Brooks is the most intriguing of the group. At 6 ‘1”, 223 lbs Brooks is the biggest and most powerful runner on the team, and has run with force and vision in the previous exhibitions. It will be interesting to see how many snaps he gets against the Jaguars, as he still appears to be a long shot behind the incumbents. Even if he doesn’t survive final-cuts, he will likely be a player that Miami looks to add to their practice squad. 


Tight ends Durham Smythe and Tyler Kroft look to be safe, but which tight end will step up to claim the third spot?

The answer to this could very well come down to which player the team feels could be a contributor on special teams. Eric Saubert got some h-back, and special teams reps last week against the Texans, but has largely been unimpressive throughout campo and the exhibition season. Rookie sixth-round pick Elijah Higgins brings some upside to the team with his receiving ability, and had some good run-blocking reps between the first two games. He is raw, having recently transitioned from his college position at wide receiver, he may be someone they look to stash on the practice squad. 

Tanner Conner may be the name to watch. After a standout performance in camp last year as an undrafted rookie, Conner made the team, but failed to see much playing time behind Mike Gesicki and Smythe. He has missed nearly all of training camp while on the physically-unable-to-perform (PUP) list, but was activated this past week. He doesn’t have much time to make an impression, so today’s game could be pivotal if Conner hopes to extend his stay on Miami’s active roster. 

Current undrafted rookie Julian Hill has flashed throughout the offseason, and could have an outside chance, particularly if Miami decides to keep four tight ends. 


Where is Robbie Chosen? 

Chosen was an exciting addition this off-season, and flashed his speed in OTA’s, but he’s had a surprisingly quiet training camp. It no longer feels like he’s a lock to make the roster, especially when River Cracraft can play on special teams. If McDaniel chooses to only keep five receivers, Chosen may be on the outside looking in, with Braxton Berrios, Cedrick Wilson, and Erik Ezukanma securely on the roster. 


With Robert Jones hurt, and Lester Cotten missing time, has Isaiah Wynn locked up the left guard spot, and how many snaps does Liam Eichenberg see in his return to action? 

It’ll be interesting to see if Eichenberg receives any snaps with the first-team. He was clearly losing the left guard battle before being sidelined with an injury. I don’t know that there’s much he can do to be the opening day starter, but a strong performance could be the kick-starter his confidence needs after a rough training camp. Right now it looks like Wynn has claimed the starting job, but it’s important he continues to play strong after an impressive camp by Lester Cotton. 


The Dolphins have a slew of defensive backs that could all make their case for the final 53, but Miami can’t keep everyone. Xavien Howard, Kader Kohou, Jevon Holland, Cam Smith, Eli Apple, DeShon Elliott, and Brandon Jones are all locks to make the team. Noah Igbinoghene is likely to make the team, as he’s on the final year of his rookie deal. After them, there’s a lot of intriguing young players, like Trill Williams, Verone McKinley, Noah Igbinoghene, Keidron Smith, and Bryce Thompson, that could all do themselves a huge favor with a strong performance tonight in Jacksonville. 

Special teams standout Elijah Campbell has probably locked up a spot, but another core special teams player may be in doubt. After missing a chunk of time with an injury, Keion Crossen returned to practice this week, but with the depth in the secondary, he may be on the outside looking in. 


Can any of the young players earn their spot with a solid showing on special teams? 

Undrafted rookies like linebackers Mitchell Agude, Garrett Nelson, and Aubrey Miller Jr, all have a real chance to make the team if they can prove to be of value on special teams. All three have flashed in different parts of the offseason, but Nelson and Agude have really turned it up in the exhibition games. It wouldn’t be a shock if one of them earns one of the final spots on Miami’s 53.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Betting in the NCAAF?

NCAAF, or the National Collegiate Athletic Association Football, has been around since 1869 it was first played. These players would play for four years in college while recruited for the NFL or the National Football League and other leagues of their choosing. 


The NCAAF has a huge fanbase, usually from alums, but its bettors are usually from around the globe. It’s a popular sport to place wagers on, so let’s look at its advantages and disadvantages. 


The Advantages of NCAAF Betting

As you know, college football is quite popular, and for good reason! This section focuses on the advantages of NCAAF betting and why you should do it too. 


Great Betting Opportunities

Don’t look down on NCAAF betting’s popularity since it’s almost as popular as the NFL. That means you can find numerous sports books to bet on NCAA football and find the best college football odds. You can get your lines from land-based sports books and big online bookies. Just find a sports book that suits your preferences. There are numerous top sportsbooks with great odds and lines and system usability.


Since there are numerous sports books on the market where you can shop for lines, you can easily find the best odds and lines you want to wager on. Due to its popularity, you won’t have to be limited in your betting decisions. 


Top Dominating Players

When a dominating player comes to the field, they can change the course of a game. It’s why recruiters will ensure that they get the best of the best in their team. Every team will need a complete set of players with different expertise. This setting is the same for every team; however, you will see that in every season, certain players dominate games in different weeks. 


When gamblers think of dominating players, they immediately think of quarterbacks. However, there are also instances when the running back or defensive end dominates the game. It’s evident in the NCAA 2019 season. When Chase Young from Ohio State dominated every team in his path, their opponents had to change their game plan due to his dominance on the field. 


It would help to look for the teams with dominating players when betting on NCAA football. Witness how they would change every game with their domineering presence on the field. Using this information can help ensure that you’re making profitable wagers. 


There Are Talent Gaps

The NCAAF is different from NFL. In NFL, the best recruits are dispersed into different teams. That’s because it’s a professional football league, and almost all teams have what it takes to win the season. In NCAAF, you can observe that the best recruits tend to be on the same teams. It’s why you’ll see that the top 10 usually comprises the same teams. 


You can see this in the recruiting rankings for the NCAAF teams. However, the rankings are great to help you see who’s talented this season and which team can help you make a profit. You don’t have to bet on the top teams; you can just focus on looking at the teams that are small and medium-sized. It’s recommended that you don’t look at teams with a big conference. 


When looking at the NCAAF teams, you can see leagues with good recruits and those with poor to average recruits. By observing the teams for several seasons, you would see which teams perform best each season. Consider doing this in the 2023 season. 


The Disadvantages of NCAAF Betting

NCAAF betting is gambling on college football teams. Since you are gambling, there are always risks; continue reading below to get to know them. 

You Can Get Addicted.

Gambling is undoubtedly fun and exhilarating; however, due to these properties, you can get addicted if you aren’t careful, which makes it dangerous. Once you win, you will do whatever it takes to win again, even if your guesses don’t pan out. It’s an activity that may cloud your judgment and eventually lead you to lose your savings if you are not careful. 


Risk of Losing Money

You are gambling on your guess – that means the chances of winning your bet would depend on luck, your research if it’s legitimate, and many more. Various factors contribute to winning a bet. So, the chances of losing a bet are high. For this reason, you would see many guidebooks to NCAAF betting to do your research and read up on past performances to help you make an educated and confident guess. 


Final Thoughts

Being informed is a must when it comes to betting. Knowing the pros and risks of NCAAF betting is essential so that you know before you place your hard-earned money on wagers. 

It’s fun and exhilarating due to the many great betting opportunities, but it can also be dangerous due to its addicting properties. So, use the list to help you decide if you would proceed to NCAAF betting. 


Tua impresses, and more Dolphins minicamp takeaways

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – The Miami Dolphins’ mandatory minicamp on Day 2 unveiled impressive performances and some valuable insights. Here are five key takeaways that shaped the narrative of minicamp:

Tua Tagovailoa’s Anticipatory Precision

  1. Tua Tagovailoa impressed with his quick decision-making and precise throws during both 7-on-7 and team drills. His ability to release the ball swiftly and anticipate openings in the defense showcased his growth and potential as a franchise quarterback.

Revamped Offensive Focus

  1. The Dolphins emphasized the importance of a revitalized running game, fully aware of its significance in late-season success. This commitment was palpable during the minicamp’s second practice, characterized by a heavy dose of run-heavy plays and bootlegs. 

Promising Offensive Line Performance

  1. Despite missing Terron Armstead and Connor Williams, the first team offensive line displayed productivity and forcefulness. The absence of key defensive players such as Zach Sieler and Jaylen Twyman also contributed to the linemen’s success. The solid blocking provided ample opportunities for the running backs to find some openings 

QB2 Duel Intensifies

  1. Skylar Thompson continued to impress, particularly during the latter part of the minicamp. His accurate deep throws, including a connection with undrafted rookie Daewood Davis for a potential 70-yard touchdown, solidified his standing in the competition for the backup quarterback position. Mike White, too, exhibited improvement with well-timed passes, notably connecting with Erik Ezukanma. The battle for the backup spot remains fierce..

Xavien Howard’s Engaged Presence

  1. Xavien Howard’s active involvement in offseason practices has demonstrated his dedication to the team and eagerness to impress under the guidance of new DC Vic Fangio. Alongside Jalen Ramsey, Kader Kohou, and Cam Smith, Howard’s commitment fortified the Dolphins’ formidable cornerback lineup. Justin Bethel, Tino Ellis, and Keion Crossen continue to compete for the remaining cornerback positions.

Other notes

Several noteworthy plays stood out during the minicamp session. 

-Alec Ingold made an impressive grab from TuaTagovailoa; they were in sync today.

-Tagovailoa demonstrated his quick decision-making by rolling to his right and completing a pass for a short gain. He also efficiently checked to his flat and connected with Ingold on another play.

-On the defensive side, Justin Bethel intercepted a pass from Mike White over the middle. White faced pressure from the collapsing offensive line during the play.

-UDFA Garrett Nelson applied consistent pressure on Skylar Thompson, generating a couple of impressive pass rushes.

-Thompson, in turn, displayed his arm talent and accuracy by finding Daewood Davis on a crossing route, resulting in a substantial gain of over 30 yards and even more YAC.


Online Casinos and Football Go Hand in Hand – Here’s How

When most people think of online casinos, they might not immediately associate them with football. However, the two industries actually have a surprising amount of overlap. From sponsorships and partnerships to themed slots and betting options, online casinos and football have developed a mutually beneficial relationship over the years.


In this article, we will explore how online casinos and football go hand in hand and examine how they intersect. More importantly, we will be helping you understand exactly what it is that makes these two go so well together.


Partnerships and Sponsorships


Partnerships and sponsorships are significant reason why online casinos and football have a close relationship. Online casinos and bookmakers often partner with football clubs or sponsor football events, which allows them to connect with football fans and promote their brand.


Sponsorships and partnerships with football clubs can involve a range of activities, such as featuring the casino’s logo on the team’s shirts, providing financial support for the club, or even naming rights to the stadium. Such partnerships and sponsorships give online casinos and bookmakers a platform to reach a wider audience, as football is a hugely popular sport with millions of fans worldwide.


Furthermore, football clubs can also benefit from partnerships and sponsorships with online casinos and bookmakers. Financial support from these companies can help clubs finance player transfers, pay wages, and invest in facilities. In addition, partnerships and sponsorships can also help football clubs to raise their profile and increase their fan base.

Themed Slots


One way that football and online casinos go hand in hand is through theme slots. Many online casinos, whether you play King Johnnie Casino or any other casino of your choosing, offer slot machines that are themed around football. These games feature images and symbols related to the sport, such as football players, stadiums, and team logos.


Theme slots are an excellent way for football fans to engage with their favorite sport while also enjoying the excitement of online gambling. These games often feature special bonuses and jackpots that can make them particularly appealing to players. Whether you play at King Johnnie Casino or any other online casino of your choosing, you’re likely to find a variety of football-themed slot games to choose from.


In addition to providing entertainment for football fans, theme slots also offer a unique opportunity for online casinos to partner with football teams and leagues. By offering games themed around specific teams or events, casinos can attract fans who are passionate about the sport and increase their visibility among this audience. This has led to many partnerships and sponsorships between online casinos and football organizations, further cementing the connection between these two industries.


Betting Options


Betting options are a vital component in the link between online casinos and football. Many online casinos offer various betting options on football games, from pre-match betting to in-play betting. Players can place bets on various outcomes, such as the final result, the number of goals scored, or even the first player to score. Betting on football games adds excitement to the games and provides an additional way to engage with the sport. 


Furthermore, it also allows players to potentially earn some extra money while enjoying their favorite sport. Betting options are an essential aspect to consider when choosing an online casino if you are a football fan looking to engage in this type of activity.


No matter what casino you choose to bet in, you are likely to find a wide range of football betting options available. The availability of these options allows football fans to engage with the sport in a new and exciting way, while also providing the opportunity to win some money. Additionally, online casinos often offer special promotions and bonuses for football betting, making it an even more attractive option for fans of the sport.


Football-Themed Promotions and Bonuses


Football-themed promotions and bonuses are a common strategy used by online casinos to attract football fans. These promotions often come in the form of bonuses and free bets that are themed around football, such as a bonus for placing a bet on a specific football match or a free bet for signing up during a major football tournament. Some online casinos also offer football-themed games and tournaments, where players can win prizes related to football.


These promotions and bonuses are designed to create a sense of excitement and engagement among football fans who also enjoy online gambling. Football-themed promotions and bonuses not only provide an incentive for players to sign up and play at an online casino, but they also offer a way for players to enjoy their favorite sport and potentially win big.


Online Streaming


Many online casinos now offer live streaming of major football matches, allowing players to watch the game and place bets simultaneously. This feature not only enhances the overall experience for football fans but also increases the level of engagement with the online casino platform. Furthermore, online streaming can really quickly create new sports fans, especially when done right.


By offering live streaming of football matches, online casinos can attract more customers and increase player retention rates. This is because it allows users to access both forms of entertainment in one place, providing added convenience and value. This is especially true for those who are unable to attend live matches or do not have access to cable or satellite television.


From partnerships and sponsorships to themed slots and betting options, these two industries have a lot in common. Partnerships and sponsorships are significant reason why online casinos and football have a close relationship. 


Football-themed promotions and bonuses are a common strategy used by online casinos to attract football fans, and many online casinos now offer live streaming of major football matches, allowing players to watch the game and place bets simultaneously. Football clubs can also benefit from partnerships and sponsorships with online casinos and bookmakers, receiving financial support to help finance player transfers, pay wages, and invest in facilities. 


Meanwhile, football-themed slot games offer a unique opportunity for online casinos to partner with football teams and leagues, attracting passionate fans and increasing their visibility among this audience. All in all, the relationship between online casinos and football is mutually beneficial, and the possibilities for collaboration between these two industries are only continuing to grow.

4raBet promos: best of the best

4raBet is a serious player in the world of betting, which is why the company offers many unique bonuses that competitors cannot boast. Here is their list and to find them you can go

120% to deposit

Without a doubt, one of the coolest bonuses is, for example, 120% deposit bonus. In order to get it, you need to fund your account – as soon as this is done, you will immediately get 120% to your deposit, up to 50 thousand rupees.

Here’s a quick guide to getting this bonus: 

  • Register or log in with 4raBet promo;
  • Activate the 4raBet promo in your personal cabinet;
  • Make a deposit of 10 000 INR and more;
  • Get 120% back on your deposit (max 50.000 INR).

If we look at this 4raBet promo from a profit perspective, the following pros and cons come to mind:


  • Large amount of 4raBet promo.
  • The bonus can be used on any sport.


  • Difficult wagering.
  • Rather high entry threshold.

It is possible to say that this is a really good offer for those who play big. Despite the rather high entry threshold and complicated, this bonus allows you to get up to 50,000 rupees for new wagers.

This, of course, is far from the only cool bonus you can get with the 4raBet promo. This bookmaker also offers a cool bonus for cryptocurrency enthusiasts – you can fund your account with BTC, ETH, XRP and many other coins to get a solid deposit boost.

Here’s a quick guide to getting this 4raBet promo: 

  • Register or log in with the 4raBet promo bookmaker;
  • Deposit Rs. 100 or more using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, etc. cryptocurrencies; 
  • Go to the tips menu and type there “CRYPTO4RASP”.

It should be said, however, that the amount of this bonus is determined individually for each player. If you are a regular bettor who spends a lot of time at 4raBet promo, you will benefit many times over from this promo code. 

As for the pros and cons of this 4raBet promo, it comes to mind:


  • Simple and clear wagering conditions.
  • The bonus is available to all players without exception, the main condition is to use cryptocurrency.


  • The wagering of this promo code is set quite a big wager. You will need to wager it in eight times the amount. 
  • This is an interesting offer for those who replenish their account with cryptocurrencies. It allows you to get a one-time and quite pleasant bonus to the deposit. 

200% on initial deposit amount

4raBet promo also (in addition to the 120% deposit bonus) has another deposit bonus – 200%. It is paid by 4raBet promo. By registering on the exchange, you can get 200% or 58 thousand rupees as the onetime bonus – the highest incentive on the Internet so far. The vast majority of other betting companies offer no more than 110-120%.

To get money from this 4raBet promo, you need:

  • Enter the promo code – “4RABETMAX” when registering your account;
  • Deposit 20 thousand rupees into your account;
  • Get the bonus and wager it.

If you deposit such amount, the total value of the deposit in such a case will increase by 58 thousand rupees. But if the first deposit amount is, say, one thousand rupees, then only two thousand rupees will be deposited in your account. This tip is good for those who like to gamble big, making serious bets, or spending large sums in casinos. 

Bonuses from using PayTM

PayTM bank card holders are offered a really cool 4raBet promo. It literally gives away 35,000 rupees. To get this generous gift, you don’t have to deposit money in a single transaction of Rs 12 thousand. It can be done consistently and in small amounts. For example, Rs. 300 or Rs. 500 at a time. 4raBet promo accruals will continue until the amount reaches the promised value of 35 thousand rupees. 

But as is clear from the name, this 4raBet promo can only be obtained if you are a PayTM card holder, because otherwise (when using e.g. Visa, MasterCard) you will not get this 4raBet promo. 

Other special offers

All in all, 4raBet promo include more than 10 kinds of special offers, which increase the status of members who bet regularly. The most elite of these specials is considered to be the package that gives seven thousand rupees per deposit. The maximum amount of extra charges in such a case may well amount to 35 thousand rupees. By taking advantage of these advanced offers of the 4raBet promo, you ensure that you can get a really big win, while spending a minimal amount of money, all of which will go to the deposit and appear in your main game account. 

Daily incentives for Instagram and Telegram subscribers 

If you follow the company news and info memos about the new 4raBet promo, you will get special attention from the organization. The program of draws, bonuses and promotions in this direction is updated daily, so you can count on the fact that you will be sent in a timely manner, as well as informed about the most interesting matches.

4raBet promo main approach is to stimulate customer interest by offering special offers and bonuses. And this tactic really works, because 4raBet promo are some of the coolest and most profitable not just in the whole Indian market of betting companies, but in the international market as well. 

All promo codes, despite being working at the time of writing, may lose their validity over time. If you want to get the latest information regarding 4raBet promo, you better subscribe to this bookmaker’s newsletter in some social network, or agree to be sent messages to your email or phone number when a new 4raBet promo is available.

Final 2023 NFL Mock Draft

Another 2023 NFL Mock Draft! As the hour winds down to Draft night, there’s been a lot of movement in the last 48 hours and things are radio silent in the NFL World.

While last night I ran a mock, things have started to shake up a little

This 2023 NFL Mock Draft answers the biggest questions on where the quarterbacks will be going, potential trades and big surprises. In this 2023 NFL Mock Draft I will be focusing on the first round. So here is my predictive 2023 NFL Mock Draft round 1:

Top 10 Mock Draft

1) Carolina Panthers (from Chicago): QB Bryce Young

2) Houston Texans: EDGE Will Anderson

3) Tennessee Titans (Projected Trade with Arizona): QB Anthony Richardson

4) Indianapolis Colts: QB, CJ Stroud

5) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver): DL Jalen Carter

6) Detroit Lions: CB Devon Witherspoon

7) Las Vegas Raiders: QB, Will Levis

8) Atlanta Falcons: EDGE Tyree Wilson

9) Chicago Bears (from Carolina): OT Paris Johnson Jr.

10) Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans): RB Bijan Robinson

The Middle picks

11) Arizona Cardinals: OT Darnell Wright

12) Houston Texans (from Cleveland): OT Peter Skoronski

13) Green Bay Packers (from New York Jets): EDGE Nolan Smith

14) New England Patriots: OT Broderick Jones

15) New York Jets (from Green Bay Packers): Jaxon Smith Njigba


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16) Washington Commanders: CB Joey Porter Jr.

17) Pittsburgh Steelers: CB Christian Gonzalez

18) Detroit Lions: DL Calijah Kancey

19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: EDGE Myles Murphy

Rounding out the teens

20) Cincinnati Bengals (Projected Trade with Seattle): TE Dalton Kincaid

21) Los Angeles Chargers: WR Quentin Johnson

22) Baltimore Ravens: CB Deonte Banks

23) Kansas City Chiefs (Projected Trade with Minnesota): WR, Zay Flowers

24) Jacksonville Jaguars: OT Anton Harrison

25) New York Giants: WR Jordan Addison

26) Dallas Cowboys: EDGE Lukas Van Ness

27) Buffalo Bills: DL Bryan Breese

28) Seattle Seahawks (Projected Trade with Cincinatti): G O’Cyrus Torrence

29) New Orleans Saints (from San Francisco through Miami and Denver): DL Mazi Smith

30) Philadelphia Eagles: EDGE Keion White

31) Minnesota Vikings (Projected Trade with Kansas City): SAF Brian Branch


Hussam Patel is a Miami Dolphins contributor and Lead NFL Draft analyst at Five Reasons Sports Network. Follow him on Twitter at @HussamPatel