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Three Takeaways From Inter Miami’s Loss VS NYCFC

The Bronx, New York – The injury bug has hit Inter Miami as they lose 2-0 to a well-drilled New York City FC side.

What was Taty Castellanos’ last game in NYC blue, Miami attempted to spoil the party to keep themselves in the playoff hunt; unfortunately, without the services of Leonardo Campana, Damion Lowe, Bryce Duke, and Ariel Lassiter, the Herons were largely flightless against one of the best attacks in the league.

This loss wasn’t necessarily a death blow- but, with only 13 games left in the season, Miami’s chances to rack up valuable points continue to slip.

Here are three takeaways from IMCF’s loss against NYCFC.

McVey Is A Center back

Christopher McVey is Inter Miami’s utility man. The Swedish-American has played every minute of Miami’s 2022 campaign. Against NYCFC, he was deployed in a slightly different role. With Damion Lowe out due to yellow card accumulation, the 25-year-old slotted in as the right-sided center-back.

For the most part, he did quite well.

McVey completed 94% of his passes, 50% of his long balls, and ended the game with 10 recoveries and four interceptions.

He was alert and tactically aware of most of the danger on the field. For example, on what would’ve been Castellanos’ farewell goal, McVey smartly stepped up at the last second to spring an offside trap:

All in all, despite the loss, McVey put on a good showing.

Question is, will he continue in the same position once Lowe returns? Or will he line up at left back once it’s all said and done?

High Press or No?

If there’s anything to take away from this game, it’s that Miami should think about implementing a high press. Inter Miami is at bottom of the league when it comes to possession won in the opponent’s final third:

In MLS where the technical level isn’t as sharp compared to other leagues, high pressing can be a valuable asset. Under Phil Neville, the Herons have largely been a team that sits back in a midblock, keeps their shape, and tries to cut off passing lanes.

Against NYCFC, Miami’s lack of team pressing led to opportunities for the Pigeons to take their time and pick a pass. Take this instance in the clip below. Instead of pushing up and pressing the ball carrier, Miami’s defensive lines – inexplicably – stand there ball watching.

That allows NYCFC to move the ball without any pressure and eventually manage to get a cross and touches inside IMCF’s 18-yard-box:

Luckily, there wasn’t a goal scored, but on any given Saturday against a sharper team, these actions would’ve been punished.

Miami has gotten good results by playing in a midblock. However, if they want to make the playoffs – comfortably, they’re going to need to start taking some risks.

Maybe it starts with a defensive change?

Too Slow To Switch Tactics?

As Robert Taylor and Indiana Vassilev struggled to get going, could Neville have swapped their positions?

With NYCFC’s field being small and narrow, instead of playing long balls over the top, perhaps the two wingers could’ve tried swapping flanks so they can cut inside with their dominant foot.

Both Kieran Gibbs and DeAndre Yedlin were keen and willing to make overlapping runs. Having Taylor and Vassilev cut inside would’ve not only given the fullbacks much more space but also provide them the opportunity to combine with the midfield as well.

Had this switch happened, Miami could’ve gotten more numbers through the middle with outlets on the flanks via the fullbacks, almost like a front attacking five:

To conclude, Miami needs to take some risks if they want to make the playoffs. Playing it safe with a handful of games to go won’t be good enough. This weekend, they have a massive game against Eastern Conference rivals FC Cincinnati. Anything less than three points will be bad news for the Herons.

As the season begins to wind down, it’s officially do-or-die time for the boys in black and pink.

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Inter Miami CF

Opinion: Completely Overanalyzing Inter Miami’s Loss To FC Barcelona

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Inter Miami played FC Barcelona in what was supposed to be a celebratory event.

Miami’s 6-0 loss to Barca’ should’ve been understandable. Barcelona is a world-class side with world-class players, and for the majority of the game, the Herons looked overmatched.

The crowd was rocking, the stadium was full, and for the most part, the event went well. But, after the final whistle, it got a bit ugly.

From tweets calling the organization, “a joke” to very prominent soccer writers getting their obligatory quippy jabs in, the borderline vitriolic social media backlash to what was meaningless friendly is bizarre.

Based on Phil Neville’s post-game comments, it seems like the Englishman took the result well, despite his pregame comments, and saw it as a lesson for him and the group:

That begs the question, why has this game been blown out of proportion?

Much Ado About Nothing?

Inter Miami has had its sins – plenty of them, but in the last year and a half, they’ve started the process of atonement. They’re currently in 9th place in the Eastern Conference and have even taken on a new ethos:

Miami’s start to MLS life was tough. They fell short of the self-imposed expectations and came out of the starting block stumbling.

The media is very unforgiving, especially in football circles. The club’s poor first two years of existence will be held over their head by a plethora of national and local soccer writers. Any minor screw-up or abnormally bad result will be scrutinized, dissected, and heavily torn apart more so than the average team; being a David Beckham-owned club, it comes with the territory. Fair enough.

But, this friendly against Barcelona shouldn’t be one of those occasions.

At the end of the day, the match should’ve been taken for what it really was: A savvy business decision by Inter Miami and a great opportunity to get some reps against one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Plus, they’re not the only MLS club hosting mid-season friendlies against tough European opponents.

Is it as big as hosting a US Open Cup Final or MLS Cup Final? No way! Was this the biggest game in club history? When it comes to the quality of the opponent on the pitch – certainly! Both things can be true!

In the end, winning silverware is Miami’s main goal. They’ll get there – eventually.  But, in the meantime, playing a mid-season friendly isn’t a death sentence. An exhibition match was just that, an exhibition. It gave the club good exposure and some younger players a useful experience.

The team will now shift their focus to NYCFC this Saturday with the hopes of climbing further up the Eastern conference table. By then, all the hubbub surrounding this match will die down, and the think pieces on Twitter will cease. There will be other mid-season friendlies for people to watch, and the MLS season will roll on.

Inter Miami CF

Three Observations From Inter Miami’s Wild Win Vs Charlotte FC

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Despite a rain delay preventing the start of the game in a timely manner, Inter Miami showed that they “have that dog in em'” by coming from behind to beat budding rivals Charlotte FC in a 3-2 victory.

It was a tale of two halves for Phil Neville’s men.

In the first forty-five, the Herons looked predictable. They allowed Charlotte to get on the scoresheet early courtesy of two Yordy Reyna goals – one of which is nominated for MLS Goal of The Week.

The second forty-five, however, was a different story.

Neville made the correct substitutions and tactical tweaks to get the best out of his players. In the end, his decisions paid off.

Here are three observations from Miami’s colossal comeback win vs Charlotte FC.

Pozuelo Brings Flexibility

Alejandro Pozuelo was everything Inter Miami needed and more. The Spaniard only had a few training sessions under his belt, but his impact was immediate.

Lining up in central midfield along Gregore and Jean Mota initially, the 30-year-old made the best of what was a poor first half for Miami.

Pozuelo was doing exactly what enganche‘s in this league do – find and manipulate space; unfortunately, his teammates couldn’t quite find the connection.

Of course, there were some moments of technical brilliance from ‘Poz’ where Miami could’ve scored, but, there was a lack of ruthless finishing in the final third.

Looking at their first half passing map told the whole story: There wasn’t enough space in the middle for him to seamlessly connect with his teammates to have a proper impact:

That all changed in the second forty-five. Neville brought on Bryce Duke and Gonzalo Higuain to give Miami more control down the middle, then he instructed Pozuelo to push out wide.

This saw some cheeky combination play between the young American and the Spaniard. They interchanged effortlessly, with Duke sometimes going on the left, and Pozuleo tucking inside. The constant movement eventually was too much for Charlotte; after some good pressing by the Herons, Duke was able to play a nicely threaded through ball to Emerson Rodriguez to see the game out:

It was only Pozuelo’s first game in pink and black, but – if the result means anything – it’s certainly a sign of things to come.

Center back Merry-Go-Round?

With Damion Lowe picking up a yellow for a nasty foul in the 12th minute, the Jamaica international will miss Miami’s upcoming match against NYCFC.

The biggest question heading into the weekend is who will start in his place.

All signs point to Christopher McVey. McVey has played every minute of Inter Miami’s 2022 campaign and he’s the most natural fit to slot over in Lowe’s absence.

His center-back partner? Well, that’s a tad more difficult. Neville has the option of starting either Ryan Sailor or Aime Mabika – both equally impressive young players.

Looking at their stats below could provide a clearer picture.

Both players are excellent at blocking and clearing the ball – though Sailor has a slight edge on the latter. Mabika has a better pass completion percentage, while Sailor is better at winning aerial headers.

NYCFC away will be a difficult game. In the end, Neville will probably choose the player who is better equipped to play in such a demanding environment like Yankee Stadium – especially if this guy sticks around for one last game.

Higuain The Super Sub?

Last but surely not least, Gonzalo Higuain may have found a role that suits him on this team: A super sub.

The 34-year-old may not have the legs to start a full 90, but his football brain has never left him. The run he made to score Miami’s equalizer was vintage Pipita. 

The pass from Gregore was even better.
Higuain has scored two goals in Miami’s last two matches – both off the bench.  Could this be the role the former Argentina international gets comfortable in?
That’s up to Phil Neville at the end of the day, but, it’s definitely a role that gets people’s heads turning.
Inter Miami CF

How Will Inter Miami Line Up With Alejandro Pozuelo?

Inter Miami has made some noise in the summer transfer window.

According to various reports, 30-year-old attacking midfielder Alejandro Pozuelo will be heading to South Florida in a trade from Toronto FC for $150,000 in allocation money.

What comes as a massive addition to the squad at a critical moment in the playoff race, Inter Miami will have an MVP-caliber player at their disposal. Not only does Pozuelo bring MLS experience, but he also is the progressive passer that Miami’s midfield has been searching for since the club’s inception.

With a potential midfield partnership alongside Jean Mota and Gregore, suddenly, Miami’s playoff hopes are looking a little more likely.

Let’s see how the Herons will line up with the Spaniard.

How Will He Fit In?

Phil Neville lines up Inter Miami in a traditional 4-3-3. While this system normally doesn’t require an out and out number ’10,’ with Inter Miami, at least one central midfielder pushes up into the forward line to work in the half spaces:

Bryce Duke has been the go-to player for Neville in this position. The 21-year-old has steadily shown his quality and playmaking ability as Miami’s main creative presence through the middle.

When Pozuelo dons the pink and black, he will – presumably, take the place of Duke in the midfield three. Playing just in front of the more defensive duo of Mota and Gregore, the Spaniard will have the freedom to roam and combine with the front three of Miami’s attacking trident.

According to FBref, Pozuelo is in the 94th percentile of progressive passes per 90 with 7.05 and also in the 95th percentile of passes into the final third with 5.38.

With players like Ariel Lassiter, Robert Taylor, Indiana Vassilev, and Emerson Rodriguez on the wings, Pozuelo’s slick passing and ball retention will be key to Miami’s offensively expansive, yet defensively disciplined style.

Being able to hit players running the channels on the touchline with his vision and ball skills, will give the South Florida club even more potency on counters:

This season, Miami has oftentimes relinquished the ball in favor of defensive compactness. Though Neville has spoken about wanting to keep more possession, they haven’t quite found a way to be able to do that consistently.

Pozuelo is adept at controlling the rhythm of the game and will look to retain possession instead of forcing a pass or shot that may not be on:
Inter Miami has scored the third least goals in all of MLS. For a team looking to kick that habit, there couldn’t have been a better player to bring into the club than Alejandro Pozuelo. He’s a no-risk, high-reward signing, and gives Miami some much-needed offensive firepower as they sit on the playoff bubble.

Bravo, Chris Henderson.

Inter Miami CF

Scouting Report: How Can Inter Miami Improve In The Summer? Part One

Inter Miami is in a transition phase.

After botching the roster build in their first season, they’ve spent the last two years trying to fix those mistakes.

With Chris Henderson at the helm, the South Florida club has transformed into a hard-working team that hits their opposition on the counter.  However, there still is plenty of room for improvement.

This summer will be a potential game changer for The Herons:

As Inter Miami pushes for a playoff spot, the more reinforcements that the front office can bring in, the better.

Below is a compiled list of players that could help Miami as they take those first steps to the next level. Not all of these selections are necessarily DP-caliber players, but they fit the personnel Miami needs at the moment.

In part one of this two-part series, we’ll be focusing on creative central midfielders. Attacking midfielders will be added in the following weeks leading up to the opening of MLS’ Secondary Transfer Window on July 7th.

Without further ado, here are several players that can help strengthen Inter Miami’s squad.

Creative Central Midfielders

Miami’s midfield has improved significantly over the last few months, but, it’s not perfect. The trio of Duke, Gregore, and Mota have done well, but Miami if wants to get to the next level they’ll need more of an impact at the number 8 position. A player who can comfortably go box to box while supporting the attack will give Neville some more tactical flexibility.

Here are three central midfielders that fit that criterion:

1. Benjamin Bourigeaud, age 28 – Stade Rennais F.C

Bourigeaud is a silky central midfielder that is a bit of a swiss army knife. He can play just as well on the wing as he can through the middle. The Frenchman is excellent on the ball and has phenomenal vision and spatial awareness. He loves to switch the point of attack with his long passing range and fancies plenty of balls in behind the defense to get runners into scoring positions:

A mezzala type of player, the 28-year-old can play as a left or right winger, which will be advantageous to Neville and his coaching staff seeing as they love players who can play in multiple positions.

Bourigeaud is no slouch in defense either. Being a number 8 requires a player to be strong in tackles as well, something that he can do flawlessly:

Bourigeaud is an offensive menace.

He’s in the 92nd percentile of shot-creating actions vs all attacking midfielders/wingers in Ligue 1. He’s also in the 95th percentile for progressive passes:

The Frenchman would be a standout addition to Miami’s midfield with his high work rate and ability to play across several positions.

2. Jordan Ferri, age 30 – Montpellier HSC

A slightly different type of midfielder, Ferri is more of a tough tackling deep-lying playmaker with a touch of elegance.

The Frenchman is a little on the older side, but that doesn’t mean his qualities have diminished. The former France international has an eye for a long ball which would suit Miami’s route one, over-the-top style:

He’s also adept at winning the ball back quickly and launching his team on the counter, something that The Herons do often:

He’s technically gifted in tight space and has a low enough center of gravity to keep the ball close to his feet. Inter Miami has struggled to keep possession for most games this season. Ferri’s ability with the ball would help Neville and his coaching staff gain a bit more control centrally:

Though he does play deeper, Ferri’s skillset would bring some calmness to Miami’s midfield.

2. Branco van den Boomen, age 26 – Toulouse FC

Branco van den Boomen is a 6’3 central midfielder that’s a powerful set piece specialist. Throughout the season Inter Miami has not settled on a set piece taker. With van den Boomen’s skillset, their worries would be put to bed:

The 26-year-old has a wicked whip to his crosses which saw him rack up a whopping 21 assists in the 21/22 season.

Being on the taller side, van den Boomen’s height will give Inter Miami an advantage through the middle and provide them more physicality in the trenches. But, that doesn’t take away from his ability to play quickly and get his teammates the ball when they’re in ideal field position:

The Dutchman would be an interesting piece in Miami’s midfield. Having a player as tall as him next to Mota and Gregore would intriguing to see – especially with his skillset.

In part two, we’ll look at potential attacking midfielders that could help give some more creativity in the center of the pitch.

Inter Miami CF

The Three Biggest Storylines Of Inter Miami’s Season So Far.

Inter Miami is in the playoff hunt.

With a rocky start to the 2022 campaign, many believed that the South Florida club would be wooden spoon material. However, Phil Neville and his squad took that to heart and used the doubt as motivation. Now, they find themselves only a point away from the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

As The Herons head into the halfway point of the season, they’ll look to continue this good run of form in the hopes of making the playoffs.

All that said, let’s look back at some of the season’s biggest storylines of Inter Miami’s season so far.

Higuain’s New Role and the Rise of Campana

Gonzalo Higuain was brought to Inter Miami in the fall of 2020 with high expectations. Coming from a club like Juventus, the Argentinian arrived in South Florida to be the face of the club. For a period of time, he was.

In his first season with The Herons, the then 32-year-old only scored one goal and had two assists in his first nine matches for the team.  Though he underperformed, his physical presence in and around the club made Inter Miami a major talking point for the media both domestically and internationally.

After taking an offseason to get adjusted to the physicality of the league, the former Argentina international exploded in 2021. He carried the team with 12 goals and seven assists on the season.

Fast forward to 2022 and the hope that he could top his 2021 form has come to a halt.

Injuries have hampered the 34-year-old and he’s been relegated to the bench, getting sporadic starts as he returns to full fitness.

In his place has been Ecuadorian international Leonardo Campana.

Since being penciled into the lineup, the 21-year-old has been lights out.

His seven goals in all competitions have been a breath of fresh air in a position that The Herons have struggled with in 2022. The Ecuadorian’s stature, work rate, and silky first touch have been key to Inter Miami’s turnaround. His chemistry with his teammates and ability to play off them seamlessly has given Miami’s attack much more fluidity in the final third.

As the 2023 season begins to creep up, the big question will be: will IMCF be able to keep Campana?

Reading the fine print, there is an option to purchase the 21-year-old at the end of the season.

Surely, Inter Miami’s Sporting Director Chris Henderson will have a firm eye on this.

Drake Callender, GK1?

Drake Callendar has a rough start to 2022. After a few blunders in pre-season that subsequently saw him fall out of favor, the California native rebounded better than ever.

Since taking the spot between the sticks for Miami’s US Open Cup match against Miami FC, Callendar has been a force to be reckoned with.

His 33.3% clean sheet percentage puts him in the 80th percentile of all MLS goalkeepers. For perspective, he’s only three percent below highly touted wonder kid Gabriel Slonina.

As the team gets deeper into the season, having Callendar continue this run of form will huge if The Herons want to push for the playoffs.

The Emergence of Bryce Duke

Though Miami is a town where glitz and glamor reign, David Beckham and Chris Henderson wanted one non-negotiable as the South Florida club went into rebuilding mode: trust the youth.

There’s no other player that exemplifies this new mindset better than Bryce Duke.

Duke’s emergence as one of the key figures in Miami’s midfield comes as no surprise if you watch his game. He’s smart, offensive-minded, and has the stamina to press when needed.

The 21-year-old’s 4.21 shot-creating actions per 90 put him in the 83rd percentile of attacking midfielders in MLS. His progressive passes are even better as he racks up 5.77 a game which, once again, puts his numbers amongst the upper echelon of ‘number 10’s’ within the league.

His tenacity and desire to get forward is one of the reasons Miami’s offense has more bite. Check out this nicely timed through ball to Ariel Lassiter that nearly ends up as another Campana goal:

As Inter Miami continues to get younger as the 2023 season gets closer, expect Duke to be a central player as the club moves forward.

The season is still young, but there were plenty of intriguing headlines to takeaway in the first 15 weeks of the season.

A Full Guide to Becoming a Better Golfer

In order to enjoy any golf game to the maximum, you must focus on enhancing your skills. Now, a vast majority of seasoned golfers will tell you that one of the best ways to boost your game is through golf lessons.

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Practical Ways To Improve Your Golf Game


Set Your Goals 


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Search The Web


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Focus On Your Mental Approach


It is safe to say that golf is one of the most difficult sports in terms of mental aspects in the world and a vast majority of experienced golf players will tell you that golf can oftentimes play havoc with the brain.

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And that’s precisely one of the reasons why you must work on your mental approach and start accepting the fact that you’ll be dealing with various challenges during your game and that you won’t be able to play perfectly every single time.


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Don’t Forget To Implement These Tips As Well!


Good Posture Before You Hit The Ball


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Bear in mind, that in order to play golf smoothly, you must have a solid vision for aiming, enhanced coordination between the club and your hands, and probably the most important thing, eye teaming. 

What does eye teaming mean? Namely, it represents a visual skill that enables both eyes to work together in an accurate and coordinated way.



Experiment With Your Swing


Oftentimes, golfers obsess over a single approach, doing everything they can to enhance their swing, that they forget to try out other interesting techniques. The point is to try out something you haven’t tried before with your golf shots and you can always schedule a less with some more experienced golfers at your club.



As you can see, you do not need to join any club or hire a professional in order to take your game to the next level. All you have to do is give some of these tips a chance, and you’ll make significant improvements to your game.

Inter Miami CF

Player Ratings: Inter Miami vs the Portland Timbers

Inter Miami get themselves above the playoff line with a 2-1 win over the Portland Timbers. After starting the season on the wrong foot and receiving tons of criticism, Phil Neville and the Herons have started to hit their stride at the right moment.

Miami is 5W-2L-2D in their last nine games. This latest win against Portland shows that the South Florida club has been progressing well as the season plays on.

The Herons have a budding identity and a group of players that work well together – something the team hasn’t had in their entire history:

Here are the player ratings from Inter Miami’s win vs the Portland Timbers.

*Anything under a six is below average/poor. A six is average and or good. A seven through ten is great and or excellent.*


Drake Callender – 7.3: Had another solid game between the sticks. Was confident, vocal, and had a great command of his box. Making the case to stay on as Miami’s starting goalkeeper.


Chris McVey – 8.3: Had his best game in an Inter Miami shirt. Was lively down the left side and got the game opening assist. Being right-footed allows Miami to open up other passing angles that normally wouldn’t be possible with a left-footed left-back. He was defensively solid and kept Dairon Asprilla at bay all game.

Ryan Sailor – 7.3: Improving with each match that he starts. There were moments of shakiness at the beginning, but Sailor is a rookie and that’s understandable. He did well to grow into the game and looked comfortable once he found his footing. Ended the match with an impressive 93% pass completion percentage and seven clearances.

Damion Lowe – 7.5: Another solid performance from the Jamaica international. Was first to every ball, and aggressive in winning every 50/50. Criminally underrated by the national media, but, his work doesn’t go unnoticed.

DeAndre Yedlin – 7: Consistent, again. Used his recovery speed well against a tricky Portland front three. Got a little tired at the end but did well to hang on.


Bryce Duke – 6.7: Didn’t quite have the same impact that he normally would. Looked a little fatigued, but still got the hockey assist on Miami’s first goal. Showed great vision all night and was unlucky to get a yellow card that saw him pulled from the game early.

Gregore – 7.9: Once again, he was the metronome for Miami’s midfield. Paired up nicely with Mota as the team’s double pivot. Was defensively sound and drove the team forward when possible. Ended the game with five recoveries and 70 touches.

Jean Mota – 8: An absolute engine for Inter Miami. With each game, the 28-year-old is showing just how important he is for Miami’s attack. Alongside Gregore, Mota was very good against a solid Timber midfield. His passing ability and vision dictated the tempo. Ended the match completing 67% of his long balls and 90% of his passes.


Robbie Robinson – 6.3: Looked a little lost on that right-hand side. Tried his best to get going but couldn’t quite find his rhythm. Had a couple of good moments in the final third but didn’t quite connect. This two-week international break will do the 23-year-old a world of good.

Leonardo Campana – 8: Got his seventh goal of the season. Was physically imposing vs the Timber defense and his movement inside the final third was excellent all game. His linkup play was immense. Had several moments in the game where he switched the point of attack seamlessly. The perfect number nine for Neville’s expansive 4-3-3.

Ariel Lassiter – 8.1: Was a thorn on the left side of Portland’s defense. His speed and willingness to take on his defender one. v one was a big reason why Miami was able to hit the Timbers on the counter. Starting to develop very good chemistry with McVey on the left flank.


Indiana Vassilev – 6.7: Did a solid job on the left side after Robinson came off injured. Had some good moments cutting in on his left foot and did a great job tracking back on defense.

Robert Taylor – 8: Had a phenomenal impact off the bench. Slotted into the midfield well, and got the game-sealing goal.

Gonzalo Higuain – 6.3: Came on and had some decent hold-up play. However, there was a moment where he was dispossessed in a bad spot that led to a Portland counter where they nearly scored. A player of his caliber has to do better in those situations – especially when three points were on the line.

Aime Mabika – 6.5: Had a couple of good clearances near the end of the match. His imposing stature made it a nightmare for Portland’s attackers to get crosses into the box.

Victor Ulloa – 6.5: Did well to clog up the middle where Portland was most dangerous, especially in the second half.


Phil Neville – 7.5: Another well-coached game from Neville. The players are beginning to understand his philosophy and they execute it well. The 4-3-3 the Herons play suit the personnel at his disposal and he has made the most of it. Got the club inside the playoff line just as the season gets to the halfway mark; very impressive considering how the team started the season.

Inter Miami CF

Player Ratings: Inter Miami vs the New York Red Bulls

Inter Miami get themselves within one point of the playoff line with a 2-0 home victory over the New York Red Bulls.

With the most complete performance Miami has put on to date, Phil Neville’s men played with confidence on both sides of the pitch.

Led by an in-form Drake Callender, his saves gave Miami the confidence to push on.

With the Herons hitting their form at the right time, they’ll have to keep it consistent if they want a real shot at the playoffs.

Here are the player ratings from Inter Miami’s win vs the New York Red Bulls.

*Anything under a six is below average/poor. A six is average and or good. A seven through ten is great and or excellent.


Drake Callender – 9: Gave another Man of The Match performance. Made the case to stay as Inter Miami’s number one starting goalkeeper.


Chris McVey – 8: Comfortabably making that left-back spot his own. His right foot opens up another passing option for Miami in case the opposition decides to push him wide. Was solid on the ball and had several switches of play that tilted the field in Miami’s favor.

Ryan Sailor – 7.3: Another solid game from the rookie. Did just enough to keep the Red Bull attack at bay. Developing a nice partnership with Lowe.

Damion Lowe – 8.5: Arguably the first name on the teamsheet, Lowe’s been a rock for the Herons every time he has started. His performance against the Red Bulls showed once again he’s one of Miami’s best defenders. The Jamaica international ended the match with six clearances, five headed clearances, four interceptions, and seven recoveries.

DeAndre Yedlin – 8: Once again showed his class and experience. Didn’t put a single foot wrong up against ex-Heron Lewis Morgan.


Bryce Duke – 7.4: The creative spark in Miami’s midfield right now. His endless running, tackling, and progressive passing has been the link from defense to attack that the Herons’ missed in their first few games of the season. Against the Red Bulls, his technical skills and knack for finding pockets of space saw him end the game with four chances created.

Gregore – 7.3: Was solid the entire match. Picked up a yellow card which could’ve gone horribly wrong against a tricky Red Bull offense, but, he did well to manage that and was the ideal single pivot to stop any attacks.

Jean Mota – 8.2: Had his best game for Inter Miami. His passing range and defensive ability were on display. Ended the game with an 81% pass completion percentage and a whopping 16 recoveries.


Indiana Vassilev – 6.5: Didn’t have too much of an impact on the game, but his runs in behind the Red Bull defense did cause some problems.

Leonardo Campana – 6.7: Was largely isolated most of the match. Had a few touches here and there but nothing too convincing. Missed a wide-open chance to put the Herons up 2-0 in the first half, but made up for it with some playful technique.

Ariel Lassiter – 8.2: Has been in amazing form for Inter Miami. His goal against the Red Bulls was well taken and on his less dominant foot. His speed and dribbling were a nuisance to the Red Bull back line all night long.


Robbie Robinson – 6.7: Came on and had a couple of good looks. Did well to peel off the shoulder of defenders on the counter. Opened the game up well for Miami.

Robert Taylor – 7.3: Got the game-killing goal. Finally getting into full form for the Herons. His speed and technical ability threw the Red Bulls off balance.

Gonzalo Higuain – 7.1: Did very well off the bench. Showed some hustle and combined well with Ulloa and Taylor to get the second goal:

Victor Ulloa – 7: Was lively and plugged the gaps in the midfield well as the Red Bulls pushed for a goal. Did nicely to slot it over to Taylor to get the goal.

Aime Mabika – (n/a): Didn’t have too many touches, but it’s a welcomed sight to see the big man back on the field for Inter Miami.


Phil Neville – 8.5: His best-coached game for Inter Miami so far. The tactics were spot on, the personnel was correct, and his substitutions won the game. Neville has put on an impressive string of results that has seen Miami shoot up into playoff contention. The team is much more balanced, tactically aware of their jobs on the pitch, and attacking with more conviction.