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Scouting Report: How Can Inter Miami Improve In The Summer? Part One

Inter Miami is in a transition phase.

After botching the roster build in their first season, they’ve spent the last two years trying to fix those mistakes.

With Chris Henderson at the helm, the South Florida club has transformed into a hard-working team that hits their opposition on the counter.  However, there still is plenty of room for improvement.

This summer will be a potential game changer for The Herons:

As Inter Miami pushes for a playoff spot, the more reinforcements that the front office can bring in, the better.

Below is a compiled list of players that could help Miami as they take those first steps to the next level. Not all of these selections are necessarily DP-caliber players, but they fit the personnel Miami needs at the moment.

In part one of this two-part series, we’ll be focusing on creative central midfielders. Attacking midfielders will be added in the following weeks leading up to the opening of MLS’ Secondary Transfer Window on July 7th.

Without further ado, here are several players that can help strengthen Inter Miami’s squad.

Creative Central Midfielders

Miami’s midfield has improved significantly over the last few months, but, it’s not perfect. The trio of Duke, Gregore, and Mota have done well, but Miami if wants to get to the next level they’ll need more of an impact at the number 8 position. A player who can comfortably go box to box while supporting the attack will give Neville some more tactical flexibility.

Here are three central midfielders that fit that criterion:

1. Benjamin Bourigeaud, age 28 – Stade Rennais F.C

Bourigeaud is a silky central midfielder that is a bit of a swiss army knife. He can play just as well on the wing as he can through the middle. The Frenchman is excellent on the ball and has phenomenal vision and spatial awareness. He loves to switch the point of attack with his long passing range and fancies plenty of balls in behind the defense to get runners into scoring positions:

A mezzala type of player, the 28-year-old can play as a left or right winger, which will be advantageous to Neville and his coaching staff seeing as they love players who can play in multiple positions.

Bourigeaud is no slouch in defense either. Being a number 8 requires a player to be strong in tackles as well, something that he can do flawlessly:

Bourigeaud is an offensive menace.

He’s in the 92nd percentile of shot-creating actions vs all attacking midfielders/wingers in Ligue 1. He’s also in the 95th percentile for progressive passes:

The Frenchman would be a standout addition to Miami’s midfield with his high work rate and ability to play across several positions.

2. Jordan Ferri, age 30 – Montpellier HSC

A slightly different type of midfielder, Ferri is more of a tough tackling deep-lying playmaker with a touch of elegance.

The Frenchman is a little on the older side, but that doesn’t mean his qualities have diminished. The former France international has an eye for a long ball which would suit Miami’s route one, over-the-top style:

He’s also adept at winning the ball back quickly and launching his team on the counter, something that The Herons do often:

He’s technically gifted in tight space and has a low enough center of gravity to keep the ball close to his feet. Inter Miami has struggled to keep possession for most games this season. Ferri’s ability with the ball would help Neville and his coaching staff gain a bit more control centrally:

Though he does play deeper, Ferri’s skillset would bring some calmness to Miami’s midfield.

2. Branco van den Boomen, age 26 – Toulouse FC

Branco van den Boomen is a 6’3 central midfielder that’s a powerful set piece specialist. Throughout the season Inter Miami has not settled on a set piece taker. With van den Boomen’s skillset, their worries would be put to bed:

The 26-year-old has a wicked whip to his crosses which saw him rack up a whopping 21 assists in the 21/22 season.

Being on the taller side, van den Boomen’s height will give Inter Miami an advantage through the middle and provide them more physicality in the trenches. But, that doesn’t take away from his ability to play quickly and get his teammates the ball when they’re in ideal field position:

The Dutchman would be an interesting piece in Miami’s midfield. Having a player as tall as him next to Mota and Gregore would intriguing to see – especially with his skillset.

In part two, we’ll look at potential attacking midfielders that could help give some more creativity in the center of the pitch.

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