How Florida’s NFL teams are shaping up

Florida is famous for many things ranging from being home to tourist hotspots like Disney World and the Kennedy Space Centre, but the Sunshine State is just as famous for its sport. It has national teams for everything from football to hockey. Perhaps the best known are its three NFL teams:-


The Miami Dolphins, with a home base at Hard Rock Stadium in the northern suburb of Miami Gardens, Florida, play in the East division. They are the oldest professional sports team in the state. The Jacksonville Jaguars, owned by Shahid Khan and based at TIAA Bank Fields in Jacksonville, Florida, play in the South division. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are based in Tampa, also compete in the South division. 


All three Florida-based teams are super popular with NFL betters in the state, and when the NFL season is underway there is not much else talk on the street, as betting online becomes the favorite past-time and bets pile in over who will make it to the playoffs, or better yet, the Super Bowl.


As the 2020 NFL season prepares to get underway, players are all fired up to kickstart the season on the right footing. This season there is a new playoff format that will include 14 teams in the post-season tournament, instead of the usual 12. For now, it’s anyone’s game and sports enthusiasts are lining up to place their bets on who will make it to the playoffs and ultimately take away the crown. 


Historically, the Dolphins have the best track record of the three Florida teams. But after a hugely successful spate in the 70s and early 80s, they have had a bit of a dry spell in more recent years. They made it to the playoffs a few times since, just falling short of bringing home the trophy. They have made a few changes to the team this off season, adding more talent which could make all the difference to their chances. And with Coach Brian Flores firing them up, they have as much as a chance as any. Their first game of the season is only days away against the New England Patriots. The outcome will give fans a better idea of the team’s future direction.


The Bucs, who were established in 1976, made it to the playoffs several times previously between the late 70s and early 80s before finally winning the Super Bowl in 2002. But, they have had a tough few years since 2008, failing to make it to the playoffs. However, they renowned for being persistent and putting up a good fight. They recently snatched up big names like Tom Brady from the Patriots. Out of the three Florida teams, the Buccaneers are said to have the best chances of turning things around this season, despite a few bumps in the road in 2019. The Bucs will face off against the New Orleans Saints the same day as Miami goes up against the Patriots. 


Established in 1995, the Jaguars may not be the oldest or most established team in the state, but they have their eye firmly on the prize. They fell short of making it to the Super Bowl in 2017 when they narrowly lost out to the New England Patriots. With a bit of a rejig to the team this season it is possible they could make it to the post-season with a bit of hard work and sweat. The team is also said to be signing former Bucs running back Dare Ogunbowale in the countdown to the season kickoff. They also have some young wide receivers who could help push things along against some of the team’s weaker competitors in the South division.


The bets are on as to which of Florida’s teams will be the front runner for the playoffs. For now, it’s anyone’s game in pro football until the teams test out their new lineups. In the meantime, fans are bracing themselves for some excited games on the field and hoping that one of the Florida trio will make their state proud.

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