How To Get Into An Outdoor Sport As An Adult

In our society today, there are so many distractions that it can be hard to find the time and energy to get into an outdoor sport. Between work, family obligations, and social activities, there’s just no room left in our schedules for anything else. And even if we could carve out some time for exercise, most of us would rather spend that time indoors, where we’re more comfortable and familiar with the surroundings.


But what if I told you that getting into an outdoor sport as an adult doesn’t have to be complicated? Plenty of sports can be enjoyed in a concise amount of time without sacrificing too much of our busy schedules. Here are just a few ideas on how to get into an outdoor sport as an adult:


1. Take a Class or Join a Group

One of the best ways to ease into an outdoor sport is to take a class or join a group. This way, you’ll have the support of others who are also learning, and you’ll be able to ask questions and get feedback from more experienced members. There are classes and groups available, so research to find one that fits your interests and schedule.


If you love Golf, find a group that enjoys playing golf in your area. Some of these might already exist through your work or social networks. If you’re a first-timer, click here to learn how to ace that first golf game. Golf is a great social sport too.


2. Go at Your Own Pace

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to be the next Michael Jordan or Serena Williams to enjoy an outdoor sport. One of the best things about playing sports as an adult is that you can go at your own pace and difficulty level. If you’re starting, there’s no need to push yourself too hard – take it easy and focus on having fun. You can challenge yourself a bit more as you get more comfortable and confident.


3. Find a Local Event

Another great way to get into an outdoor sport is to find a local event that you can participate in. This could be anything from a 5K race to a day-long hike or even an overnight camping trip. There are usually plenty of events happening throughout the year, so do a quick search online or ask around for ideas. And if you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to an entire event, see if there’s a way you can volunteer instead. This is a great way to dip your toe in the water and see if you like it before making any major commitments.

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4. Find a Buddy

One of the best ways to enjoy an outdoor sport is to find a buddy to join you. Having someone to explore with can make the experience more enjoyable and even help you stay motivated. And it’s always nice to have someone to rely on in emergencies.


So if you’re looking for someone to join you on your next hike, try asking a friend or family member. Or post a message on social media or an online forum to see if anyone in your area is interested in joining you.


5. Make it a Social Event

Another great way to enjoy an outdoor sport is to make it a social event. This is especially true if you don’t enjoy exercising alone. Invite some friends or family members to join you for a game of tennis, a round of golf, or a hike in the woods. You’ll be able to catch up with each other while getting some exercise at the same time.


And if you’re struggling to get motivated, try signing up for a race or competition. The added pressure of training for an event can help you stick to your exercise routine. And the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when you cross the finish line will be well worth the effort.


6. Set Some Goals

If you want to get into an outdoor sport, setting some goals can help you stay on track. Decide what you want to achieve, and then create a plan to help you get there. For instance, if you’re going to hike the Appalachian Trail, start by researching the trail and mapping out a tentative plan. Then begin training by hiking shorter trails close to home. As you get in better shape, you can gradually increase the difficulty of your hikes until you’re finally ready to tackle the Appalachian Trail.


So there you have it – six tips to help you get into an outdoor sport as an adult. Just remember to go at your own pace, dress for success, find a buddy, make it a social event, and set some goals. With a little effort, you’ll be enjoying the great outdoors in no time.

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