Miami Hurricanes won’t bring in Alonzo Highsmith for role

This is a missed opportunity for the Miami Hurricanes.

Any thoughts about Alonzo Highsmith returning to the Miami Hurricanes football program have been put to bed. According to a tweet from Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the door is closed for a Highsmith-Miami reunion.

Highsmith is currently the director of player personnel with the Cleveland Browns. As Jackson also notes, the University of Miami did not have any interest in hiring him, or anyone for a GM-type of role. The GM-type of role was proposed by a key trustee. Highsmith did talk to Diaz and athletic director Blake James about the potential role. The conversation never left its initial stages.

A stellar career for the Miami Hurricanes

Highsmith played four seasons at the University of Miami from 1983-1986. In total, he carried the ball 387 times for 1,873 yards and 18 touchdowns. His best season came in his sophomore year. He played in 12 games, carrying the ball 146 times for 906 yards and nine touchdowns. As he progressed later into his Miami career, he also became a very adept receiving back. He averaged 13.6 yards per reception in 1985 and 13.9 yards per reception in 1986. He was an extremely talented all-around back.

It’s interesting that an offer was never made. Highsmith could have helped the program. He was definitely a key part of the Miami past. Being a director of player personnel, he could offer a lens that others in the organization probably couldn’t. The fact that talks couldn’t even get off the ground is rather interesting and a little disappointing.

As Miami enters the 2020 season, changes may still need to be made. It will be interesting to see what the program does to make those changes. However, they certainly missed the mark with this one. Hopefully, they can find somebody who will be able to add value and a helpful eye into the program.

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