Does It Make Sense For Miami To Bring in Harry Giles?

Harry Giles is another big man option for Miami heading into this off-season for a couple of reasons.

He’s in that in-between stage right now, since he’s only 22 years old but he also has yet to truly prove himself. This means that I don’t believe that teams will be willing to give him a big deal, which means Miami has a shot.

Miami actually gave Harry Giles a look in the 2017 NBA draft, but many teams weren’t willing to take a chance on him due to the injury. But I’d say Miami’s draft selection ended up working out for the best.

Now that Miami is in search of a possible big to add to their roster, it seems as if Giles could be a viable option.

He is solid in basically every single area of his game, since he can rebound, defend, and score both around the rim and from the mid-range.

And even though I’ve discussed in the past that I don’t like the discussion of trying to find a fit for Bam Adebayo, it’s clear that they could play these two together.

He almost seems as if he could potentially be a Bam-lite, which would help this team out tremendously when he’s off the floor.

Obviously nobody can truly fill Bam’s shoes, but he can at least fill them somewhat. His ability to pass for his size was on display this season, and he actually ran a bunch of offensive sets in the spots that Bam does since he has the ability to put the ball on the floor like a point guard.

The issue when Bam went out in the Finals was that nobody could step up and do what Bam does. It’s possible for players to do what Goran Dragic does scoring wise, but you just can’t reiterate a player’s game when they do absolutely everything on the court.

It seems like a pretty ideal option for Miami to get this type of player this off-season, but once again they have so many options. And this one may not be the most realistic since he could potentially get more money elsewhere.

But there’s not a better place for Harry Giles to build up his reputation than with this Heat team.

I believe that Miami could give him a look if other possible signings and re-signings don’t work out.

Miami’s Hunt for a Big Man Isn’t Predicated Around A Fit for Bam Adebayo

The big talk of both free agency and the NBA draft for the Miami Heat is just trying to fill some holes in their roster.

One of the most important holes that needs to be filled is a big man who can grab them some rebounds and protect the rim a bit.

Something I have noticed though, is that people are getting too hung up on finding a perfect fit to play with Bam Adebayo, and I just don’t believe that’s a worry in the Miami Heat’s eyes.

For one, if Miami grabs a big man in this draft, they’re getting him to sub in for Bam to bring a spark to their center position. They’re not going to be starting this draft selection next to him right away.

Of course the hope is that the selection turns into the starting center of this team, but that is not the direction this team is going. They’re trying to win now.

I understand finding a fit for Bam when discussing free agency, since that starting position can be plugged in immediately. Obviously guys like Serge Ibaka and Danilo Gallinari would be starting right away. But if they grabbed someone such as Aron Baynes or Tristan Thompson, it does not mean they have to play together, since that type of pick-up would be used as a bench role.

And not many should worry about players fitting in with Bam anyways, since Bam makes everybody on the floor better. Jae Crowder, Meyers Leonard, and Kelly Olynyk all shined in their minutes this year when they played next to Bam Adebayo, and not to discredit any of these talented players, but that’s what I like to call the Bam effect.

If Miami was to look at Vernon Carey Jr in this draft, which I believe is very possible, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad pick because he’s not a great shooter from distance and can’t play next to Bam. That would actually just further prove that they’re going to get that extra piece for this team, such as a Jrue Holiday, which means all they need is a trusted back-up center to give them a boost without Bam.

The Miami Heat are finding pieces to compete for an NBA title once again next season, not build for the future.

The time is now and they know it, which is why this “fitting” topic doesn’t mean much to them.

Is LaMarcus Aldridge A Good Fit for the Miami Heat?

There have been some rumblings about the possibility of LaMarcus Aldridge being traded to the Miami Heat.

There’s not much to dive into about contract stuff, since he’s going into the last year of his deal. I’ve discussed what that means to Miami in past articles when dealing with a guy with an expiring contract. But what I want to look at now is how he would fit with this current team.

To start off, when the Spurs were shopping Aldridge before the deadline, they saw Miami as a possible destination for him, which makes this more interesting.

The Miami Heat were one of the best three point shooting teams this past season, even with two starters that were not three point shooters.

And even though Miami seemed to be pretty dominant throughout the playoffs, teams were constantly trying to eliminate their threes. That obviously led to Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo attacking the basket.

Something I mentioned during those stretches was that Miami would need to begin to take the mid-range jumper. That is just something a three point shooting team must do to be successful. For instance, the Golden State Warriors took advantage of that mid-range when they were chased off of the three, which is why Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry improved in that area.

But what better way for Miami to improve that area than to get one of the best mid-range shooters in the game.

LaMarcus definitely gives a little flavor to Miami’s offense with that area of his game, but does he actually compliment Bam Adebayo?

I believe that Bam compliments Aldridge more than Aldridge compliments Bam. But that goes without saying since Bam compliments everybody.

Bam’s length and quickness on the defensive end could really help LaMarcus out on defense, since he’s been playing next to Jacob Poeltl, which means limited movement.

But Miami isn’t making a decision to help out LaMarcus Aldridge, they’re making a decision to help this Heat team.

And ultimately, I believe that he actually hurts Miami more than he helps them. Obviously he’s a savvy veteran who can find his spots on the floor, but I don’t believe that is what Miami needs right now.

They need a big that can stretch the floor with a respectable three ball, be active on the boards, and can protect the rim a bit. And clearly, you wouldn’t be getting that from Aldridge.

And since the league is becoming smaller and smaller by the year, you must have bigs who can at least move around. The speed of LaMarcus on the defensive end doesn’t seem to be enticing as well, which won’t be improving at the age of 35.

I do believe there’s a case to be made that he can help a bit, but I don’t think it’s the best fit, especially since there are so many options this off-season.

Miami is currently whale hunting, and I don’t believe that LaMarcus Aldridge is the biggest fish in the sea.

A Montrezl Harrell Miami Heat Signing Seems Unlikely, But Not Impossible

If you were asked to build a picture perfect Miami Heat big, he’d probably look a lot like Montrezl Harrell.

Montrezl is now heading into free agency this offseason with Miami looking for a similar big.

The reason I believe this is unlikely is because he’s 26 with an immense amount of upside. He should be looking for a 4 year deal since this is about that time for him to do that, but a one year deal with Miami is not out of the question.

Many believe that if he was to go the route of a one year deal, it would for sure be the Miami Heat.

Now, how would this fit be for this upcoming season?

For starters, the reason he’s a picture perfect Heat player is because he brings the type of intensity and physicality that Miami usually likes. And he’s had that motor since he played for Louisville in college. Being selected 32nd overall also proves he’s been doubted much like these Miami Heat players were.

Miami has struggled on the boards, which is why there’s been so much discussion about possible bigs, but Montrezl is the physical rebounder Miami may need. He’s only 6’7 but obviously rebounds and plays much bigger.

He’s also a force on the block, which may be good for Miami to have that big man activity down low, and allow Bam to dictate the offense. If he would be able to work the post a lot, that would open up Miami’s shooting even more.

His defensive versatilities are obvious as well, but his shot blocking abilities and strength against bigs could once again allow Bam to roam around the perimeter.

This Bam and Montrezl duo would truly be an exciting one, since they’re both emerging bigs with totally opposite skill-sets.

Obviously though, this signing would not be likely as mentioned previously, since there’s a good chance somebody will offer him a 4 year deal. I believe a lower tiered team will throw a huge deal at him this off-season, that he just wouldn’t be able to deny.

But once again, due to the crafty front office of the Miami Heat, anything is possible.


Is Serge Ibaka the Best Big Man Option For This Heat Team?

There are a bunch of possible options for Miami to take a look at in free agency, when discussing possible big men to pair with Bam Adebayo. And the more you look into it, the more Serge Ibaka makes sense.

It truly seems as if all of Serge’s strengths are the things that can help Bam out. For one, Serge has a very respectable three ball, which gives Bam the spacing that he needs. He’s also a great offensive rebounder and shot blocker, which are two things that would be great to take a bit of weight off of Bam’s shoulders. And third, he’s a player that thrives with his back to the basket, which is obviously the opposite of what Bam likes to do.

Bam also fills a bunch of holes in Ibaka’s game, most importantly the play-making side of things. He hasn’t been the best play-maker throughout his career, and it’s clear with Bam that’s not an issue.

Serge Ibaka ran most of his offense through the pick and roll in Toronto this season, but he had some of his most inefficient numbers through that. And since Bam is one of the league’s best screen setters, that’s also not an issue.

Either way, let’s take a deeper look at how he helps Miami right now.


The spacing on the floor is what stands out most when discussing Serge, since he can stretch the floor and allow Bam to run the offense from the elbow. One of the main reasons the starting lineup with Meyers Leonard worked so well was that the offense ran so fluid due to spacing. So imagine replacing Meyers Leonard with the same type of floor spacer, but who can rebound and defend.

The spacing does not just improve because Serge can shoot the three ball, it’s also because he has a great feel for the game. He knows how to find dead-spots in the offense, usually right outside of the paint on the baseline. This spacing once again means that Bam can continue to utilize his spots at the free thow line, with the option of dishing it low to Ibaka for a layup.

His touch around the rim allows him to utilize his floater in the paint area, which is something he usually goes to off of the pick and roll. All of these things just show that he can really help their offensive flow, which isn’t even the reason for adding him to the team.

Offensive Rebounding

Serge definitely brings rebounding on the defensive end as well, but the offensive rebounds stand out more. He’s one of the best bigs in the league with put-backs and activity around the rim. That’s also a game changer when thinking about the Los Angeles Lakers match-up in the finals when offensive rebounding was an issue. If you had Serge on the floor, that might’ve forced Dwight Howard to play more minutes, which would’ve been beneficiary for Miami.

One of the major keys as well when discussing rebounders is giving their team extra possessions. One way to do that is by being able to utilize tap outs. Serge is very crafty with doing that, which consequently allowed Toronto many extra possessions.

And most of the time when he would grab an offensive rebound or attempt a put-back, he’d end up at the free throw line. Getting opposing bigs in foul trouble could become crucial, due to the fact that Miami would have a major height advantage with these two talented bigs.


As mentioned before, Bam does not feel comfortable with his back to the basket. And well, Serge Ibaka is a terrific post-player who likes to play physical. And it’s clear that Miami likes players who play physical. I believe Miami could run a lot of things through him in the post when Bam Adebayo is on the bench.

And as mentioned previously, he wasn’t great this year off the pick and roll. But something I noticed down the stretch of the season, is that he would dribble the ball once and get into post position every time after rolling to the basket. That’s because he has the ability to get to his spots that he feels comfortable. This led to the pick and roll becoming much more efficient.

This gives Miami’s play-makers a bunch of options between their bigs on pick and rolls. Bam can be the threat above the rim, while Serge can be the outside threat who can also get to his spot on the box.

Rim Protection

Serge may not be the same rim protector that he once was, but he’d still be a huge factor. Sometimes a rim protector shouldn’t be labeled as a guy who gets blocks, but instead a guy who forces misses around the rim. And that’s exactly what he does, since he’s very comfortable when defending around the rim. This also allows Bam to play even more perimeter defense, which is another positive aspect.

It would also be interesting to see how the zone defense would work with these two, because I believe that would be an absolute problem for opposing offenses. Bam continuing to run across the floor per usual when in the zone, but not having to worry about the paint as much. Serge also has the ability to be mobile when in the zone, which is something that could definitely be useful.

All of these things are just extra proponents of why this Serge Ibaka signing would be so great for Miami. Although there are a bunch of options, none of them seem to have the ability to fit in immediately on both sides of the floor. He’s clearly a Miami Heat type player, who knows what it takes to win.

If Miami could pull off this signing, this Heat team would be an absolute problem for opposing teams in the East this upcoming season.

A Long Shot Signing, But There’s Still A Shot

There has been a lot of speculation about what Miami can do this off-season via trades or free agent signings. A lot of big names have come up, but is that exactly what Miami needs right now?

A Christian Wood signing may seem a little unrealistic, but it’s not out of the picture.

For one, there’s a low chance that Detroit will let Christian walk, since he’s still evolving and has great upside. He will also be searching for a 3-year deal, which is something that Miami won’t look to offer. But once again, if there’s anyone that could pull it off, it’s the Miami Heat.

It’s also pretty obvious that the only young stars who get recognition are those on winning teams. Even guys like Karl-Anthony Towns and Devin Booker don’t get the recognition they deserve since they are on such low seeded teams. But Miami could fix that for Christian, since it seems as if winning is a priority right now…

The only issue that Christian seems to have is that he’s a bit scrawny for the center position. But what better team than the Miami Heat to get your body in the best possible shape.

He shares some similarities with Bam Adebayo, since he is 6’11 who plays like a guard at times. He’s an energetic force on both sides of the floor, who uses his length to his advantage. He’s also a good screen setter and floor spacer. This could definitely take some weight off of Bam’s shoulders.

And now to the Miami Heat’s point of view. Miami could clearly use another big, especially since Bam had such a burden throughout this run since nobody could replicate some of the things he does. And well, Christian could do some of those things, even stretching the floor to shoot the three ball. That also means that Miami could insert both of them into the starting lineup, which also deepens Miami’s depth.

If Miami had a Christian Wood to come off the bench in game six of the NBA finals when Bam was struggling, I have no doubt that Miami would’ve pushed it to seven.

And his story seems a little familiar to a couple of Heat players…

Obviously this is all speculation, but he could just fill so many holes on this current Heat roster. And once again, Detroit letting him walk does not seem like a viable option for them.

Miami may not need a home-run signing right now. Instead a guy like Christian Wood may be the better fit.

The Game that Showcased the Miami Heat’s Full Potential

59 seconds on the clock.

Down 117-111.

Trae Young just proclaimed the game over.

But was it?

The answer is no, because it’s never over when you have the amount of firepower that the Miami Heat have on this roster.

A Duncan Robinson and Jimmy Butler three sent the game to overtime, which was the beginning of a 22-0 run.

Bam Adebayo and Duncan Robinson exploded in overtime to give Miami a win.

Not only did this game show what this Heat team can do as a team, it was also a game that showcased many player’s personal abilities.

Bam Adebayo achieved his first career triple-double, while scoring 30 points for the first time in his career.

Jimmy Butler also put up a triple-double, grabbing a career high 18 rebounds.

Duncan Robinson scored a career high 34 points, knocking down 10 threes.

Kendrick Nunn also with a career high 36 points.

This was just the beginning of what these guys are truly capable of doing. This was the first game that Bam showed his full offensive package, and obviously he still has room to improve. It was also the moment that people realized he has the ability to take over a game if needed, which is what he did in overtime. And it’s also what he did throughout Miami’s playoff run.

That Jimmy Butler triple-double wasn’t really out of the norm, since he began to do that on a regular basis in the finals. Grabbing 18 rebounds though is impressive in itself, especially since he emphasized on rebounding so much against the Los Angeles Lakers.

This also put a stamp on the shooting excellence of Duncan Robinson, since it’s not everyday that a player makes 10 threes in a game. But since so many other guys were clicking on that night, it opened up the floor for him.

And of course Kendrick Nunn. This was when Kendrick was playing at Rookie of the Year levels, since his scoring abilities were off the charts. Obviously some of the lows throughout these playoffs made some people forget about this, but it’s clear he has the ability to do it. He began to show some glimpses in the Finals, but this game was the beginning of the increase in his value.

And this was on a night where Tyler Herro scored 0 points, which may be more surprising than any of the other player’s records.

It also showed that this team was full of a bunch of dogs, who are hungry to win. After seeing their will to win in this game approximately 10 months ago, it isn’t surprising what Miami did in the playoffs.

This team is full of young and evolving talent, which is why it’ll be very interesting how much they improve by the start of the 2021 season.

The Jimmy Butler-Paul George Debate is Over, But Now There’s a New One

There has been an ongoing debate for a while now about Jimmy Butler and Paul George. Both are two-way guys that are top players in the league. But it seems as if one of those guys may have set themselves apart.

After the Los Angeles Clippers meltdown in the Western Conference Semi-Finals, where they blew a 3-1 lead against the Denver Nuggets, it was clear that Paul George would take some heat.

It also didn’t help his case that Jimmy Butler took his team on an incredible run to the finals, stepping up when it really mattered, which is what has continually been in question when discussing Paul George.

Now that this debate is pretty much settled, it seems as if there’s a new one to discuss.

Bam Adebayo has proved himself once again in this playoff run, and it seems as if there is more similarities between these two, than Jimmy Butler and Paul George.

Paul George averaged 2 more points in the playoffs this season, while Bam averaged 4 more rebounds. Both of these guys were second options on their respective teams, but only one stepped up when it really mattered.

And it’s obvious that Bam Adebayo is the textbook definition of a two-way guy, since his energy is contagious on both sides of the floor.

Paul George had a better regular season than Bam Adebayo statistically, but that’s clear since that is when Paul George does most of his damage.

Bam Adebayo, on the other hand, is a proven winner who will be a handful for opposing playoff match-ups for many years to come.

It’ll be interesting to see where the majority of people rank these guys in the top players in the league, but for it to be this close with Bam being 7 years younger than Paul is absolutely insane.

Jimmy Butler proved his placing among the top players in the league, and it’s only a matter of time for Bam to do so as well.

Top 5 Moments from the Miami Heat’s Playoff Run

This Miami Heat playoff run was filled with historical performances and plays in some of the biggest games. Here are the five best moments from this stretch…

Number 5:

Bam Adebayo’s 32/14/5 in the Closeout Game Over Boston

The Miami Heat were up 3-2 in the series against the Boston Celtics, and had to play an intense game six. Many proclaimed this game as a must win for Miami, which seems ridiculous due to the amount of talent on this roster. But when Miami needed a big game, Bam Adebayo showed up big. His stat-line in this closeout win is clearly impressive, putting up 32 points, 14 rebounds, and 5 assists, but that doesn’t even explain what he did. He took over down the stretch of that game, proving that he can be the best player on the floor when he wants to be. A huge And-1 late in the fourth quarter gave Miami a huge boost to send them to the finals, which was an outstanding performance from Bam.

Number 4:

Jimmy Butler Game Winning Free Throws Over Milwaukee

The Miami Heat faced off against the Milwaukee Bucks in game two of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, which was a wild finish. The game was tied with four seconds left, and Jimmy Butler got fouled on a baseline jump-shot with zero seconds on the clock. And who better to put on the line than the cool, calm, and collected Jimmy Butler, which led to him sinking both of them to go up 2-0. Not only was this an amazing play for Jimmy Butler, it was an insane finish from a viewers perspective. This was a huge moment in the series, which led to Miami winning in five.

Number 3:

Tyler Herro’s 37 Point Game Against Boston

This absolutely amazing game from Tyler Herro was impressive for a couple of reasons. For one, he’s 20 years old taking over a game completely, that involves Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum. Nobody could stop or match Tyler Herro’s offensive play, especially since he was doing it from everywhere on the floor. Another reason it was so impressive was that he did it so efficiently. He shot 14 for 21 from the field and 5 for 10 from three. It’s not everyday that a rookie scores 37 points in an Eastern Conference Finals game, which is why it’s the third best play of the postseason.

Number 2:

Jimmy Butler’s 40 Point Triple-Double in Finals

This game was just a clear representation of who Jimmy Butler is. A winner. He showed that he can play a certain way throughout the entire season, but turn it on when need be. For starters, scoring 40 points along with 11 rebounds and 13 assists in a finals game is absolutely insane. But what made it more special was that he did it without his co-pilots, in Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic. He also had to do it against two of the five best players in the world. This was a perfect example of putting a team on your back to try and get a win. This game also gave Jimmy Butler the respect from national people that everyone else has known for a while now.

Number 1:

Bam Adebayo’s Game Saving Block On Jayson Tatum

And no surprise here, one of greatest defensive plays in Miami Heat postseason history, which there’s a debate it could be number one. Just to focus on the play itself, a block to win a game is outstanding in itself. But doing it on a dunk attempt, which you use your off hand is on another level. And then to think of the stage that it’s on. Not many people have the ability to make that type of play physically, but Bam Adebayo is just a freak of nature. This block gave Miami a 1-0 lead in the series, and also gave Bam the notoriety that is much deserved. Some even began to talk about Bam as a rim protector, but clearly he is much more than that. This play is clearly the number one play of Miami’s hisorical playoff run.

A Journey through the NBA Bubble: A Miami Heat Playoff Run

There were a lot of question marks next to the July 30th NBA return date for multiple reasons. For one, Covid-19 is effecting lives each and every day, so players had to make a decision to pack it up and leave their families. It also felt like basketball wasn’t important at the moment, due to the social injustice that were going on in our country. And lastly, players didn’t know how safe or realistic a bubble situation really was.

There were even more question marks next to this Miami Heat team heading in. Nobody really turning their heads towards this team or giving them any credit. But that’s exactly how they wanted it.

In mid-July, this Heat team was preparing to take that 3-hour bus ride all the way up to Orlando. Only one problem. Miami was facing their own Covid issues.

Bam Adebayo and Kendrick Nunn tested positive for the Corona virus, which put even more unknown on this team. Not only about the timeline of these guys, but how the virus could affect them going forward.

They did indeed battle through, arriving to the bubble late, but just in time for the first game of their 8 regular season games.

Erik Spoelstra’s rotation decision was then put on blast in the first game of the season. He decided to take Meyers Leonard out of the rotation, even though that starting lineup was the most effective lineup in the entire NBA.

Miami ended up going 3-5 through those eight regular season games, ultimately dropping them down to the 5 spot in the East, to play the Indiana Pacers in the first round.

Many were picking the Indiana Pacers to beat Miami for a bunch of reasons. TJ Warren was just coming off an outstanding run through his first eight games, looking like he can’t be stopped. But that was before he had Jimmy Butler matched up with him.

Goran Dragic took the reigns of this Heat offense, scoring 23 points a game in the first round against Indiana, leading Miami to a 4-0 sweep against the four seed.

But then it was time to move on to play the best team in the NBA with MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo. It was clear that Miami had some advantages over this Bucks team, since they matched up with them so well throughout the season.

Miami continued their defensive plan by throwing a bunch of guys at Giannis, and it clearly worked. Jimmy Butler set the tone early in this series with an insane game two finish, after he got fouled with zero seconds on the clock, and hit the game winning free throws. They took a 3-0 lead over the one seed, and then Giannis went down early in game four. Milwaukee battled through to give them a win behind the heroics of Khris Middleton, but Jimmy Butler and company closed it out in five.

Now Miami is on to the Eastern Conference Finals, to play a very young and talented Boston Celtics group. And thus was the emergence of Bam Adebayo. An incredible game one finish, where Bam Adebayo met Jayson Tatum at the rim on a dunk attempt to win the game. He took over the series on both ends of the floor, even though the Bam and Theis match-up was considered a “wash.” He averaged 22 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 assists a game in the Eastern Conference Finals.

And in the most pivotal game in the series, where Boston could’ve tied it up 2-2, a 20 year old rookie rose up to the occasion. Tyler Herro dropped 37 points in game four, putting this Miami Heat team up 3-1. They closed out the series in game six, getting this Heat team to an NBA finals.

Now they’re on to face a familiar face in LeBron James. Many story-lines were discussed heading into this one, but ultimately there is only one goal. After some tough sequences in game one, the Miami Heat lost both Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic to injury. When that occurred, many said it’s an obvious sweep and there’s no point of tuning in.

And well, think again.

Jimmy Butler knew he had to step up and be the guy that he’s very capable of being. Miami went down 2-0, but never doubt the guy that’s been doubted his whole entire life. Jimmy Butler got Miami a win in game three, putting up a stat line of 40 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists in one of the best individual performances this league has seen. And that wasn’t the end of that hungry Jimmy Butler.

After Miami went down 3-1, Jimmy scored 35 points, along with 12 rebounds and 11 assists, to send LeBron James and the Lakers a message that they’re not going away without a fight.

Miami ended up losing the finals series in six games, which was a tough way to go out in a historical playoff run.

This run proved a lot of things for this Heat team.

Jimmy Butler is a straight up winner who hasn’t gotten the respect that he absolutely deserves.

Bam Adebayo’s ceiling is just unknown, since he seems to be getting better and better by the day.

Tyler Herro is doing things at 20 years old that many players have only dreamed of doing.

Erik Spoelstra once again proved his coaching excellence.

The players continually talk about the dogs in that locker room, and this run further proved that. The adversity that this group had to face to get to this point is second to none.

But now it’s time to look forward.

As Jimmy Butler said after their game six loss, “Now I need to win them one next year.”

And with the evolving players that he has beside him after getting this playoff experience, there’s a good chance he could win them one next year.