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The Pros & Cons of Becoming a College Athlete

College athletes belong to a special category of students. They are followed and admired by many people. Girls and boys who play in college teams are extremely popular in college. It seems that nothing can darken the taste of fame. However, like any other thing, being a college athlete has its virtues and downsides. Let’s see what they are exactly. 

The perks of being an athlete in college

They are obvious, actually. Lots of students do not want to play sports in college because they believe it affects their studies badly. In some way, they are right, of course. However, now, you can always use a fax app or other ways of communication to be in touch with other students, as well as your professors. Just Fax from iPhone your coursework or essay or whatever you may need to share with your tutor. It saves plenty of time and helps you study to the fullest while playing sports. 

All modern students wonder how to fax from an iPhone because it really helps them in their studying process. If you are concerned about your academic progress while playing sports, it’s enough to just fax via iPhone whenever you may need it. Athletes are often competing in other cities and have no time to submit their papers and homework. Faxing is the latest technology that solves that problem. 

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  • A chance to become a part of big sports

Recruiters of various famous teams are constantly looking for good athletes in colleges. They observe all school and college competitions to select the most successful players. No matter whether you are playing football, basketball, or prefer swimming, a college team can be a great start for big sports. If you wonder how to become a college athlete, the answer would be to just go for it. 

Being recruited to a great sports team is a very good chance. However, it requires a lot of hard work and effort. Simple wishes and talent are not enough at all. Therefore, if you plan to enter sports for a long time and become a well-paid popular athlete in the future, be prepared to work for it. 

  • Fame

All boys and girls crave college athletes and there is no secret to it. When you are a team leader and a successful player on your college team, you know that you will be one of the most popular boys or girls in college. Everyone will talk about you and want to be your friend. Constant fame and attention are integral parts of every college athlete’s life. Therefore, the best way to gain girls’ attention for any guy in college is to play sports. You have a chance to date the most beautiful cheerleaders ever. 

  • Professors’ indulgences

Athletes do not have a lot of time to devote to their studies. It won’t be possible to combine being a diligent student and the best athlete in your college. You need to set priorities. Either you’re the most successful student or the best sportsman. There is no other option. However, it does not mean you cannot study well while playing sports. Professors respect people who work hard to make their college famous.

While being an athlete, you can always count on indulgences from professors. They will be patient with your delays and always try to give you better grades than you may deserve. This is one of the best sides of playing sports in college successfully. Of course, it works only when you are a successful player who upholds the honor of the college well.

The downsides of playing sports in college

Being a college athlete is undeniably great. It opens plenty of opportunities you could never see without it. However, there are a few shortcomings of such a path. Here they are. 

  • It affects your academic success

Playing sports almost professionally doesn’t improve your academic success but vice versa. You miss some lectures and lessons, do not submit homework on time, and fail to do many things other students manage to do. You cannot be a great student and a great sports player simultaneously. 

Therefore, if you plan to kill two birds with one stone, forget about it. Put up with lower academic results when being a great college athlete. However, you can always recall how to fax from iPhone to catch up with the program and be in touch with your professor whenever it is necessary. 

  • Health issues

Plenty of sports are tough. You are almost a professional player who works hard, trains every single day, and doesn’t have a lot of rest. Sometimes, you are deprived of those casual things other students enjoy every day. Traumas are frequent when it comes to sports, so be prepared for that. Sports make you healthier but they also may cause some health issues. 

Being an athlete in college is very popular and has both benefits and drawbacks. It is up to you which path to choose.