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Why Shane Burgos signing with the PFL is a win for All Fighters

When Shane Burgos signed with the PFL, it seemed like it was going to be just another UFC fighter crossing over to “MMA’s League”. But Shane Burgos makes for a unique case for multiple reasons, and for those reasons, his signing with the PFL could open doors for many more fighters in the future. The reason that Shane Burgos is a unique case because he is still in his prime, he was a ranked UFC contender, and he’s coming off a win streak with a chance to make more money. 

Shane Burgos entered the UFC at 7-0 with all of his wins coming by finish. He was still very young at 25 years old and had an extensive amateur career in which he was also undefeated. He was able to secure 4 “Fight of the Night” bonuses during his 11 fights in the UFC and has only taken losses to top ranked opponents. Add to that experience with the fact that he is only 31 years old in the prime of his career makes him a very dangerous contender in the upcoming PFL Season.

For Shane to leave on a win, in the prime of his career makes him different from guys like Rory MacDonald and Anthony Pettis. For both of those guys, they have already either fought for UFC gold or became UFC Champions in their tenure with the UFC. For guys like the 2021 PFL Light Heavyweight Champion Antonio Carlos Jr. and 2022 Playoff Contender Chris Wade, they were cut by the UFC and didn’t even have a chance to negotiate contracts with them. By going to the PFL, Shane opens the door for more contenders in the UFC to maximize their pay by going to the PFL and other promotions. 

The PFL presents a unique opportunity with their season style format and the million dollar tournament. Having fights lined up for you as well as the opportunity to fight for a million dollars is something that many fighters under the current PFL banner has touted as one of the biggest benefits of being signed to the PFL. They have a big platform on ESPN and ESPN+ as well as they bring a very unique perspective on the sport of MMA. They also have the opportunity to make superfights and marquee matchups with the more names that come on over. Shane Burgos vs Anthony Pettis? Sign me up. 

Now why is this a win for all fighters? For a long time, the UFC has been the main stage for fighters to build their name on and make the most amount of money. Bellator has taken a few fighters such as Benson Henderson and others, but Shane is one of the first in the modern era to be in his position and do what he did.

This also allows the opportunity for other fighters to test free agency and look at the potential other doors that could be open and be a better opportunity. Shane speaks about having to go home and look at his two daughters and when it’s all said and done, this is a career for many people, so when a door that is opened financially for one fighter, that door will remain open again when the opportunity arises.



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Errol Spence Jr. vs Danny Garcia Main Card Pick & Predictions

Main Event: Errol Spence Jr. vs Danny Garcia for WBC & IBF Welterweight Title 


Pick: Errol Spence Jr

By: Decision

Fight Goes the Distance: Yes                                                                                                                                                                      

Breakdown: Errol Spence Jr. makes his long awaited return to face the tough Danny Garcia for both the WBC and the IBF Welterweight titles. On one side you have potentially the pound for pound greatest boxer today in Spence Jr. taking on a very game Danny Garcia who’s only two losses have come versus Shawn Porter and Keith Thurman, two of the best in the division. Spence is a southpaw who likes to work behind his jab. He starts off with a jab to gauge distance, then proceeds to add to it with body hooks and then uses his footwork to back you into the corner. Garcia has that excellent counter left hook, which will be interesting to see if he is able to figure out the puzzle of Errol. Garcis is undoubtedly a great fighter however it seems like the days of his prime are behind him. His last two fights have shown that he still has the ability to get the win and his ring iq is very high, however, it’s a different game when you’re facing someone such as Errol Spence. He is too defensive and is way better at controlling distance and pace. What makes Errol one of the pound for pound greats is his striking diversity, while most other fighters look to headhunt, Errol prefers to keep you guessing which allows for more holes. We see this in his fight against Carlos Ocampo when in the first round he won with two perfectly placed body hooks. The ability for Errol to wear fighters down and get better as the fight goes on is one that gives him an edge. At times we have seen Garcia just look to bide his time and try to work just enough to get a decision win, instead of going for the kill. And sure that makes you get knocked out less but versus fighters whose volume is very high such as a Spence Jr, you cannot allow yourself to get behind in the cards and just look to throw 1 or 2 punches for every 5 or 6 from Spence Jr. If Garcia wants any chance to win this fight, he will need to start first early and often and get a lead on the scorecards. However with his excellent timing and distance management, look for Errol to outbox Garcia over the course of the fight and get this one by decision. 


Co-Main Event: Habib Ahmed vs. Sebastian Fundora

Pick: Sebastian Fundora

By: TKO Round 7

Fight Goes the Distance: No                                                                                                                                                                  

Breakdown: We have an interesting fight at welterweight when we will see Sebastian “The Towering Inferno” Fundora taking on Habib Ahmed in a Super Welterweight Title Eliminator in the co-main event. Sebastian is the way bigger fighter at a towering 6’6 compared to Ahmed’s 5’8. This fight is going to be very hard for Ahmed to win due to the fact that he will always be out of range when Fundora is in range. Fundora has great boxing abilities and the winner of this fight will get a shot at the Super Welterweight Champion. For Sebastian to win this fight, he will have to work the jab to continue to make Ahmed keep his distance. He will need to make sure that he avoids the counterpunches from Ahmed to win this. Look for Fundora to capitalize on Ahmed overextending himself to get into range. Fundora by TKO Late


Fight #3: Francisco Santana vs. Josesito Lopez

Pick: Josesito Lopez

By: Decision

Fight Goes the Distance: Yes 

Breakdown: Josesito Lopez does what more boxers should do. Regardless of his record, he continues to try and line up the best possible fight and continues to show his guts. Having faced Keith Thurman and Canelo Alvarez, He has great experience coming in. Santana Has not faced anyone at the level of Lopez nor has he shown the ability to get the win. Lopez has much better footwork and pace in the ring, whereas you will see Santana get sloppy and not be able to lead the dance. Look for Lopez to have a masterpiece in this fight where we will get to see him showcase his abilities and work in and out of range to get the win. 


Fight #4: Miguel Flores vs. Eduardo Ramirez

Pick: Eduardo Ramirez

By: Decision

Fight Goes the Distance: Yes 

Breakdown: Ramirez is coming in as the underdog in this fight, but watching his film, it shows that he is able to elevate himself to another level at times. He is a boxer that does carry some risk with his aggressiveness and volume at times, but if we see the best Eduardo Ramirez come in, it is likely we can see him take this fight. In the other corner, we have Miguel Flores who’s’ coming off of a loss vs Leo Santa Cruz. As we know, Santa Cruz is one of the greats at his weight so no shame in that loss. But we did not see the Miguel Flores that we wanted to see in that fight. He was slow and it was clear that the speed of Santa Cruz was too much. Look for Ramirez to dance around Flores and get the win in the cards. 


Parlay of the Week: Spence Jr., Fundora, Lopez


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Three Piece Picks: UFC Fight Night, Santos vs Texiera Card

Main Event: #1 Thiago Santos vs #3 Glover Texiera 


Pick: Thiago Santos

By: KO 

Round: 2nd Round

Breakdown: This fight will likely end up being the #1 contenders fight for the UFC Light Heavyweight belt. As of right now, Current LHW Champ Jan Blachowicz is looking like he will face Israel Adesanya. But if one of these fighters can make some real noise, ending the other one emphatically, they can bring the spotlight to themselves and try to get a shot at Jan. Thiago Santos is coming back off of a torn up knee in his valiant effort in a split decision loss to Jon Jones. Glover Texiera is coming in off of a comeback win against Anthony Smith where he dominated the latter rounds to score a win by TKO. Glover is an excellent technical fighter, he has good stand up, he able to take you down and he can submit you. But at he takes some time to start up, as where Santos comes out explosive at the start. With having advantages in all the striking stats, this one could end quick with the amount of power and explosiveness that he brings. He comes in guns blazing having 15 of his 21 wins come by KO/TKO many in the first and second round. Look for him to come out explosive with Texiera starting slow, and this one may end in spectacular fashion. 

Co-Main Event: Andrei ‘Pitbull’ Arlovski vs. Tanner ‘The Bulldozer’ Boser

Pick: Tanner Boser

By: Decision

Breakdown: Looking to have his first 3 fight win streak in the UFC, Tanner ‘The Bulldozer’ Boser is also looking to make a name off the former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei ‘Pitbull’ Arlovski. Tanner has won 3 of his 4 fights in the UFC and if he wins this one, he’s going to crack the top 20 and potentially secure a fight for a ranking. Andrei is coming in having gone 4-9 in his last 13 fights but he is still a great fighter at his age. The problem is that he’s going against someone that averages 1 extra strike per minute (Arlovski: 3.54 Boser:4.54) and who has defense is 5% better. Boser is finding his groove here in the UFC and facing someone like the 41 year old Arlovski who has 11 of his 19 of his losses come by KO/TKO. Look for Boser to come out and wear down the defense of Arlovski early and wear him down later in the fight. Arlovski is no wash with only having been only been KO/TKO’d twice over the last 4 years. The two guys to do it? Francis Ngannou and Jairzinho Rozenstruik, but who has not been knocked out by those guys? Boser will be able to land some strikes but the veteran sense of Arlovski keeps him alive long enough to see the judges.  


Fight #3: Raoni Barcelos vs Khalid Taha

Pick: Raoni Barcelos 


Round: 3rd Round

Breakdown: Raoni Barcelos is coming in on an 8 fight win streak and Khalid Taha is coming in off of a 13 month layoff. What we can look to this fight and see right off the top is that Taha might be coming in with some ring rust. He has a disadvantage in striking (2.64 vs 4.79 for Raoni in Landed per Minute) a lot of this comes in as ground and pound. For Barcelos, the easiest path to victory for him will be to continue to do what he has done which is winning 4 of his last 5 with a finish. With only a 64% takedown defense for Taha and 58% takedown accuracy for Raoni, it will only take 2 attempts to get him on the ground. With also having the ability to use that ground game as a weapon, opponents tend to worry about the takedown and forget about the hands. It is very possible that Taha gets caught, but it is more likely that Barcelos takes him down, gets into dominant position, and finishes him via ground and pound.


Fight #4: #15 Ian ‘The Hurricane’ Heinisch vs Brendan ‘All In’ Allen

Pick: Brendan Allen

By: Decision

Breakdown: Both of these guys are extremely well rounded and this is one of the tougher matches on the card. If you’re looking for a parlay, its recommended to stay away from this one. A backstory in this one is that both guys come in having held the LFA Middleweight championship in 2018 and 2019. Getting into the numbers, both guys are willing to take it to the ground. They both average north of a takedown a fight so as well as have a strike differential less than a strike per minute off of each other. This fight could come down where they go shot for shot and whoever is able to get the takedown first will get the win. Allen does have a knockdown and at least takedown in 2 of his 4 fights and is coming in on a 7 fight win streak, a being perfect 3-0 in the UFC. This is an eliminator for the 15th rank in the Middleweight division and if Allen can dominate this fight he can see himself knocking in the Middleweight top 10. 


Fight #5: #4 Claudia ‘Claudinha’ Gadelha vs. #8 Xiaonan ‘Fury’ Yan

Pick: Xiaonan Yan

By: Decision

Breakdown: Xiaonan is looking to break into the top 5 with a win over Claudia Gadelha. She comes in having all advantages in all the striking stats while still showing the ability defend and even shoot for the takedown. Gadelha is much more ground game focused and if Yan is able to keep it on the feet, this fight easily goes to Yan. She is coming in on a 5 fight win streak and is looking for more. This fight is unlikely to end in a finish due to the nature of the fighters. It is more likely we will see a round of Claudia able to take Yan down and try to control her, and 2 rounds of Yan boxing Claudias face in. 29-28 Yan. 

UFC Fight Night: Silva vs Hall Pick & Predictions

Main Event: Anderson Silva vs #10 Uriah Hall


Pick: Uriah Hall

By: KO 

Round: 3rd Round

Breakdown: Anderson Silva is making his last stand in the UFC with his fight against Uriah Hall. In his farewell match, he’s facing a knockout artist and if he isn’t careful, might get met with the same fate. Hall is coming having won 10 of his 15 by knockout. Silva is coming in having lost 5 of his last 6 dating to 2013. At 45 he isn’t the same as the champion we knew, but the fight IQ is still there. For him to win this match he would need to avoid the power of Uriah for 5 rounds and that is a tough ask for someone his age. Uriah has more of the power and I see Anderson looking as human as ever, while Hall secures a win to boost his legacy as a fighter. 


Co-Main Event: Bryce Mitchell vs Andre Fili 

Pick: Bryce Mitchell 

By: Submission

Round: 3rd Round

Breakdown: This fight has “Fight of the Night” written all over it. Both fighters have the ability to take it to the ground and on top of that the striking of Fili should bring out the best in Mitchell. Mitchell has a clear advantage on the ground whether it’s off his back or off the top. He does have the ability to initiate the takedown and bring the fight down himself, a weakness for many submission specialists. I see the stand-up game slightly favor Fili, but Mitchell can more than well hold his own. Although Fili outstrikes Mitchell on a 4 to 2 advantage on a per-minute basis, Mitchell is more accurate at 60% compared to 35% and absorbs less at a 1.3 to 4 shot ratio. Fili takes more than he gives and as long as Mitchell stays the course, the stand-up game could allow him to accumulate more strikes and win over the judges if this goes to a decision. Mitchell is sure to try and take this fight down and if he’s able to get respect for his stand-up game, that will make this all the more beneficial when taking a shot for a takedown. Fili has the ability to win this fight and by no means is this a cakewalk, but Mitchell is 13-0 with 9 submissions for a reason. Mitchell wears out Fili and submits him in the third. 


Fight #3: Kevin Holland vs Charlie Ontiveros

Pick: Kevin Holland

By: KO

Round: 2nd Round

Breakdown: Charlie Ontiveros is coming in on short notice and going up in weight. For Kevin Holland, I don’t see any way he can really lose this fight. He’s a much better striker although Ontiveros offers some fun striking ability. If he tries to make a name off Holland, we will see Kevin really in his element. He’s going to beat up on Ontiveros and then talk to him while he does it until he knocks you out. Holland is the much better wrestler as well and in this fight, he’s going to be the one who imposes his will and takes the win. 


Fight #4: Greg Hardy vs Maurice Greene

Pick: Greg Hardy

By: KO

Round: 1st Round

Breakdown: In this heavyweight bout, you’d have to give the power advantage to Hardy, but Greene does seem to have an advantage in technical ability. Hardy comes in fighting his 6th UFC fight, and he seems to grow in between every fight. If he comes in and catches Greene once, that’s going to be it. On the other hand, Greene has to play a very safe fight to win. If he’s been working on his wrestling, attempting to get Hardy on his back would neutralize the power and wear him out. We haven’t seen that from Greene yet and by looking at what you know in this fight, Hardy is a level above Greene in the striking department and this can be a quick night for him if he’s coming looking to make a splash in the Heavyweight division. 

Fight #5: Bobby Green vs Thiago Moises

Pick: Bobby Green

By: Decision

Breakdown: Bobby Green is having a career resurrection. He’s going for his 4th win this year and is working his way up the rankings. He’s seemed to put it all together with his wrestling and his striking. Moises is still young at 25 and he still has a lot of room to grow. Bobby Green has the technical advantage on the feet and also has the ability to dictate the takedowns. If this fight gets into the clinch, we could see Green get those knees to the body working and he also does a good job of digging underhooks into a body lock takedown. If he decides to keep it standing, he will have an edge on the feet and has a 75% takedown defense if he decides to keep it standing. Moises best shot is to try to submit Green but it is unlikely that we see Green end up on his back, thus we are taking Green by decision.


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JR’s Picks on the Davis vs. Santa Cruz boxing card

Main Event: Gervonta Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz for WBA World Championships

Pick: Gervonta Davis
Single Round: 7th round
Winning Group of Rounds: (7-12
Fight Goes the Distance: No
Breakdown: Leo Santa Cruz is coming in as the biggest challenge of Gervonta Davis so far in his career. He has the pace and the volume to throw him off as much as anyone he has faced so far. With that being said Gervonta is coming in the much bigger fighter and the much stronger fighter. The power of his punches has ended all but one of his opponents and that’s when he’s fighting men his own size. Leo Santa Cruz fights mostly at 122lbs and 118lb and is moving up to challenge someone who is much bigger. The fighters in the bantamweight divisions don’t have the same strength and pop in their punches as the 135ers. In this fight, Santa Cruz is going to have to be perfect to win. His defense is going to need to be on point at all times and he needs to be throwing volume to win rounds. The difference is that Davis only needs to be perfect for a few seconds to put Santa Cruz out and have his hand raised at the end of the night. Santa Cruz keeps a high guard so this fight may end up playing out with Davis working the body until those hands fall and then in a later round get those knockdowns that put Santa Cruz out.

Co-Main Event: Mario Barrios (C) vs. Ryan Karl, 12 rounds, WBA super lightweight title
Pick: Mario Barrios
By: Decision
Fight Goes the Distance: Yes
Breakdown: Mario Barrios comes in with what seems to be a much better feel inside the ring than Ryan Karl. This is shown throughout Mario’s fights where he dictates the pace, moves in and out of boxing range and does a good job of cornering his opponents and putting them in the danger zone. Karl allows himself a lot of the time to get backed up into the corner and edges of the ring and then starts to swing from there. His swinging is the most accurate and crisp strikes so it will leave himself open to counterpunches which Barrios is more than capable of doing. Ryan Karl will be able to stand in there for all 12 rounds but he will lose the majority of them, therefore Mario Barrios will pick up a decision win.

Fight #3: Regis Prograis vs. Juan Heraldez, 10 rounds, super lightweight

Pick: Regis Prograis
Round: 8-10
Fight Goes the Distance: No
Breakdown: Former WBA World and WBC Diamond Super Junior Welterweight Champion Regis Prograis is finally making his return to the ring after taking his first loss to IBF Champion Josh Taylor. Looking to avenge his first loss, he is going to be taking on the unbeaten Juan Heraldez. For Juan, this is the toughest competition of his career taking on a former champ. 20 of 24 wins for Prograis came by knockout, with 10 of those being in the first two rounds. His power is going to keep Juan at bay and even though both fighters might be coming in with a little ring rust, Prograis should be able to put combinations together later in the fight as he gets more comfortable. Prograis by a late TKO to get this one done.

Fight #4: Isaac Cruz vs. Diego Magdaleno, 12 rounds, IBF lightweight title eliminator

Pick: Magdaleno
By: Decision
Fight Goes the Distance: Yes
Breakdown: We will get a challenger for the IBF lightweight title after this fight is over when Two-time world title challenger Diego Magdaleno takes on Isaac Cruz Gonzalez. Cruz has reportedly been working against southpaws in this camp to better prepare him for the stance of Diego Magdaleno. For Magdaleno, this is a step down in competition in comparison to the world title fights that he has had previously. His ring IQ is good enough to be able to control the pace of the fight and keep Isaac Cruz uncomfortable. It’s unlikely we see Cruz impose his will in this fight and thus Diego Magdaleno gets it done by Decision.

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MMA: Fight of the Month Power Rankings

What makes for a great fight? It’s much more complex than having two strikers go at it. There has to be a certain amount of tension that the fight emanates. The battle scars and aesthetic of a fighter going through war makes it all the better. If a fighter is unique in his own way, it just adds to the recipe for making a great fight. With another week of fight in the books for the UFC, how does these fights stack up against last weeks?

  1. Joaquin Buckley vs Impa Kasanganay (N/R)

What else can be said about this fight. With Buckley delivering the potential best KO of all time, he cemented himself into every knockout highlight reel. This fight was much more than the knockout. Impa was showing good durability early in the fight and Joaquim was delivering good heavy shots early and often. With such amazing exclamation point of the fight, this one is the new king of the month in our Power Rankings


  1. Cory Sandhagen vs Marlon Moraes (NR)

On any other night, this might’ve been KO of the night. A spin kick KO with such a masterful performance for the first round places Cory Sandhagen on 2nd in our Power Rankings. Cory showed his skills off in this fight showing his striking ability early in this fight. His movement and striking at range displayed Sandagens ability to be a well rounded fighter. 


  1. Luigi Vendramini vs Jessin Ayari (Last Week: -2)

With strong contenders coming from last week’s fights. This fight gets bumped down. Still, the first fight of the month was a very exciting one and finishing with a bang always propels you upward in the Power rankings. This fight still holds ground in this weeks Power Rankings


  1. Nassourdine Imavov vs Jordan Willaims (Last Week: -2)

Two weeks in, we still have yet to see a fight where as much damage was delivered as in this one. This fight still is the war of the month with both guys throwing heavy for a good portion of two rounds. Even with low blows and headbutts, these two warriors kept fighting, and that performance holds their place in this months Power Rankings at 4.


  1. Dusko Todorovic vs Dequan Townsend (-2)

Holding the last spot of the power rankings is the fight between two heavy hitters. Townsend showed more durability than almost anyone to date this month and Dusko was willing to deliver the damage. Dusko showed himself as a threat in the division in the upcoming future. The undefeated Todorovic holds on to the last spot on the power rankings this week.


Just Missed: Germaine De Randamie vs Julianna Pena, Chris Daukaus vs Rodrigo Nascimento


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Weekly Roundkick: MMA news on Five Reasons Sports

Welcome to the Weekly Roundkick, where you can get all your MMA news in one spot. In the age of Covid, the UFC has done a great job of being the leaders of industry in making sure the show goes on. Here’s everything that you might’ve missed this week in the MMA world.


Upcoming Events

  • October 10th, 11:30 AM EST: Bellator 248: MVP vs. Houston
  • October 10th, 2 PM EST: KSW 55: Askham vs. Khalidov 2
  • October 10th, 5 PM EST: Bellator Europe 10: Kongo vs. Johnson II
  • October 10th, 5 PM EST: UFC Fight Island 5: Moraes vs Sandhagen
  • October 14th, 8 PM EST: CES MMA 61
  • October 15th, 7:30 PM EST: Bellator 249: Cyborg vs. Blencowe
  • October 16th Time TBA: ONE Championship 117: Reign of Dynasties II
  • October 16th, 9 PM EST: LFA 93: Petroski vs. Jeffery
  • October 17th, 4 PM EST: UFC on ESPN+ 38: Ortega vs. The Korean Zombie
  • October 24th, 2 PM EST: UFC 254: Khabib vs. Gaethje


  • Kamaru Usman vs Gilbert Burns is off for UFC 256 (MMAJunkie)


MMA Fight Rumors and Announcements


  • Kamaru Usman vs Gilbert Burns is off for UFC 256 (MMAJunkie)
  • Alex Perez Steps in to fight Deiveson Figueiredo for the UFC Flyweight Championship at UFC 255
  • Rafael Dos Anjos out of UFC 254 with Covid-19 
  • Youssef Zalal steps in to fight Ilia Topuria on UFC Fight Island 5, 10/10 
  • Brandon Royval to fight Brandon Moreno at UFC 255
  • Alexander Hernandez to fight Chris Gruetzemacher (MMAJunkie) on UFC Oct. 31 l
  • DWCS Contract winner Jimmy Flick to debut vs Cody Durden on Dec. 5
  • Jeremy Stephens vs Arnold Allen booked for Nov 7
  • Mounir Lazzez tests positive for COVID-19 and is out of fight vs David Zawada on Oct 17
  • Belal Mohammed vs Sean Brady scheduled for Dec 19
  • Corey Anderson vs Melvin Manhoef to headline Bellator 251 on Nov 5
  • Casey Kenney makes a quick turnaround to face Nathaniel Wood on UFC 254


MMA Signings 

  • Bellator signs CFFC heavyweight champ Shawn Teed (MMAJunkie)
  • Bellator signs Usman Nurmagomedov, cousin of UFC champ Khabib (MMAJunkie)
  • Bellator signs Former UFC bantamweight Brett Johns (MMAJunkie)
  • Bellator signs LFA lightweight champion Bryce Logan (MMAJunkie) 

UFC Vegas 11 Fight Ratings & Review

With the UFC heading to Abu Dhabi for Fight Island, UFC Vegas 11 wrapped up the fights in the U.S. 6 Knockouts, 4 Submissions, 2 Split Decisions, 1 Draw, and only 1 Unanimous Decision made for a card that gave us fights that went down to the final minute, as well as fighters showing the highest level of skill delivering a finish. Hype trains kept rolling and bad blood settled, a new phase of the pandemic era starts soon with Fight Island. Here’s one last look at Vegas 11 living up to all the hype


Main Card


Colby Covington def. Tyron Woodley via TKO (Broken Rib) 

Fight Rating: 6.5 / 10 

Review: This was the fight that went most like the way it was expected to go. Tyron was hesitant to go forward and Colby just wore him down more and more as the fight went on. Covington showed that he still is a top welterweight and probably only needs one more win to get a shot at the Welterweight championship. He showed improved striking game and continued his dominance on the ground while Woodley showed more waiting and waiting which has now cost him 15 straight rounds lost. For Woodley, leaving this fight with a broken rib is unfortunate, but hopefully, this extra time off allows for him to have some time to reflect and determine what he wants to do moving forward in his career. 


Donald Cerrone vs. Niko Price -majority draw

Fight Rating: 7.5 / 10

Review: This fight was one of those that had a high likelihood to end by knockout. Niko Price came a few strikes away from knocking Cowboy out. Cowboy was able to recover from the head shots after a few eye pokes coming from Niko, costing a point, giving him the allotted time. Cowboy came back in the second round and fought well, and then Niko closed out strong. Fun fight to watch, just wished it ended with a finish


Khamzat Chimaev def. Gerald Meerschaert via knockout 

Fight Rating: 10 / 10 

Review: All it took was 1 punch in 17 seconds to end it. Khamzat Chimaev showed his continued dominance in his 3rd fight. He has a potential fight coming up with Damien Maia. I don’t think that fight will end well for the veteran. Continuing on the Khamzat Express!


Johnny Walker def. Ryan Spann via TKO 

Rating: 8.2 / 10 

Review: This was an exciting fight from the start, with Spann catching Walker with a punch and getting him rocked. But for some reason, Spann decided to try and crotch sniff and try to get the double leg instead of going for the almost secured knockout. From here Walker Delivered nasty elbows and ended the night for Ryan Spann


Mackenzie Dern def. Randa Markos via armbar 

Rating: 8.8 / 10 

Review: Mackenzie Dern showed her extreme dominance on the ground while Markos really was outmatched. For some reason, Markos welcomed the ground game with the submission specialist and it did not bode well for her. Within the first 3 minutes, Dern had submitted Markos via armbar. 


Kevin Holland def. Darren Stewart via split decision 

Rating: 7.9 / 10

Review: Both of these guys kept going back and forth in this one. Holland started out strong and Stewart made a strong comeback in the end. The jaws were flapping heavily in the fight as both guys were talking back and forth during the fight. Even in the end, both showed great respect for each other and it ended being a good one.


Prelims Top 3 

  1. Randy Costa def. Journey Newson via knockout (head kick)

Rating: 10 / 10 

Review: The stock is rising fast for the Zohan, Randy Costa after he delivered a perfectly placed head kick. The fight was over in under a minute and the setup was perfect along with the mindset to not hesitate and deliver it. Exciting finishes will get you far in the UFC


  1. Jessica-Rose Clark def. Sarah Alpar via TKO (knee) 

Rating: 8.9 / 10

Review: This was definitely the most brutal fight of the night. JRC showed her dominance tonight in almost every manner vs Alpar. She was able to scramble and not get held on the ground and was able to deliver heavy shots. The only issue with this fight is JRC delivered a knee that put Alpar out. The knee was checked for legality and was deemed legal so the fight should’ve been over. Unfortunately, the referee allowed the beating to continue into the next round. JRC ended up winning with a TKO Finish. Good fight, horrible stoppage. 


  1. Damon Jackson def. Mirsad Bektic via submission (guillotine choke) 

Rating: 8.4 / 10

Review: The reason this fight is scored so high is because of the incredible comeback by Damon Johnson. After giving up the first two rounds, and getting dominated on the ground, he knew a finish was needed to get the win. And he did just that. Grabbing a guillotine in the 3rd round and not letting go until his opponent was out, he showed an incredible will to win the fight. 


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UFC Vegas 11: Johnathan’s Picks and Preview

With UFC Vegas 11 right around the corner, lets first take a moment to be thankful for this PPV magnitude card to be taking place. With a main event that is filled with as much bad blood and animosity as this one, as well as exiting fights up and down the card, this one is a lock to have some performance of the night contenders. Let’s take a look at these fights on this card and take a look at who we’re picking. 


Colby Covington vs Tyron Woodley


Pick: Covington by Unanimous Decision


Backstory: “Where you at Tyron Woodley? I’m coming for you. You can’t run you can’t hide no more!” Moments after winning the UFC Interim Welterweight championship on Jun 9, 2018, Covington immediately called out then current Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. After saying that Woodley couldn’t hang with him while training, Colby assured he would steamroll him. Fast forward two years later, both men are still in title contention, but one is in jeopardy of falling down the ranks. Both men are coming off a loss, so this fight is going to be monumental for both of them. For Tyron, his key to victory would be using that advantage in boxing and throwing that power right hand. If he’s able to stop Covington from taking him down and keeping this a stand-up fight, Woodley might have the advantage. For Covington, he’s proven that stopping him from taking you down is almost impossible. Even if he doesn’t get it on the first try, he’ll lock on you and drag until you fall. If he’s able to take Woodley down, Covington dominates the fight.


Donald Cerrone vs Niko Price

Pick: Price by Knockout


Backstory: Donald Cerrone is one of the most well-known fighters in the UFC. But now losing 8 of his last 12, he’s been on a slippery slope down the rankings. He’s lacked aggressiveness and this lack of soul from the Cowboy has been the reason for his downfall. On the other hand, Niko Price has been alternating wins and losses over his last 6. All of them have ended in knockout whether win or loss. Niko is always willing to put himself into the firefight no matter if he comes out getting a knockout or getting knocked out. With an aging less aggressive Cerrone coming in this fight vs an explosive Niko Price, this one is built for a highlight knockout. 


Khamzat Chimaev vs. Gerald Meerschaert


Pick: Chimaev by decision


Backstory: The hottest prospect coming out of the pandemic era Khazmat Chimaev is back in action vs the man with the most submissions in the Middleweight division, Gerald Meerchaert. This fight comes with lots of animosity between the two. The disrespect comes from Dana double booking Chimaev, insinuating that he’s going to win this fight and move on to ranked Damein Maia. Gerald took this personally and stated he’s going to leave Chimaev bloody and unable to leave the ring. Chimaev responded in the presser asking how can Gerald possibly be a blackbelt when he got choked out by a white belt. We’re going with Chimaev because his ability on the feet and we’re resting assured that the submission games will neutralize each other. 


Johnny Walker vs Ryan Spann


Pick: Ryan Spann by Submission


Backstory: After starting his UFC Career 4-0, Johnny Walker has lost his last 2. His near straight shot to the top of the division has now been derailed and he has to work his way back up the hard way. Ryan Spann is coming in undefeated in the UFC and is looking to make his own run to the top of the wide-open Light Heavyweight division. This is going to be a good fight for two fighters on the crossroads of making it back into the doorstep of the rankings. If Spann is able to get this fight on the ground, he’ll have a huge advantage and get the win. 


Mackenzie Dern vs. Randa Markos


Pick: Mackenzie Dern by Decision


Backstory: #15 Ranked Mackenzie Dern is coming in bouncing back after her first loss in the career. Losing against a higher-ranked opponent is nothing to hang your head on, so she comes back and gets a nice win with a kneebar. Bring in Randa Markos, a fighter who in 14 ufc fights has only won 6. Neither fighter comes in with any wins by knockout so we are looking to see a ground war. Mackenzie Dern is the more proficient athlete on the ground so we should see her take this win. 


Kevin Holland vs. Darren Stewart


Pick: Holland by Decision


Backstory. Enter Kevin Holland, the most exciting fighter to watch this year. He talks trash in the ring and with no crowd you can hear everything he says. On top of that, his striking is crisp and he plays great mind games. Darren Stewart is coming in with a good amount of UFC experience and has diverse striking skills as well. Both these fighters are young, and the winner of this fight should set up a big run towards the ranking for either man. Being able to mix it up, Holland should be able to keep Stewart at bay and dictate the pace of the fight.