The most dangerous sports in 2022

In principle, in almost every sport, you can get injured, but we do not call all of them dangerous. And in general, the concept of “danger” is highly extensible. What would be very dangerous for one would be commonplace for another? However, statistics show that some sports hobbies are too risky. As a rule, this risk is always reflected in the health of athletes. If you like entertainment but don’t want to take risks – there is a great way to have fun without leaving your home – you can play best casino slot games. In this ranking, we want to identify the most dangerous sports that can lead to significant injuries. 


Base jumping

Injury rate: Average of 25 athlete fatalities per year


Base jumping is similar to skydiving, as people are actually skydiving there. However, instead of jumping from a plane, they do so from tall buildings. As the name suggests, they jump from one stationary object to another.


This sport originated in the late 1970s, and athletes play it for the adrenaline rush. According to reports, the injury rate is 0.2-0.4% per jump. That is, according to statistics, one in sixty participants will be mortally wounded.


In addition, many people get injured due to a malfunction of the wingsuit. And that’s not to mention the fact that they hit hard with different parts of the body or the dome during the jump. Most base jumpers suffer from ankle sprains/fractures, mild concussions, or bruised knees. In general, it is more dangerous than traditional skydiving.



Injury rate: average 407 injuries per year


Luge can be different: on the ice, on the track, or on the road. Among them the most dangerous descent on the ice. This sport is based on gravity, where the athlete will lie on a longboard and roll on it at a decent speed. If you are wondering why sledding is included in the ranking of the most dangerous sports, then do not rush to conclusions.


It is important to understand that the board accelerates to a speed of 140 km / h. That is, any loss of balance leads to a very heavy fall. Although there have been few deaths to date, it nevertheless results in serious injury to athletes.


Compared to the skeleton, the sled is much more dangerous. For example, in 2010, on the opening day of the Winter Olympic Games held in Canada, luge athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili died. Also, statistics say that literally, every competition ends with a series of serious and minor injuries.



Injury rate: 100,000 injuries per year


As we all know, gymnastics is about balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance. In this sport, literally, all the muscles of the body are used. Some of the very common injuries prevalent in this sport are wrist fractures, cartilage damage, and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. Even minor injuries later become a big problem, resulting in a decrease in bone density.


To date, one death has been recorded from this sport. Gymnast Julissa D’Anne Gomez crashed while ski jumping, paralyzing her legs. Unfortunately, she eventually died due to her injury.



Horses, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and so on. All this is dangerous to varying degrees and often very traumatic. When it comes to horse racing, injuries have the same impact on horses as they do on people. If damage to equipment is half the trouble, then injuring an animal is already bad. Imagine this statistic – an average of ten horses die every week.


Looking at supercars or motorcycle racing becomes generally scary. They go up to 200+ mph. The speed at this limit is literally deadly. The slightest mistake in management is the risk of injuring not only yourself but also the surrounding riders.


Of course, some safety measures are used, but car accidents still happen. In addition, over forty deaths have been recorded in sports in just two decades. In addition, statistics are faced with almost 220 accidents every year.


Surfing big waves

Injury rate: 2.2 injured for every 1,000 people


This is a common surf statistic that works with strong ocean currents. Sometimes such entertainment leads to serious injury and sometimes even death.

A fall from a large wave of approximately 6.2 to 15.5 m is serious damage, and few people go back to land without any injuries after that. Consequently, common injuries are dislocations, sprains, and fractures of the legs, arms, forearms, and even the back.

5 Storylines going into UFC 278

With UFC 278 around the corner, this PPV card is layered with many big names as well as many sleepers as well. Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards look to look up for a second time, this time with the UFC Welterweight Championship on the line. Luke Rockhold makes his return to the UFC Octagon for the first time in just over 3 years and takes on the devastating knockout artist Paulo Costa. On top of that you add elite bantamweight action with Jose Aldo taking on the rising Merab Dvalishvili who’s looking to make his win streak 8 on Saturday. In the Prelims we have undefeated Heavyweight Alexander Romanov looking to become 17-0 and secure his 6th straight win in the UFC. Let’s take a look at some of the top storylines going into UFC 278

  • How can Kamaru Usman add to his legacy?

Kamaru Usman has been on a path of destruction since entering the UFC, going on a 15-fight win streak, not counting the 2 wins he picked up on The Ultimate Fighter. With a win this Saturday, he can tie the legendary Anderson Silva for first place in UFC history with a win streak of 16. To answer the question of how Usman can add to his legacy this weekend starts with getting the win. If he gets the win this Saturday, he can have a legitimate claim of being the greatest Welterweight of all time. GSP certainly still is at the top of that conversation, but Usman getting a win makes that conversation much tougher. If Usman is able to get the finish over Edwards, that would mean he would have 4 finishes in 6 title defenses, all while only having 2 finishes leading into his championship fight. This would show the incredible growth that he has made as a champion, even further proving his dominance and legitimizing his spot as #1 Pound-for-Pound fighter in the world. 


  • Can Leon Edwards make adjustments from fight #1 

The last time Leon Edwards lost a fight was 7 years ago, to his opponent Saturday Kamaru Usman. Since that time, Leon has won 9 fights in a row, all while having bad luck getting fights scheduled during the Covid Era. During that time the southpaw has polished up his clinch work all while becoming one of the most technical strikers in the division. His ability to mix it up in close with elbows as well as work you from a distance is what makes him so dangerous. But when you have someone who is as gifted of a wrestler as Kamaru, what can Leon do to change the outcome of the fight this time. The obvious start to the answer is better takedown defense than the last fight. Usman had over 10 minutes of ground control time and that’s not including the clinch control time. If Edwards wants to win this fight, he needs to address this and try to change the game plan. Coming forward and putting the pressure on Usman would seem to be the most ideal strategy. When a wrestler is on their back foot they don’t have the same success on their takedowns as well as it makes it harder for them to cut off the cage. The second key would be to use those clinches early to damage Usman. We have seen that Kamaru has been rocked at times in his UFC career, so if Leon can put Usman on the back foot and use that pressure to land the cleaner strikes in the exchanges, he can change the outcome from the last time these two met. 

  • Will Luke Rockhold be able to get his first win in 5 years?


Luke Rockhold finally makes his Octagon return after 3 years and welcoming him back is the man with 11 knockout wins, Paulo Costa. Luke is 4 years removed from his last title opportunity vs Yoel Romero in 2018 and is 7 years removed from being a champion in 2015. That being said, after losing 3 of his last 4 fights by KO, he took some time to allow his body to heal and make the right decision regarding his future. His return is one that has made a lot of noise and his comments during fight week didn’t make it any quieter. The only issue is that he is facing a devastating striker in Paulo Costa. Say what you want to about him, his weight, or his online tactics, but you have to respect the man as a striker and a finisher. Luke can come back and win a fight versus Paulo but the path to victory is tough. He’s going to have to weather the early storm and pressure of Paulo while trying to land his own. Although Rockhold isn’t known best for his wrestling, this fight would be an ideal opportunity to show his octagon experience and fight IQ and take Costa down and try to wear on his gas tank. For Paulo, the path seems to land one punch clean on Rockhold, and you’re walking away with your win bonus. For Luke, the chin is suspect and although the skills are there for the former champion, it may seem that he is over the hill on his career and will be a marquee name for the UFC. But he can go there Saturday and put Costa’s lights out cold, & that is why we watch. 

  • Is Jose Aldo still elite?


When it comes to career longevity, Jose Aldo has to be one of the guys at the top of the list in the UFC. 14 years after his WEC debut in 2008, the former UFC Champion is on a 3 fight win streak after losing his initial bout at 135 lbs. Marlon Vera, Pedro Munoz, and Rob Font are 3 of the toughest bantamweights in this division and he was able to pick up wins consecutively on all 3. Now he faces a dangerous grappler in Merab Dvalishvili. Merab comes into this fight averaging 7 takedowns a fight which is an absolutely absurd number. He ranks #1 all-time in the UFC Bantamweight division with 63 takedowns. That number all-time enough to be ahead of former champion Rafael Dos Anjos and just behind guys like Colby Covington and Damian Maia. Aldo will have a tough challenge on his hand but one thing we know about him is that his takedown defense is one of the best of all time. During his time at featherweight, he had the 3rd best takedown defense of all time at 91%. During his 4 fights at 135lbs, he has only been taken down twice and he only spent 50 seconds being on the bottom in his last 3 fights. This fight will be a true test to see if Aldo is still elite, or if Merab is going to take that torch. 


  • Can Alexander Romanov continue his unbeaten streak


Undefeated Heavyweight Alexander Romanov is going to the Prelim Headliner, a spot usually reserved for someone who the UFC wants eyes on since it is the last fight for free before the PPV gets started. Romanov has been dominant since his time in the UFC winning 6 in a row in the promotion. He faces off against his toughest challenger yet, Marcin Tybura whose only loss in his last 6 fights is to #8 ranked Heavyweight Alexander Volkov. Romanov is a dominant submission fighter who loves to take his opponents down and wreak havoc. He even tends to throw his coach as a celebration after his wins as well. Romanov has yet to have met his match and his unrelenting pressure and ability to get his opponents on their back has been nothing short of spectacular. If Tybura is able to keep this fight standing, he has a chance of winning, but if Romanov gets this fight to the mat, I’m betting that the fight is over and Romanov walks out 17-0. 



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Why Shane Burgos signing with the PFL is a win for All Fighters

When Shane Burgos signed with the PFL, it seemed like it was going to be just another UFC fighter crossing over to “MMA’s League”. But Shane Burgos makes for a unique case for multiple reasons, and for those reasons, his signing with the PFL could open doors for many more fighters in the future. The reason that Shane Burgos is a unique case because he is still in his prime, he was a ranked UFC contender, and he’s coming off a win streak with a chance to make more money. 

Shane Burgos entered the UFC at 7-0 with all of his wins coming by finish. He was still very young at 25 years old and had an extensive amateur career in which he was also undefeated. He was able to secure 4 “Fight of the Night” bonuses during his 11 fights in the UFC and has only taken losses to top ranked opponents. Add to that experience with the fact that he is only 31 years old in the prime of his career makes him a very dangerous contender in the upcoming PFL Season.

For Shane to leave on a win, in the prime of his career makes him different from guys like Rory MacDonald and Anthony Pettis. For both of those guys, they have already either fought for UFC gold or became UFC Champions in their tenure with the UFC. For guys like the 2021 PFL Light Heavyweight Champion Antonio Carlos Jr. and 2022 Playoff Contender Chris Wade, they were cut by the UFC and didn’t even have a chance to negotiate contracts with them. By going to the PFL, Shane opens the door for more contenders in the UFC to maximize their pay by going to the PFL and other promotions. 

The PFL presents a unique opportunity with their season style format and the million dollar tournament. Having fights lined up for you as well as the opportunity to fight for a million dollars is something that many fighters under the current PFL banner has touted as one of the biggest benefits of being signed to the PFL. They have a big platform on ESPN and ESPN+ as well as they bring a very unique perspective on the sport of MMA. They also have the opportunity to make superfights and marquee matchups with the more names that come on over. Shane Burgos vs Anthony Pettis? Sign me up. 

Now why is this a win for all fighters? For a long time, the UFC has been the main stage for fighters to build their name on and make the most amount of money. Bellator has taken a few fighters such as Benson Henderson and others, but Shane is one of the first in the modern era to be in his position and do what he did.

This also allows the opportunity for other fighters to test free agency and look at the potential other doors that could be open and be a better opportunity. Shane speaks about having to go home and look at his two daughters and when it’s all said and done, this is a career for many people, so when a door that is opened financially for one fighter, that door will remain open again when the opportunity arises.



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10 Tips for Your Offseason Training

While it may not feel like it, the off season can be just as critical to success as the regular season itself. Even though you may not be competing, the off season presents the perfect opportunity to up your game, so we’ve rounded up 10 tips to help you take your off season training to the next level. What are you waiting for? Grab your sports guard and get training!

  • Review your past performance.

Assuming that you are planning to compete competitively in the upcoming season, the off season marks the perfect time to review your past performance and identify any weaknesses. Review your recent competitions and practices to see if you can identify any patterns in your activity. Looking them over with your personal coach or trainer (if you have one) will allow you to get an outside opinion and see your performance with new eyes.

  • Set goals for your training.

During the off season, you need more concrete training goals than a vague aim of staying in shape. Based on your performance review, identify a couple goals that could help improve your performance: building your strength, improving your stamina, increasing your speed, enhancing your balance, increasing your flexibility, and so on. Then design an off-season training regimen that is specifically created to help you work on these goals. Make sure that you set some measurements for yourself to keep track of your progress, too.


  • Consult with an expert.

If you don’t normally work with a coach or personal trainer one-on-one, then the off season is a great time to change that. Getting personalized help from an expert, even if just for a few weeks or months, can give you the boost you need to take your training to the next level. If you feel like you’ve plateaued on your own, then ask your fellow athletes for recommendations for trainers who they trust, and book a few sessions to see how it goes.

  • Do something different.

Many athletes are understandably hesitant to try a new exercise or workout during the regular season. What if it doesn’t help their performance or, even worse, impacts their performance negatively? That’s why the off season is the perfect time to experiment with a new training regimen that you wouldn’t want to risk when you’re regularly competing. If you feel like you got into a training rut during the season, now is the perfect time to try to snap yourself out of it.

  • Perfect your form.

The off season is a great time to get technical and really focus on the small details. Go back to basics and really focus on your form, whether that’s on a deadlift or a tennis serve. Take things slow and focus on doing them right instead of fast. Even minute changes in your form can significantly enhance your performance during the season, especially once you practice them so often they become second nature.

  • Focus on active recovery.

Yes, the off season is all about recovery, but that doesn’t mean that you should hang up your moldable mouth guard for good and spend your days only sitting on the couch. Instead, focus on active recovery, such as yoga, that will strengthen your body and improve balance and flexibility without exhausting you physically the way the season does. You should include a couple of low-intensity days each week for active recovery to make it a regular part of your training schedule.

  • Stay consistent with workouts.

During the off season, many athletes (especially aspiring pros in high school or college) tend to slack off and do less and less training as their break wears on. It can be especially hard to keep going in winter, when the days are shorter and the weather is colder, which can make it difficult or even impossible to train outside. That’s why it’s so important to make a schedule and stick with it: Having a plan ahead of time will encourage you to stay consistent instead of skipping your workouts often.

  • Prioritize function, not aesthetics.

It’s tempting to take the off season to slim down, bulk up, or otherwise embark on a training regimen that will help you achieve peak beach body. However, if you’re serious about your sport, then you should use the off season to focus on function over aesthetics. For instance, big muscles will do you no good — and may even hinder your performance — if you’re an endurance athlete who needs to be able to go the distance during the season.


  • Upgrade your gear.

The off season is also the ideal time to upgrade your gear and get used to it before the season starts, such as breaking in new shoes and customizing a new boil and bite mouthguard. Examine all of your gear for damage it has sustained during the off season. Repair it if you can. If it can’t be salvaged, then toss it and replace it. Make sure to take your new gear out for practice runs before the season starts so you can get used to it and adjust your playing style as needed.

  • Don’t forget to rest.

While it’s true that you shouldn’t spend the entire offseason loafing around, most athletes like to take between two and four weeks completely off from scheduled training. They may do some light workouts as they feel like it, but they mostly spend this time resting their bodies, as well as de-stressing mentally after the pressure of the season. Make sure that you set aside some time at the beginning of your off season to decompress — then dive back into your offseason training.


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5 Takeaways from UFC Vegas 31

All eyes were on the prodigy from Dagestan, Islam Makhachev. With Khabib retiring sooner than expected, expectations for Islam quickly rose. Coming in at 19-1, his record was evident of how good he was as a fighter, but we haven’t been able to see him get tested yet. Taking this fight against Thiago Moises wasn’t the test that we wanted, but we were still able to see how he would fare in the environment of a 5 round fight. And what we saw was the dominance that we would expect from a student and brother of Khabib. He was able to dominate the ground game for almost all 3 rounds and in the 4th, he was able to slip in a beautiful rear naked choke. Many other great wins came from this card including the return of Meisha Tate. Let’s take a look at the top takeaways from this weekend’s card. 


  1. Islam Makhachev needs a real opponent 


This is no disrespect to Drew Dober and Thiago Moises who are both great fighters. But the time for Islam to take that next step is now. No longer can this man be ducked or denied from anyone not in the top 3. He absolutely dominated his last two fights winning every round of both of them until he finished them with a submission. Islam has shown that he has the talent to be able to beat who you put in front of him handily. Dan Hooker, Tony Ferguson, or Michael Chandler need to be next for him. If Conor wasn’t out for a year I would put him in that list too but Islam deserves someone way sooner. With Islam facing one of these guys, we can now see a true test of what this man is really about. At 20-1 his record is nearly flawless and once he gets a real test in a top contender, we can truly see how ready he is to fill the shoes of Khabib. 


2. Meisha Tate is back, but for how long?


After taking a hiatus in her career, Meisha Tate returned to get a TKO win in the 3rd over the retiring Marion Reneau. The first two rounds were slow but Tate was able to get control and use her wrestling that we’ve known to come from her. She won this fight, but now we have talks of her facing off against Holly Holm. While she was able to beat Holly the first time, Holly has developed into one of the most well rounded fighters there is, and if Amanda Nunez wasn’t reigning terror over the flyweight and bantamweight division, we could very likely be talking about Holly Holm being one of the greatest female athletes in UFC history. Tate can very much focus on utilizing her wrestling and trying to take Holly down, but it will be much harder with the gap on the feet being that large. We will see if Tate is able to come back and make a solid run here in the UFC for her second stint. 


3. Amanda Lemos is the next rising star in the Women’s Strawweight division


With her 35 second win, Amanda Lemos secured the second fastest knockout in the Strawweight division. Somehow, this didn’t earn her a performance bonus but it definitely did earn her some respect in the eyes of fans and matchmakers. With two straight knockout wins in the first round, she’s becoming one of very few women who can put your lights out with one shot. That kind of power in this division makes you stand out immensely and having Wallid Ismail cut your promos makes you stand out even that much more. 


4. Rodolfo Viera seems to have figured things out 


In his last fight, Viera was able to get the back of his opponent, and in one of the most strange occurrences in UFC history, completely gassed out 3 minutes into the fight. It almost seemed like an adrenaline dump which could have been what it was. This cost him the fight and also his undefeated record. Viera hired a sports psychologist to work on breaking through that mental barrier. In this fight, Viera came out much more patient and seemed to have understood how to flow in the octagon much better. For someone who’s touted “ The Blackbelt Hunter” he decided to use his jab beautifully for the first two rounds before taking Dustin Stoltzfus down and winning via Rear Naked Choke. After his win emotions clearly poured out from this guy who seemed to have battle through a lot mentally to be able to make it through this fight. For someone who’s as talented as Viera, I hope this is a sign that we’re turning the page on him and he’s able to take that next step to get closer to competing at the top of the division. 


5. The least talked about UFC Cards are the best


Although there’s nothing like star power on an UFC card, last Saturday’s fight card showed that even without the big names, the promotion can still put on banger cards. There were only 2 decisions on the whole card, none of them being on the main card. A main card with finish after finish absolutely delivered and for sure left fans very happy. 5 KO/TKO’s, 2 Rear Naked Chokes, 1 Kimura and a partridge in a pear tree was the formula for an amazing UFC Card. Dana White agreed, handing out 4 Performance of the Night awards AND a Fight of the Night award which means 6 people walked out $50,000 richer and potentially their life changed. Hopefully we can continue to see the great UFC cards in the future but one with an 80% finish rate will certainly be tough to beat. 


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5 Takeaways from McGregor’s Loss, More in UFC 264

With McGregor breaking his tibia at the end of the first round, the Poirier-McGregor trilogy came to an end. After a dominant first round, Dustin Poirier seemed like he was on his way to another win but then the unfortunate injury cut things short. The series goes to Poirier and now he’s on his way to fight Charles Oliveira for the undisputed UFC Lightweight Championship. The rest of the card was loaded with fighters taking the next step in their UFC career. Let’s take a look at the top takeaways from this weekend’s card


  1. There seems to be one more chapter left in the Poirier McGregor Series


Although he was winning the first round handily, Dustin Poirier wasn’t able to put the finishing stamp on this fight. With the lack of closure on this fight and the continuation of the trash talk and bad blood, it seems like these guys are destined to throw down in the octagon once more. When it comes to how their paths will intersect again, that’s a much tougher question to answer. Dustin will be on his way to fighting Charles Oliveira for the belt. On the other hand Conor has to recover from this injury and now is coming in 3-4 for his last 7 MMA fights. Conor truthfully is 2-3 wins away from legitimately challenging for UFC Gold once again. But this is Conor McGregor, and he tends to get what he wants. If Dustin Poirier becomes champion and pulls a Kamaru Usman and calls out the money fight with Conor McGregor, we could see this fight again. If not in that manner, we can see this fight in 2-3 years after Dustin might be past his title reign and at 34-35, these guys will still be in great competitive shape. If Dustin fails to win the belt, maybe that’s the next fight for him since it would get him probably the most money out of any fight. Regardless, this rivalry seems far from over and I feel we are bound to see these two grace the octagon once again.


2. Gilbert Burns is one (small) step closer to a shot at UFC Gold


Gilbert Burns was able to solve the puzzle of Wonderboy Thompson in the co-main event of the card, and regardless of Dana White wanting to tout his win as a “boring” one, this sets him one step closer to a rematch with Kamaru Usman. Burns was able to rock Usman in the first round of their first encounter and on his account he claimed to get over-excited chasing the finish. That lead to his ultimate demise, but not without showing he does have the ability to put the champ in danger. Stephen Thompson has some of the best takedown defense and his wide karate stance and unique usage of kicks makes him a hard puzzle to figure out. Burns was able to close the distance and rely on his ground game expertise in route to tying a personal best 3 takedowns. With this win, he shouldn’t need more than another win or two to be able to challenge Usman once again.


3. Sean O’ Malley has to fight a top Bantamweight next 


Sean O’Malley and Kris Moutinho put on an absolute show to start off the pay-per-view card. The Sugar Show was in full effect with O’Malley showboating in between strikes and hitting at a near record clip. He landed 230 significant strikes before Herb Dean saw enough. But Kris Moutinho raised his stock just as much in this fight, if not more. He continued to walk O’Malley down even after getting dropped at the end of the first round. He would’ve made it to the scorecards if Dean didn’t waive the fight off but it was more than likely for his own good. This fight showed us that O’Malley is leaps and bounds ahead of someone who is a newcomer and is worthy of a top bantamweight to fight next. Whether it’s Cody Garbrandt, Dominick Cruz, Petr Yan, or “Fob Ront” (His own personal twist on Rob Font) is still yet to be seen 


4. Tai Tuivasa is evidence of building your own star 


Tai Tuivasa has become beloved by fans because of his famous post fight “shoey”. When he stepped into the arena during his walkout, the crowd erupted for one of the biggest pops of the night. Tai is proof that you can build your own star in the UFC. He’s been interactive with fans on social media and shows the awesome personality he has on top of being a great Heavyweight. It’s in the best interest of the UFC for more of their fighters to understand how to build fandom behind your name. Of course winning will always be number one, but if you’re able to create a community of fans in the UFC, you will have unbound support throughout your career. 


5. Michel Periera is our next exciting fighter rising up the ranks


Periera’s fight vs Niko Price was a fight between two of the most exciting, spontaneous fighters there. With this win, he has won 4 of his 6 UFC fights, 5 of 6 if you don’t count his DQ loss vs Diego Sanchez which he was winning handily. He’s proven to be able to do it on the ground and standing up, and his unique style makes him a hard person to imitate in training. With some good competition under his belt like Niko Price and Khaos Williams, it seems like now is the time to put him up against an upper echelon guy in this division. Two guys I feel would be great learning matchups for him would be Carlos Condit, who’s coming off of a loss now or Geoff Neal who is on a slight skid. One thing’s for sure for Periera, his unique fighting style and showmanship in the ring will make him a name to remember.


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Five Takeaways from the McGregor-Poirier Presser

Leading up to potentially the biggest fight in UFC history, Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier took two completely different approaches going into the press conference. Conor came in as the Conor we knew when he made his phenomenal run, making quirky remarks, waging psychological warfare, and guaranteeing victory. On the other hand, Dustin kept everything strictly business, not biting at any bait thrown out by McGregor or paying any mind to the pro-Conor crowd. But he did not have a lack of confidence or focus coming in. This led to a perfect balance of two fighters on the opposite ends of the spectrum going right at each other. Let’s take a look at some of the top takeaways from the press conference 


  1. Dustin delivered the best line of the Press conference

Before I can deliver the line in a way that was as powerful as how Dustin said it, some context is needed. For the first 15 minutes of the press conference, McGregor would continually attack Dustin while Dustin would remain calm. After these continual attacks, one media member asked Conor why he went from being kind in the buildup to the last fight to now flipping the switch end being aggressive, as to which Dustin answered


 “Because he got knocked the f#%k out… Not McGregor Fast, McGregor sleep” 


This comment got the biggest pop of the night and left Conor unable to say anything. Dustin picked his shot perfectly and delivered exactly what needed to be delivered without overdoing it. He kept quiet for most of the time but when he spoke, it was worth listening to.. 


  1. Conor has no lack of volume on the Mic


It was very evident that from the start of the press conference, we were going to see the McGregor of old. The psychological warfare, the head games, the non stop verbal shots, it was all there for Conor. Every time a question was asked to Dustin, Conor would interject and trash Dustin in whichever way he could. Conor seemed to have prepared a myriad of one liners to try and get into Dustin’s head. From personal attacks to his wife to just saying he sees a dead man, there was no shortage of the verbal ammunition McGregor had prepared.


(Catch a preview of the fight with Alex Donno’s Five Rounds sponsored by Quarterdeck)



  1. Dustin was unaffected by the trash talk

The biggest growth for “The Diamond” from the first fight might be his mental growth. Undoubtedly his skills in the octagon have taken leaps and bounds but for Dustin, the mental edge that he brings into every fight is one that is rarely seen. He famously says 

“ A fight isn’t a fight until there’s something to overcome” 

In this press conference, Conor would continually cut Dustin off, talk trash to him, get the crowd riled up and even try to make things personal by bringing up his wife. At the end of all of it, Dustin was completely unphased by any of it, smiling away. When one reporter asked both guys if they respect each other, Conor gave his classic “ I don’t give a fook” while Dustin said yes I respect Conor and everything he’s done. At that moment the world knew that the pressure from early in his career has made The Diamond unbreakable. 


  1. Conor’s losses have affected his luster 

When Conor McGregor was going to face Jose Aldo for the UFC Featherweight championship, he was the winner of 15 straight. That type of winning against top level competition was nearly unheard of and the way he was knocking people out left and right touted his left hand “The Kiss of Death”. Even going into the Khabib fight he was the winner of 18 of his last 19 in the UFC so the star still shined. But now being 3-3 in his last 6 with his only win since 2016 being a win over a past-prime Cowboy Cerrone, that threat and mystique of Conor is no longer there. Of course he is still the sport’s biggest star, but is he still the top of the competitive mountain? Absolutely not. He got knocked out by Dustin Poirier and  choked out by Khabib and Nate Diaz. Those losses take away the invincibility factor and make his words have less meaning. Athletes now understand it’s what’s done inside the Octagon that really counts, and Conor can only affect you if you buy into what he says. 


  1. Dustin won the Press Conference 

When it came down to it, we saw what we thought we would see with both guys. Conor came out constantly attacking Dustin and on the other hand Dustin would let most of it slide. But when it came to delivering the KO punch, Dustin delivered it perfectly, getting the biggest reaction from a Pro-McGregor Crowd. Add that on to the unphased mentality of Dustin Poirier and it was clear that McGregor was unable to get into Dustin’s head. Conversely, the small lines that Dustin did say would shut Conor up completely, taking him out of his element and looking starved for a comeback. Of course we will see how it plays out in the octagon but when it came to the verbal warfare, tally this win down for Dustin Poirier.


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Which Martial Art Should I Learn First?

Martial arts have roots that you can trace back to ancient history. At their very essence, these combat forms were developed for protection and self-defense. As such, many of them are used in the military and remain part of most people’s cultural heritage.

That said, a military-like approach is not the only way to learn a martial art form. You can also start practicing specific MMA styles for recreation or as a hobby. You might also want to get into them for career reasons and to become a professional.

So, which martial arts should I learn first? Let’s go over the popular forms of martial arts and the top things to consider when learning them.

Popular Martial Art Forms

What’s great about martial arts is they change you holistically. They aren’t just about the physical. Rather, they are about the mental and spiritual, too. You’ll find these values ingrained in the following popular combat practices:

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Muay Thai
  • Karate
  • Taekwondo
  • Jujitsu
  • Judo 
  • Aikido

As you may have noticed, Japanese-originating martial art forms dominate the “most popular” list. In essence, this gives you a clue as to how self-disciplined Japanese people are and where their worldly values stem from.

Things To Consider When Taking up a Martial Art Form

Your preferences are likely to determine which martial art form you take up first. However, you might also want to consider the following factors for choosing a particular practice:

Ease of Learning

We wouldn’t exactly call easy martial art forms “easy,” but they can be easier to learn than others. For instance, some forms allow you to learn the basics from available audio-visual content online. They might also make practicing fundamental techniques and formations at home easier.

If a particular type of martial art lets you practice with dummies, then it’s likely one of the easier types to learn. For example, Jiu-jitsu is one such discipline that enables you to get started at home with dummies. However, eventually, you will need a partner to spar with to hone the most important skills of the practice. If you find one who’s just as interested as you are, or perhaps even more skilled than you, that would be even better.

One of the things that make Jiu-jitsu a great starter is its purpose. Initially, this martial art form was developed for taking down bigger, heavier opponents with as little fuss as possible. The fact that it’s one of the lighter disciplines out there makes it even more of a draw for first-time learners.


Why do you want to learn a martial art form? Think about it deeply, as failing this part could prevent you from seeing your journey through to the end.

You could have several motives for engaging in a combat practice, including self-protection, fitness, purpose, and discipline. Whatever these motives may be, assess them thoroughly and see if they can get you through training long-term.

If your primary purpose is recreation, you might want to go for a martial art form that’s a little less structured, like Jiu-jitsu. For as long as it serves your particular purpose, everything goes with this discipline. You can also opt not to learn the set of Jiu-jitsu moves in its entirety and simply attempt to master those that serve your specific motive.

A form that’s significantly more solid in terms of structure is Muay Thai. It turns parts of your body into weapons for delivering offense and defense. The purest form of Muay Thai is governed by a set of rules that are as solid as they come. That’s why one doesn’t take Muay Thai learning lightly. More often than not, a person only pursues the art form when he or she plans on going professional.


Your physical traits and personal characteristics should very much be considerations for pursuing a martial art form. That’s because some forms hold a really high standard for even their beginners.

For instance, Krav Maga is almost impossible for non-physically-gifted individuals to get into. This and other martial art forms requiring the same level of intensity could test your pain and endurance levels to their limits. After all, it takes an extremely tough and determined individual to fight through immense pain and deliver techniques powerfully and accurately.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: One of the Safest Forms of Martial Arts

These days, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ due to it becoming a major component in most MMA styles. How do you think you’ll fare in it? How safe is it, exactly?

BJJ is among the safest martial arts disciplines due to its solid set of rules governing training and competition. So much about this combat sport is rooted in honor, respect, and discipline, resulting in most of its mid- and high-level practitioners being more concerned with safety than anything else.

In terms of journey length, BJJ is one that takes your entire life to learn holistically. That’s because it doesn’t simply focus on the technical side; it also centers on the internalization of a lifestyle.

Nevertheless, from a purely technical perspective, a black belt in BJJ could take at least 10 to 15 years to accomplish. Some prodigies have gotten there in less time, but not all of us have these individuals’ gifts and skills. The quickest route to a BJJ black belt was achieved in just three years, an impossibility for many. Modeling your journey after this progression could prove fruitless and potentially dangerous, so don’t do it.

Nonetheless, the fact that BJJ centers on safety and lifestyle internalization means that it’s one of the best martial arts practices for first-timers.

You Can Learn Most Martial Art Forms First

Learning a martial art form has less to do with the art form itself than the learner. Basically, most popular combat practices can be ideal for beginners if they meet the person’s needs for learning, motivation, and physical and mental capacity. Considering your specific strengths and weaknesses should lead you to select a form of martial arts that’s right up your alley.

Goal consideration is also as important. You might want to be studying it at your place, and not all martial art forms allow for that. You might also be interested in taking up more than one martial art form, which is great but not always advisable for a beginner.

Logan Paul Goes the Distance with Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul is one of the biggest Youtubers’ on the platform with 23 million subscribers. In 2018, Paul fought in his first ever boxing match against fellow youtuber, KSI. After a tie in that match, they fought again in 2020 and Paul barely lost by split decision.

On the other side of the ring was Floyd Mayweather. He is arguably THE BEST boxer of all time. He is a lightweight fighter who was 50-0 in his professional career, winning by KO 27 times. Along with being a huge fighter, Mayweather is a very large social media influence, racking up 23 million followers on Instagram. Mayweather is one of the richest athletes on earth, and shows off his wealth whenever possible.


Although Logan Paul was the bigger man, weighing 34.5 pounds more, and 6 inches more than Mayweather, he was also much less experienced in comparison. While Mayweather had been a professional fighter for just over 20 years and Paul had only fought for 3.

In the end, Logan Paul, the underdog, ended up going the distance with Mayweather in this exhibition bout. Even though many felt that Mayweather won the fight, Logan Paul survived 24 minutes with the obviously better fighter. Paul was also very aggressive the whole time, and was able to hit Mayweather many times. In my book, this is a win for both fighters as Mayweather made A LOT of what he loves most, money, and Logan Paul exceeded everybody’s expectations.

photos by Jim Rodriguez of Five Reasons to Bet (@JRodShow)

Errol Spence Jr. vs Danny Garcia Main Card Pick & Predictions

Main Event: Errol Spence Jr. vs Danny Garcia for WBC & IBF Welterweight Title 


Pick: Errol Spence Jr

By: Decision

Fight Goes the Distance: Yes                                                                                                                                                                      

Breakdown: Errol Spence Jr. makes his long awaited return to face the tough Danny Garcia for both the WBC and the IBF Welterweight titles. On one side you have potentially the pound for pound greatest boxer today in Spence Jr. taking on a very game Danny Garcia who’s only two losses have come versus Shawn Porter and Keith Thurman, two of the best in the division. Spence is a southpaw who likes to work behind his jab. He starts off with a jab to gauge distance, then proceeds to add to it with body hooks and then uses his footwork to back you into the corner. Garcia has that excellent counter left hook, which will be interesting to see if he is able to figure out the puzzle of Errol. Garcis is undoubtedly a great fighter however it seems like the days of his prime are behind him. His last two fights have shown that he still has the ability to get the win and his ring iq is very high, however, it’s a different game when you’re facing someone such as Errol Spence. He is too defensive and is way better at controlling distance and pace. What makes Errol one of the pound for pound greats is his striking diversity, while most other fighters look to headhunt, Errol prefers to keep you guessing which allows for more holes. We see this in his fight against Carlos Ocampo when in the first round he won with two perfectly placed body hooks. The ability for Errol to wear fighters down and get better as the fight goes on is one that gives him an edge. At times we have seen Garcia just look to bide his time and try to work just enough to get a decision win, instead of going for the kill. And sure that makes you get knocked out less but versus fighters whose volume is very high such as a Spence Jr, you cannot allow yourself to get behind in the cards and just look to throw 1 or 2 punches for every 5 or 6 from Spence Jr. If Garcia wants any chance to win this fight, he will need to start first early and often and get a lead on the scorecards. However with his excellent timing and distance management, look for Errol to outbox Garcia over the course of the fight and get this one by decision. 


Co-Main Event: Habib Ahmed vs. Sebastian Fundora

Pick: Sebastian Fundora

By: TKO Round 7

Fight Goes the Distance: No                                                                                                                                                                  

Breakdown: We have an interesting fight at welterweight when we will see Sebastian “The Towering Inferno” Fundora taking on Habib Ahmed in a Super Welterweight Title Eliminator in the co-main event. Sebastian is the way bigger fighter at a towering 6’6 compared to Ahmed’s 5’8. This fight is going to be very hard for Ahmed to win due to the fact that he will always be out of range when Fundora is in range. Fundora has great boxing abilities and the winner of this fight will get a shot at the Super Welterweight Champion. For Sebastian to win this fight, he will have to work the jab to continue to make Ahmed keep his distance. He will need to make sure that he avoids the counterpunches from Ahmed to win this. Look for Fundora to capitalize on Ahmed overextending himself to get into range. Fundora by TKO Late


Fight #3: Francisco Santana vs. Josesito Lopez

Pick: Josesito Lopez

By: Decision

Fight Goes the Distance: Yes 

Breakdown: Josesito Lopez does what more boxers should do. Regardless of his record, he continues to try and line up the best possible fight and continues to show his guts. Having faced Keith Thurman and Canelo Alvarez, He has great experience coming in. Santana Has not faced anyone at the level of Lopez nor has he shown the ability to get the win. Lopez has much better footwork and pace in the ring, whereas you will see Santana get sloppy and not be able to lead the dance. Look for Lopez to have a masterpiece in this fight where we will get to see him showcase his abilities and work in and out of range to get the win. 


Fight #4: Miguel Flores vs. Eduardo Ramirez

Pick: Eduardo Ramirez

By: Decision

Fight Goes the Distance: Yes 

Breakdown: Ramirez is coming in as the underdog in this fight, but watching his film, it shows that he is able to elevate himself to another level at times. He is a boxer that does carry some risk with his aggressiveness and volume at times, but if we see the best Eduardo Ramirez come in, it is likely we can see him take this fight. In the other corner, we have Miguel Flores who’s’ coming off of a loss vs Leo Santa Cruz. As we know, Santa Cruz is one of the greats at his weight so no shame in that loss. But we did not see the Miguel Flores that we wanted to see in that fight. He was slow and it was clear that the speed of Santa Cruz was too much. Look for Ramirez to dance around Flores and get the win in the cards. 


Parlay of the Week: Spence Jr., Fundora, Lopez


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