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5 Poker Bluffs You Should Be Aware Of

Poker is the game of the trick master. The more things you realize about Poker as the days go by, the more it is easier to understand that the master of bluff breaks through at the end and makes the win.

The ruling king in the game is the one who bluffs his way straight to the top. In that manner, it is efficient that you continue playing and develop a style that is unique to you. However, players should note that rivals are not onto your style of bluffs, and you can manage yourself by being more competent than your opponent.


To learn more and get to know the secret trades to the game, all you have to do is practice the game a lot. Online poker games offer a fun and convenient experience in the modern, fast-paced world. Poker is a game that everybody should know as it helps you learn the art of the bluff, which is pretty sneaky and equally effective.


However, bluffs are not such a good play to experience on the receiving end. These are some of the sneakiest buffs that might creep onto you if you are not alert enough. 

3-bet light Before the Flop


This is quite an easy flop, but top Poker players are not widely known to use it. The play is underrated, which is why it poses a threat to you, as this is the one you would be least aware of when it hits. The play begins when the player makes a re-raise before the flop. The player does this with some hands that are not the proper plays in the game. To be more precise, your hands do not precisely have to be the nuts in Poker to qualify you to play this bluff. Such a play has been termed the light 3-bet.


While playing, you should be aggressive because this technique is usually used against the weaker players of the game, so never be vulnerable to your opponent.

Double Barrel Scare Cards


This bluffing technique is exceptional at the lower stakes. The player continues to keep on betting turns on the list of the scare cards. The method is underrated and called a double-barrel by the players.


The bluff occurs when a flop appears, followed by a turn of Ace. When a player does this sort of bet, the opponent under threat lays down their 88, 99, TT, and further on. The trick here is not to succumb to the pressure if the opponent makes a similar play. This tactic is often used to scare the player and get the best of them, so it’s concrete advice not to fall for such tricks and keep yourself well guarded. 

Double Float


The act of double floating is quite tricky, and pros can quite capably manage this. Professionals and regular players can call a bet on the flop and then do the same once again on the turn. Floating is a technique that has been long used to dupe players in the game when the player intends to take the game to the river. 


The primary thing that people rely on while playing this kind of Poker is that they should be a master at gauging the player’s tendencies on the other side. In such a case, the player needs to know the ideas that their opponent is leaning toward, whether they want to draw or fold or make any other gestures. Once they get an idea about this, they dive for the strike, which is the moment you should defend. Being aware does not mean you should be defensive all the time. Just take the time to understand the game until you can also make a strike. 

Mississippi Bluff 


This specific bluff is hard to make, but somehow players manage to squeeze it in and trick opponents. The bluff requires the jamming of two separate bluffing strategies, making it a spectacular play for the challenger and a nifty one to avoid for the one at the receiving end. The play begins with an advanced deep stack line where the opponent floats-flops and turns with the actual intention of logging over a river barrel.

The possibility of facing this in a game is quite slim as not even professionals dare try this. But anyhow, one should be aware and cautious.

Check Raise on the Turn


When faced with this, you have to brace yourself in the best way possible as this will put you under tremendous loads of pressure while you are playing. The players who suffer from this kind of bluff succumb to losing, and the winner wins the pot uncontested.


This buff requires total disclosure from the victim, so guarding yourself up and protecting your hand at all costs is necessary. The attacker is only confident enough to do this when he understands the opponent’s hands and can read him perfectly.


It is best to be highly confident with your hand to counter the play. No matter what cards you have, you should not be afraid to face the rival or showdown. This is a common feature in beginners that they tend to wait until they have the most substantial hand for the game and then proceed to make the play in their favor.


The more bluffs you know, the easier it becomes for you to play the game of Poker. After many practice hours in the game, it is easy to understand that making the best hand does not let you wiggle out of tight spots; instead, a good bluff gets you through the game any day. The sharks of Poker are always looming to make prey off novices in the game, and the best way to beat them in their own game is to earn the tricks of the trade and wall up when the situation calls.

Neymar’s Poker Passion Helps Him Score Lucrative Partnership Deal

Brazilian soccer star Neymar is no stranger to lucrative sponsorship deals, having racked up sponsorships with Beats, Nike, Volkswagen, Santander, and Unilever worth tens of millions of dollars. The former FC Barcelona legend was also the third-highest paid footy player in the world in 2019, earning a staggering $110 million.

If you were ever wondering how the star forward has been spending some of his hard-earned cash, we now have the answer. In December 2020, it was announced that Neymar would officially be partnering up with Poker Star, the world’s largest online poker cardroom that controls two-thirds of the global online poker market.

Although this might seem like an odd choice of partnership for a 29-year-old footballing legend, it turns out that Neymar is the perfect fit. In numerous statements released by the player since the partnership deal was announced, he has been feeding fans details about his lifelong love of the game of poker.

He has said on his Instagram page that “whenever I am not playing football, I am playing poker” and that he loves poker because of “the sense of community, the fun, and the unpredictable moments that can occur in any game”.

While skeptics might assume that this love of poker is a newfound obsession that coincides with his presumably lucrative contract with Poker Star, they would be wrong. It turns out Neymar has been a dedicated member of the global poker circuit for many years now, playing at both public tournaments and anonymously in online poker rooms.

People first started paying attention to Neymar’s passion for poker back in 2015, when he was snapped by paparazzi while attempting to maintain a low profile at the EPT Poker Championships in Barcelona. He has also been snapped playing at various low and high-roller poker tournaments across Europe, including a number of matches in Girona.

Although he clearly loves the excitement of an in-person poker session, his passion for poker clearly extends beyond high-profile tournaments. He also spends a lot of his spare time playing online poker on a variety of websites and streaming his gaming adventures on Twitch, where he currently has 1.3 million followers (his username in Neymarjr, for anyone who might be wondering).

There, he can often be seen playing up to three or four online poker games at a time, all while engaging with his massive online fanbase and taking poker advice from some of the best players in the business. He is also known to go head-to-head with his fans around the world, usually taking requests on IG Live or via his Twitch channel.

If you fancy facing off against one of soccer’s greatest players at a virtual poker table, you might want to work on your game. Poker is certainly more than just a hobby for Neymar, which is demonstrated by the fact that he has actually won several small-scale poker tournaments over the course of the past few years. Should you be feeling particularly lucky, you should brush up on your poker variants.

Although classic Texas hold ’em is Neymar’s primary game of choice, he is also known to be partial to a few rounds of 7 card stud and Omaha. The different versions of the game are becoming increasingly popular with amateur players. As this asiabet.org guide to online poker explains, anyone can play online variants such as Texas Hold ‘Em, 5 card stud, and Omaha, online for free, by opting to play with fake money against real players. This allows players to build up their poker-playing prowess.

Neymar’s love of poker is, of course, not a unique thing among soccer stars. A number of famous soccer players have gone on to forge high-profile partnerships with both online and physical poker providers. Gerard Pique, Ronaldo, and Tomas Brolin are all well-known in the world of international poker and frequently visit various online poker lounges in their spare time.

However, none of these seem to have the same lifelong passion for the game that Neymar has, which is probably what makes him such as perfect fit for the sponsorship deal he has landed. While he is almost certainly being paid handsomely for the sponsorship, one cannot help but wonder whether he would have agreed to do the whole thing for free, given that he is such an obvious poker mega fan.