Heat’s Jimmy Butler Offers Insight Into 76ers “Process”

Jimmy Butler recently appeared on the JJ Redick podcast and shared some thoughts on his former team the Philadelphia 76ers.

Philadelphia has lost three of their last four, including a 118-114 loss at Golden State on Saturday.

They’re slipping deep into the sixth seed, while the Heat are firmly in fourth and chasing Boston.

Might as well kick them while they are down, right?

And Butler is comfortable with Redick, having played half of last season together.

From the JJ Redick podcast, courtesy of phillyvoice.com (edited due to language):

JJ: Was last year difficult for you? Not just getting traded, but the whole s*** in the summer, preseason? 

Butler: “Hell yeah it was difficult. It was so different and on any given day, me as a person, as a player I didn’t know who the f*** was in charge, that was my biggest thing. I didn’t know what the f*** to expect whenever I would go into the the gym, whenever I would go into the plane, whenever I go into the game, I was as lost as the next motherf*****.

Philadelphia head coach Brett Brown is squarely in the crosshairs, not only with Butler but with local media and fans as well.



It seems “The Process” in Philly is a convoluted one to put it mildly.


For a team that sits at 38-26 and seemingly a lock to make the NBA postseason, the cracks are surfacing at an inopportune time.


Thankfully for Butler, and Heat fans, he now plays for an organization with a real culture.

We really want that 4-5 matchup. Or 3-6. Or whatever.

Just play in the playoffs.

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