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Preston Williams: ‘We believe in Fitz’

DAVIE  — Preston Williams’ expression immediately brightened Monday at the mention of veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s hell-bent dash to the end zone the previous day in Buffalo. Fitzpatrick capped his 11-yard touchdown run by lowering his right shoulder and plowing into the final defender to cross the goal line. “We believe in Fitz. We love Fitz,” said […]

Dolphins win by losing to Redskins

MIAMI GARDENS Whew, that was close. Ryan Fitzpatrick nearly deep-sized the #TankForTua campaign with some fourth-quarter FitzMagic on Sunday. There is no denying the overriding reality of this Dolphins season. A team that was constructed only to win in next year’s draft by losing on the field nearly mucked it up and pulled off an […]

Dolphins can’t afford win over Redskins

Google “worst teams NFL” and the Dolphins are the poster child for ignominy. Peruse any power ranking you choose and Miami’s Bag Heads are DFL — Dead Freakin’ Last. That’s the model of consistency, an objective every coach preaches, though not in this category. In this case, with the objective being to win (by losing) […]

Florida Panthers have no excuse for irrelevancy

No team got a quicker start on this NHL season than the Florida Panthers. The sticks and pads were barely put away after a disappointing 2018-19 campaign when the Panthers reeled in the best available coach, a three-time Stanley Cup winner at that. The day the summer signing period started they rolled out a load […]

Dolphins’ failings run deeper than stripped down roster

Dolphins’ mind-numbing mistakes, disorganized defense lead to another embarrassing defeat in Dallas. For a brief moment, there were indications the Dolphins were ready to play a competitive game. Maybe even capable of it. Josh Rosen, in his first start for Miami, was avoiding rushers, making some impressive throws right on target. Inexplicably, considering they fell […]

There’s no quick fix for tanking Dolphins mess

How many more weeks of this? Right. The tank-travesty of this Dolphins season is only two games in and already pushing historical levels of ineptitude. It would be difficult to recall a more incompetent showing, particularly on offense, than Sunday’s 43-0 drubbing by the Patriots. That is, if memory was limited to less than a […]

Rout reveals ugly reality of tanking Dolphins

MIAMI GARDENS — It is one thing to talk of tanking as a concept. The reality of it? That was the atrocity on display Sunday when the Dolphins offered the resistance of tissue paper in a 59-10 walkover by the Ravens. In their inaugural season in 1966, the Dolphins lost 58-24 at Buffalo, the most […]