Christian Wilkins

Tea leaves predicted it: DT Christian Wilkins set to hit FA market

If you have been following the breadcrumbs or reading the tea leaves since the Miami Dolphins season ended in January, you may have gained a sense that the Fins and their star defensive tackle were about to part ways. And it’s no surprise that THAT is exactly what is about to happen come March 13th 2024. 


The clues that predicted this are as follows:


January 15th — Dolphins end of the season press conference


General Manager Chris Grier recalls that he and Christian Wilkins representation attempted to negotiate over last summer, the Dolphins and Wilkins camp admitted that the deal was fair at the time, but the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement.


Grier also used his classic line of “earned the right to be a free agent” which usually means, “this player will be leaving the Miami Dolphins in one way or another”.


Grier used this line when talking about the team’s former tight end Mike Gesicki last January of 2023. Gesicki found himself playing for the New England Patriots that season.

Then February and new defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver came, and Wilkins status with the team was still in the air, despite high praise from Weaver.


“I know that he’s positioned himself, obviously, for a huge payday, and as an ex-player, I completely understand the business of the league. I love Christian and would love to have him, but man, we’ll see.”


Then late February came, and Grier reiterated just as much as he did the first time – using his favorite phrase again, and telling us that he’d be having talks with Wilkins’ agent.


But nothing fruitful ever became of it.

And now Wilkins is on the verge of hitting the free agent market.

What is odd is that the Miami Dolphins did not use a card that was in their hands during this scenario – a card that may have gave the Miami Dolphins something in return if they lost Christian Wilkins to another team during the 2024 free agency period…

The non-exclusive franchise tag.

The Dolphins could have tagged Wilkins which would have given Wilkins and his camp the ability to negotiate with other teams, while the Dolphins had a chance to match any offer.

If the Dolphins refused or could not match, Wilkins would be headed to another NFL team, but the Dolphins would be compensated with two 1st-round picks from that particular club.


Sounds great for the Dolphins, doesn’t it?


But finding a team to trade two 1st-rounders for a defensive tackle in today’s NFL would be difficult, and this would hurt Wilkins chances of having a team approach him with a deal. The tag would have also increased Wilkins cap number for the 2024 season, and the Dolphins already have a limited amount of cap space for this upcoming year while having to make some expensive decisions on starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa as well as others. However, it doesn’t hurt to try fishing and see what you can catch, and the Fins could have rescinded the tag by mid-July or even earlier if no team was biting and they wanted to do right by Wilkins.


But the Dolphins decided not to be selfish and not to frustrate Wilkins’ opportunity to land a big payday, which goes to show how much this team has started valuing player-front office relationships since Mike McDaniel entered the building in 2022.


So that’s the gist of it.


By the way, Grier also used the phrase “right to be a free agent” with starting offensive guard Robert Hunt. So we can probably make an educated guess on where that’s headed.

Miami Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa and Trent Sherfield dance in celebration of a touchdown against the Browns.

Something to Hold You Over Until Next Football Season

Top Sporting Events Between Now and September


Confetti flies down on the field, and Patrick Mahomes is going to Disneyland! The most bittersweet event in sports signifies that the NFL season has come and gone. What now? There are only so many mock drafts that fans can sort through until they need to get the heart racing. Your girlfriend thinks she has you all weekend during the offseason, but we need our fix year-round! This article will serve as a guide for just that. From February to August, I have you covered with the best sporting events of the next seven months.


March Madness (March 19th – April 8th)

March Madness is just about as good as it gets for sports bettors and college fans. From Cinderella stories, to breakout stars and Sister Jean, a 100-year-old nun who knows ball. There truly is something for everyone in the championship tournament of College Basketball. If you miss 7 hours of commercial-free football, just wait until you get 12 hours of unhinged basketball chaos! You have not lived until your bracket has been busted before noon on day one. Grab your comfy hoodie, sit in your favorite spot on the couch, and only get up for food delivery and bathroom breaks. Time to lock in!

Cinderella Team: New Mexico Lobos (100/1)

Favorite: Purdue (8/1)


MLB Opening Day (March 28th)

Say what you will about Baseball, the season is too long, games too slow, and the Marlins sell off all of their stars when it comes time to pay them the big bucks. Although these things may be true, nothing compares to Opening Day. We can all agree that 162 games is a lot of games, and most will not be tuning in every night, but on Opening Day, every team is 0-0. You finally get to see your squad for the first time in six months! Can the Rangers shock the world and repeat? Will the Dodgers look as good as they do on paper? Will the Yankees bounce back from a down season? We will have some hints on March 28th!

World Series Winner: Los Angeles Dodgers (3.5/1)


Golf Grand Slams (April 11th – 14th, May 16th – 19th, June 13th – 16th, July 18th – 21st)

This year, more than ever before, Golf will be must-watch TV. Jon Rahm took his Green Jacket to LIV and will be defending from the “dark side.” Brooks Koepka, one of LIV’s first premier signings, dominated the PGA Championship. Wyndham Clark came out of nowhere in LA to win the US Open, and Brian Harman did the same in The Open at Royal Liverpool. For the first time, the talent on both tours is nearly equal, and tensions are rising. Can PGA stars like Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, and Scottie Scheffler hold off their LIV combatants Jon Rahm, Brooks Koepka, and Bryson Dechambeau? In what is seemingly an afterthought for the first time in three decades, what will Tiger Woods look like? He is looking older due to many injuries, and expectations are low. Each year might be his final in competition, so enjoy it while it lasts. 

Major Predictions:

Masters: Jordan Spieth (18/1)

PGA: Rory McIlroy (10/1)

US Open: Dustin Johnson (25/1)

The Open: Ludvig Aberg (33/1)


UFC 300 (April 13th)

The UFC has built an empire atop the combat sports world. Dana White loves to do it big for monumental events, and UFC 300 will be no different. Although critics will claim that the mainstream “star” power is missing from this card, it is STACKED. There are top tier fighters who are barely making the bottom of the main card. UFC PPV prices are generally quite steep, and might be a barrier for the casual fan, but I believe that if there was ever a time to treat yourself, UFC 300 is that time.

Periera v Hill: Hill by 2nd round KO


NBA Playoffs (April 20th – June 23rd)

Similar to the MLB, there are a lot of games in the NBA regular season. Not quite 162, but 82 games is still a lot when stretched from October to April. The first half of the regular season is also in direct competition with NCAAF and the NFL. The NBA In-Season Tournament was a fun experiment that got a spark during the early part of the season, but the casual interest faded over time. For many fans, the season starts after the All-Star Break. The race to the playoffs heats up (pun intended), and stars treat every game like a must-win. The product is better and more intense during the playoffs. The 2022-2023 Miami Heat are a pretty perfect example of that. They barely—and I mean BARELY, snuck into the playoffs and still managed to beat the toughest possible route to the NBA Finals. There are tons of storylines heading into this season’s playoffs. Steph and LeBron battling it out for the final seed in the Western Conference, while the Timberwolves and Thunder have surprised many atop the West. Can the Heat sleepwalk their way through the playoffs again, or is the East too strong and stacked this season? 

Finals Prediction: The Clippers defeat the Bucks in 6 games to win it all


NFL Draft (April 25th – 27th)

A beacon of hope shining through the doldrums of April; showing football fans that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The NFL draft is a three-day event that showcases college football’s best. What NFL team will add what players? For the fans of struggling teams, this is a moment of optimism in an otherwise dreary fanhood (unless you are a fan of the Carolina Panthers, who traded away their first overall pick for Bryce Young last season). Will a young rookie be the spark that ignites your franchise into a decade of success? Probably not, but there is HOPE. For the better teams, this is a chance to pick up young talent and keep things moving. One rough draft can derail everything. This year, the Chicago Bears have a lot to look forward to. They traded for the aforementioned Panthers’ pick, and as a result, have the #1 and #8 overall picks this season. Having multiple first round picks is the kind of draft situation that the Miami Dolphins used to begin their rebuild. This is a dream for fans, but a nightmare for management. Do you go the obvious route, draft Caleb Williams, and dump Justin Fields after an unfair shot at leading a winning roster? Do you keep Fields, trade the pick for a haul, and build a talented roster around the talented QB? Seems like a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. Will the Bears draft according to prior history? Williams has a lot of comparisons to Patrick Mahomes. The Bears once passed on the 3-time Super Bowl winner for career backup Mitch Trubisky. I believe that Justin Fields has top-10 QB potential, but there is no way that you can pass up on a talent like Caleb Williams.

Caleb Williams goes first overall to the Chicago Bears (duh)


UEFA Champions League Final (June 1st) 

I used to play FIFA 13 with the fellas, and my go-to squad was Real Madrid. That front line of Ronaldo, Benzema, and Bale were unstoppable. Tony Kroos hit rocket shots from the midfield, and Luka Modric was a great facilitator. It was frustrating that for most of the season, these teams battled within their separate divisions. It wasn’t until I discovered the Champions League that my interest in the game peaked. The best teams from the best divisions battle in a bracket-style competition. Now, let’s talk 2024. Manchester City is the favorite to win UCL by a wide margin (+150, closest squads are Arsenal and Real Madrid +500). Can Erling Haaland continue to dominate and lead City to their second UCL title in as many years? Or will somebody rise to the occasion and knock off the unanimous favorites?

Man City takes the Champions League title for the second year in a row, beating Arsenal 4-1


Summer Olympics (July 26th – August 11th)

Let me be the first to admit the Olympics are not my thing. The good news is the Summer Olympics are in France, which gives American sports fans an excuse to get up as early as possible to watch two foreign countries battle it out in sports like Skeleton, Badminton, and Table Tennis (that was sarcasm). The mainstream competitions like Swimming, Track, and Gymnastics all have captivating storylines, and there will be some wild moments. If I could pinpoint an issue with the general interest in the Olympics, it is likely that most of these sports and athletes are not followed for four years until they show up on TV. The Olympics need more star power.

USA brings home 45 gold medals


Honorable Mention/Snubbed: Kentucky Derby, NHL Playoffs, Tennis Grand Slams


As we bid farewell to another exciting NFL season, the sports world offers thrilling events to keep us engaged over the next seven months. From the chaos of March Madness and the crack of a bat on Opening Day. From Golf’s turf war and UFC’s spectacular battles. There is something for everyone. For the fans on the global stage, you have the Champions League final and the Summer Olympics! While we wait for our fantasy drafts, let us embrace these events as we eagerly await the return of football.


Tua Tagovailoa has thrived in coach Mike McDaniel's offense with the Miami Dolphins.

Do McDaniel & Grier believe in Tua, or trying to save jobs for 2025?

It may not be a hotseat for Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier and head coach Mike McDaniel in the upcoming 2024 season, but the chair is definitely heating up.

The Dolphins front office has some work to do, and it’s going to be complicated.

The team has an astounding salary cap situation, and also needs to consider their pending free agents, how to extend or replace their young stars, and how to restructure or let go of some of the aging pricey veterans. 

But what is the goal and overall thinking of the Miami Dolphins front office?

Is it to assume that Chris Grier and Mike McDaniel should act like their jobs are safe for 2025 and do what’s best for the Miami Dolphins for the present as well as the longterm future; or should both feel the pressure and make immediate impact moves to in order to have a successful 2024, keep their jobs, but have longterm ramifications down the line?

McDaniel may have only been with the organization for two seasons, but in both seasons, the team (especially the offense) has crumbled in December and January. McDaniel has been to the postseason twice, but lost both contests.

Owner Stephen Ross, ever so aware of his own mortality and remaining years, may want to start over with a new coaching staff if 2024 does not come with significant postseason success. 

And if Ross wants to go that route, then Grier shouldn’t feel safe to stay either.

Grier has been the general manager since 2016, and has been with the organization since 2000. The team has had a streak of winning seasons as of late, and two back-to-back playoff appearances recently, but no postseason wins.

If Ross is growing impatient, Grier may have worn out his welcome if the team doesn’t accomplish something significant in 2024.

Grier and McDaniel loaded up for 2023, but now the salary cap ramifications need to be dealt with this offseason, and that means finding solutions to contracts, using cap savings wisely, and knowing which players to fight for and which ones to let go, even if it’s a notable name. Also, anticipating draft solutions and capitalizing on them needs to be factored into the decision-making.

In order to load up for 2024, Grier and McDaniel could create cap space by extending some of the bigger names on the team. This would lower the cap number of players for the upcoming season like Tyreek Hill, Christian Wilkins, Tua Tagovailoa, and Xavien Howard. And could help the Dolphins sign significant players whose rookie contracts are expiring – Jaelan Phillips, Jalen Waddle, Javon Holland. 


However, extending players who command high-priced contracts could work well for this upcoming 2024 season, but come with ramifications again in 2025. 


Which makes me wonder if McDaniel & Grier are acting in the best interest of the organization or for their own best interests. 


This could be why Grier wants Tua Tagovailoa here for the “longterm”.

If Grier does the appropriate move with quarterback Tagovailoa, Tagovailoa would be playing on his 5th-year option with the team in 2024, while the team does a wait-and-see approach, before signing Tagovailoa longterm. Tua hasn’t proven enough in order to merit a longterm contract.

Although the quarterback has put up some big numbers and led the league in passing yards and passer rating in 2023, Tagovailoa hasn’t proven himself against playoff caliber teams, the closing months of the regular season or in his lone playoff appearance.

So why would the front office be so eager to sign him longterm now when they should let Tagovailoa play out 2024 and make a decision then?

Because Tua’s 5th-year option counts against the salary cap for this year. And that’s roughly $23M against the cap that the team can significantly reduce for 2024, if they want to add more impactful players.

But signing Tagovailoa longterm, may be beneficial for immediate success this season, but not in the long run for the organization.

Let’s say Ross blows up this regime after this season, and a new coaching staff comes in.

The new staff may not want to be invested in Tagovailoa, and want to draft their own quarterback.

Or let’s say Grier and McDaniel have another winning season, but see the shortcomings of Tagovailoa in big games again, maybe they would like to move on, but it would be very difficult at that point.

Tagovailoa is a good example, but he may not be the only player that could hamstring the future in order to win now.



If Grier and McDaniel were doing the responsible thing, there wouldn’t be a rush to sign Tagovailoa to a longterm deal, but because it could possibly protect their jobs for 1 more season, it seems that’s exactly what they are doing.

However, the goal is to win now. While the team still looks like it has the chance to keep enough intact to make another push, it shouldn’t mean possibly jeopardizing the future of the organization’s quarterback position.

However, Grier and McDaniel know the reality of the NFL.

“Not For Long”

They know if they don’t win, they could both be out by season’s end, depending on the context.

McDaniel knows that new head coaches only get a 3-year window to make an impact, and that 3rd year better come with some playoff wins.

Grier understands that he has been a general manager for a lot longer than the fanbase has wanted, and that hasn’t come with postseason success.

Both the GM & head coach want that, the owner wants that, so they better deliver.

And that’s what they are attempting to do by getting a longterm deal done with Tua Tagovailoa. 

Dolphins should consider these numbers before signing Tua long term

So Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier wants to sign quarterback Tua Tagovailoa long term, does he?

Well… Grier better take a look at some of these numbers that I pulled, before he commits to Tua any longer than his 5th-year option. 

We all know by now that Tua is a fantastic NFL quarterback who can put up some impressive Top-5 numbers during the regular season…


— 1st in pass yards

— 5th in pass touchdowns

— 5th in QB rating 101.1

— 5th in accuracy 69.3


And to add on top of that… Tua played in all 17 games in 2023 – a feat he hasn’t reached since entering the NFL. Previous to that, he never completed a full season due to injury.

But is he a Top-5 talent? That’s a clear “no”.

Is he an assassin? Still waiting on that.

How does he perform against winning teams and high-profile quarterbacks? Dolphins Nation is disappointed and left wanting after losses to the Eagles, Ravens, and being swept by the Chiefs and the division rival Bills. Not to mention that the Miami Dolphins scoring dropped from putting 30 points on the Jets in mid-December to 22 versus the Cowboys, to 19 versus the Ravens, to 14 versus the Bills, to 7 versus the Chiefs on Wildcard Weekend. 



Is it all Tua’s fault? No. 

Player injuries, coaching, and play-calling play a factor as well.

But he and the offense have had multiple chances to respond in these final 3 losses, and they’ve failed.

And Tua is the franchise quarterback for now …  and if Grier has his way… for the foreseeable future. 

But here are some areas of concern the Dolphins front office needs to consider, before locking up Tua Tagovailoa to a longterm deal: 


Before and after Halftime

Tua’s overall passer rating during the first half of games is better than the second half. And his passer rating goes down as each quarter of the game ends. Starting from 117.3 in the first quarter, and dropping to 109.2 in the second, 92.3 in the third, and 75.9 in the fourth. 

In the first half of games, Tua has 20 touchdowns to 6 interceptions for a passer rating of 112.2.

In the second half, 9 touchdowns to 8 interceptions for a passer rating of 85.5 respectively.


Tua did not play well in the 4th quarter

In the 4th quarter of 2023 regular season games, Tua has 4 touchdowns which is tied for 7th-most. But the top 7 spots in that respective category, involve 25 quarterbacks.

Tua is also tied for 5th-most interceptions with 3, and an overall passer rating of 75.9 in the 4th quarter.

Tua did not perform well in primetime

In late games this season, Tua has a win-loss record of 1-3. With a touchdown-interception ratio of 3-4, and a passer rating of 84.0.


December & January

During 2023 regular season December and January games — his total win/loss record is 3-3 with a TD-INT ratio of 7-4 for total average passer rating of 82.0.  

During Wildcard weekend in Arrowhead, he passed for 199 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception. With a 51.3% completion, and 63.9 passer rating.


Tua was not good under pressure

Pro football focus ranks him 30th versus overall pressure with a grade of 54.4. He is tied with Carson Wentz. 


Dolphins training camp


Leading, Tied, Trailing

When leading, Tua’s completion percentage is 70.18%, 9 touchdowns, 6 interceptions, and 98.2 rating. While being sacked 9 times.

When tied, 69.16%, 7 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 114.0 rating, while being sacked 5 times.

When trailing, 68.51%, 13 touchdowns, 6 interceptions, 97.8 rating, while being sacked 15 times. 


Playoff record

Tua’s playoff record is 0-1. However, he could’ve been to the playoffs twice, if he would’ve not had concussion issues towards the end of 2022. If he played in the 2022 Wildcard Round in Buffalo that season, at best his playoff record would be 1-1. At worst, 0-2. 

But the Dolphins still lost 4 games in a row before Tua was ruled out for the rest of that season. During that span, Tua played poorly in 3 out of his last 4 games. 

Just like he didn’t play well or well-enough during the final stretch of this 2023 season or against the Chiefs in Arrowhead. 

So do the Miami Dolphins want to sign a proven clutch quarterback or just a high-level regular season quarterback who will take you to the dance, but leave you in playoff purgatory? 

The Cowboys signed Dak Prescott to big money a couple years ago. His playoff record is now 2-5.

The Vikings keep re-investing into Kirk Cousins. His playoff record is 1-4.

Tua can very-well be on his way to becoming part of this category.

Or perhaps… He’s already there. 



For more Miami Dolphins content, check out the Three Yards Per Carry and AllDolphins podcasts.


Tua Tagovailoa says he doesn't feel pressure going into next season on the final year of his contract.

Pressure Point: Dolphins’ collapse raises questions about future with Tagovailoa

A season that showed potential to be something special for the Miami Dolphins ended the same place as every other one this century.

On the trash heap.

Surprisingly it was Mike McDaniel’s highly acclaimed offense and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa that led the way to the dumpster, culminating in a noncompetitive 26-7 wild-card loss at frigid Kansas City on Saturday night.

Would have been difficult to imagine when the Dolphins were dropping 70 points on the Broncos in the third week of the season and Tagovailoa was on his way to leading the NFL in passing yards.

Rarely have grandiose — even historic — stats added up to so little. Because although Tua amassed Marino-like passing numbers and earned his first Pro Bowl selection, the true measure of his season was in how he and the offense came up short against teams that reached the playoffs.

The Dolphins went 1-6 in games against the Bills (twice), Eagles, Chiefs (twice) and Ravens. In those games they scored 20, 17, 14, 22, 19, 14 and 7 points.

Tua shrunk in biggest games

Notably, in the three season-ending losses Tagovailoa had his worst passer ratings of the season: 71.9 against the Ravens, 62.7 against the Bills and 63.9 against the Chiefs. He had four touchdown passes and five interceptions in that stretch.

In each of those games his performance paled in comparison to the opposing quarterback — Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes.

If this comes across as a harsh assessment, consider that a big topic of the Dolphins’ offseason will be if or when they will pursue a long-term contract extension with their quarterback. Tua is due to make $23.1 million in 2024, the final season of his rookie contract.

The going rate for top quarterbacks these days is north of $50 million a year.

The Dolphins may wait until after next season to decide whether to offer Tua a new contract. Whenever that may occur, his agent can point to an impressive array of stats in building a case that he belongs in that category.

To be sure, Tua accomplished a lot this season and provided some dazzling moments, particularly in spectacular connections with Tyreek Hill. He finished with a league-leading 4,634 yards, 29 touchdown passes and a passer rating of 101.1.

Significantly, for the first time in his career he started every game and didn’t miss any time due to injury. He led Miami to an 11-7 record and its second consecutive playoff appearance.

Fins still winless in playoffs since 2000

But the season cannot be considered a success — and this burden ultimately rests with the head coach — after the Dolphins squandered a three-game lead in the AFC East in the final five weeks and ended with another one-sided loss on the road in the first round up the playoffs.

The Dolphins are now 0-6 since their last playoff win in 2000 while being outscored 164-62. Even the 2000 team got rolled the next week 27-0 by the Raiders. The only game that was even close was the 34-31 loss last year at Buffalo.

It is in that context that the disappointment of this season is magnified: nearly a quarter century without a single win in the playoffs. The cast of players, coaches and decision makers keeps changing, yet the path always leads back to the same crossroad to nowhere.

The latest roster overhaul begun in 2019 was going to finally fix that. The Dolphins were going to find their franchise quarterback, by golly, and a coach to break the chain of lost seasons.

That quest seemed to be coming together in the first 12 games of this season with Tua leading McDaniel’s innovative offense that was the talk of the league. But production diminished late in the season, particularly against the better teams.

Will Miami pursue extension for Tagovailoa?

Ultimately, that 70-20 trouncing of the Broncos and feel-good routs of other middling teams served only as build up to a bigger letdown.

“We were definitely expecting us to be a really good team this year. We definitely weren’t expecting a first-round exit,” Tyreek Hill said after the season-ending loss to the Chiefs.

Now the franchise reverts to another juncture of uncertainty about the future and troubling questions arise entering the offseason. Is Tagovailoa the right quarterback to invest in long term? Is McDaniel the coach to lead the way out of the wilderness?

Not that either is headed out the door. But it is understandable that patience is thin. The NFL is all about results right now. That has become expected of young quarterbacks more than ever in recent years.

Mahomes rocketed to immediate stardom. C.J. Stroud made an immediate impact for the Texans as a rookie this season and already has a resounding playoff win under his belt.

At his best, Tagovailoa is a remarkably accurate passer. He remained healthy all season and improved his record as a starter to 32-19. But his struggles against the better teams is troubling. His record in December and January games is 10-11.

In mulling whether to make a potential $250 million investment in Tua, the Dolphins must assess whether he is a quarterback who can just get them to the playoffs or can he elevate his game to win in the postseason.

Re-signing Wilkins should be top priority for Dolphins

The aftermath of a season that promised much more than it ultimately delivered will bring other immediate challenges on personnel matters. Most important, defensive tackle Christian Wilkins, coming off a monster season, can become an unrestricted free agent.

On the bright side, Wilkins said after Saturday’s loss that he would like to stay with the Dolphins. It remains to be seen where the money and ambition leads.

Hill said: “Unfortunately, every locker room is going to be different every year, salary cap and guys wanting to get paid and going other places. I feel in my heart that if this team were to come back together this is the right group of people to win. We got everything what it takes. You can see that the defense came along, and as an offense, we have to be able to put drives together and help those guys out.

“We just can’t be a bunch of front-runners. Next year I feel like we’ll learn from it.”

For the Dolphins, hope always points to next year.

Craig Davis has covered South Florida sports and teams, including the Dolphins, for four decades. Follow him on the site formerly known as Twitter @CraigDavisRuns.

Jaylen celebrates after scoring the clinching touchdown for the Miami Dolphins in the win against the New Orleans Saints.

For the Dolphins…. you’re saying there’s a chance?

With the Miami Dolphins now 4.5 point underdogs in one of the soon-to-be coldest weather games in NFL History, their chances of coming out of Kansas City still alive in the Wildcard Round are not looking good.

It’s true, on the surface, the trusted stock in the Miami Dolphins is down right now after losing the division crown to the rival Buffalo Bills who seem to always have their number.

Mike McDaniel looks like a coach that can’t make halftime adjustments.

Tua Tagovailoa looks like a quarterback who can’t win a big game.

And Tyreek Hill seems to get a case of the dropsies whenever these big games arrive.

On defense, the Dolphins are banged up entering this game.

They will be without their high-profile cornerback Xavien Howard (foot) which will leave Eli Apple on the opposite side of star Jalen Ramsey. Kader Kohou will likely be in the slot.

The pass rushing unit has taken a huge hit this year. LB Jaelan Phillips tore his Achilles versus the Jets, LB Bradley Chubb suffered a torn ACL on New Year’s Eve, and LB Andrew Van Ginkle hurt his foot
in the team’s regular season finale. LB Jerome Baker, who is an adequate blitzed, hurt his wrist and will require surgery. None will be available to chase down Patrick Mahomes in Arrowhead Stadium.



But the Dolphins have a secret weapon on defense for this game — experience.

And not just any type of experience.

Experience from 3 longtime veterans who have totaled 243 sacks collectively in their careers. And although they are relatively new to the team, Melvin Ingram, Justin Houston, and Bruce Irvin all have experience chasing after Patrick Mahomes.

Ingram did it when he was a member of the Chargers.

Justin Houston sacked Mahomes as a member of the Colts.

And Bruce Irvin claims he sacked Mahomes twice as a member of the Raiders, but he may have mistakenly meant Alex Smith.

Houston and Irvin who both joined the team this week say they’ve played in similar defensive systems like defensive coordinator Vic Fangio’s system, so they believe they can get acclimated quickly.
Houston still sees himself as a pass rusher, and Irvin says he moves faster than his 36-year age. The Dolphins are hoping all 3 veterans have enough left in the tank, and can combine their football knowledge to make a difference not just for this game, but for the rest of the postseason should the team win on Saturday.

But despite the injuries, the Miami Dolphins still have a chance in this game, but that all depends on if they can fix what has ailed them in the final two weeks of the regular season.

The defense has been competitive, and they showed it last week when they only allowed a total of two touchdowns to the Bills.

The Chiefs receiving corps doesn’t offer much of a threat, but Mahomes’ improvising and Andy Reid’s ability to whip out the tricks during this time of the year does. Look for misdirection and the
occasional trick play. Also, the Dolphins secondary has been exposed on drag plays across the field when they played the Ravens, and the Chiefs offense is more horizontal this year than vertical, so look for
Reid to utilize some of those play calls when he has good matchups. I’d expect tight end Travis Kelce to feast off of these catches with Miami’s linebacking unit and safeties banged up.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins front-7 needs to continue their ferocity keep Chiefs running back Isaiah Pacheco, from violently running downfield. The Fins defense has suffered a lot of injuries, but that’s actually one aspect that doesn’t concern me too much. Defensive tackles Christian Wilkins, Zach Seiler, and run-stuffing linebacker David Long Jr. are still around to lead the charge.

What McDaniel cannot do is get away from the run too early before the Chiefs learn to stop it.

Tua Tagovailoa, with Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel, had an uncharacteristically poor performance in the loss against San Francisco.

After grinding down the clock with the run on their final drive and kicking their way to victory over the Cowboys on Christmas Eve, the Dolphins picked up where they left off in Week 18 versus the Bills.
The Fins ran the ball for over 100 yards in the first half, but went away from it in the 2nd half when the Bills decided to give McDaniel looks that were intended to stuff the run. However, McDaniel ditched
the run game before the Bills ever actually proved that they could stop it. This got the Dolphins offense into trouble and led to a bunch of short drives and punts, which allowed the Bills to get back into
the game and take the lead. McDaniel needs to stick with the run game until the Chiefs prove they can stop it.

The Dolphins are better at running the ball than the Chiefs are defending it. So using running backs De’Von Achane and Jeff Wilson Jr. is imperative considering the elements. If Raheem Mostert, who is
listed as questionable and has over 20 touchdowns for the season can play in this game, that will be bode very well for this offense. All of these backs can catch, and McDaniel and Tua need to remember that when they have these speedsters mismatched on Kansas City’s talented linebackers.

The offensive line has been riddled with injuries, but still playing quite well when it comes to the run blocking and giving quarterback Tua a pocket. Tua continues to avoid the sacks while getting the ball
out quickly, but still must prove he can go off script and make something happen when the team needs it in crunch time. Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnulo has playcalled in a lot of big-time games throughout his career, and this game will be no different. Knowing that Tua isn’t the best escape-artist, I’d expected Spagnulo to blitz quite often while hoping to get the Dolphins offense in as many 3rd & long situations as possible. Considering the freezing temperatures, and the hardening of the football, throwing it deep probably isn’t the best option for Miami offense or when facing the Chiefs’  secondary. I would like to see more crossers and drag routes to see if Spangulo’s cornerbacks can keep up versus Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle’s presumed return.

What the Dolphins cannot allow is a big return or some kind of foul up on Special Teams.

Coming out of halftime versus the Ravens, the Dolphins allowed a kickoff return for a big return — demoralizing.

Against the Bills, after the defense got a stop — Dolphins special teams unit allowed a punt return for a touchdown to allow the Bills to tie the game 14-14. The Dolphins kickoff and punt coverage unit cannot allow short fields or easy scores to the Chiefs in a game with extreme elements where field position could be vital for victory.




Key to Victory: Take the lead and Pull Away

In Arrowhead Stadium, there has been too much Mahomes Magic at this time of year. This Chiefs team is beatable, but to avoid any miraculous late-game magic or dagger killing drives by Patrick
Mahomes, the Dolphins have to get off with fast start (like they usually do) and pull away. None of the cute Mike McDaniel attempting to go for it on 4th-down early in the game despite being in field goal
position — No. Take the easy points, and when you go down the field again, tack on some more points. Because this team has shown time and time again that they are a first half team in games versus playoff contenders, and they shown to little to prove that said problem is fixed.

You want to beat Mahomes?

Play smart, stop him early, tack on multiple scores, and keep the lead out of reach of his magic and Andy Reid’s creative play calling.

Maybe it’s time to realize Tua isn’t enough

The Miami Dolphins lost Sunday Night to the Buffalo Bills 21-14, crushing their hopes to win the AFC East for the first time since 2008.

And they learned something…

They learned that quarterback Tua Tagovailoa may not be enough to go all the way this season.

He may not be enough to go all the way in ANY season.

The team saw it, the fans saw it, I saw it.




The Miami Dolphins lead the Bills at halftime, up 14-7, and what did we see in the 2nd half?

The Bills defense dominating, and Josh Allen finishing.

That’s when I came to ask myself: when does Tua Tagovailoa finish games for the Miami Dolphins? Especially, against teams headed for the playoffs. And especially versus teams with highly athletic
quarterbacks who he will likely face in the postseason when the games matter.

Did Tua win in Buffalo earlier in the season during the Miami Dolphins first meeting against the division rival Bills?


Did Tua perform well in Germany when the team faced the Kansas City Chiefs and went down 21-0 by the end of the first half, and had the ball literally slip out of his hands on his final 2 plays of the game?


Sunday Night Football in Philly, despite the defense tying the score 17-17 in the second half, the offense didn’t show up that entire half, and Tua melted once the 4th quarter started.

Facing a 4-8 Tennessee Titans team on MNF at home, and playing a rookie quarterback, the Titans gift wrap a win by giving the Dolphins a 14-point lead in the bottom 5 minutes of the game. How does Tua and the offense respond? Three and out; and a 6 play, 16 yard drive ending with a turnover on downs.

The Ravens game on New Years Eve? I couldn’t wait for 2023 to end after that 56-19 blowout.

And yes, Tua beat Dak Prescott and the Cowboys at Hard Rock Stadium on Christmas Eve. But you know what? That’s the Cowboys, they don’t play good on the road. And last time i checked, Tua and the Miami offense was responsible for only 1 touchdown in that game.

And last night on SNF, for the division crown, I saw a 2nd half filled with 3 and outs, 4 punts, and an interception.

Tua couldn’t find a way to put the team on his back at any point in the 2nd half, despite getting chance after chance by the defense. After Buffalo took a 21-14 lead, Tua had the opportunity on 2
different drives to make a statement. The results were a 3 and out, and a 4 play, 23-yard drive ending in an interception.

You know who I did see put the team on his back?

Josh Allen.

And it’s not to say Allen had a great game; he didn’t. Allen was responsible for turning over the ball 3 times. But he cleaned up his first half mistakes, and put the cape on in the 2nd half. Allen converted when the Bills backs where against the wall on late downs. Allen made killer throws. Allen took off with his legs. Allen broke tackles and made people miss. Allen converted on the upsy-daisy in
short yardage situations on long drives to kill the clock and keep the ball out of the Dolphins hands.

Allen did things that Tua just can’t do.

Allen is an assassin, and he has those special physical qualities which allow him to make unreal plays when the game is on the line.

So does Jalen Hurts when he’s doing the Brotherly Shove, Lamar Jackson when he’s pulling so much attention that it’s leaving receivers open, Patrick Mahomes in clutch time….

Tua’s special quality is his accuracy.

But those quarterbacks are accurate too…

They also have everything else.

My point is: if Tua can’t beat these quarterbacks during the regular season when the stakes are low, how is he expected to do that in the postseason when it’s win or go-home?



Mike Hernandez is a new contributor to Five Reasons Sports Network. You can find him at @MadmanMikeDD

Pressure Point: Heat’s on Tua, McDaniel as Dolphins face chilly prospects in playoffs

So, what’s the mood, Miami Dolphins fans, excited about the playoffs?

Your team finished the regular season 11-6, its most wins in 15 years. It’s headed to the postseason in back-to-back seasons for the first time in more than two decades.

And yet, anger and dejection is palpable throughout South Florida after watching a bevy of annoying Buffalo fans celebrate their Bills snatching the AFC East title on the Dolphins’ home field on the final night of the season. Just the latest Dolphins debacle played out before a national audience.

Ya got us again, Dolphins.

No team is as adept at luring its fans into skydiving without a parachute as the Dolphins.

They outdid themselves this time. Redefining epic collapse, the Fins squandered a three-game lead in the division over the final five games. Instead of opening the playoffs at home, they must travel to face the defending champion Chiefs in freezing Kansas City.

Tagovailoa disappears in second half

At the most important moment of season that brought so much acclaim to Tua Tagovailoa and the offense, it was Tagovailoa and the offense that failed miserably in the second half of the 21-14 loss to the Bills.

That and an inexplicable lapse on special teams in allowing a 95-yard punt return by Deonte Harty.

Vic Fangio’s defense did its part in holding Josh Allen and the Bills to two touchdowns and forcing three turnovers (two interceptions and a brilliant strip-sack by Christian Wilkins) plus an inspiring stop at the goal line by Jerome Baker to end the first half.

The defense clearly wore down in the fourth quarter — losing two more edge players from its depleted corps of outside linebackers (Andrew Van Ginkel and Cameron Goode) was a factor. But the second-half undoing was squarely on Mike McDaniel’s highfalutin offense.

The Dolphins totaled just 47 yards of total offense in the second half while holding the ball for only seven minutes. In five possessions after the half, they punted four times (three were three-and-outs). The final indignity saw Tagovailoa overthrowing seldom-used Chase Claypool for his second interception of the game.

“We never felt like they stopped us. That’s the tough part about tonight,” veteran left tackle Terron Armstead said. “We had some missed opportunities. I, myself, had a terrible false start and I feel like I screwed the team. We lost momentum after that. It just kind of sucked the energy – not necessarily sucked the energy – but just a very bad penalty to take that five-yard loss. So man, I completely screwed the team right there, and it was hard for us to get back on track after that. I take full accountability for that.”

McDaniel’s offense struggles against top teams

There was plenty of accountability to be directed at the head coach and playmakers as well.

After rushing for 101 yards in the first half while building a 14-7 lead, Miami ran the ball only three times in the second half.

Tua, who led back-to-back 75-yard touchdown drives in the second quarter, was out of sync after the intermission. Even Tyreek Hill, who celebrated his TD catch with a gymnastics routine worthy of Simone Biles, had a couple of drops.

McDaniel said: “It seemed like take a turn each drive. We weren’t able to really get the momentum of the drive going, which is what happens when myself as a play caller decides to pass, anticipating that we have an advantageous look. I think at this point in the season you have to trust a lot of things and it didn’t work out. It goes really to the whole group because we were running the ball well. They changed their box count which wasn’t like they changed defenses. They just called more eight-man front and you have to be able to adjust with the defense and make plays in all phases, and we were unable to do that tonight.”

For all the praise directed toward McDaniel as an offensive innovator, he is starting to resemble Adam Gase 2.0.

A lot of the gaudy stats generated by the Dolphins’ league-leading offense have the luster of fool’s gold. When needed most, McDaniel’s offense hasn’t delivered.

In six games against teams going to the playoffs, the Dolphins scored 20, 17, 14, 22, 19 and 14 points. They won only one of those games, the 22-20 comeback against the Cowboys.

Tagovailoa outplayed by Jackson, Allen

Leading the 64-yard drive to the winning field goal in the final 3 ½ minutes against Dallas was Tagovailoa’s finest moment. In the two losses since then — 56-19 disaster at Baltimore and Sunday against the Bills — the Dolphins’ supposed franchise quarterback was thoroughly outplayed and overshadowed by the Ravens’ Lamar Jackson and Buffalo’s Allen.

Tua’s passer rating against the Bills was 62.7, his worst of the season. Second worst was 71.9 at Baltimore.

Granted, Allen is prone to mistakes. He threw two interceptions and lost a fumble Sunday. But in the fourth quarter he took over the game and enforced his will. Facing third and 13 on a clock-killing drive, Allen rumbled through Dolphins defenders for 15 yards.

While McDaniel is 20-15 as Dolphins coach, he’s 3-11 against teams that have made the playoffs the past two seasons.

Make no mistake, McDaniel and Tagovailoa aren’t going away next season. But the reckoning Dolphins ownership and management must contemplate is where can this franchise go with them? And what are the options for alternatives?

Long shot to break drought in playoffs

Because a season that appeared headed for a breakthrough is now back to a well worn crossroad to nowhere, facing a likely one-and-done in the playoffs. There have been four of those (including last year at Buffalo) since the wild-card win in overtime over the Colts in 2000.

According to CBS Sports HQ Research, the Bills are the fourth team in NFL history to win a division after being down three-plus games with five or fewer games to play. (1973 Bengals, 2008 Chargers, 2022 Jaguars). After floundering at 6-6 and firing their offensive coordinator, they now take the momentum of five consecutive wins into opening the playoffs at home as the second seed in the AFC.

For Miami, it’s off to playoff purgatory at Kansas City where temperatures for Saturday night are forecast to drop as low as minus-2 degrees.

“We can’t dwell on what has happened,” Armstead said. “We’re the six seed. We got to go play Kansas City, let’s go. Let’s go do it. Let’s make it happen. We go up there and get a big win against the defending champs, on to the next.”

Who knows, the NFL is full of surprises. Some may view the Chiefs as less formidable right now than the Bills, who would have returned to Miami Gardens if the Dolphins had prevailed.

But seriously, the prospects of Tua leading an upset in frigid and foreboding Arrowhead Stadium? I’m not putting cash on it at the Hard Rock Sportsbook.

Craig Davis has covered South Florida sports and teams, including the Dolphins, for four decades. Follow him on the site formerly known as Twitter @CraigDavisRuns.

Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins had a rough day in rout at Baltimore.

Pressure Point: Dolphins must regroup from painful loss to battle Bills for AFC East title

A crappy New Year’s Eve in Baltimore left the Miami Dolphins staggering with a throbbing hangover.

The vision of the No. 1 playoff seed in the AFC was swept away in a 56-19 embarrassment against the runaway Ravens.

Granted, all was not lost for Miami. The division title is still there for the taking with a season-ending showdown looming against the Buffalo Bills. The winner will claim the No. 2 seed in the AFC.

But the effects of this Dolphins debacle won’t wash away with a couple of aspirin. An already concerning injury situation worsened with two key defensive players leaving on a cart: cornerback Xavien Howard and linebacker Bradley Chubb.

Chubb, having a Pro Bowl-worthy season, appeared to suffer a significant knee injury while attempting to make a tackle in the fourth quarter.

In addition, Tua Tagovailoa was briefly in the medical tent after he dinged his left shoulder while sliding on a fourth-down scramble in the fourth quarter when the Dolphins should have been punting in what was by then a lost cause.

Home field at stake vs. Bills

Fitting that it will come down to a must-win against the Bills for Miami to claim its first AFC East title since 2008. The Dolphins will have the advantage of home field, where they have been nearly unbeatable with Tagovailoa.

But will they have a healthy Tagovailoa? At the podium afterward he said his shoulder was sore.

The quarterback’s shoulder and availability will be the focus of the week.

As for the sting of the defeat, Tagovailoa said, “We’re right where we need to be as a team, regardless of the outcome of today, and we’ll be better for it. Hopefully we get to see these guys again.”

The road to the Super Bowl will go through Baltimore after the Ravens clinched their second No. 1 seed in franchise history.

The Dolphins secured a place in the playoffs with last week’s win over Dallas. They’ll be vying with the Bills to host a first-round game. Otherwise Miami will draw an unenviable road assignment.

Jackson, Ravens worthy No. 1 in AFC

While the top seed in the conference was at stake Sunday, it never felt actually within reach for Miami despite a picture-perfect opening touchdown drive and a 10-7 lead after the first quarter. Because the Dolphins defense, which has played so well for most of the season, had no answer to Lamar Jackson and his receivers.

A loss at Baltimore wasn’t surprising. But the gulf between the teams was, well, staggering.

Want to know what a No. 1 seed looks like? The Ravens provided the answer in dominating and demoralizing the Dolphins in every aspect of this runaway.

And if you want to know what an MVP candidate looks like, Jackson is the model.

The Ravens’ multi-talented QB pitched a perfect game with five touchdowns, 321 yards and a 158.3 passer rating. It was his third career game with a perfect passer rating, tying the NFL record.

Tagovailoa started well but couldn’t keep up, finishing 22 of 38 passes for 237 yards and two touchdowns with two interceptions.

Dolphins’ fast start not enough

The day began promising for Miami with a 75-yard drive in eight plays capped by an 8-yard pass from Tagovailoa to Cedric Wilson Jr. in tight coverage.

After The Ravens answered with an 85-yard scoring drive, the Dolphins had another go-ahead touchdown in reach, but Tyreek Hill inexplicably dropped it in the end zone.

It didn’t help that star cornerback Howard left early with a foot injury. Not that Howard could have done much to slow the Ravens, who seemed to have a step or 10 on Miami defenders all day.
The Ravens scored touchdowns on five of their first six drives (not counting one play at the end of the half).

A long kickoff return to open the second half and a short touchdown drive pushed Baltimore’s advantage to 35-13, and it only became more painful from there.

When the Dolphins created a glimmer of hope with a fumble recovery in the third quarter, Tagovailoa overthrew Hill for an interception on the next play.

But most painful was seeing Chubb carted off with what had the look of a season-ender.

As to whether Chubb and Tua should have still been in the one-sided game at the time they were hurt, coach Mike McDaniel said, “I would like to have a time machine for sure.”

Both teams came into the game suffering the effects of December in the NFL.

Dolphins missing key players

The Dolphins’ offense was missing 1,000-yard rusher Raheem Mostert and 1,000-yard receiver Jaylen Waddle, as well as starting right guard Robert Hunt.

The Ravens, with the league’s No. 1 defense, were coming off a short week after their Monday night win at San Francisco. They were missing safety Kyle Hamilton, one of the best in the biz, as well as cornerback Brandon Stephens. Ravens guard Kevin Zeitler was also out.

The Dolphins were fortunate to have their starting secondary back together with safety Jevon Holland active for the first time since injuring both knees Nov. 24 against the Jets. Cornerbacks Howard and Jalen Ramsey, both listed as questionable late in the week, were also on the field. But Howard didn’t make it through the first quarter.

This time of year, everyone playing is dealing with ailments. So both teams could point to impaired rosters.

As it turned out, Baltimore was the king of pain, dishing out a thorough beating.

The question will be whether the Dolphins can shake off the hangover and meet the challenge of their division nemesis.

Craig Davis has covered South Florida sports and teams, including the Dolphins, for four decades. Follow him on the site formerly known as Twitter @CraigDavisRuns.

Jason Sanders kicked five field goals for the Dolphins in the win over the Cowboys.

Pressure Point: Dolphins give S. Florida a Merry Christmas; New Year brings more challenges

How special was the Miami Dolphins’ last-second win on a walk-off field by Jason Sanders against the Dallas Cowboys?

The last time the Dolphins gave their fans such a Christmas gift was the “Mare Christmas” win of 2000 — dubbed by my former colleague Harvey Fialkov — on Dec. 24, 2000 when Olindo Mare kicked a field goal into the wind with 9 seconds left for a 27-24 win against the Patriots at Foxboro to clinch the AFC East title.

A week later the Dolphins defeated the Indianapolis Colts in a wild-card playoff matchup. They haven’t won a playoff game in four tries since then. They have only one AFC East title since, in 2008.

Sunday, it was again a kicker giving Dolfans a playoff present with a last-second kick in a 22-20 win. It was Sanders’ fifth field goal of the day in which he became the first Dolphin to kick three longer than 50 yards in a game.

That was just a footnote to the bigger picture. This win changed so much for the Dolphins and their quaterback, Tua Tagovailoa.

Finally, the national narrative of the Dolphins beating up on also-rans and getting run over by playoff-caliber teams vanished. Poof!

The Dolphins and Cowboys both came into Sunday 10-4 and leading their divisions. Now there can be no more talk about the AFC East-leading Dolphins having no wins over a team with a winning record.

Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel had a long, rambling answer about what this win meant to the team. The bottom line was: “This team was fully confident and knew it would take all 60 minutes. So it’s a cool one to be a part of. I think a lot of the guys are happy because their Christmas isn’t ruined.”

Dolphins save Christmas

But it was much more than that.

Very important that Tagovailoa, who has been constantly denigrated despite his successes, led the Dolphins on the 12-play, 64-yard drive to set up Sanders’ winning kick over the final 3:27.

It was a signature moment that Tua very much needed, especially after Miami’s previous possession went three-and-out and was followed by a 17-play touchdown drive by the Cowboys which gave Dallas its only lead of the game.

When safety DeShon Elliott was called for pass interference in the end zone on fourth down to give Dallas another set of downs at the Miami 1, the Fox telecast showed a very young Dolphins fan on the brink of despair about the call. Thousands of much older fans who have suffered with this team for decades were feeling the exact same emotions at that moment.

So many Dolphins dreams have died in December. There was a collective feeling it was about to happen again.

Then came Santa Tagovailoa driven by a battered but game offensive line and his band of swift elves.

The Dolphins’ winning drive included two key third-down conversions, on a screen pass to Tyreek Hill and a run up the middle by Jeff Wilson, Jr.

And finally, there was the No. 1 Christmas elf, Jason Sanders, to deliver the item at the top of South Florida’s wish list.

“I feel like every guy on the team knew what was at stake,” Hill said of the final drive, “and plus it was a big moment for us. We can look back at the course of the game. We have Tennessee being the last game we could have won and we didn’t deliver. So this game right here was kind of like the mentality game for us.

“When everyone on the offensive side, during meetings, we said, look, whenever we have a chance to score or win the game, or end the game with the ball, we’re going to do that. And that’s something that’s been communicated throughout our meetings and stuff like that, because we just can’t be called the best offense, we can’t be called explosive, we have to be able to have good drives and the way Tua orchestrated the last drive, it was a thing of beauty.”

More heavy lifting on New Year’s Eve

So Merry Christmas, Dolfans. As for Happy New Year, well, that’s going to be another big challenge.

The final day of 2023 has the Dolphins traveling to Baltimore vying for the all-important top seed in the AFC, which Miami held briefly before the Monday night collapse against the Titans.

The top-seeded team gets a bye on the first weekend of the playoffs. The second seed has to host a wild-card game.

Plus, the Buffalo Bills are still lurking and dangerous. The Dolphins need a win over the Ravens or a Bills loss to the Patriots to clinch that elusive first division title in 15 years.
Otherwise, that will be decided when the Bills visit Miami in the regular-season finale.

So while the comeback win against the Cowboys freed the Dolphins of some weighty stigmas, there is still some heavy lifting just head.

Craig Davis has covered South Florida sports and teams, including the Dolphins, for four decades. Follow him on the site formerly known as Twitter @CraigDavisRuns.