4raBet promos: best of the best

4raBet is a serious player in the world of betting, which is why the company offers many unique bonuses that competitors cannot boast. Here is their list and to find them you can go https://appsbetting.in/4rabet-promo-code/:

120% to deposit

Without a doubt, one of the coolest bonuses is, for example, 120% deposit bonus. In order to get it, you need to fund your account – as soon as this is done, you will immediately get 120% to your deposit, up to 50 thousand rupees.

Here’s a quick guide to getting this bonus: 

  • Register or log in with 4raBet promo;
  • Activate the 4raBet promo in your personal cabinet;
  • Make a deposit of 10 000 INR and more;
  • Get 120% back on your deposit (max 50.000 INR).

If we look at this 4raBet promo from a profit perspective, the following pros and cons come to mind:


  • Large amount of 4raBet promo.
  • The bonus can be used on any sport.


  • Difficult wagering.
  • Rather high entry threshold.

It is possible to say that this is a really good offer for those who play big. Despite the rather high entry threshold and complicated, this bonus allows you to get up to 50,000 rupees for new wagers.

This, of course, is far from the only cool bonus you can get with the 4raBet promo. This bookmaker also offers a cool bonus for cryptocurrency enthusiasts – you can fund your account with BTC, ETH, XRP and many other coins to get a solid deposit boost.

Here’s a quick guide to getting this 4raBet promo: 

  • Register or log in with the 4raBet promo bookmaker;
  • Deposit Rs. 100 or more using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, etc. cryptocurrencies; 
  • Go to the tips menu and type there “CRYPTO4RASP”.

It should be said, however, that the amount of this bonus is determined individually for each player. If you are a regular bettor who spends a lot of time at 4raBet promo, you will benefit many times over from this promo code. 

As for the pros and cons of this 4raBet promo, it comes to mind:


  • Simple and clear wagering conditions.
  • The bonus is available to all players without exception, the main condition is to use cryptocurrency.


  • The wagering of this promo code is set quite a big wager. You will need to wager it in eight times the amount. 
  • This is an interesting offer for those who replenish their account with cryptocurrencies. It allows you to get a one-time and quite pleasant bonus to the deposit. 

200% on initial deposit amount

4raBet promo also (in addition to the 120% deposit bonus) has another deposit bonus – 200%. It is paid by 4raBet promo. By registering on the exchange, you can get 200% or 58 thousand rupees as the onetime bonus – the highest incentive on the Internet so far. The vast majority of other betting companies offer no more than 110-120%.

To get money from this 4raBet promo, you need:

  • Enter the promo code – “4RABETMAX” when registering your account;
  • Deposit 20 thousand rupees into your account;
  • Get the bonus and wager it.

If you deposit such amount, the total value of the deposit in such a case will increase by 58 thousand rupees. But if the first deposit amount is, say, one thousand rupees, then only two thousand rupees will be deposited in your account. This tip is good for those who like to gamble big, making serious bets, or spending large sums in casinos. 

Bonuses from using PayTM

PayTM bank card holders are offered a really cool 4raBet promo. It literally gives away 35,000 rupees. To get this generous gift, you don’t have to deposit money in a single transaction of Rs 12 thousand. It can be done consistently and in small amounts. For example, Rs. 300 or Rs. 500 at a time. 4raBet promo accruals will continue until the amount reaches the promised value of 35 thousand rupees. 

But as is clear from the name, this 4raBet promo can only be obtained if you are a PayTM card holder, because otherwise (when using e.g. Visa, MasterCard) you will not get this 4raBet promo. 

Other special offers

All in all, 4raBet promo include more than 10 kinds of special offers, which increase the status of members who bet regularly. The most elite of these specials is considered to be the package that gives seven thousand rupees per deposit. The maximum amount of extra charges in such a case may well amount to 35 thousand rupees. By taking advantage of these advanced offers of the 4raBet promo, you ensure that you can get a really big win, while spending a minimal amount of money, all of which will go to the deposit and appear in your main game account. 

Daily incentives for Instagram and Telegram subscribers 

If you follow the company news and info memos about the new 4raBet promo, you will get special attention from the organization. The program of draws, bonuses and promotions in this direction is updated daily, so you can count on the fact that you will be sent in a timely manner, as well as informed about the most interesting matches.

4raBet promo main approach is to stimulate customer interest by offering special offers and bonuses. And this tactic really works, because 4raBet promo are some of the coolest and most profitable not just in the whole Indian market of betting companies, but in the international market as well. 

All promo codes, despite being working at the time of writing, may lose their validity over time. If you want to get the latest information regarding 4raBet promo, you better subscribe to this bookmaker’s newsletter in some social network, or agree to be sent messages to your email or phone number when a new 4raBet promo is available.

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