8 Baseball Facts Even The Biggest Fans May Not Know

Baseball is a great sport for facts and stats, but some fall through the cracks, and not even the biggest fans know them. Here are eight of the greatest.

Two Yankees Managers Share The World Series Win Record

The New York Yankees have been dominating baseball since the glory days of Babe Ruth. It should come as no surprise that two of their managers share the record for most World Series wins at seven each; Joe McCarthy (1931-1946) and Casey Stengel (1949-1960)


The Manager With The Most Wins Also Has The Most Losses

The manager who has achieved the most career wins is Connie Mack, who managed the Philadelphia Athletics from 1901 to 1950. He has also racked up the most career losses. This is probably because of his 50-year managerial career and may not be repeated with the level of staff turnover we see today.


Joe DiMaggio Married Marylin Monroe

For non-baseball fans, this is probably the only fact you know about any baseballer. Joe DiMaggio married Marylin Monroe in 1954, but the union only lasted 9 months; less than a full season. Joe’s biggest achievements on the field include his 56-game hitting streak, a record that still stands today. The linked article on Joe DiMaggio has even more great facts about the legendary player. 


The First Pro Team Was The Cincinnati Red Stockings

Back in 1866, the first professional baseball team was formed. The Cincinnati Baseball Club wore red stockings and was the first team to recruit and pay players. This was so they could tour the country and play other amateur teams at Union Cricket Club Grounds.


Two Players Share The Longest Career Record

Both these players had an astonishing 27-year career in professional baseball, though they did it in different centuries. Cap Anderson played from 1871 to 1897, setting his record in baseball’s early days. Nolan Ryan managed to play for 27 seasons between 1966 and 1993, an amazing amount of time for the modern game.


Yogi Berra Holds Two World Series Records

No player has won more World Series titles than Yogi Berra, and he also holds the record for most World Series appearances. The hall-of-famer played in 14 World Series in his career, walking away with 10 wins and the rings to match; one for all his fingers and thumbs.


Only Three Players Have Hit Over 700 Career Home Runs

Babe Ruth hit three homers in his last game in May 1935, setting a career record of 714 home runs. It took another 39 years for his record to be broken by Hank Aaron in 1974, who finished his career on 755. This record lasted until Barry Bonds hit his 756th in 2007, finishing his career on 762 which is the career record to this day.


Speaking Of Hank Aaron…

The career record for the most runs batted in (RBI) stands at 2,297, set by Hank Aaron over his 21 years as a pro-baller. He played for the Braves for 19 seasons and finished up at the Milwaukee Brewers for the last two years of his astounding career.

Baseball is the sport of kings, and the names featured in these facts are true kings of the game. Next time you are shooting the breeze with a baseball fan, drop some of these big facts into the conversation.

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