A different weekend for the Florida Gators

The Florida Gators have played the Florida State Seminoles usually on the weekend after Thanksgiving for 61 years straight. Ever since 1958, this tradition has held strong and provided an exciting rivalry game for Florida sports fans.

Gators fans would have loved to have this annual rivalry game this year considering they are the 6th ranked team. While the Seminoles are a team with a 2-6 record this year, it’s safe to assume that the gators would’ve taken this years game.

Overall, the Gators take the all-time win record holding 36 wins, 26 losses, and 2 ties in these 64 games. The Seminoles have had very well-known names including Deion Sanders and Derrick Brooks compete in this rival game. The Gators brought all-time greats Jack Youngblood, Emmitt Smith, and Percy Harvin into these games.

The biggest win of all-time in these games came when the Gators shutout the Seminoles for a 49-0 win in 1973.

Due to COVID-19, the SEC had to change the college football schedule around. As the season started 3 weeks later, many games had to be moved or canceled to account for the schedule changes. One consequence of these changes was the cancellation of the 61-year tradition.

The hope for Gators fans is that they can continue the rivalry next year with a record-breaking win, but for this Thanksgiving weekend, they had to settle for the Kentucky Wildcats.

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