The Miami Dolphins are a touchdown dog

BETDSI had no merci with the Dolphins.

With the offensive and defensive lines this, um, lacking, are you surprised the betting line is this low?

Well, some bettors aren’t, apparently.

That’s why, if you want to bet the Miami Dolphins and take the seven points from the Baltimore Ravens today, you need to give up a little more (-112) at

( is where you should go and use the promo code FIVE101 for a bonus).

Taking the Ravens and giving the seven points (at -105) good play to me, especially since the forecast is mild for a September afternoon — cloudy and a high of 87.

Even easier money, of course, is the moneyline.

But to bet on the Ravens to win, you need to currently need to give $323 to make $100.

And we all know what happened in 2007, when Baltimore was the only team to lose to the Dolphins.

If you believe in Miami’s ability to corral Lamar Jackson, sure, pick the upset. Maybe Minkah Fitzpatrick picks him off a couple of times.

We’ll just be sitting on the other side.

In Five Reasons Sports Network we promise you we will be there with you for this long 2019-2020 Miami Dolphins season. We know it is not an easy thing to be a Miami sports fan right now, but give it a couple of years and we might be winning a lot of games, and maybe some championships. This is how it is now. You have to tank to have a shot at winning, if you’re not one of the highest payrolls of the game. It sucks. We know. Let’s embrace it together. Be part of the Five Reasons family. 

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