Goldie’s Best Bets NFL Divisional Round: Ride with Rodgers


All Time Record: 295-145-1          

Vs. Spread: 221-219-1


21-22 Season:  169-90-1               

Vs. Spread: 132-130-1


Wildcard Record: 5-1          

Vs. Spread: 3-3


Guarantee Record: 17-15

Upset Record: 18-13              


Crazy Uncle Jeff 

All Time: 35-15              

21-22 Season: 19-14       

Final 2020: 16-1


A statement from Crazy Uncle Jeff: 

“I have not been happy with my performance and record this season. I apologize to all of my fans. In hopes to make amends, I will not miss this weekend. Give me all of the favorites, but give the points” 

Titans ML

Packers ML

Buccaneers ML

Chiefs ML


Goldie’s Guarantee

San Francisco 49ers (10-7) @ Green Bay Packers (13-4)

Vegas Picks: GB -5.5

Goldie’s Take: Packers Win 38-13

No, that score prediction was not a typo. Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in football while Garoppolo is average, and Jimmy’s nursing a shoulder injury. Also, Green Bay has been dominant in lambeau, going 8-0 at home this season. Also, SFs two best defenders are iffy to play as Nick Bosa and Fred Warner were tagged as questionable in Thursday’s injury report. Also, the Niners barely snuck into the playoffs, while the Packers had the #1 seed locked up for weeks. Also, the Niners are (in my opinion) the worst team left in the playoffs. Rodgers and the Packers advance to yet another NFC Championship. Bet the house, the car, and the boat! I GUARANTEE IT!


Goldie’s UPSET of the Week

Buffalo Bills (11-6) @ Kansas City Chiefs (13-5)

Vegas Picks: KC -2

Goldie’s Take: Bills Win 24-23

So many storylines surround the games this weekend, but perhaps none bigger than the rematch of last season’s AFC Championship. Mahomes and the Chiefs defeated the Bills last season en route to their second Super Bowl appearance in a row. However, Buffalo has been waiting patiently for their shot to knock KC off since that day (a certain Stefon Diggs photo comes to mind). These Bills proved they’re the real deal last week by demolishing division rival Patriots in the NFL playoffs’ first ever perfect game (TD on every drive). That loaded Bills offense is going to be hard to keep up with, especially considering Buffalo has the defensive edge as well. Feeling dangerous going against Andy Reid at home coming off a bye, but I’m a true believer that there’s a new sheriff in town in the AFC. After all, nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills! UPSET!


Cincinnati Bengals (10-7) @ Tennessee Titans (12-5)

Vegas Picks: TEN -3.5

Goldie’s Take: Titans Win 27-23

In the first of a great slate of games, the Bengals head to Tennessee with hopes of keeping their Cinderella season alive. However, many factors point towards a Titans victory this Saturday. The Titans have the rest/prep edge coming off the #1 seed bye, which of course also results in this being a home game for the Titans. In addition, Tennessee has the health edge. Multiple Bengals linebackers were injured in their win against the Raiders last week, and the Titans offense gets a massive boost as RB Derrick Henry is set to make his return. The clock strikes midnight for the Bengals, as the Titans get their first home playoff win since 2003. 


Los Angeles Rams (12-5) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (13-4) 

Vegas Picks: TB -3

Goldie’s Take: Rams Win 26-23

Feeling extra dangerous going against Tom Brady in the playoffs, but his team is just too depleted to win a playoff game right now. The Bucs will be without Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown, and they’ll be lucky to have two of their three top RBs. Those are major blows to two very important skill positions on the offense. Loaded Rams defense should do a good job of containing the hobbled Bucs offense. Also, Matthew Stafford is out for blood in this one, as this is his first real taste of competitive playoff action after being cooped up in Detroit for all those years. Sean McVay and the Rams devise a game plan to take down the legendary GOAT on the other side. However, this is the most nervous pick of the four by far, as the ghost of Brady’s past has already started to haunt me. 

Goldie’s Best Bets: Take the Bills over Bill


All Time Record: 290-144-1          

Vs. Spread: 218-216-1


21-22 Season:  164-89-1               

Vs. Spread: 129-127-1


Week 17 Record: 11-5                

Vs. Spread: 8-8


Guarantee Record: 17-15

Upset Record: 18-13              


Crazy Uncle Jeff 

All Time: 35-15              

21-22 Season: 19-14       

Week 17: 1-1


#5 Las Vegas Raiders (10-7) @ #4 Cincinnati Bengals (10-7)

Vegas Picks: CIN -5.5 

Goldie’s Take: Bengals Win 24-21

In the first of a very exciting slate of wildcard matchups, the red hot Raiders head to Cincy to face low-key MVP candidate Joe Burrow and the Bengals. Some fresh faces in the playoffs in this one, including both starting quarterbacks who are set to make their postseason debut’s. The forecast calls for a cold and ugly game this Saturday, which does not bode well for Raiders QB Derek Carr. Carr is 0-5 in his five career games in temperatures under 37 degrees, and in those games he’s failed to score 17 points each time. Should make for a tough day for that Raiders offense going against a defense who is used to playing in the cold. Giving Raiders a decent upset shot, but picking the home Bengals to fight their way to the divisional round. 


#6 New England Patriots (10-7) @ #3 Buffalo Bills (11-6)

Vegas Picks: BUF -4

Goldie’s Take: Bills Win 22-17

There’s no denying Bellichick and the Pats have owned Buffalo for the past two decades. Pats have won nine of their last ten in Buffalo, and have dominated in the process. HOWEVER, this is a different Bills team (and a different Pats team), and this is the day the Bills finally turn the tides. Buffalo enters this one winners of four straight (including one in New England) to secure the AFC East title. Meanwhile, the Pats have cooled down since that hot streak they had in the middle of the season; going 1-3 in their last four contests. Plus Buffalo will have quite the raucous crowd behind them, as this is only the third home playoff game the mafia has witnessed since 1996. Believe in Josh Allen and the loaded Bills offense to outpace rookie Mac Jones in a monumental win for Bills history. After all, nobody circles the wagons quite like the Buffalo Bills. 


#7 Philadelphia Eagles (9-8) @ #2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12-5)

Vegas Picks: TB -9

Goldie’s Take: Bucs Win 28-16

When these teams first met in Philly during week 6, the Bucs only won by six. Philly stayed tough and hung in the game. However, the Bucs were without Gronkowski and the game was in Philly. This time the Bucs will be at home and Gronk will be healthy. Although I was a strong supporter of the Eagles all season, that was mostly because of their weak schedule; which resulted in the Birds sneaking into the playoffs. Things will be different going on the road against one of the league’s powerhouses. Brady and the Bucs cruise past the Eagles in Wildcard weekend.  


#6 San Francisco 49ers @ #3 Dallas Cowboys (12-5)

Vegas Picks: DAL -3

Goldie’s Take: Cowboys Win 33-27

The Cowboys offense has found its groove at the absolute right time, dropping 50+ in two of their last three games to end the regular season. Dak has been clicking with his array of weapons, not to mention the defense has held strong. The Niners offensive attack should have a tough time keeping pace, especially with QB Jimmy Garropolo still battling a thumb injury. Jerry has assembled arguably his best squad since the Aikman/Smith glory days; Home crowd boosts the Cowboys over the Niners in a classic playoff matchup. How ‘Bout Them Cowboys!


#7 Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7-1) @ #2 Kansas City Chiefs (12-5) 

Vegas Picks: KC -12.5

Goldie’s Take: Chiefs Win 33-23

The Steelers won their final two games to extend Big Ben’s career at least one more game. That will be all it is though. One more game. Steelers head to Arrowhead to face a fired up red hot Chiefs team. The last time these two met, KC put a 26 point hammer down on the Steelers. Although I’m expecting another Chiefs win, I do think the black and gold fight hard for Ben’s final hurrah. 


#5 Arizona Cardinals (11-6) @ #4 Los Angeles Rams (12-5)

Vegas Picks: LAR -4

Goldie’s Take: Rams Win 32-26

Although the two teams’ records are similar, that does not tell the whole story. Arizona is a fools gold 11-6. After starting the season 7-0, Arizona has finished the season spirally out of control; losers of four of their last five. Now they’re faced with going on the road to face the division rival Rams, a tall task for a team who has not been playing good football of late. The Rams have both the defensive edge and the home field edge. Plus, Matt Stafford gets his first taste of playoff life outside of Detroit, he should be out to prove something in this one. Picking LA to get the home win in the NFL’s first Monday night playoff game since 1998.



Tua Tagovailoa celebrates after the Miami Dolphins defeated the New York Jets 24-17.

Goldie’s Best Bets Week 17: Ride the Tua, Dolphins Wave


All Time Record: 267-135-1          

Vs. Spread: 200-202-1


21-22 Season:  141-80-1               

Vs. Spread: 111-113-1


Week 16 Record: 10-5                

Vs. Spread: 5-10


Guarantee Record: 15-15

Upset Record: 16-13              


Crazy Uncle Jeff 

All Time: 33-13              

21-22 Season: 17-12       

Week 16: 0-2


Goldie’s Guarantee AND UPSET of the Week

Cleveland Browns (7-8) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (7-7-1)

Vegas Picks: CLE -3.5

Goldie’s Take: Steelers Win 23-20

I have been one of the Browns strongest supporters this season, but this week I’m changing my tune. Both teams fighting for their playoff lives under the bright lights of Monday night should be a thriller. I love love love the fact that Pitt is at home. All signs are pointing towards this being Big Ben’s last home game in Pittsburgh. I believe he puts on one more show for the home fans. The sheer emotion that will be bumping through that building is enough for me to pick the Steelers as the UPSET AND the GUARANTEE of a loaded week 17 slate!


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: DAL -6.5

Arizona Cardinals (10-5) @ Dallas Cowboys (11-4)

Vegas Picks: DAL -6.5

Goldie’s Take: Cowboys Win 34-28

Don’t let the 10-5 Cards record fool you. Since their 7-0 start ‘Zona has very much fallen back to earth and do not look like the same team as when they started. They’ve surrendered the division lead to the Rams, and now they’re just thankful they’ll make the playoffs. Also, the Cowboys dropped a cool 56 points on Washington last week. I think their offense is fine. How ‘Bout Them Cowboys!


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: NO -6.5

Carolina Panthers (5-10) @ New Orleans Saints (7-8)

Vegas Picks: NO -6.5

Goldie’s Take: Saints Win 24-17

Jeffy likes a pair of -6.5s this week as his locks, and who can blame him betting against Carolina. Talk about hitting the self-destruct button! The Carolina Panthers started this season 3-0 and have completely fallen apart since, being outscored by 80 points during their five game losing streak. N’awlins takes care of business in the dome!


Rest of Week 17:


Miami Dolphins (8-7) @ Tennessee Titans (10-5)

Vegas Picks: TEN -3.5

Goldie’s Take: Dolphins Win 26-23

Lots of storylines surrounding this one. First, this is Ryan Tannehill’s first matchup with the team that drafted him (and eventually traded him), and he gets a shot to severely injure Miami’s playoff hopes with a win. The other side of that coin is Tua gets a chance to prove the Dolphins front office right with a win against the man he was brought in to replace (and be better than). My pick reeks of Miami bias, but how can you bet against a team who’s won seven straight games? Fins go into Tennessee and UPSET the Titans!


Los Angeles Rams (11-4) @ Baltimore Ravens (8-7)

Vegas Picks: LAR -6

Goldie’s Take: Rams Win 27-23

For the third consecutive week Lamar Jackson’s health has a huge barring over my pick in the Ravens game. Tyler Huntley showed he was a capable backup against the Packers, but capable enough to defeat one of the strongest defenses in the league? I don’t know about all that. Safe play is to pick the Rams here, but giving Crows a solid upset shot, especially if Lamar plays. 


Kansas City Chiefs (11-4) @ Cincinnati Bengals (9-6)

Vegas Picks: KC -4.5

Goldie’s Take: Chiefs Win 28-24

Big playoff implications on the line in this one as Chiefs look to lock up No.1 seed and Bengals look to clinch their division. Chiefs have rattled off eight wins in a row and enter as the hottest team in football, but the Bengals are not far behind them. This Joe Burrow led team has really started to prove themselves with some quality wins this year (4-0 vs PIT/BAL), but I just can’t go against the red hot Chiefs. Especially with Travis Kelce coming back from Covid reserve. However, Burrow has a chance to really establish himself with the upper echelon of QBs with a win against the almighty Patty Mahomes. 


New York Giants (4-11) @ Chicago Bears (5-10)

Vegas Picks: CHI -6

Goldie’s Take: Bears Win 21-13

It’s been 16 weeks picking games this season, and I’ve yet to pick the Bears once. UNTIL TODAY! I’ve picked the Giants to cover multiple times in the past few weeks and they continue to fail me. Chicago should look to build off the thrilling win they had last week in Seattle. Been waiting all season to emphatically yell, “DA BEARS!”


Jacksonville Jaguars (2-13) @ New England Patriots (9-6)

Vegas Picks: NE -16

Goldie’s Take: Pats Win 24-9

Pats at home after a tough loss to division rival Buffalo Bills, and they’re facing the Jaguars of all teams? Poor poor Trevor Lawrence. Bill is going to pull out all the stops to confuse this NFL newborn. Defense wins the day, and Pats coast past Jags at home.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-4) @ New York Jets (4-11)

Vegas Picks: TB -13

Goldie’s Take: Bucs Win 35-14

The stark difference in talent is evident in this one, plus this is about the time of year where Tom Brady seems to elevate his game to another level. PLUS Brady has owned the Jets his entire career. This one reminds me of when a big time college team schedules a game against a Bethune Cookman or Umass Amherst early in the season to get the team tuned up for the season. This is similar, except Brady and the Bucs will use this matchup with the Jets to get tuned up for the playoffs.


Atlanta Falcons (7-8) @ Buffalo Bills (9-6)

Vegas Picks: BUF -14.5

Goldie’s Take: Bills Win 28-17

Buffalo has to be feeling themselves a bit after regaining firm control of the AFC East in a huge road win in New England. Meanwhile, Atlanta was struggling to put away the lowly Lions at home. The Bills are clearly the favorite here, however the Falcons are still somehow alive in the playoff race so they should play hard. Bills should get the win but not ruling out a possible trap game after such a momentous win.


Las Vegas Raiders (8-7) @ Indianapolis Colts (9-6)

Vegas Picks: IND -8

Goldie’s Take: Colts Win 27-20

Indy has been one of the hottest teams in the league for awhile now. Another big win last week in Arizona shows even more that the Colts are the real deal. The emergence of Johnathan Taylor has given this team a strong identity. Colts keep the train rolling with a big win against Carr and the Raiders. 


Philadelphia Eagles (8-7) @ Washington Football Team (6-9)

Vegas Picks: PHI -4.5

Goldie’s Take: Eagles Win 31-24

This game just means more for the Eagles. Philly has put themselves in position to clinch a playoff berth this weekend with a win and some help. Washington, on the other hand, just got steamrolled by the Cowboys in a game where the No Names allowed Dallas to drop a 56 burger. Jalen Hurts also had over 300 yards on this same Washington defense a few weeks ago. I’ve been calling Philly to grab that last NFC spot for weeks now. Birds on a 4-1 run, should make it 5-1 with a win in the nation’s capital this Sunday.


Denver Broncos (7-8) @ Los Angeles Chargers (8-7)

Vegas Picks: LAC -8

Goldie’s Take: Chargers Win 30-24

Chargers look to bounce back in this one after a shocking loss to the lowly Texans. Now their playoff hopes have seriously been put in jeopardy. Speaking of playoff hopes seriously in jeopardy, a loss here would effectively end the Broncos season. Should be a good game but like Herbert and the Chargers to get the win at home, especially with Denver without Teddy Bridgewater. 


Houston Texans (4-11) @ San Francisco 49ers (8-7)

Vegas Picks: SF -12.5

Goldie’s Take: 49ers Win 28-20

Niners control their own destiny in the NFC playoff race so all that they’re focused on is beating the 4-11 Houston Texans. At home. Things are looking good for San Fran. However, Texans have quietly won two in a row including an impressive victory last week over Justin Herbert and the Chargers. Also, Niners will most likely be without starting QB Jimmy Garrapolo, should be interesting to see how rookie Trey Lance fairs in his replacement. Picking Niners to get the win, but picking Texans to cover. 


Detroit Lions (2-12-1) @ Seattle Seahawks (5-10)

Vegas Picks: SEA -7

Goldie’s Take: Seahawks Win 28-16

Seattle has easily been the most disappointing team in the NFL this season. Eliminated from playoff contention with three games left is very unlike Pete Carroll/Russell Wilson led teams. Lions have played hard all season despite not having all that much talent, but without Jared Goff and going on the road? Here I go again trusting the Seahawks brand even though they’ve let me down time and time again this season. 


Minnesota Vikings (7-8) @ Green Bay Packers (12-3)

Vegas Picks: GB -13

Goldie’s Take: Packers Win 34-14

Vikings without Kirk Cousins and Adam Theilen in this one is why the betting line has ballooned to 13 points, but I’m STILL trusting the Packers. Green Bay hasn’t lost at home all season and have a chance to lock up the number 1 seed in NFC with a win. Vikings have won two straight against the Pack, but I can’t trust Sean Mannion (who was just elevated off Covid list Friday) to go in and compete with the Packers. Green Bay takes care of business at Lambeau to continue their home perfection. 


Goldie’s Best Bets Week 16: Cardinals, Dolphins, more


All Time Record: 257-130-1          

Vs. Spread: 195-192-1


21-22 Season:  131-75-1               

Vs. Spread: 106-103-1


Week 15 Record: 10-5                

Vs. Spread: 9-6


Upset Record: 16-12              


Crazy Uncle Jeff 

All Time: 33-11              

21-22 Season: 17-10       

Week 15: 0-1


Goldie’s Guarantee

Denver Broncos (7-7) @ Las Vegas Raiders (7-7)

Vegas Picks: PK

Goldie’s Take: Raiders Win 26-23

A pair of 7-7 AFC West teams face off in what is basically a playoff game for both teams. A win keeps them right in the thick of the playoff race, whereas a loss has them looking towards the draft. The Raiders are coming off a gutsy win in Cleveland last Monday, while the Broncos are coming off a tough home loss to the Bengals. Denver lost Teddy Bridgewater in that game, so Drew Lock will be making his first start of the season. A serviceable backup, but Lock should have a tough time going on the road in a divisional matchup. Raiders win at home to keep their season alive, I GUARANTEE IT! “Just Win Baby”


Goldie’s UPSET of the Week

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-12) @ New York Jets (3-11)

Vegas Picks: NYJ -1.5

Goldie’s Take: Jaguars Win 20-17

Both of these teams have had terrible seasons so far. They’ve both already been eliminated from playoff contention so the only thing they’re fighting for now is the first pick in this offseason’s draft. However, the one interesting storyline in this one is that it’s last year’s number 1 pick versus the number 2 pick at QB. Both rookies have had a tough go of it so far, but I guess that’s what happens when you get drafted to the Jets or Jacksonville. This game will mark the first time in 26 games that Vegas has the Jets as favorites, but take Trevor Lawrence and the Jags to win their first road game since 2019, yes you read that right. UPSET!


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: GB -7.5

Cleveland Browns (7-7) @ Green Bay Packers (11-3)

Vegas Picks: GB -7.5

Goldie’s Take: Packers Win 30-20

The Browns head to Green Bay to face the reigning MVP in the first of our two Christmas Day matchups. Cleveland will be getting QB Baker Mayfield back, but that shouldn’t be enough for Cleveland to get the win. Browns are still working through their COVID struggles, and the Packers haven’t lost in Lambeau all season. Packers give the gift of winning to their fans this Christmas. Merry LOCKsmas from the Crazy Uncle!


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: ARI -1

Indianapolis Colts (8-6) @ Arizona Cardinals (10-4)

Vegas Picks: ARI -1

Goldie’s Take: Cardinals Win 27-24

Colts enter this one as one of the league’s hottest teams after beating the surging Patriots. Meanwhile, Arizona has gone cold since their red hot 7-0 start. Two losses in a row, including a stunner in Detroit. However, the Cards have way too much talent to keep losing like this. The Colts have more momentum, but my gut tells me to take Arizona. Giving Colts a solid upset shot, but picking Cardbirds to get the win on Christmas night. Uncle Jeff approves. 


Rest of Week 16:


Detroit Lions (2-11-1) @ Atlanta Falcons (6-8)

Vegas Picks: ATL -6.5

Goldie’s Take: Falcons Win 27-20

The Lions stunned the Cardinals last week, destroying them 30-12, but let’s not be fooled here. The Lions are still the Lions, and they are just less talented than the Falcons. Plus picking Falcons to finally get a win in the ATL, where they have struggled this season. Falcons over Lions as Atlanta keeps their sliver of playoff hopes alive. 


Los Angeles Rams (10-4) @ Minnesota Vikings (7-7)

Vegas Picks: LAR -3.5

Goldie’s Take: Rams Win 28-24

Vikings are holding onto the final NFC Wild Card spot for dear life right now. A crowd of teams are lurking right behind them, so a loss would basically end the Vikes. However, Rams have their own playoff implications on the line here too as they’re tied with Arizona for the division lead. Rams are a better football team here, plus they have sneaky MVP candidate Cooper Kupp ready to go. Rams go into Minny and leave with a huge W. 


New York Giants (4-10) @ Philadelphia Eagles (7-7)

Vegas Picks: PHI -10

Goldie’s Take: Eagles Win 24-16

Eagles enter this one as 10 point favorites after a 10 point win against Washington on Tuesday. Philly continues to do enough to keep themselves in spitting distance of the final NFC Wild Card spot. That trend should continue as they get a home matchup with the worst team in the NFC East. However in a divisional game, I’m expecting things to at least stay close, so picking Giants to slide in right under the fat 10 point spread. 


Buffalo Bills (8-6) @ New England Patriots (9-5)

Vegas Picks: NE -2

Goldie’s Take: Patriots Win 23-20

Teetered back and forth for a while on this one before ultimately settling on New England for a couple of reasons: 

  1. Foxboro in late December is a big advantage for the Patriots. 
  2. Pats defense should be able to contain Josh Allen and the pass-heavy Bills. 
  3. Bill Belichick has a chip on his shoulder and he’s out to prove he still has gas in the tank

Not betting against Bill until he gives me a reason to. Pats win AFC East title with a win at home this Sunday.


Baltimore Ravens (8-6) @ Cincinatti Bengals (8-6)

Vegas Picks: CIN -3

Goldie’s Take: Bengals Win 24-20

The entirety of this game is predicated on the health of Lamar Jackson’s ankle. He’s listed as questionable right now but hasn’t practiced since getting carted off the field in their loss to the Browns two weeks ago. Tyler Huntley would make his second consecutive start if Jackson is unable to play. Huntley played well last week but going into a divisional game on the road is a different story. Bengals should take firm control of the AFC North with a win this Sunday.


Los Angeles Chargers (8-6) @ Houston Texans (3-11)

Vegas Picks: LAC -10.5

Goldie’s Take: Chargers Win 31-17

Chargers should come out with a vengeance in this one after that devastating OT loss to the Chiefs last week. Plus they’ll have the rest/prep edge as they played Thursday night. Chargers are in control of their destiny as they currently hold one of the three AFC wild card spots. I don’t see Davis Mills keeping pace with Justin Herbert, Bolts cruise to a victory in Houston. 


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-4) @ Carolina Panthers (5-9)

Vegas Picks: TB -10

Goldie’s Take: Buccaneers Win 28-17

Bucs were stunned last week, getting shutout in a home game against New Orleans. I see an elite team like Tampa bouncing back fast from a loss like that. Especially with a game against a division rival on the horizon. Plus Carolina is floundering right now. They’ll be starting Cam Newton but Sam Darnold is expected to see some action as well. The Panthers are a mess, Brady and the Bucs should coast past Carolina. 


Chicago Bears (4-10) @ Seattle Seahawks (5-9)

Vegas Picks: SEA -6.5 

Goldie’s Take: Seahawks Win 28-20

Both of these teams had really disappointing seasons after entering the year with high hopes. This will mark the first losing season for Seattle since 2011. However, all disappointment aside, Seattle should win this game. Russell Wilson is healthy, and the ‘Hawks have historically been great at home. Chicago is struggling right now, Seattle should take care of business to add at least one good note on a season to forget. 


Pittsburgh Steelers (7-6-1) @ Kansas City Chiefs (10-4)

Vegas Picks: KC -8.5

Goldie’s Take: Chiefs Win 30-23

Seven straight wins (including the thriller against LAC on TNF) leads me to believe that the Chiefs are indeed back. However, Mahomes will be without two of his favorite weapons with Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce testing positive for COVID-19. Also, this could be the final run for Big Ben Roethlisberger, so I could see him showing out in this one. Picking Pitt to keep it within the 8.5 point spread, but picking KC to get the win at Arrowhead.


Washington Football Team (6-8) @ Dallas Cowboys (10-4)

Vegas Picks: DAL -10

Goldie’s Take: Cowboys Win 24-21

Dallas wins the NFC East title with a win against Washington on SNF. The Cowboys are the better team here, and should show out in primetime. Washington is still working though their COVID issues so who knows who will be available for this matchup. Plus the Cowboys have the rest/prep edge as Washington played Tuesday. However, in a divisional matchup you should always expect both teams to play hard. No Names should keep it close but Cowboys should get the win in the end. How ‘bout them Cowboys!


Miami Dolphins (7-7) @ New Orleans Saints (7-7)

Vegas Picks: MIA -1.5

Goldie’s Take: Dolphins Win 17-14

Battle of two great defenses in this one. The Saints shutout Tom Brady and the Bucs last week en route to a 9-0 win. N’awlins is also the only team to keep MVP Aaron Rodgers to single digits this season in their 35-3 murdershow they put on the Pack in week 1. So, the New Orleans defense is capable of a big performance. However, Miami has a very strong defense as well, and the Saints QB situation is questionable to say the least. With Trevor Siemien and Taysom Hill going on the COVID reserve list earlier this week, the Saints are likely to have to turn to Rookie QB Ian Book on MNF. Book has never played an NFL snap, let alone start a meaningful game in primetime. Fins defense should eat him alive to propel Miami to a low scoring seventh straight win. 


Goldie’s Best Bets Week 15: Brady Breakthrough, Pats Streaking


All Time Record: 247-125-1          

Vs. Spread: 186-186-1


21-22 Season:  121-70-1               

Vs. Spread: 97-97-1


Week 14 Record: 13-0                

Vs. Spread: 11-2


Guarantee Record: 14-14

Upset Record: 15-12              


Crazy Uncle Jeff 

All Time: 33-10              

21-22 Season: 17-9       

Week 14: 1-0


Goldie’s Guarantee: TB -11.5

New Orleans Saints (6-7) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-3)

Vegas Picks: TB -11.5

Goldie’s Take: Buccaneers Win 30-10

One of the only reasons this game is on SNF is because the Saints have been Brady’s kryptonite since joining the Bucs. Brady is 0-3 regular season against the Saints, but keep in mind that two of those losses were to Drew Brees and the third was against Jameis Winston. The Saints don’t have either of those guys at QB this Sunday, so I think the Bucs should have an easier time. Tampa clinches the division with a convincing win at home in Primetime, I GUARANTEE IT!


Goldie’s UPSET of the Week

Cincinnati Bengals (7-6) @ Denver Broncos (7-6)

Vegas Picks: DEN -3

Goldie’s Take: Bengals Win 31-26

Lots of playoff implications on the line in this one, a win keeps you right in the thick of the race, whereas a loss makes the path to the postseason incredibly difficult. Cincy fell just short of a great home win last week losing to the Niners in overtime. That marks two straight losses for the Bengals who were once sitting pretty at 7-4. Now they head to Denver to face a very inconsistent Broncos team. Trusting Burrow and highflying Bengals offense to outpace Teddy B and the Broncos. Cincy pulls off the UPSET and gets the win in the Mile High.  


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: NE +2.5

New England Patriots (9-4) @ Indianapolis Colts (7-6)

Vegas Picks: IND -2.5

Goldie’s Take: Patriots Win 23-20

In our rare Saturday NFL showdown, we have what should be one of the most interesting games of the weekend. Many storylines here: breakout of Johnathan Taylor, breakout of Mac Jones, heavy playoff implications on the line, but the biggest of them all is definitely how red hot the entire Pats team has been. Since starting 2-4, the Pats have completely figured it out and have been setting the league on fire with seven straight wins. Jeffy and I have bet against the GOAT in the sweatshirt too many times, Pats keep surging with a win in Indy. 


Tennessee Titans (9-4) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (6-6-1)

Vegas Picks: PIT -1

Goldie’s Take: Steelers Win 24-21

Since losing Derrick Henry this Tennessee offense has rapidly declined. Soon after Henry went down, AJ Brown got injured and they were forced to put him on IR. The Titans are putting too much responsibility on Tannehill’s shoulders. Meanwhile, Steelers coming off a TNF game, should be well rested and will be getting stud pass rusher TJ Watt back as well. Pitt defense should give T’s offense fits, and Big Ben will be able to do enough to get the victory. Steelers stay right in the thick of the playoff chase with a home win in the Big Ketchup Bottle.


Carolina Panthers (5-8) @ Buffalo Bills (7-6)

Vegas Picks: BUF -12

Goldie’s Take: Bills Win 34-21

Remember when everyone was talking about how the Bills were going to dethrone the Pats and take over the AFC? Welp, all that is now out the window as three straight losses has Buffalo needing to win just to keep their playoff hopes on track. However, this is the perfect game to get back on track. The return of Cam Newton to Carolina has not worked at all to put it lightly, and the entire Panthers team seems to be in flux right now. Expecting Josh Allen and the Bills to tighten up the screws at home this week as they try and get moving back in the right direction.


Houston Texans (2-11) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (2-11)
Vegas Picks: JAX -5

Goldie’s Take: Jaguars Win 26-23

The toilet bowl takes place in Jacksonville this Sunday between two of the leagues four teams with double digit losses this season. The biggest storyline in this one is about someone who actually won’t be at the game, as the Jags fired HC Urban Meyer earlier this week. I believe the Jacksonville players will band together to get a win now that the cancer has left their locker room. Jags win what should be a close game between two bad teams. 


Dallas Cowboys (9-4) @ New York Giants (4-9)

Vegas Picks: DAL -11

Goldie’s Take: Cowboys Win 27-17

Cowboys have owned this matchup recently, on an 8-1 run against the G-Men. Giants will once again be without starting QB Daniel Jones, as Mike Glennon will continue to start in his relief. Glennon should have a really tough time moving the ball against a stout Cowboys defense. Struggling Dak also gets a good opportunity to bounce back in this one with a weak opponent like the Giants. Cowboys should get the win, but can definitely see Giants slipping in under the Vegas odds with a home cover. 


Arizona Cardinals (10-3) @ Detroit Lions (1-11-1)

Vegas Picks: ARI -13

Goldie’s Take: Cardinals Win 30-20

Cards head to Mo-Town undefeated on the road this season, and a win away from clinching a playoff berth. Even with Deandre Hopkins supposed to miss Sunday’s tilt, still like Arizona to cruise past the lowly Lions. However Detroit has shown the ability to keep fighting this season: After each of their previous four double digit losses this season, the following game has been decided by a single digit margin. Fully expecting Cards to win this one, but picking Lions to keep it within the fat betting line. 


New York Jets (3-10) @ Miami Dolphins (6-7)

Vegas Picks: MIA -9.5

Goldie’s Take: Dolphins Win 21-13

Miami has owned this matchup in recent memory, currently on a 9-2 stretch (4-1 under B-Flo) against their division rival. Fins also enter as one of the hottest teams in the league, winners of five in a row. However, the pesky Covid wave has made its way to the Miami locker room. The entire running back room has been put on the Covid list, to go along with stud wide receiver Jaylen Waddle. Still believe in Flores and the defense to hold strong, but wouldn’t be shocked if Planes kept it just within the hefty betting line. 


Atlanta Falcons (6-7) @ San Francisco 49ers (7-6)

Vegas Picks: SF -9.5

Goldie’s Take: 49ers Win 28-21

Niners have found their rhythm after their tough start, winning four of their last five. Jimmy G has settled into the starting QB role, and has been very efficient. That’s what the Niners offense is based upon, efficiency. They’re not too flashy but they get the job done when paired with a solid defense. San Fran should get the win in this one, but it is worth noting that Dirty Birds are 5-2 this season on the road so wouldn’t be shocked if we see a Matty Ice road cover. 


Green Bay Packers (10-3) @ Baltimore Ravens (8-5)

Vegas Picks: GB -6

Goldie’s Take: Packers Win 28-24

Given Lamar Jackson is good to go on Sunday (ankle), this would mark the first time that ‘19 MVP (Jackson) faced off against ‘20 MVP (Rodgers). Lamar is a strong 12-2 against NFC teams in his career, so going against the Ravens at home was not an easy decision. However, Rodgers is my guy and the Pack have looked like the best team in the NFL this season. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Ravens upset in this one, but safer play is to pick them with the points. 


Las Vegas Raiders (6-7) @ Cleveland Browns (7-6)

Vegas Picks: LV -1.5

Goldie’s Take: Raiders Win 26-20

Playoff desperation is starting to set in for both teams, but especially for the Raiders coming off back to back losses. After getting obliterated in KC last week, the Raiders should come out firing in Cleveland to prove that they’re still valid. It’s also worth noting that the Browns had the Covid wave hit them this week. Both Baker Mayfield and Kevin Stafanski (among many others) have tested positive this week, so Cleveland could very well be without their HC/QB combo this weekend. Case Keenum has the ability to keep the Browns in this one, but I expect Derek Carr and the Raiders to go into the Dawg Pound and leave with a victory. 


Minnesota Vikings (6-7) @ Chicago Bears (4-9)

Vegas Picks: MIN -6

Goldie’s Take: Vikings Win 28-23

This is a Primetime matchup where I don’t trust anything about it. The Vikings have been one of the most inconsistent teams in the league this season, plus Kirk Cousins on Primetime is another red flag. However, I don’t have any faith in the Bears either. Rookie QB in Primetime is a huge question mark. Picking Minny because Vikings need this win to keep their playoff hopes alive, but wouldn’t be shocked if the Bears play spoiler. 


Washington Football Team (6-7) @ Philadelphia Eagles (6-7)

Vegas Picks: PHI -8.5

Goldie’s Take: Eagles Win 28-17

With 23 members of the WFT currently on the Covid list, this game becomes very difficult to analyze. Who knows who’s going to be available on Tuesday night? However, based on what we now know, all signs point towards an Eagles victory. I personally would give Philly the edge even if both teams were at full strength. So, with Covid decimating a large portion of Washington’s team, AND Philly having home field advantage for this one, yeah, I’m picking the Eagles. 


Seattle Seahawks (5-8) @ Los Angeles Rams (9-4)

Vegas Picks: LAR -4.5

Goldie’s Take: Seahawks Win 26-23

The Rams had a very inspiring win last week in Arizona on MNF. Even with many of their guys getting Covid,they adjusted and were still able to perform, and even manage to dominate at that! However, this will mark the second straight week where the Rams are going to be heavily short handed. It’s too much to ask for the reserves to keep up that level of high play. Also the desperation is there for Seattle. The Seahawks are still hanging by a thread in the NFC playoff race, but a loss would end them. Russell Wilson and the ‘Hawks swoop in for an UPSET in LA on Tuesday night.  


Differences Between NBA and NFL Betting

Gambling is such a very huge industry. So if you think you can only gamble in casinos, you’re wrong! In fact, sports are also enjoyed by many gamblers as much as athletes and enthusiasts are enjoying watching the games. That’s why sports betting is widely practiced wherever gambling is allowed.


Among the most sought-after leagues are the NBA and NFL. Take note, betting on these leagues isn’t only popular in the US, where these games happen, but also around the globe.


If you’re not familiar with how betting on these sports works, you may want to consider these major differences they have:

Number of games and schedules

Among the key differences between the two is the number of games per season and the schedules.


For the NFL, teams will play one game per week, a total of 16 games, in every regular season. Meanwhile, NBA teams will play 82 games in a regular campaign for multiple games per week. For that reason, NBA teams will be on the road most times to follow the schedule, while NFL teams can have more time to rest and relax before getting ready for another game. That’s also the reason why the term “scheduled losses” is prominent in the NBA.


With that, bettors should know more about the condition of every player in the NBA before betting than in the NFL. Some bettors may just take it lightly but a game can turn sideways for just a single player who experiences fatigue. And that leads to another difference…

One player can change the game results in the NBA

One player may turn the tables in minutes and change the outcome of the game in the NBA. 


A roster in the NBA is typically made up of 15 players, and among them, 10 players may play anytime. On the other hand, an NFL roster will have 53 active players where 46 of them may play anytime. NFL players will be assigned whether in offense or defense, while basketball players are required to excel at both.


With that, it only takes one basketball player to change the outcome of the game, which wouldn’t be possible in football. Although an Elite QB or any player in the NFL can have a huge influence on the team’s success, an NFL team can’t win without the whole team effort.


For that reason, bettors should always consider each payer’s value for the games. So if a star player for an NBA team is injured or suspended, a bettor should take it into consideration.


If a team loses 2 players, that’s about 4% loss for the football team while 13% for basketball.  

What about the odds?

Surely, the odds for each sport are totally different. Not only that, but there’s also a big difference in when these odds will be made available to bettors. 


As mentioned, since the NBA games happen at a faster pace than the NFL, NBA becomes a daily sport. While every player won’t play every day, they will be on the court most days every week. Some days may have many games, some may not, what’s certain is that there will always be hoops to bet on from time to time.


Betting lines for the NBA come out every morning before the games, or on some occasion, on the night before. The numbers will continuously move as bets come in until the game time. But for the NFL, it’s different. Each football team will only play once a week and there will be allotted broadcast windows for the contest. As a result, odds are typically released in advance – some a week before the game.


The distance in between games will leave more time for line movement and for handicapping. In that respect, football attracts more betting volume, so it’s natural to see decent-sized shifts from the initial release to the kickoff.

Parity for NFL

What’s good about the NFL is that teams have the same odds of winning any given game, or as they say, at “any given Sunday” – regardless if it’s in the regular season or for the Superbowl. In fact, no NFL team has ever won more than 6 championships since the year 1967.


On the contrary, some NBA teams consistently win for several seasons, such as the LA Lakers and Boston Celtics who have combined for 33 championships and appeared in 51 Finals for about 68 years.


That’s the reason why NFL’s parity keeps the fans engaged in every season. However, that could also mean that it will be hard for bettors to project who ends on top in each week, in every season.


Those are the major differences in betting between the two sports. You should always remember those differences to level up your betting strategies on both NBA and NFL.

Goldie’s Best Bets Week 14: The ‘Boys, the Bucs and the Pack


All Time Record: 234-125-1          

Vs. Spread: 175-184-1


21-22 Season:  108-70-1               

Vs. Spread: 86-95-1


Week 13 Record: 8-5                

Vs. Spread: 8-5


Upset Record: 14-12              


Crazy Uncle Jeff 

All Time: 32-10              

21-22 Season: 16-9       

Week 13: 1-0


Goldie’s Guarantee AND UPSET of the Week

Atlanta Falcons (5-7) @ Carolina Panthers (5-7)

Vegas Picks: CAR -2.5

Goldie’s Take: Falcons Win 27-24

Carolina was embarrassed in Miami before their bye week. Cam, and the whole Panthers offense, looked helpless against the tough Miami D. Now, Atlanta doesn’t pose nearly the same threat that Miami’s defense does, but still my faith in Cam Newton is at an all time low. Also Carolina’s offense has never been able to function without a healthy Christian McCaffrey. CMC is out for the season, as things go from bad to worse for Carolina. Trusting veteran savvy of Matt Ryan to outduel Cam in this battle of 5-7’s. UPSET!


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: DAL -4

Dallas Cowboys (8-4) @ Washington Football Team (6-6)

Vegas Picks: DAL -4

Goldie’s Take: Cowboys Win 34-28

Jeffy has begun to hit his stride a bit, hitting his last three locks. He loves the Cowboys to take firm control of the NFC East in this one. However, it is worth noting that the No Names have won four in a row. Still, the high powered Dallas offense should be too much for Heinicke and Washington to keep up. Cowboys get a big win in the nation’s capital.


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: NO -5

New Orleans Saints (5-7) @ New York Jets (3-9)

Vegas Picks: NO -5

Goldie’s Take: Saints Win 24-16

Jeffy’s second of two locks this week has the Saints dismantling the lowly Jets. Taysom Hill is coming off a tough 4 INT performance last week, but the perfect remedy for that is to go up against the Jets’ league-worst defense. The Saints have really struggled since losing Jameis Winston to a season ending injury, but a trip to NJ to face the Jets is exactly what Sean Payton and his team needs to get back on track. Although on the outside looking in, N’awlins is somehow still very much alive in the race for the final NFC WIld Card spot. Extra motivation for NO, while New York has already started looking towards the draft. 


Rest of Week 14:


Las Vegas Raiders (6-6) @ Kansas City Chiefs (8-4)

Vegas Picks: KC -9.5

Goldie’s Take: Chiefs Win 30-20

These teams are trending in vastly different directions right now. KC has quietly won five in a row, while the Raiders have lost four of their last five. Also LV’s offense takes a major hit this weekend, as pass catching TE Darren Waller will be out with a knee injury. Chiefs stay hot with a home win at Arrowhead.


Baltimore Ravens (8-4) @ Cleveland Browns (6-6)

Vegas Picks: CLE -2.5

Goldie’s Take: Browns Win 21-20

One of the toughest picks of the week by far. Teetered back and forth for awhile before ultimately settling on the Browns for a couple of reasons. First, Cleveland has spent basically a month preparing to beat the Baltimore Ravens. Weird scheduling glitch had Browns play the Ravens, then go on a bye, just to play the Ravens again after the bye. Also, Cleveland will have both halves of their star RB duo healthy for this matchup. Recipe for success for Cleveland in this one is to ground and pound all day long, thus keeping Lamar Jackson off of the field. Expect a low scoring, defensive ballgame, but give me the Browns to take care of business in the DAWG POUND


Seattle Seahawks (4-8) @ Houston Texans (2-10)

Vegas Picks: SEA -7.5

Goldie’s Take: Seahawks Win 28-20

Seattle finally got back on track with a win against division rival San Francisco last week. Now Seattle looks to get their first winning streak of the year as they head to Houston. Texans will be starting Davis Mills at QB this Sunday, who went 0-6 in relief of Taylor earlier this season. It honestly doesn’t matter who’s at QB for Houston. The Texans are a mess. Somehow, Seahawks keep their playoff hopes alive with a win in Houston. 


Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10) @ Tennessee Titans (8-4)

Vegas Picks: TEN -8.5

Goldie’s Take: Titans Win 24-13

Titans finally really felt the effects of losing Derrick Henry and AJ Brown two weeks ago, getting destroyed by the Patriots. Good news for Tennessee is that they had a bye week following that horrid loss, and now face one of the league’s bottom five teams. Also Julio Jones is set to make his return from an injury that has kept him sidelined since week 9. Titans get back on track and cruise to a home victory. 


New York Giants (4-8) @ Los Angeles Chargers (7-5)

Vegas Picks: LAC -10.5

Goldie’s Take: Chargers Win 30-14

Lucky for the Giants, Mike Glennon cleared concussion protocol and is expected to play this Sunday in LA. This means New York won’t have to turn to 3rd stringer Jake Fromm. However, this still doesn’t boost the Giants offense all that much. They’ve struggled offensively all season no matter who’s at quarterback. Plus the Chargers enter this one with a bit of momentum after picking apart the Bengals last week. Chargers build on that momentum with a big win at home


Detroit Lions (1-10-1) @ Denver Broncos (6-6)

Vegas Picks: DEN -10.5

Goldie’s Take: Broncos Win 23-17

The Lions finally got a win last week, ruling out any team going winless this season. Now they’re faced with traveling to Denver to face the Broncos. Denver had a tough loss last week at the hands of division rival KC, despite having 137 more yards and seven more minutes of possession. Strange loss for Denver. Nonetheless, expect the Broncos to stay right in the thick of the AFC playoff race with a home win against one of the league’s bottomfeeders. 


San Francisco 49ers (6-6) @ Cincinnati Bengals (7-5)

Vegas Picks: SF -1.5

Goldie’s Take: 49ers Win 27-26

The Bengals last four games have been quite the roller coaster. They’re 2-2 in those four games, however the average margin of victory has been 23.5 points. Cincy has been wildly inconsistent this season, as you never know which Bengals team is going to show up. On the other hand, San Fran is looking to avenge that loss they took at the hands of Seattle last week. Can’t trust Cincy, looking for a Niners bounce back win this weekend.  


Buffalo Bills (7-5) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-3)

Vegas Picks: TB -3

Goldie’s Take: Buccaneers Win 28-24

The Bills aren’t as high and mighty as we once thought. They’ve very much cooled down since their 5-2 start, going 2-3 in the following five games. They lost last week against the coaching GOAT, and now they have to go on the road to face the quarterback GOAT? Goodluck with that, but I’m taking the home team in this one. Brady has owned Buffalo for about 20 years, (32-3 versus Buffalo in Tom’s career) and I don’t see that trend changing this Sunday. 


Chicago Bears (4-8) @ Green Bay Packers (9-3)

Vegas Picks: GB -12.5

Goldie’s Take: Packers Win 31-16

Speaking of quarterbacks who own opposing team’s cities, Aaron Rodgers faces off against the Chicago Bears this weekend. Aaron is on a 10-1 run against Chicago, and adding a little interest to this one by shouting “I OWN YOU” to Chicago’s crowd the last time these teams met. This time it’s in Green Bay and on primetime. The perfect stage for Rodgers to continue to prove why he’s still one of the best QBs in the game. Justin Fields is back for Chicago, but is that a good thing? Packers steamroll the Bears in Lambeau this Sunday night. 


Los Angeles Rams (8-4) @ Arizona Cardinals (10-2)

Vegas Picks: ARI -2.5

Goldie’s Take: Rams Win 30-27

Rams with a lot more to prove in this one as these teams face off on Monday Night. LA still has aspirations to win the NFC West, and can only attain that by winning this game. Also, it’s worth noting that Cards have been on a 2-7 skid in their past nine Primetime appearances. Expecting a big performance from Rams defensive stars. Aaron Donald and Von Miller will give Zona’s O-line a tough time, and their secondary should hold strong with Jalen Ramsey back there. Stafford to Kupp has been money all season, and should be enough to get the Rams the big UPSET on Monday night. 


It is time for Tua Tagovailoa to start at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

Goldie’s Best Bets NFL Week 13: Take Tua’s Dolphins again


All Time Record: 226-120-1          

Vs. Spread: 167-179-1


21-22 Season:  100-65-1               

Vs. Spread: 78-90-1


Week 12 Record: 8-7                

Vs. Spread: 8-7


Guarantee Record: 13-13       


Upset Record: 13-12              


Crazy Uncle Jeff 

All Time: 31-10              

21-22 Season: 15-9       

Week 12: 1-0


Goldies Guarantee: LV -1

Washington Football Team (5-6) @ Las Vegas Raiders (6-5)

Vegas Picks: LV -1

Goldie’s Take: Raiders Win 24-20

Raiders look to keep the momentum rolling after a big win in Dallas on Thanksgiving. The Raiders also have the rest/prep edge as they played on Thanksgiving, while No Names played Monday night. Raiders will miss TE Darren Waller, who’s doubtful for this game with a knee injury, but Washington is down multiple players as well. JD Mckissic, Landon Collins, and Wes Schweitzer are all already ruled out for this contest. AND Ereck Flowers is legitimately questionable. If Flowers misses the game this means No Names would be without both of their starting Guards. Raiders pass rush should take advantage of this and get Vegas a big win at home. I GUARANTEE IT!


Goldie’s UPSET of the Week

San Francisco 49ers (6-5) @ Seattle Seahawks (3-8)

Vegas Picks: SF -3.5

Goldie’s Take: Seahawks Win 27-26

Seattle clearly hasn’t been themselves all season. Things really hit the fan when Russell Wilson got hurt and missed three games, and even when he came back, the Hawks still haven’t looked like the Seahawks we’re used to. With all that being said, Seattle still has a small glimmer of hope at a playoff spot. If things are going to turn around for the Seahawks, it’s now or never. Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll are very aware of this. Some would even say Pete’s coaching for his job. Also, I don’t buy into the 49ers hype. UPSET!


Crazy Uncle Jeff’s Lock of the Week: MIA -6

New York Giants (4-7) @ Miami Dolphins (5-7)

Vegas Picks: MIA -6

Goldie’s Take: Dolphins Win 23-15

Don’t look now, but other than the Pats, the Miami Dolphins are probably the hottest team in football right now. During Miami’s four game winning streak we have seen their defense completely come back to life. Evident by the three INTs and five sacks they forced last week at the hands of Carolina. The box score doesn’t do that game justice either. The Fins defense DOMINATED Cam Newton and the Panthers. Carolina couldn’t get anything going the entire game. I envision a very similar result in this one with the Mike Glennon led Giants coming to town. Fins D controls the game, as Tua should be able to game-manage the Fins to their fifth straight W. The Crazy Uncle approves.


Minnesota Vikings (5-6) @ Detroit Lions (0-10-1)

Vegas Picks: MIN -7.5

Goldie’s Take: Vikings Win 28-24

Vikes coming off a disappointing loss in San Fran last week. What’s worse is the fact that stud RB Dalvin Cook was injured in that contest and is out for Sunday’s matchup in Mo-Town. Lions will also be without their star RB D’andre Swift, so that slow-moving offense takes yet another hit. Still, giving Detroit a good chance to keep this one within the fat betting line. Lions are 7-4 ATS this season, losing close games has become their bread and butter. 


Indianapolis Colts (6-6) @ Houston Texans (2-9)

Vegas Picks: IND -10

Goldie’s Take: Colts Win 28-14

Colts get a bit of a break in the midst of what is a very tough schedule. Bills and Bucs the past two games, and Pats and Cardinals on deck for Indy. Recipe for success in this one should be simple for the Colts. Feed Johnathan Taylor. The last time these two faced off, JT ran for 145 yards and 2 TDs to do his part in a 31-3 rout of their division rival. Expect a similar showing from Taylor this Sunday. Colts take care of business on the road. 


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-3) @ Atlanta Falcons (5-6)

Vegas Picks: TB -11

Goldie’s Take: Buccaneers Win 30-22

Falcons have been one of the most inconsistent teams in football this season, so I’m going off trends in this one. Yes, I believe TOMpa Bay is clearly the better football team, but in their past 13 trips to the ATL, Tampa has only won by more than a TD just one time. Bucs will get the win, but I’m expecting Matty Ice to keep Dirty Birds in this one. 


Philadelphia Eagles (5-7) @ New York Jets (3-8)

Vegas Picks: PHI -7

Goldie’s Take: Eagles Win 30-14

After a tough loss to the New York Giants last week, Philly gets set to play on the road in the same stadium to face the New York Jets. I’m expecting a big bounce back performance for the Eagles in this one. Even after a loss where the offense only mustered 7 points, I still believe in Jalen Hurts and this offense. More importantly, I’m a big believer in Philly’s stingy defense. Birds are still my pick to land that final NFC Wild Card spot, and a rout of the lowly Jets is the first step in getting there. 


Arizona Cardinals (9-2) @ Chicago Bears (4-7)

Vegas Picks: ARI -7.5

Goldie’s Take: Cardinals Win 28-17

I don’t think I’ve picked Chicago one time this season, and that trend is not going to end here. Cardinals pass rush should give old banged up Andy Dalton fits all day. Plus Zona is slated to get back QB Kyler Murray and WR Deandre Hopkins. All signs point towards a Cardinals W in the Chi. Assuming Murray doesn’t have any setbacks with his injury, Cards should roll to a multiple score victory. 


Los Angeles Chargers (6-5) @ Cincinnati Bengals (7-4)

Vegas Picks: CIN -3

Goldie’s Take: Bengals Win 24-23

Toughest pick of the week for me because I have been a big Justin Herbert supporter for awhile now, however cooler heads prevail as I’m taking the Bengals to win this one. Cincy has won their past two games (against solid teams) by an average score of 25 points, while Bolts have really started to slip going 2-4 in their past six games. Giving Chargers a solid upset shot here, but smarter play is to take the red hot home team. Venue call!


Jacksonville Jaguars (2-9) @ Los Angeles Rams (7-4)

Vegas Picks: LAR -13

Goldie’s Take: Rams Win 31-17

Rams come home looking to bounce back after losing their last three games. This is the perfect game for LA to get back on track. To start, the game is at home so that’s a plus right away. Next, the game is against the Jags who have been near the bottom of the league for a while now. Rams loaded defense should make it a long day for Rookie QB Trevor Lawrence. Trev has had a very poor rookie year, and that trend should continue as he’s getting ready to face Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. Rams cruise to victory at home.


Baltimore Ravens (8-3) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (5-5-1)

Vegas Picks: BAL -4.5 

Goldie’s Take: Ravens Win 26-20

Steelers were obliterated last week by division rival Cincinnati, while Ravens have been hanging on for wins in their past few games. It’s getting to be late in the season which means Big Ben starts to become weak and weary; expect a lot of Najee Harris in this one. Pitt should keep it close at home, but all signs point to the Ravens to get the win on the road. 


Denver Broncos (6-5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (7-4)

Vegas Picks: KC -9.5

Goldie’s Take: Chiefs Win 27-21

Very confident in KC to win this one. Andy Reid is 14-3 when coming off a bye, and Mahomes is 7-1. Not too shabby. Also this one will be in Primetime at home. This has a Chiefs win written all over it. However, it is still a divisional game, and Denver has quietly won three of their last four. Chiefs will get the win but don’t be shocked when Teddy Two Gloves keeps this one within the fat betting line. 


New England Patriots (8-4) @ Buffalo Bills (7-4)

Vegas Picks: BUF -2.5

Goldie’s Take: Bills Win 27-24

Buffalo was finally supposed to seize AFC East supremacy when Brady left for Tampa Bay, but it seems the hoodie-wearing genius still has some tricks up his sleeve. Rookie Mac Jones seems to be fitting the offense perfectly, as Pats are the hottest team in football, winners of six in a row. However, Bills are the real deal on the other side as well. Should be an ugly game, as it’s supposed to be very windy and snowy in Buffalo on Monday Night. Viewing this one sorta like an old Kung-Fu movie. Young up and comer (Bills) have to go and take down the old wise OG who’s been the man for decades (Bellichick and the Pats). Get your popcorn ready, I think Bills are up to the challenge.

Can the Dolphins Make the Playoffs?

The Dolphins were 1-7 going into week 9 and many fans were wondering if it was time for another complete rebuild. There was talk of trading Xavien Howard at the trade deadline and selling off pieces like DeVante Parker as well. That tune has completely changed as the Dolphins have reeled off 4 straight wins and now are 5-7 with major momentum.  


Now we find out if Miami was just beating bad teams with the exception of Baltimore or are they actually turning the corner? 


The biggest key to the turnaround has been the offense finally starting to show some promise. Prior to the game vs Baltimore Tua had missed a few games due to what the Dolphins were calling a finger injury. It was widely reported that Tua could’ve played but Head Coach Brian Flores and company decided to go with Jacoby Brissett. Brissett went down with a knee injury forcing Tua to go in the game and provided the offense with a spark and Tua has started since.






Another player that has broken out during the win streak has been rookie WR Jaylen Waddle. The last two weeks Waddle has had 19 targets resulting in 17 catches 202 yards and 1 touchdown along with one rushing touchdown as well. You can start to see the connection Tua and Waddle have dating back to their time together at Alabama. Waddle is emerging as the consistent weapon a young QB like Tua needs. 


The Dolphins’ remaining schedule is the Giants, Jets & Patriots in Miami and @ Saints & @ Titans. Those are some winnable games and in order to make the playoffs I’d say the Dolphins need to go 4-1 which will be difficult. That said it can be done if Miami plays up to their potential.


There’s a reason coming into the season Miami was projected as a 10 win or more team. If they are unable to make the playoffs, GM Chris Grier and HC Brian Flores may be let go which is another reason Miami will be motivated to continue the run at the playoffs. If the Dolphins do make the playoffs Brian Flores deserves a lot of credit despite the horrible start to the season.  


Young Talent Starting to Show up for the Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins continued their win-streak to reach 4 wins straight this past week. Although the Dolphins started the season 1-7, they won out in their past four games, thanks mostly to the young stars on their team.

Tua Tagovailoa has stepped up during the Dolphins win-streak. Tagovailoa’s season completion percentage is 70.1%, which would clock in as the 18th best completion percentage in a season of all time!  To put that into perspective, if the season ended today, Tagovailoa’s completion percentage would be higher than Tom Brady’s highest accuracy ever.

In Sunday’s game against the Panthers, Tagovailoa completed 27 of 31 passes, putting him 8th best for completion percentage in a single game in NFL history (when attempting over 30 passes). If Tagovailoa keeps this up, Miami may have a chance at winning the rest of their games, and maybe even securing a playoff spot.

Jaylen Waddle also played his best in an NFL game yet this past week. He was targeted 10 times, racking up 9 receptions. Waddle also recorded his first ever 100-yard game, gaining 137 yards. Waddle led the Dolphins in receiving, recording more than half of the total receiving yards, along with the only receiving touchdown by the team. Hopefully, this is a good showing of Waddle’s future, as he played amazingly in this game.

Defensively, the team’s rookies also showed out. Jaelan Phillips recorded three sacks this past week, his best game of this season so far. He led the Dolphins in sacks, and arguably put up the best defensive performance of anyone on the team. Jevon Holland also played well, recording his second ever interception in the NFL. It appears he’s headed for Pro Bowls if he can stay healthy, good in coverage and when applying pressure. Whatever one thinks of Miami’s 2020 draft, it appears that Chris Grier did well in 2021.

If Miami’s young stars can keep up this play, the future is bright for the team’s next few years.