Heat Have Explored Collin Sexton Deal that Includes Kevin Love

(With Brady Hawk)

To add to this report from Adam Borai, the Miami Heat have explored trades to acquire Collin Sexton individually, as well as in a package that includes Kevin Love, according to a league source. The Heat have also canvassed the league for a third team to get involved.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have multiple future second round picks that interest Miami as cost controlled, non-guaranteed contracts to add players to their developmental system.

According to league sources, there isn’t expected to be much traction prior to the NBA draft.


Sexton would give Miami the much needed scoring boost that they’ve been looking for, while Love would give Miami a front-court pairing from a short-term perspective.

Since Sexton’s rookie year, he has added 4 points a game to his season average every year, reaching a career high 24.3 points per game this past season. There’s some more specifics of Sexton’s fit with Miami in this piece, but it basically gives the Heat a guy who can create on his own, and dominate the offense in the mid-range area.

Some of the three-point shooting declined this past season, but that happens when you’re playing on a poor team as the primary focus. Next to playmakers of Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo’s caliber, there’s no doubt his numbers from the outside will rise.

Love, on the other hand, is coming off a less than ideal season, while the only year that mirrors it is his rookie season. He played 25 out of 72 games, and only averaged 12 points a game. But though that may be true, the Miami Heat have a thing for rejuvenating careers of players like himself.

Putting him in a winning situation, alongside an evolving Adebayo, may be the thing he needs to get back on the right track. The Heat have been looking for a front-court pairing that can space the floor a bit and crash the boards, and that’s exactly what Love brings at his best.

It’s definitely a situation to keep an eye on,  while discussions continue on who’s timeline are the Heat building on, the answer may end up being a mixture of both Adebayo and Butler’s age-lengths.

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