How to download a mobile betting app for Android and iOS

Despite the fact that there might be other mobile operating systems, almost everyone uses Android or iOS. That’s why the gambling operators that develop mobile applications only focus on those two things.


Betting on the go was not that popular several years ago, but now, almost every punter uses a smartphone daily. That’s why gambling operators from different parts of the world decided to join forces with industry-leading software devs and create a mobile app.


Since some people reading this probably don’t have any previous mobile betting experience, we’ve decided to create this guide that will help them get started. Let’s take a look at the steps you have to go through before you start betting on the go.


Downloading the app on your Android device


The first thing you have to do is decide whether you want the app or the mobile site. Although the mobile site has its advantages, once you read the review where Silentbet explains how to download the bet365 app for Android or iOS, you will see why so many people prefer to bet on the go using the application.


If you want to use the application, you need to download and install it on your device. This process is different, depending on whether you use Google or Apple’s OS. People who have an Android device have to check whether the app they want is available on Google Play. Most of the time, you won’t find it there because Google rarely allows any gambling apps on its platforms.


To cope with this problem, some of the leading gambling companies decided to create an apk file. Punters who want to use the app need to download and install this apk file, which usually takes a couple of seconds. However, there might be some problems because most Android smartphones can’t install files outside of Google Play.


The good news is that you can go to “Settings” and enable this option once it is time to download the apk file. After completing the installation process (which shouldn’t take more than a minute), you can go to “Settings” and revert the changes you’ve made.


How to get the app if you have an iOS smartphone


Some people don’t want an app for Android because the download and install process is complicated. Luckily, once you read Silentbet’s review regarding the bet365 app for iOS, you will see that Apple’s customers don’t have to go through the things we’ve mentioned above.


Instead of using apk files, every iPhone user has to open the App Store and type the name of the specific gambling operator. Once it shows up, select “GET”, provide your Apple ID, and wait until your phone downloads and installs it.


After the installation


Now that your preferred application is installed on your device, it is time to create an account or use your existing login details. Once you access your account, check the different sections and learn more about the payment process because you will have to make a deposit.

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