Jimmy Murphy breaks turnover chain in Miami’s senior day win

Jimmy Murphy is as unique a senior as any in the history of the University of Miami football program.

Occasionally nicknamed “Rudy” the 5-7 ball of energy has been in the forefront of the Hurricanes special teams unit. He said before the season that kickoffs were his favorite but his best moment has been on the punt team. Only then when the crowd at Hard Rock Stadium roars after seeing him make a tackle or down the punt.

Wearing the caption “C” on senior day, it was only fitting that he would have at least one more memorable moment to cap off an unprecedented Hurricane career. He got it in the third quarter of Miami’s 52-27 drubbing over the Louisville Cardinals.

Louis Hedley kicked a 47-yard punt to Tutu Atwell, who fumbled the return, which was then recovered by Murphy to continue the Hurricanes offensive drive. The drive concluded with a field goal by Camden Price but the Turnover chain was finally awarded to Murphy, who was unable to contain his excitement.

“I didn’t know I had it,” Murphy said, “I was just filled with energy. When they brought it out, I‘m like, ‘Oh my God, that’s mine!’ So I just took it and I forgot that I was wearing a helmet.”

He broke the latch off of the chain as he attempted to take a bite out of the “305” medallion.

“That would be a Jimmy Murphy thing to do because he’s so physical and full speed in everything that he does,” Miami head coach Manny Diaz said.

“I didn’t break it,” Murphy said. “I hope I didn’t break it.”

Cornerback Al Blades Jr. was the next Hurricane to wear the turnover chain after intercepting Louisville quarterback Evan Conley. The chain was fixed and he held a whiteboard with the handwritten note saying, “It’s not fake.”

The chain is in good condition,” Blades said. “It is not broke. It is real and in well condition.”

Murphy, who joined the Hurricanes as a walk-on defensive back, leaves as a running back with both the turnover chain and touchdown rings.

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