Latest Miami Heat Beat: Raptors, Miami Moves, Draft

Giancarlo Navas finally gets his opportunity to showcase his Toronto Raptors’ knowledge, while the guys discuss Heat draft nuggets and what to expect this offseason in Miami Heat Beat’s 208th episode.

The guys broke into an NBA Finals debate and how the Raptors will perform in its franchise’s first championship appearance against the defending-champion Golden State Warriors. Nekias points out that, ironically, the Warriors will be the worst defense the Raptors have faced in the playoffs.

Navas spoke with his Raptors’ guests about how Toronto can utilize screening to open up Kyle Lowry and the Raptors’ offense. On the defensive side, the Raptors’ potential ability to shut down the Stephen Curry-Draymond Green pick-and-roll because of the flexibility that players like Pascal Siakam provide is an upside for Toronto in this matchup. Marc Gasol could potentially be a liability if the Warriors force him to switch on Curry, pointing towards the possibility of the Spaniard struggling.

Toronto was also 2-0 in the regular season when facing the Warriors. Navas also provided a hot take, in which he believes the return of Kevin Durant would actually provide a more natural defensive matchup for the Raptors. He also believes in Lowry to win Finals MVP. The predictions were overwhelmingly Raptors, with just Alex and Leif choosing the favoring Warriors to three peat.

The guys pivoted from talking about the team in the North to draft talk for the team in South Beach.

Heat talk opened by discussing Miami’s former assistant Juwan Howard’s move to Michigan, which was broken by Miami Heat Beat, and how G-League Coach of the Year and Westchester Knicks coach Mike Miller may join Howard on the Wolverine coaching staff, according to Leif. Five Reasons Sports also reported that the chances of Goran Dragic and Hassan Whiteside opting out of their respective contracts is “zero percent”.

Zach Lowe had reported in a podcast that the Heat will be aggressive this summer in getting a star player, including the sign-and-trade market. The guys also find it unlikely that Pat Riley will use an asset like Josh Richardson to move up a couple spots in the draft. Other potential moves mentioned was a trade for Gordon Hayward and what his value would be like in today’s market, and a sign-and-trade for Jimmy Butler which would potentially cost the Heat Justise Winslow and Kelly Olynyk. Worst case scenario for Miami could be a silent offseason, in which no moves occur for the Heat in an expectedly hyperactive league-wide summer.

The guys then went around the table giving their take on who they think the Heat should grab at No. 13. Navas wants Rui Hachimura, Alex wants Sekou Doumbouya, Nekias wants Brandon Clarke and Brian wants Kevin Porter Jr. The latest draft chatter has the Heat wanting an athletic wing who can shoot and defend in the 6-foot-6 range, but would also take a power rotation player, if necessary. Leif truly believes this will be the offseason the Heat make a move for a primary scorer, despite chatter and reports that they’ve been looking to do this for multiple years.

To listen to Thursday’s episode, check out the link below.

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