Like Playing Golf? You Will Love These 4 Tips

Golf is one of the most challenging games. There’s a lot to learn for beginners and seasoned players alike. It requires the right technique, perfect equipment, precise hold, and accurate shots for you to be awesome at the game. If you constantly look for tips to play better and have more fun in the game, this article will help you discover the things that most professional players apply perfectly to be so good. If you like playing golf, you’ll love these 4 tips.


1. Choosing the Right Equipment

Once you’ve spent enough time swinging an iron on a golf field, you realize the importance of playing with the right equipment. Quality golfing equipment may be expensive, but it’s crucial in deciding your gaming experience. If you’re just beginning at golf, choosing the right clubs, gloves, ball, and shoes can put you ahead in the game instantly. With the right driver, you can hit the golf ball better and farther with a lot more control over the trajectory.

Choosing a club that is lighter means you’ll be able to swing better. In addition to this, you should ensure that your club provides proper grip. To protect your hands from blisters, you can invest in good gloves. Apart from this, the type of ball you choose to play with also impacts your game. If you’re a beginner at golf, make sure that the ball you choose emphasizes less on spin and more on distance. As the rule of thumb, remember that softer balls provide more spin with shorter clubs.

2. Holding a Golf Club

The way you hold a golf club decides how accurate your shot is going to be. According to golfing experts, if your grip on the golf club is wrong, chances are high that your stance and swing will go wrong as well. Did you know that there are three ways of holding a golf club? You can either have a 10-finger grip, interlocking grip, or an overlapping grip. Although you will find the grip that suits you the best by the method of trial and error, it is best to learn the basics of holding a golf club first. If you are right-handed, grab the golf club with your left hand in a way that the heel of your palm ends at the top of the club. Once you’ve got a good grip on the club, make sure that it is aligned diagonally with your fingers. After doing this, place the heel of your right hand’s palm over your left forefinger and thumb. This will give you a neutral grip, enabling you to rotate your wrists more freely.

3. Proper Golf Stance

The way you stand while hitting your golf ball has a great impact on the outcome of your shot. It is vital to stand in the correct posture while taking a shot. In addition to this, you need to align yourself while taking the swing and put in the right amount of power. If your posture is askew, you might hit the ball in a direction that you don’t intend to. According to the basic golfing tips shared by, you must have a narrow stance while using irons and wider for drivers. The face of your golf club must be aimed behind your ball in a way that it is facing the target directly. The ball should be kept directly in the center while your legs are spread as much as the width of your shoulders. If you are right-handed, the pectoral muscle of your left shoulder should be directly above the ball. When you’re getting ready to take the shot, you’ll need to push your hips out and bend forwards. However, make sure that you can freely swing your club.


4.Driving a Golf Ball

To hit the perfect shot, you’ll need to mark a target right where you want your ball to land. It is best to use a vertical target like a tree or a pole. Make sure that your stance is perfect, and you are using the right equipment. If you are going for a powerful swing, you’ll need a wide stance with your head position slightly behind the ball. In addition to this, even the shaft of the club must be positioned a little behind the ball. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a controlled shot, you’ll need a narrow stance where the ball is positioned slightly closer to your swinging arms and not exactly in the middle of your legs.


If you wish to improve your golfing results, you must invest in the right equipment that includes clubs, gloves, balls, and shoes. With a proper grip and changing stances, you can alter the direction, trajectory, and distance of your shot. With that said, it’s okay to swing and miss at times. Keep learning and improving.

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