How to Prevent Terrible Weather from Ruining Your Golf Game

We’ve certainly all been there. The long-awaited weekend on the golf course is finally here and what happens. Terrible weather sets in, and suddenly the course is all wet and slippery, the ball goes smaller distances, and you wish you’d never left the bed. However, you can either choose to be defeated or you can be smart about it and prevent terrible weather from ruining your golf game with these simple tips. 

Make Use of the Wind

More often than not, you can use the wind during terrible weather to improve your shot. Just go with the flow. To do this, you have to understand the direction and speed of the wind. If it’s blowing in the direction you need to take the ball, just ride along with it. This can be very beneficial if you’re on the edge of the grass and need to bring your ball back in while maintaining distance, especially if you’re playing in a tournament. Alternatively, if you need to hit a straight shot, make sure to hit the ball with sidespin which should be the opposite to the direction of the wind, of course. Who said terrible weather had to ruin your golf game?

Accept the Limitations

When terrible weather sets in it’s probably wet and also cold too. What this means for your ball is that it travels less far, so you should allow for this in your club selection. If you’re going after a 150-yard shot or close, for example, take at least an extra club (let’s say a 4-iron instead of the 5-iron). The reason why this is recommended is that there will be little ball roll on impact with the green. In addition to this, you should remember to adjust your stance if the conditions are wet and slippery. The last thing you should do is to get annoyed at the weather and lose your concentration. Simply take a deep breath and a wider stance for extra stability and precision.


Bring the Right Gear

One of the surest ways to prevent terrible weather from ruining your golf game is to dress well for the weather. The rain is the most common bad weather there is that can annoy you when you’re playing, but the right gear should help you pay no attention to the terrible weather. This is why special efforts have been put in making the right golf clothing for all kinds of weather that will help you keep playing with no interruptions. As a rule of thumb, good rain clothing should provide good coverage, keep you dry, and above all it should be comfortable. The most commonly used golf gear for rain is either a jacket or a full rainproof ensemble, it’s only up to you to pick which suits you best.

Know the Rules

Another very important thing to know about playing in bad weather is to make sure you know the rules for playing during these conditions. Aside from the main golf rules, you should make sure you know these especially if you’re playing in an outing or a tournament. These rules are usually rules of the local club and most of them allow a lift, clean, and place rule if your ball is “plugged” due to the wet conditions. You should be aware that it’s only allowed through the green. Simply put a tee behind your ball, pick it up and clean it, and then drop it as close to the divot as possible and hit your shot (without penalty). 

Tips for Extreme Heat

More often than not, when we talk about terrible weather conditions we imagine rain and thunder across the golf course. While this is true for most people, what many fail to realize is that extreme heat falls under terrible weather, especially in some states where the climate is warmer. 


To prevent extreme heat from ruining your golf game (and your health), make sure you’re wearing lighter colors, sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen. These will protect you from a heat stroke, and will significantly make you feel more comfortable which will, in turn, help you focus. In addition to this, you should also remember to hydrate during extreme heat, as many golfers tend to get lost in the game and risk passing out from heat exhaustion.


These tips will guarantee that the terrible weather doesn’t ruin your golf game. It also includes some precious advice that you may find to be life-saving during tournaments when the weather is the worst. However, you should always try your best to get the appropriate golf clothing and gear that will keep you dry during the game and will ultimately, help you be more focused.

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