Messi Birthday Special: Lionel Messi’s Monumental Impact on the MLS

Messi is a big brand in the soccer world, famous for his exceptional abilities. Before the news spread about Messi’s moving to Inter Miami, the team had 900,000 followers on their Instagram profile. As soon as Messi entered the game, their following list grew significantly. They had more followers than any other famous team. With eight million followers, the team broadcasts to a vast network of fans. From beginners to real football enthusiasts that take advantage of the $100 sign up bonus, no deposit kind of deal, we can say that they support Messi. 

You can see that Messi significantly impacts the team, even before hitting the field. But what will happen when he shows off his capabilities? 

Increased quality

Sergio Busquets confirmed he will be joining him in the 305. Therefore, the transfer of Messi to Inter Miami doesn’t only make the team more competitive but also increases playing quality. 

The opposing teams will now face a new challenge. The experienced player will encourage them to improve their game as soon as he steps on the field. The opposing team will be obligated to strengthen their squads and improve their strategy to answer to this situation.

We saw what happened when Christiano Ronaldo joined Al-Nassr. Many talented players followed suit and joined him in the middle east. Before Ronaldo, there was a stigma. It seems like he is an icebreaker that led talents there. Of course, they were offered immense money to follow suit, but Ronaldo made the first move that motivated them.

It is predicted that the same thing will happen after Messi’s transfer. However, it is evident that the transfer will improve Inter Miami and benefit other teams. Opponents will do everything to match Messi’s performance, and we will see the improvement they make and in which areas it gets implied.

Fan engagement

Messi’s transfer is expected to increase global attention for MLS and fan engagement. As previously mentioned, he has already increased fan engagement by increasing the Instagram following list. His presence in the league will attract a larger international audience, resulting in higher TV ratings. In addition, MLS will have increased revenue due to ticket and merchandise sales. 

The increase in ticket prices is already apparent. The tickets that offered $25 are now $300, which is a significant increase. 

Sponsorship opportunities

The league also sees Messi as an ideal opportunity for sponsorships and endorsements. Brands will want to partner with the MSL if they want to associate their name with Messi. Also, brands will like to sponsor other players and the MSL itself.

Messi and other MSL players will become part of essential marketing campaigns. The thing that many sports fans are eager to see is a collaboration between MSL and NBA. This would be a historic moment for many enthusiasts. You have probably seen the commercial back from 2013 that gathers Koby Briant and Lionel Messi. Collabs like this one will be iconic and become memorable moments. 

Promoting soccer culture

Messi’s transfer will have a significant impact on the soccer culture in the US and also motivate young talents. He will become the ultimate role model inspiring youngsters to engage in soccer culture and improve their skills. Moreover, the World Cup will partially take place in the US in 2026. Messi will likely be featured in the major event, and his presence fosters a strong soccer culture. This, paired with the hype for World Cup 2026, will write new pages in soccer history. 

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