Meyers Leonard Reaches A Deal to Stay in Miami

Meyers Leonard also reached a deal with the Miami Heat, which is worth $20 Million for two years.

Meyers told the Associated Press, “I wanted nothing more than to come back to Miami. Literally nothing more.”

And well, it happened. Although playoff minutes weren’t flying his way in the bubble, he was one of the most key pieces to this Miami Heat locker room.

Standing on the sideline, cheering his team on. That’s Miami Heat. That’s culture.

And of course, Jimmy Butler most likely had a lot to say about that. Although there’s so much to discuss about Meyers off the court, he also has some stuff to prove on the court.

He was the starting center in one of the most productive starting lineups in the NBA last season, and there’s a reason for that.

Not only do his shooting abilities allow him to be a dangerous big man, but his on-court fit with the Heat stands out even more.

Tyler Herro got his on-court leader in Goran Dragic back, and now Bam Adebayo got a mentor back as well.

The Hammer, welcome back to Miami.


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