Miami Dolphins trade Kalen Ballage to New York Jets

In what is a little bit of a twist from what was originally reported, the Miami Dolphins are trading running back Kalen Ballage to the New York Jets for a conditional late-round pick. Miami had wanted to release him initially, but the Jets decided that they wanted to take a flyer on him.

Last season, Ballage rushed the ball 74 times for 135 yards and three touchdowns. He struggled in the running game at times last year, and it showed statistically.

Ballage was a fourth-round pick of the Miami Dolphins back in 2018. This move also reunites him with head coach Adam Gase. It will be interesting to see just from a production perspective how Ballage does with the Jets.

Miami Dolphins finally have depth in 2020

Miami is much better at the running back position this year than they were at this time last year. Matt Rita should be able to carry the load offensively. He was a huge part of Miami’s offseason overall. Hopefully, he will be able to provide them with the stability that they have been lacking at the position, and give the dolphins another area of production offensively.

As much as last season was underwhelming for Ballage, maybe reuniting with Gase will produce good results for the running back.

At the very least, the Miami Dolphins got a draft pick in return, that can be used to solidify future depth. It will be interesting to see what they do with the pick, or if it ever amounts to anything. This this is a trade that could work out for both sides, particularly as New York needs running back depth. This may not have been in Earth-shattering move, but it was one that both sides needed to make. There is no doubt that Ballage needs a fresh start moving forward. The Jets could be the team that helps them get on the right track.

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