Miami Heat Sign Max Strus

The Miami Heat just signed Max Strus, which pretty much showed that a roster can never have too much shooting.

Greg Sylvander reported in the past that Miami had interest in him, which isn’t surprising since Miami always ends up getting the guys they want, no matter how long it takes.

For starters, he’s a great offensive player which is mostly headlined by shooting. The attribute that comes up most with Strus is his shooting on the move off of screens. And well, Miami’s dribble hand-offs will clearly work in his favor.

He also has good size which means he can put smaller guys in the post when needed, which leads to him getting to the free throw line. And the last thing you want to do is put him on the free throw line, since he shot 96% from the stripe in the G-League.

He has obvious scoring abilities, after he averaged 20 points a game in his last year at DePaul, knocking down 3 triples a game on 36% shooting.

And college wasn’t the only place he put that on display, since he averaged 18 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists per game in the G-League, before tearing his ACL.

Adversity is the word that best describes Max Strus, since instead of trying to make that next jump in his game to get on an NBA roster, the long process of rehab had to begin.

But now he seems to be back and better than ever, since he was cleared for contact about a month ago.

His story before getting signed by Miami also seems a bit familiar. Playing Dll before heading to DePaul for two years. A good shooter who went undrafted. And now signed by Miami.

There’s a reason these stories always end up on Miami’s roster. It’s because they love guys who have something to prove, and Max Strus has something to prove.

And most importantly, there’s no better development group to trust than the Miami Heat.

Max Strus, welcome to Miami.

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