Miami Hurricanes safety Amari Carter ejected on questionable penalty

The Miami Hurricanes will lose Carter for the beginning of next week’s game

In what has been a game of emotion and back-and fourth action, the Miami Hurricanes defense suffered a loss. In the third quarter, safety Amari Carter was ejected from the game following what was deemed a targeting penalty.

With the game 7-3, a pass was thrown to Virginia wide receiver Haise Dubois. Carter made contact with Dubois and his head did snap back. However, Carter clearly led with his shoulder and was trying to make an effort to avoid head-to-had contact with the receiver. However, the officials did not see it that way and Carter was ejected. This is the second time that Carter has been ejected as a result of a targeting penalty. He was also ejected when Miami played North Carolina on September 7.

Since this penalty occurred in the third quarter, Carter will also miss the first half of the Miami Hurricanes game against Georgia Tech.

Personally, this was a bad call on the part of the officials. With the play occurring at full speed, Carter did his best to avoid helmet-to-helmet contact. Since he led with his shoulder, and because the head of Dubois snapped back it looked worse than it was. That’s why he was ejected. However, it was a bogus call, as it looked like there was zero intent to injure or harm.

With 14 tackles and a pass deflection, there is no doubt that Carter has been a solid contributor to this defense. This mini-suspension certainly does Miami no favors.

With the play going at full speed, what else was he supposed to do? It would be more dangerous for him to pull up short, and risk tearing something. He made a good football play, and a great hit. However, football has become increasingly about safety, so I sort of get where the officials are coming from. Nevertheless, it was a bad call. Now, he will have to miss further playing time because of it.

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