Hurricanes cancel Thursday practice as players test positive for COVID-19

As the coronavirus continues to impact the state of Florida, it has found its way into the Miami Hurricanes football program.

According to a report from the Miami Herald, at least three players have tested positive for COVID- 19.  As a result, the Hurricanes canceled their mandatory workouts on Thursday.

Aligning with the school policy, the University did not confirm whether any players have tested positive.

As the Herald notes, there are three Miami Hurricanes’  known positive coronavirus tests among football players.

The ACC plans to announce its plans for the 2020 season by the end of July. Miami was slated to take on Temple September 5. With the elimination of non-conference opponents, that is expected to change.

In any event, these positive tests continue a theme among collegiate and professional sports. Players have tested positive ever since the return of workouts. Positive tests were expected. Now, it’s going to be about whether individual commissioners and leagues deem it safe enough for play to return this season.

A year of uncertainty for Miami Hurricanes, sports in general

The cancellation of practice on Thursday is certainly not a positive sign. Any way you slice it, coronavirus is now in the Miami football program. Now, it’s going to be a question of containing the spread. Especially with workouts getting underway, players are going to be in close proximity to one another.

In what has been a wild 2020 calendar year, stories of positive tests appear to be the norm for sports moving forward. Hopefully, the Miami Hurricanes can contain it and continue workouts smoothly.

With a revamped program, the 2020 season is slated to be one of high hope for Manny Diaz’s bunch. With several new players in the fold, the Miami Hurricanes are in better shape roster-wise than they were at this point last year.

Hopefully, we will get to see action in Coral Gables sooner rather than later.

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