Don Shula

Miami Sports Community Mourns Passing of Don Shula

Don Shula was the patriarch of Miami sports and a resonating symbol of integrity and excellence.

The Miami sports community, and the world in general, lost an icon with the passing of Miami Dolphins legendary coach Don Shula today at age 90.


Shula personified everything sports, and life, are meant to nurture.


Work ethic.



His accomplishments on the sideline set the standard not only for a franchise, but an entire league.


Shula’s legacy cast an unintentional shadow over the Miami Dolphins, along with that of Dan Marino.

A nearly impossible bar to reach, yet one that shows what the pinnacle of achievement means.

He did that for us.



Shula came into the NFL as a hard nosed cornerback after serving in the Ohio National Guard and played seven seasons in the NFL.

That toughness in both service and football transitioned to the coaching ranks in a storied career spanning four decades.


One could stop at the numbers and Shula’s impact would be unfathomable.

Yet that would not do him justice.


His mentorship and commitment to an unwavering standard help mold a team in his image that would transcend the NFL.

Perfection is often referred to as an unobtainable illusion.


Don Shula did not subscribe to that philosophy.

He came so close to the mountaintop in 1969 with the Indianapolis Colts, reaching Super Bowl III with Johnny Unitas.


That game would of course be known for Joe Namath’s guarantee of victory which came to fruition.

A feat which gnawed at Shula and fanned the flames of his determination and will.

Which he would use to take himself and the Miami Dolphins to the summit.


The 1972 Miami Dolphins under Shula are the pinnacle, the standard by which any team that follows will be measured against.

They say luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

The Miami Dolphins were lucky enough to have the opportunity to land Shula when he left the Colts.

Sometimes, timing is everything.

When the stars align and everything falls into place, you end up with a destiny beyond what you thought was possible.

That was Don Shula.


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