5 Reasons the Heat were Successful this Season

In a recurring Five Reasons series, here’s a quick look at why the Miami Heat went 41-24 before the NBA eason was suspended…

1. Jimmy Butler has done exactly what Pat Riley brought him here to do.

Jimmy Butler came into this season with the Heat with a lot of doubt. Many said he came to Miami to retire. Well that discussion ended quickly when the Heat started the season with an 11-3 record. It was clear right away that Jimmy made everyone better on the court, due to his unselfishness and hunger to win.

2. Bam Adebayo stepped up as “The Guy.”

Bam Adebayo did not have much hype around his name at the start of the season, but once he got the role that he’s wanted since he’s been drafted, he flourished. He’s almost doubled his points per game from last year, while averaging three more assists and three more rebounds than he did last year. Stats don’t show what Bam has done for this Heat team though. He’s a young star that is prospering right in front of our eyes.

3. The young guys grew up quick.

After the Heat drafted Tyler Herro, there was some uncertainty if he was the right pick for this team. Well, he was. He proved in Summer League and pre-season that he had the ability to help this team win. Duncan Robinson also was a guy no one thought would be in the rotation, let alone start. He has been one of the key players for this team and has broken many Miami Heat three point records along the way. Kendrick Nunn is another guy that flourished in the Summer League, but who would’ve thought he would’ve been the starting point guard to begin the season. Well, he did and has been in the discussion of Rookie of the Year.

4. The role players had no problem accepting their roles.

As sometimes these guys don’t get as much credit, they deserve it. Goran Dragic could’ve caused problems by saying he wants to have a bigger role as he’s not getting any younger. Meyers Leonard could’ve said that he wants more of a scoring role instead of just being a spacer, spot up shooter, and floor general. But they didn’t. They want to help this team win as much as possible which is why they’re here. Jae Crowder and Andre Iguodala got brought in at the deadline to have experience going into the playoffs, and they both know their roles as well. These guys are major contributors to their success.

5. Chemistry actually matters.

When you walk into the Miami Heat locker room, you can feel the connection. These guys enjoy playing and being around each other, which is actually not common. This is the reason the Heat moved on from certain players that seemed to be a cancer in the locker room. Every player on this team now has the same mentality which is that they will do anything they can to win. You can see this chemistry on the court and hold each other to a high standard, which is exactly what Pat Riley loves to see in his players.

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