The Miami Heat’s Offseason is Not Over Yet!

Kawhi Leonard leaving the NBA Champion Raptors for the Western Conference opens the door for the Miami Heat to ‘Win-Now’
Jimmy Butler’s introductory press conference with the Miami Heat is yet to happen but that’s not stopping Miami fans from confidently putting together all/any scenarios possible to enhance the current roster. The enthusiasm of course was created this Saturday morning thanks to Paul George forcing his way out of OKC and the domino effect of Russell Westbrook potentially being available via trade. The possibility of Westbrook to Miami has even been discussed on TV by Adrian Wojnarowski!
Russell Westbrook in a Miami Heat Uniform, no way, at what cost?! 
Many will agree that Miami fans are loyal and caring of their remaining young assets; Bam Adebayo, Justise Winslow and newly drafted Tyler Herro. There was a noticeable touch of sentimental loss in the Heat community when Josh Richardson’s name was included in the trade for Jimmy Butler. The common sports fan of course would take Butler over Richardson any day, but watching J-Rich’s growth from a ‘Rook 2’ to a promising young 2-way player, to trade asset, will be remembered as an ultimate sacrifice.
Should Miami fans let their fascination of these young players get in-between the fact that adding former MVP Russell Westbrook would create a WHOLE NEW threat in the Eastern Conference with realistic sights of playing beyond the first round of the playoffs?
Of course there’s the Heat fan that is opposed to Miami trading for 30-year old ‘hot head’ Russell Westbrook and his enormous contract of $38.5mil in 19-20, $41.4mil in 20-21,$44.2mil in 21-22 and $47.1mil in 22-33. These realists understand the ramifications of jeopardizing the team’s future for a not-so young and at times ‘disgruntled’ player — but hasn’t the NBA opened the door for Miami to ‘Win Now’?
Regardless if Miami lands Russell Westbrook (or Bradley Beal) this summer, the Heat fan’s overall intrigue is reminiscent of the ‘LeBron era’ when they were the ‘it team’ and knew players wanted to come to their team to win.
It certainly helps when Miami’s name is being thrown around in talks with big name free agents:



Miami has recruiters too!

Heat fans also have the pleasure of the recent ‘recruiting efforts’ via Twitter from former NFL Star & Miami Native Chad ‘Ocho-Cinco’ Johnson & former Miami Heat Guard Quentin Richardson.  Ocho-Cinco likely does not have any impact on who Miami lands, but his Twitter attempts to recruit the likes of Jimmy Butler, Bradley Beal, DeMarcus Cousins & now Russell Westbrook have been nothing short of heroic!

Miami Fans Are Ready!
Miami sports fans have had it hard recently with respects to their professional teams struggling to make the playoffs; however, noticeable strides are being made from the Miami Dolphins, Miami Marlins, Florida Panthers and evidently the Miami Heat.
The Miami Heat are seemingly once again becoming that ‘dynamic destination’ for players and they have the backing from highly respected Team President Pat Riley, 2x NBA Champion Head Coach Erik Spoelstra and Salary Cap Wizard Andy Elisburg to produce instant credibility.
As we patiently wait for Jimmy Butler’s soon-to-be EPIC introduction as a member of the Miami Heat, we’ll keep refreshing our Twitter feeds knowing that Riley may not be done.

Hey, why not be excited, Miami may just be a ‘recruit tweet’ away from re-gaining Eastern Conference relevance!
-Ryan Lasner
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