Craziest night in NBA history? Tweet recap from Vegas

While some of you were sleeping….

The NBA never does.

Especially when most of it is in Las Vegas.

I am too, with my phone, so I went on a bit of a tweetstorm after the news came that everyone was waiting for but no one expected (especially a bunch of “insiders” who should be outside the industry at this point).

First, after the Miami Heat essentially won the trade war by dominating China (there goes our Tyler Herro, with 23 points in 23 minutes), and Zion Williamson made his summer league debut (which included a casual 360 degree windmill in warmups and later a minor knee injury) and we had an earthquake here (felt it in my room after I had returned at halftime of the Pelicans game), we had a different kind of Kawhi-nd of disturbance.

Leonard is a Clipper. And so is Paul George. And Jerry West sent the next 3,000 Clippers picks to the Thunder. And the Lakers just gave away the rest of their cap space to continue the KCP era. And the Heat are more likely to act now, I think. And a bunch of other crazy stuff.

I’m too tired to recap the rest, so here are some tweets.

Make of them what you will.



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