Dwyane Wade’s Return Video, the Untold Story

Dwyane Wade’s long time cinematographer Bob Metelus (@MistaDubb) joined Ethan Skolnick and myself for today’s Five Reasons podcast. Metelus is currently working on a documentary chronicling Wade’s final season in the NBA.

In the episode, Metelus tells great stories about life with Wade over the last decade plus, including some trips abroad that demonstrate just how big of a star he is…. something even Wade hasn’t always realized.

But among the more interesting parts of the episode is just how the #OneLastDance video came together, and just how much everyone around Wade was convinced he was retired. The story’s a bit long but, just like Wade’s career, worth every second.

Check out the clip below and make sure to listen to the full episode.


And in case you forgot how that video turned out….


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