Grunfeld’s 100-year Wiz reign ends — Beal available?


The Washington Wizards have fired president Ernie Grunfeld, the team announced Tuesday.

Washington is close to the bottom of the Southeast Division with a 32-46 record and has been eliminated from playoff contention. From on the court to off, the season has been a disaster in a variety of ways for the Wizards, who would probably love to dump John Wall and his monstrosity of a contract, but will find that challenging with him coming off major surgery.

The question now presents itself, will a change of direction in the front office increase the availability of star guard Bradley Beal via trade? Beal was an All-Star again this season, and added facets to his game, going well beyond just long-distance shooting. He’s arguably a top 10 player in the East, and he’s not outrageously expensive, due about $28 million in 2020-21, the last year of his deal. He’s also a big fan of Dwyane Wade, and would be a logical successor at shooting guard.

I reported earlier this season that the Heat were highly interested in acquiring Beal and made the Wizards well aware of that fact. The Wizards, at the time, weren’t ready to move him for what the Heat  or any other team had.

Rest assured that the Heat plan on checking back in on the situation in Washington around the NBA Draft and July free agency.

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