The USA Celtics struggle into the second round

The “USA Celtics” are receiving no love from Miami fans. That’s for sure.

Gregg Popovich — in part because of superstar disinterest — formed a team that does not really represent the United States and most of its teams in what is, by far, the best basketball league in the world.

However, the United States still have one of the, if not, the best team in the tournament.

They beat the Czech Republic in the first game of the first round with ease, but struggled a lot to beat Turkey in the second game.

Before the tournament, some critics even put Serbia as the favorite to take it all. I don’t know what’s more impressive, the fact that the United States is not the clear favorite to win the world championship, or the fact that nobody really cares about what this team does.

That’s what’s happening in Miami, at least, even though this is a basketball town.

Anyway. Check out the last game of the United States, as they get ready to face Japan in the last game of the first round on Thursday morning (8 am ET).

These are some of the best plays made by Japan and the United States in their first two games:

In the second round the United States could face Turkey again, if the Turkish beat the Czech Republic, Brazil and however gets through between Greece and New Zealand.

Nothing to worry about for the “USA Celtics”, for now…


They don’t care about this United States team, but they sure do care about the NBA and our Miami Heat. Check Five on The Floor’s episodes, as the NBA Seasons approaches faster than Dorian. Be ready!

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