One and done: The USA Celtics lost to France and are out of World Cup

We were waiting for it to happen, and it did. But earlier than we expected. The USA Celtics lost in the quarterfinals of the FIBA World Cup and will be coming home empty-handed.

This “national” team never really had a lot of support here in Miami

The reason: too many Celtics and zero Miami Heat players.

Weird, but reasonable I guess. Some people might actually be happy this Team USA lost.


The USA is out.

— Five Reasons Sports Network (@5ReasonsSports) 11 de septiembre de 2019

The United States lost to a French team that is used to play this type of competition together, while the US took their fifth best team (or worse) to the second most important international event, after the Olympics.

Are you, as an American, happy your national team lost?

Hard to believe.

Even though I know here in Five Reasons nobody really cared about this team.

Serbia and the United States, the two favorites to win it all, are out in the round of 8.

A World Championship that should be always for the United States, the country with the best basketball players of the world, by far, is now in the air.

Arthur Freyre and our Lasner Sport had an interesting exchange about what happened with the American team and what should the USA do for the next competitions.

What do you think? Should we care more about this?




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