Top 5 Things to Watch Week 9

It has been a long week post Tua’s first start, a lot of opinions and comments from the naysayers have come out and I believe this is the week that Tua puts an end to all of them. This week your Miami Dolphins are traveling to the West Coast to play the Arizona Cardinals lead by Kyler Murray. A rematch of the Orange Bowl where Tua and Kyler went head to head in college awaits us on this late 4 o’clock game. Without further ado, lets dive in.


Run Offense:

For Tua to have a chance in this game he will need the support of his running attack to give him space to be able to throw the ball. The problem with our already struggling running game, we will be without both Myles Gaskins (IR) or Matt Breida and will most likely be handing off the ball to Jordan Howard exclusively with maybe a sprinkle of Patrick Laird. Some may not like the sound of that but I for one, am ecstatic to see what Jordan Howard can do with 15+ carries. I expect a strong game from Jordan which will open up the play action game to allow Tua a better field to read.


Defense containing Kyler:

One thing that has caught me by surprise this past week was the love and respect shown by the national media of the Defense we have put on the field. With that notoriety comes people trying to check or knock how true it is. This week is no different with the juggernaut of an offensive team we are facing. Starting from Kyler to Hopkins, Fitzgerald and Kirk and add Chase Edmunds and we are facing our toughest challenge yet. It seems almost repetitive to say that if the Dolphins Defense holds up this week, we are cementing ourselves as a top 10 and potentially top 5 Defense.


Chan Gailey:

Contrary to popular belief Coach Chan Gailey has consistently put game scripts that have resulted in elite starts to the games. Last week we were unable to see what the full game plan was to start the game because of the second play of the drive Tua held the ball too long on a play he should have thrown it to Ford before he turns around to look for the ball or at least to Devante once you identify the number 1 option is not there and DVP became open. The only time I found myself questioning the play calls last week was on a drive where on first and second down he called wildcat plays which resulted in Tua coming back on the field for a 3rd and 12. This week though I expect a more balanced attack that will focus on getting the ball out quick on slants, curls and screens to get Tua comfortable enough to eventually take some deep shots to Preston and DVP.



Flores vs Kingsbury:

Last week was Flores vs McVay and this week we get to see another offense guru take on our defensive master. This whole week the media spent countless hours going in depth over our use of Cover 0 which is no deep safety help, the CBs on islands, and more rushers than the offense can block. Coach Flores knows and is smart enough to understand that teams will begin to adjust to what he’s doing, and it will be upon him to continue the chess match and adjust to the adjustment. Matchups like this really get me excited because it is strength vs strength with the victor ultimately being the one that outsmarted the other be it through a trick play or even special teams play.


Tua Tagovailoa:

I think one of the most important relationships in Miami Dolphins football history is being built brick by brick. Earlier in the year I heard Coach Flores mentioned that he protects Tua almost as if he was his father. I have also seen Flores time and time again always look to make sure it was always Tua’s health first and anything else second. This week after some outlandish rumors of Tua having only 10 games to audition for the role of franchise QB because the Texans pick could land potentially high enough for Lawrence or Fields , I saw Coach Flores come out with a fierce and direct attack at those rumors that left me at a loss for words. I expect Tua to pay back the confidence that his coach is putting in him by having a more complete game. A lot of the things were jitters, nerves, lack of time with WRs and with another week of practice and preparation I see Tua potentially having his first multiple scoring TD day and leading us to a victory.


This week will be another tough challenge that will show what this team is really made of. Coming off a week where eyes are starting to take notice the program being built down here, I hope to see another all-around team victory to get us to 5-3 and closer to a potential playoff spot. Till next time guys, Fins Up!



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