The Return of Goran Dragic Holds High Importance

Since Goran Dragic is a free agent this off-season, it’s clear that Miami will make it a priority to bring him back.

For one, he’s coming off an incredible playoff run, where he averaged 22 points a game in the postseason. And while I don’t believe people were taking advantage of what he was doing at 34 years old, the injury definitely put it all in perspective.

It made it clear how much weight he takes off of Jimmy Butler every single night. Throughout the regular season, Goran was the guy they relied on when Jimmy came off the floor, and even times when he was on the floor.

He continually stepped up every single night when Miami was going through a tough stretch, which he’d hit some must needed shots to get them back in the game.

I think his impact and level of play is obvious, but the veteran leadership is what stands out even more with this resigning.

There is an obvious locker room connection with Goran, especially with Jimmy, since they’ve created a special relationship this past season. But more importantly, the way to elevate Tyler Herro’s game in his second year is by having Goran on the roster.

I’ve discussed the impact Goran had on Tyler in his rookie year with his style of play, but there’s also a level of comfort that he brings.

Tyler had to come off the bench this season with Goran, and they elevated the benches level of play, which was a major contribution to this team’s success. Not many people believed Herro would bring immediate impact to this team, but I think the Goran Dragic effect made him ready.

Herro isn’t the only guy that had his game elevated, since Bam Adebayo seemed to thrive when he was on the floor. Once Goran began to be comfortable with throwing the lob in the pick and roll, they developed a unique type of offense. And since Bam is such a great screen-setter, Goran had increased scoring opportunities, which was a major upgrade from the previous screen-setter he had.

It’s pretty clear what Goran Dragic brings to this Heat team, and I believe the Heat front office realizes that. They will take care of him, and ultimately I believe Goran will take care of them as well, when he tries to make another run at a title next season.

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