Voting (just Wade) shows how far Heat are from star

Not as if we need a reminder.

But, the past few years, since the breakup of the Big 3, the Miami Heat have been nowhere near most NBA honors, whether All-Star Weekend of after the season.

That’s more true this season than ever.

Forty different players received at least one vote for one of the three All-NBA teams.

One Miami Heat player received one second place vote.

That, naturally, was Dwyane Wade, which was no doubt a sentimental selection — and may have been by one of the friendly local reporters.

Some teams with worse records, such as Washington and Dallas and Memphis, got more love from voters, and rightly so. You can make arguments for Brad Beal or Luka Doncic or Mike Conley. You couldn’t make an argument for anyone on the Heat, not if you had six All-NBA teams of five players each.

So that’s why you should take every rumor seriously. Brian Scalabrine says the Heat went for Washington’s John Wall, even with his awful contract, before he got hurt again? Sure. The White Mamba might know something. Conley, a long-time favorite of Wade’s, is in the Heat’s sights, according to some reports? Makes sense too.

The Heat may have a star-in-training on their roster. We just don’t know what Bam Adebayo in particular can become, once Hassan Whiteside is cleared out, and perhaps there are two more levels to which Justise Winslow can jump.

But for now, this is a star-less team in a star-less town.

And if you ever forget that, another face slap will come.

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