New York is already done with Adam Gase

That didn’t take long.

The best thing that happened to the Dolphins this offseason wasn’t promoting Chris Grier.

It wasn’t hiring Brian Flores.

It wasn’t drafting Christian Wilkins.

It wasn’t acquiring Josh Rosen.

It was Adam Gase somehow — after a colossal failure here — landing with a division rival, the New York Jets.

Gase was never good with the media in front of the cameras in Davie/Miami, preferring to work them behind the scenes. He fidgeted. He didn’t look most reporters in the eyes. He made excuse after excuse.

We predicted that his smartest-guy-in-football act wouldn’t fly in a tougher media market.

Now he’s in the toughest, and New York/New Jersey has already had enough.

Even the Gase cheerleaders (Manish Mehta wrote a collosally misguided puff piece when Gase was hired) have had it already, as Gase has seemed to push out GM Mike Maccagnan, already appeared to alienate the team’s prized acquisition (Le’Veon Bell) and made a series of odd moves.

This is looking like a Rich Kotite situation.

Mehta, most of all, has done a remarkable turnaround, a spin move that even Bell couldn’t execute on the field.

This is what he wrote upon the Gase hire:

“Why Adam Gase is a Brilliant Coaching Hire.” 


Guessing Maccagnan must have been Mehta’s source.

Just a guess.

Anyway, here’s more:




And our favorite:




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