You’re a Marlins fan? Really? What kind?

Sometimes, all the snark isn’t saved for this site.

Our friend Ryan Yousefi (who goes by @Rizzmiggiz on Twitter) has compiled a list of the five types of Marlins fans, which is a challenge when you consider that Wednesday night, there didn’t seem to be five total Marlins fans at the stadium — not with all the New Yawkers there.

(Mets fans are a special breed, entitled and yet defeatist and whiny all at once).

Rizz has divided the Marlins faithful into five types, which sounds a little like what we do here, not that we’re filing a legal claim this week. (Next, maybe.)

There’s the first-time longtime fan, the loyalist, the stalker ex-girlfriend, the “I’m just here for the love of baseball” fan, and The Instagram fan.

We’ll let you check it out, so we don’t get accused of just stealing other people’s stuff for clicks, kind of like what we’re expecting The Miami Herald to do to us.

Enjoy, here’s the link. 

And if you can identify the person in the featured photo, you get season tickets for the next five years, from Miami New Times. 


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  1. Kenneth Wilson
    Kenneth Wilson says:

    “Mets fans are a special breed, entitled and yet defeatist and whiny all at once.”

    At least one of the Five Reasons Sports Network podcast hosts is a Mets fan.


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