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How to Win on the Pinup Aviator App

How to Win on the Pinup Aviator App

Enjoy a variety of smartphone gambling in India by installing the Pin Up app. The application offers not only slots, but also exciting crash games. For example, you can install Pin Up Aviator apk. Playing it, there is a real possibility of winning a cash prize. However, good chances are provided only to those who ...
Top AFL Players of All Time

Top AFL Players of All Time

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Is it possible to get enough of the Australian Football League? Absolutely not! Aside from the exhilarating showdowns, the league has a rich history and many remarkable players that add to the draw of Aussie Rules. If you’re invested in the game, then you’ve got to be invested in the players, too.  So, let’s pay ...
Dolphins Loss Broncos

NFL Forges Ahead with Global Marketing Strategy

American Football is already one of the most popular sports around the world, but the National Football League (NFL) is doubling down on its international ambitions by considerably expanding its Global Markets Program (GMP). The NFL has announced an expansion of its GMP, bringing the sport to passionate fans in five new countries. Four new ...
Tyreek Hill stands with head coach Mike McDaniel during practice

Miami Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel wants to ‘do right’ by Tyreek Hill

2024 is the year of the Wide Receiver for the NFL. All around the league, teams are rewarding their quarterback's best friends with massive contracts that blow the numbers of years past away. The Minnesota Vikings gave their star WR Justin Jefferson a 4-year, $140 million dollar extension that makes him the highest annually paid ...
Chris Grier isn't a perfect general manager, but he does not deserve to be fired.

Who will the Miami Dolphins pick in the first round?

We asked some of our Miami Dolphins contributors at Five Reasons Sports to make their predictions for the first round of the NFL Draft, and more. Catch our coverage on Five Reasons YouTube on Thursday starting at 7:45pm. ***** From @LuisDSung With the 21st pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select Xavier ...
How to Start an NFL Podcast

How to Start an NFL Podcast

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Podcasts, even though the format is not new, podcasts remain the main source of information for many. Podcasts are especially popular in the sports niche since not all fans can follow matches and new events always and everywhere. In this case, podcasts are a salvation for those who want to keep up with the latest ...
State of the Fins:  Where Miami Dolphins stand with just 3 games left.

State of the Fins: Where Miami Dolphins stand with just 3 games left.

In the wake of Monday night's devastating collapse against the Titans during prime time, the Miami Dolphins faced a critical crossroads heading into their next matchup against the Jets: succumb to a potential repeat of last year's December meltdown by continuing to lose, or regroup, rebound, and return to the dominating Dolphins football seen throughout ...
More Takeaways from the Dolphins' Red Wedding on MNF

More Takeaways from the Dolphins’ Red Wedding on MNF

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If the 'Game of Thrones' reference in the title flew over your head; rest assured; Monday Night’s televised meltdown delivered a strikingly akin experience. 3 plays from scrimmage, 3 injuries It took just three plays from scrimmage for injuries to mount. While Jaylen Waddle and Xavien Howard swiftly rejoined the game after a brief stint ...
Most Notable Iowa Hawkeyes in History

Most Notable Iowa Hawkeyes in History

There’s always a huge space to discuss who’s the best, and in Iowa Hawkeye’s history, it’s rich. Dating back to 1899, Iowa’s football landscape has always been part of the fun and excitement of every football season.  Armed with an education from the University of Iowa, Hawkeye’s finest accomplish many things in different fields, especially ...
Quick Takeaways from Dolphins' Collapse vs. Titans

Quick Takeaways from Dolphins’ Collapse vs. Titans

We've seen it all in December. We saw a 9-2 team, surging and blessed after Leon Lett's unforgettable Thanksgiving faux pas, drop its next five, giving up 45 in one and 47 in another, and losing in overtime in the clincher. That was 1993. We saw a 9-5 team, finally stabilized after the return of ...
5 Takeaways from Dolphins' 45-15 win over Washington

5 Takeaways from Dolphins’ 45-15 win over Washington

Despite playing away from home, the Miami Dolphins' offense revived shades of their early-season dominance witnessed in home games. Notably, their explosive 70-point triumph over Denver in Week 3 was a standout performance. While Sunday's victory didn't replicate the 70-point spectacle, it showcased the Dolphins' offensive prowess and their renewed ability to dissect defenses, a ...
Unease Amid Dominance: Miami's 34-13 Victory Over Jets

Unease Amid Dominance: Miami’s 34-13 Victory Over Jets

On the heels of Thanksgiving, the NFL debuted its first-ever Black Friday showdown at MetLife Stadium between the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins. The holiday feast may had concluded, but the Dolphins exhibited an insatiable hunger to get back to 8-3. As soon as Miami won the coin toss and elected to defer, ...
Why The SEC Is The Most Popular Conference In College Football

Why The SEC Is The Most Popular Conference In College Football

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) stands out when it comes to college football, anyone who pays attention to the game would know. But why is that? College football isn’t just a sport, it’s religion, culture, tradition, and a way of life in many states. And the SEC stands head and shoulders above the rest given its ...
Former Alabama quarterbacks Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts embrace after the Eagles win over the Dolphins.

NFL Power Rankings Week 12: Still the Eagles

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Another exciting week of the NFL is in the books and it’s that time of the season where the playoff picture is starting to take its shape.  After Kansas City lost at home against the Philadelphia Eagles, they lost the top spot in the AFC to the Baltimore Ravens after their win against the Bengals.  ...
What are the key expectations for Carolina Panthers for season?

What are the key expectations for Carolina Panthers for season?

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The Carolina Panthers entered the 2023 season with their fortunes seemingly on the upswing. They managed a 7-10 record despite giving head coach Matt Rhule the ax after a 1-4 start, subsequently going 6-6 down the stretch even with a carousel of quarterbacks taking snaps for the team.  The Panthers decided to roll the dice ...